The Trouble with Lexie From the beloved author of The Summer of Naked Swim Parties and The Wonder Bread Summer comes the jaw dropping story of Lexie James a counselor at an exclusive New England prep school whose search f

  • Title: The Trouble with Lexie
  • Author: Jessica Anya Blau
  • ISBN: 9780062416452
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the beloved author of The Summer of Naked Swim Parties and The Wonder Bread Summer comes the jaw dropping story of Lexie James, a counselor at an exclusive New England prep school, whose search for happiness lands her in unexpectedly wild trouble The problem wasn t so much that Lexie had taken the Klonopin And it wasn t even really that she had stolen them The problFrom the beloved author of The Summer of Naked Swim Parties and The Wonder Bread Summer comes the jaw dropping story of Lexie James, a counselor at an exclusive New England prep school, whose search for happiness lands her in unexpectedly wild trouble The problem wasn t so much that Lexie had taken the Klonopin And it wasn t even really that she had stolen them The problem, as Lexie saw it, was that she had fallen asleep in the bed of the owner of the Klonopin And the owner of the Klonopin was the wife of her lover Lexie James escaped after being abandoned by her alcoholic father, and kicked out of the apartment to make room for her mother s boyfriend, Lexie made it on her own She earned a Masters degree, conquered terrifying panic attacks, got engaged to the nicest guy she d ever met, and landed a counseling job at the prestigious Ruxton Academy, a prep school for the moneyed children of the elite But as her wedding date nears, Lexie has doubts Yes, she s created the stable life she craved as a child, but is stability really what she wants In her moment of indecision, Lexie strikes up a friendship with a Ruxton alumnus, the father of her favorite student It s a relationship that blows open Lexie s carefully constructed life, and then dunks her into shocking situations with headline worthy trouble The perfect cocktail of naughtiness, heart, adventure and humor, The Trouble with Lexie is a wild and poignant story of the choices we make to outrun our childhoods and the choices we have to make to outrun our entangled adult lives.

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    One thought on “The Trouble with Lexie”

    1. Lexie works at a prep school and is engaged when she starts an affair with the parents of one of her students. This was such a terrible book I don't even know where to begin. None of the characters are likable and not just because they have faults but because I can't find anything redeeming in any of them. Lexie literally self destructs for zero reason and I didn't feel sorry for her at all. Also what the heck was that ending. I don't understand why it ended that way. I don't see why half the th [...]

    2. Original review @ 125PagesThe Trouble with Lexie by Jessica Anya Blau had some amazing moments, funny and real, these points really shone. However this book heavily features a general no-go for me, adultery, so I just didn’t click with it. Lexie is the counselor at a prestigious high school and is engaged to be married. Then a chance encounter with one of her student’s father changes everything she had planned for her future. As she sets on a path to her new happiness, Lexie will need to ree [...]

    3. I hate to write negative reviews, but this was terrible. Lexie is an extremely unlikable character - she is shallow, cruel, naive, irresponsible, and entirely unsympathetic, with no redeeming qualities. Don't know why I even finished this.

    4. Stick with Lexie if you're questioning her at the start. She, and her life, will surprise you. Don't expect to use Lexie, or any of the characters, as a moral example. Expect to be entertained and horrified, as you would be while watching Bad Teacher or Guidance."Maybe what we hope for in our imaginary personae can be realized through what we throw on our exteriors. Elegant dresses, silky underwear, and good shoes might be the pathway to the ideal self." (103)

    5. Don't know why I finished this book. I didn't like the way Lexie lived or treated people she so called loved. She was self centered even though she did have some good quality friends. One review called out the book was had some funny where?

    6. I've read books where the main characters are deplorable and just plain monsters. But if the writing's good and the narrative compelling, the hatred for the character is subdued when you have a good plot in the background. It's not the case with this novel. Lexie is an immature woman in her thirties going on fifteen. The choices she makes from the very beginning are stupid, justifiable only if she were suffering from some kind of mental disability, which is not specified other than her love affa [...]

    7. I did not complete this book. It was a little too self-indulgent for my tastes. The idea that Lexie can be so naive about having an affair made me not want to keep reading.

    8. Meh this was ok. I think the main character had potential, I think it really started to go off the rails though. I suppose that is the point of the book but I didn't really see any fulfillment from reading the story (like a romance) or any literary meaning from it.

    9. I'd give this 2 1/2 stars but I rounded up since it was free. A lot of other reviewers did not like this book because they hated the main character, Lexie. I was reading that she was a terrible person, an adulterer, no redeeming qualities, they couldn't root for her. Wow, how sexist! Lexie is not the villain of this story, DANIEL is. Why is it always the woman's fault when there is an affair? Yes, Lexie was selfish, naive and more than a little stupid. I'm not saying she's innocent. But she was [...]

    10. This novel is made for adults, no doubt. Lexie is a counselor at a prestigious boarding school and she finds herself intertwined into the sexual desire of Daniel Waite. The story begins and Lexie is still engaged to Pete. He's a great guy but there's just something missing and I think that's a lot of the reason why Lexie begins pondering different realities. She gets caught up with Daniel, the father of one of her clients at school, ends up leaving Pete, and finds herself battling the demons ins [...]

    11. This is the story of a private school counselor who is more immature than her students. Has an affair with a student's father, does unspeakably stupid things during and after that, ends up in trouble with everyone except the school nurse, who is apparently the world's best friend. She is there for Lexie through it all, and gives her excellent advice, which of course she ignores. In the meantime, Lexie breaks her engagement -- and her fiancé's heart - and there are other equally stupid choices. [...]

    12. This books tells life as as it happens for Lexie - filled with humor, hard decisions, and the aftermath of some of those choices. The chapters immediately draw you into Lexie's life by the variety of people she meets and through the stories she tells. Wealth and power mean nothing to Lexi, that is, until she has it. While the story moves along, Lexie ends up making different decisions and ends the story in a positive light.

    13. I read this as an ARC and this is my unbiased review. This was a real quick read but I just didn't think it was that great. Working in education, I thought Lexie's behavior is really suspect. I know its just a book but the kind of selfishness that the main character exhibits really turned me off. I found no sympathy with her despite her back story. We don't get do-overs in life and felt that her expectations and actions were beyond the pale.

    14. I the characters were well-developed and believable, and the writing was very good. That said, I can't say that I loved this - although it did surprise me. The story was interesting, there were some very amusing parts - and yetI don't know. It was just not great, but I can't put my finger on why.

    15. I forgot how much I had enjoyed this author's debut, The Summer of Naked Swim Parties. I devoured this in two days while home sick with a cold and now I want to immediately read the two books I missed in between. Completely engrossing, real, and poignant. Highly recommended!

    16. Characters are not likeable, even Lexie. The book bogged down in the middle; picked up 3/4 of the way through so I finished it. Blah. I will donate it, not keeping this paperback copy for myself.

    17. Lexie James is the student counselor at an upscale private high school in Massachussetts. She is happily engaged to a sweet man and looking forward to their wedding. At parents' night, she notices a father staring at her. He convinces her to meet him for coofee to discuss his son. However, he wants her for his lover and she quickly succumbs, dumps her fiance and wholeheartedly embarks on a full-blown affair. He swears that he and his wife are separated, though still living in the same house, and [...]

    18. The trouble with this book that the author doesn't like the main character. More precisely, it feels as if Jessica Blau created Lexie so that she could give her a disreputable backstory, ply her with drugs and alcohol, and make her a faithless ninny. The rest of it--the too-perfect fiance' and the loyal best friends--are just colorful backdrops against which Lexie's gullibility and poor judgment are played out.There *are* books where the main character is deeply flawed, and the book is well wort [...]

    19. This book was likely the most fucked up (excuse my language, but the author used it a lot) thing I've ever read. The writing was all over the place--the bad texting language threw me off the most. The one good (maybe) thing I can say about it and perhaps why I kept reading it was that it did indeed shock me over and over. Super messed up. Even the most likable character Peter turned out to behave in a way that just seemed wrong.

    20. I’m amazed I actually finished this book. Lexie is not a sympathetic character at all. So selfish and short sighted. Who would read this and not immediately know that her boyfriend is still married? I kept reading simply because it’s what I had on me and I held out some small hope that Lexie would somehow redeem herself instead of the ending actually being worse than I imagined.

    21. This book was a 3.5 for me. It’s a great vacation read - beach book or airplane since it won’t make you cry and look like a wreck in public. Lots of other reviewers found Lexie to be unlikable. I just thought she was extremely immature and think she acted more like a twenty something than a thirty three year old woman. The book was predictable in many ways but not a disappointment.

    22. I'm a big fan of bad-girl behavior in fiction, and this novel is rife with it. While I appreciated the main character's snarky attitude, halfway through I grew tired of Lexie's consistently immature choices and kept waiting for some kind of character change or revelation that never occurred. I would definitely read other novels by this author, but this one was not entirely for me.

    23. I've liked all of Blau's books to date, but for this movel, I'm not in the audience demographic. Lacking any of the nostalgiac sibcerity of her other books, The Trouble with Lexie is troubled by the need for plot rather than character, gags instead of humor. It's a "beach read," and the best of Blau isn't.

    24. I received this book from a giveaway. I give it 2.5 stars.Lexie is a woman who lets herself get swept away on the high of a physical connection and mistakes it for love. She falls totally into the spell of an older, handsome, powerful man and doesn't use the common sense the Good Lord gave her. It wreaks havoc in her life and she must face the consequences of her decisions.

    25. Almost passed this one out. Decided to just try it, why not? The first chapter is very strong and it pulled me. And I kept reading, want to know what exactly happened. Great story, a bit predictable, but it's OK because the writing's good.

    26. This book was ok. It was an easy read, but somewhat predictable. I wasn't too fond of the things she did toward the end of the book. I wanted to write a good review but the story just wasn't that good.

    27. REFUSE TO FINISH! terrible, awful main character with terrible, awful storyline. Gave it 50% to redeem itself, but all that did was make me want my time back feeling ashamed I wasted neurons on this pos.

    28. Excellent! Thrilling. Non-stop action. You really understand men and women and what makes them tick. I loved this book. Lexie makes some big mistakes, but you get why when you read through the book. And you love her anyway. Funny, too!

    29. I loved this book. I couldn't put it down! but, if you do not care for curse words, then it is not the book for you. I know some of my friends would be turned off because of the language; but, it was a really good book.

    30. Don't know why I finished this. I guess I kept hoping it was going to redeem itself. It never did. Lexie was an immoral slut who treated those she supposedly loved like dirt. The whole thing was just a drama queen's soap opera.

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