Sex and the Office The newest addition to Barricade s Cult Classic series Sex and the Office tackles the hot topic of sex in the workplace

  • Title: Sex and the Office
  • Author: Helen Gurley Brown
  • ISBN: 9781569802755
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • The newest addition to Barricade s Cult Classic series, Sex and the Office tackles the hot topic of sex in the workplace.

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      314 Helen Gurley Brown
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    One thought on “Sex and the Office”

    1. Can't say I recommend this. I liked her chatty, conversational style most of the time. But honestly the morals (or lack of morals, rather) expressed were just too much. Gurley makes office working sound like a big party-with alcohol in the desk and hotel room, and every man a possible thrill. Her history is unique, and while I respect her being a "working girl" and making her own way, I disagree with her open-game mentality. I liked her encouragement that a woman could "have it all" and enjoy a [...]

    2. I un-apologetically love Helen Gurley Brown. Sex and the Single Girls is to me, as important a feminist text as The Feminine Mystique. Women want careers, sex, happiness, intellectual fulfillment, and good clothes. Yes to all, thanks. This book specifically looks at how a single, unmarried woman (and how married ones can and should) pursue a career. It's a great concept, but the content isn't anywhere near as sharp as it's predecessor. The aim and scope of the book are disjointed, the advice is [...]

    3. Let me be clear: this is a 4-star book not because I find the hilariously outdated advice terribly useful for real human beings, but because it is incredibly funny while giving an eerie picture of office life for a working woman in the early 1960s. Brown's matter-of-fact acceptance of sexual harassment from men and sexual manipulation by women galls me, but she's telling it like she sees it, and her eagerness for women of all ages and conditions to enter the working world was radical for a time [...]

    4. To be fair, I've never really gotten Cosmo and it's hysterical worship of all things male. And I think I could've taken all of this *extremely* dated book's male-worship with a lot more of a sense of humor if the current political climate were less of a hate-fueled dumpster fire. As it was, I made it to about chapter six before I started skimming (and by skimming I mean: see small Kindle page filled with about 100 references to grown ass women as "girls" (or the even-more-patronizing "tycooness" [...]

    5. This very dated book was pure entertainment. Famous author Helen Gurley Brown discusses how a modern woman (of the 1960s) should behave in the office, how to meet men, have affairs, balance work and family, etc. There was so many times when I thought, "um, you totally could not get away with that now." The chapter about balancing work and family was the best and most applicable. Very charming and entertaining light reading faire.

    6. Well, I thought it was funny *Kanye shrug* The only really offensively dated part concerns sexual harassment (did you know it doesn't really exist, because women TOTALLY LOVE it??) and the rest is of course goofy on various levels, but her main point is: work hard, nobody likes a slug.

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