Venus Envy A Sensational Season Inside the Women s Tennis Tour Venus Serena Anna Martina Lindsay Like other modern day heroines Madonna Hillary Mia they need only one name They are the stars of professional tennis the young brash and often reckless women who

  • Title: Venus Envy: A Sensational Season Inside the Women's Tennis Tour
  • Author: L. Jon Wertheim
  • ISBN: 9780060197742
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Venus.Serena.Anna.Martina.Lindsay.Like other modern day heroines Madonna, Hillary, Mia they need only one name They are the stars of professional tennis the young, brash, and often reckless women who hold court, and serve.The last several years have seen such a seismic explosion in women s tennis that you might be surprised to learn there s still a men s game FaVenus.Serena.Anna.Martina.Lindsay.Like other modern day heroines Madonna, Hillary, Mia they need only one name They are the stars of professional tennis the young, brash, and often reckless women who hold court, and serve.The last several years have seen such a seismic explosion in women s tennis that you might be surprised to learn there s still a men s game Fans flock to the high voltage matches, which come packaged with tales of infighting, family squabbles, and, of course, Anna Kournikova s micro miniskirts In Venus Envy, Sports Illustrated investigative reporter and tennis columnist L Jon Wertheim draws back the curtain on the soap opera that is the women s professional tennis tour, with its primal plotlines driven by ambition, sex, and revenge.Here are the stories behind the stories the tragic Garbo like star who whiles away hours in a midwestern hotel room because she s afraid to go outdoors the teenager who tries to cope with the pressure of the big time as well as an abusive father the brilliant number one who plays out her adolescent tantrums on the public stage the coquette who launched a thousand Web sites and a little understood African American family who proved that they could play by their own rules and still win the game not to mention the endorsements.The biggest story in sports in 2000 was Venus Williams Forced to the sidelines for the early months by injuries to both her wrists and her psyche, she stormed back to win Wimbledon, the U.S Open, and two Olympic gold medals Not since the glory days of Martina Navratilova and the historic days of Althea Gibson has women s tennis seen such a dominant champion with the rare combination of athleticism, intelligence, and competitive fire By the time Venus signed the biggest endorsement deal ever for a female athlete, her opponents sentiments could be described in just two words Venus Envy.

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    One thought on “Venus Envy: A Sensational Season Inside the Women's Tennis Tour”

    1. A very enjoyable read. It left me with a similar feeling to Open, they lead such intense lives, so many go through some pretty torrid childhoods to reach the top of their field. Sporting heroes are not generally my choice of subject to read, but tennis proves to be the exception. Love the sport and have enjoyed a brief glimpse inside their world.

    2. Still a Treasure I read this book at the suggestion of a tennis podcast that offered to make it the topic of an online discussion. It perfectly captures the moment: Hingis done as a singles champ at 20, Davenport realizing how hard it will be to stay on top, and the Williams sisters in ascendency. At its conclusion the only outcome hard to see is that Serena is the sister destined to be GOAT. Add all the juicy off-court bits and this book still satisfies.

    3. Let me add a huge disclaimer here: I love tennis. I'm obsessed by tennis. I love playing it (oh, I love that!), I love watching it, the skill, the power, the grace, the mind games, the players. And I love the women's tour best of all. The women's tour is unpredictable, and it has a huge variety of styles of play. Wimbledon fortnight finds me sleepless (I'm in Oz, so Wimbledon = late nights). All of my celebrity girl crushes are tennis players (well, apart from Michelle Obama, but even she hits a [...]

    4. This was an interesting peek into women's tennis. I only wish I had known about it earlier because reading it in 2012 is 10 years after it was published. So a lot of the references are older. I like tennis, but am not obsessed with it and truly have no idea how the most famous tennis names rank. To learn that Anna Kournikova wasn't that good (in comparison to the others) makes you realize just how much looks and some PR/Marketing can help a career. None of the other players liked her. It was als [...]

    5. This is a warts-and-all commentary of the WTA women’s tennis tour in 2000, at a time when the Williams sisters were beginning to make their mark and commercialisation of the tour was giving it a higher international profile. From who said what to who, or about who, the early Venus v Serena match-offs, and how many matches Anna Kournikova didn’t win to still retain her position as the tour’s biggest earner, L Jon Wertheim is an astute observer. I came to this after reading his book about th [...]

    6. I've been intending to read this book since it was published, about 10 years ago. Most of the characters are still well-known, so it's aged pretty well. Packed with gossip and stories from what were obviously many, many extensive interviews, as well as tons of interesting nuggets about the women's tennis tour. Also poorly written and riddled with cliches (which is rich, since the author mocks fellow sports commentators for their use of cliche). Had this little gem, which appeared near the end of [...]

    7. This book does exactly what it's intended to do. In that it gives fans of pro tennis (the women's game in particular) an insider's scoop on the 2000 season on the tour. Venus Williams takes center stage among other notables who need only first-name introductions: Martina, Serena, Anna, Monica, and other names ending in "-a."The Hoosier-bred, Ivy-educated tennis scribe Wertheim provides enough locker-room fodder and backstory to keep the fan-reader involved, all while flexing his usual witty, lit [...]

    8. I wouldn't have purchased this for myself, but, as a gift, it was an entertaining enough read. Especially given the lapse (the book was published in early 2001), it was interesting to consider the changes women's tennis has undergone during this decade. Some names and faces endured, some fell by the wayside, and new ones emerged (and faltered or in some cases sparkled, retired, and then returned to the game).

    9. Behind the scenes in the WTA during the year 2000. Familiar players like the Williams sisters, Davenport, Hingis, and Kournikova get a lot of attention, but some of the lesser known players are discussed too. Discussion includes finances, racism, parent-daughter relationships, and inter-player relationships.

    10. An interesting and thought-provoking inside look at the competitive and contentious world of professional women's tennis. It is interesting to analyze why we idolize the position of number one so much. Credit goes to both Venus and Serena Williams for staying focused, ignoring criticism, and side-stepping racism and sexism to accomplish their personal goals.

    11. Stories about women tennis in the mid to late 90s featuring the Williams sisters, Martina Hingis, Lindsay Davenport, Monica Sales etc. Interesting portrait of Anna Kournikova. Mediocre tennis results but she thrived on her looks, modeling and ads. Not portayed as a nice person.

    12. Standard sports fare. I got the feeling it could have been a lot more interesting, but it was somewhat superficial. I guess what you would expect from a Sports Illustrated author, more used to short articles than perceptive and in depth analysis with nuances.

    13. Good, could have been much better. The author spent too much time injecting his negative opinions of Richard Williams and not enough on the actual goings on and pitfalls of the WTA tour.

    14. Jon Wertheim is the authority when it comes to modern tennis. I look forward to his weekly mailbag on cnnsi/tennis. He has a great deal of insight into the game--and is a good writer as well!

    15. L. Jon Wertheim's great account of personalities in professional women's tennis in the early late 90's/early 00's.

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