House of Shadows When Kate Vavasour wakes in hospital she can remember nothing about the family gathered around her bed or of her life before the accident The doctors diagnose post traumatic amnesia and say the memo

  • Title: House of Shadows
  • Author: Pamela Hartshorne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Kate Vavasour wakes in hospital, she can remember nothing about the family gathered around her bed, or of her life before the accident The doctors diagnose post traumatic amnesia and say the memories should start returning Which they do but these memories are not her own They belong to Isabel Vavasour, who lived and died at Askerby Hall over four hundred yearWhen Kate Vavasour wakes in hospital, she can remember nothing about the family gathered around her bed, or of her life before the accident The doctors diagnose post traumatic amnesia and say the memories should start returning Which they do but these memories are not her own They belong to Isabel Vavasour, who lived and died at Askerby Hall over four hundred years earlier .Returning to Askerby Hall to recuperate, Kate finds herself in a house full of shadows and suspicions Unable to recognise her family, her friends or even her small son, she struggles to piece together the events that led to her terrible fall Life at Askerby, it seems, is not as illustrious as the Vavasours would have the public believe But before she can uncover the mysteries of the present, she must first discover the truth about the past Was Isabel s madness real, or was her mistake trusting the one person she thought would never betray her

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      302 Pamela Hartshorne
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    One thought on “House of Shadows”

    1. I was really swept away by this novel. It appears that Hartshone is a fantastic storyteller, and even though there'e not much that we haven't met before here, she manages to create real tension and makes you care about what happens to the characters. Some of these characters are a bit stereotypical, but they're so well-written that you hardly notice. I can't remember the last time I raced through a novel so fast for wanting to know what's next. In short, not the most original story but so much f [...]

    2. It is a haunting story shifting constantly and twistingly between two time lines, from a present-day reality to the alluring Tudor Era, but with only one place as its heart: Askerby Hall, the house of shadows.The central character, Kate Vavasour, wakes up from a coma in a hospital bed and the reader can follow her confused, uncertain steps back to life from right inside her mind, where she is convinced she is someone else, Isabel Vavasour, and where there is no sign of recognition of any of the [...]

    3. I was completely drawn into this book and couldn't stop thinking about it. The premise - a woman who finds herself possessed by the spirit of someone who lived in the same house 500 years earlier - might sound a little unlikely, but Pam Hartshorne makes such a brilliant job of setting up the story that it is entirely plausible and utterly compelling. I was rooting for Kate from the start, desperately wanting her to find the answers to the mystery of what happened to Isabel and her son, and not t [...]

    4. Despite work and everything else going on today, I read this book in one day. Such an atmospheric and enchanting novel. I did predict much of what happened (hence the 4 not 5 stars), but nevertheless this was a truly delightful, compelling read.

    5. I read this novel over the course of one day as I found I couldn't put it down. It's brilliant. Pamela is truely the queen of timeslip and I look forward to more from this fab author.

    6. I absolutely adored Pamela Hartshorne's latest 'time slip' novel 'House of Shadows'. I enjoyed it so much that I began reading it last night and finished it first thing this morning - I really only put it down yesterday because I was so tired my eyes wouldn't stay open. Honestly, if I could have managed it I would have read through the night to finish this book. I like 'time slip' novels anyway- 'Mariana' by Susanna Kearsley is one of my favourite books, but there's just something about the way [...]

    7. Kate Vavasour wakes in hospital after a devastating fall, she has no memory of what happened or, indeed,of who she is. People come to visit her in hospital and remind her that she is a young widow with a small son, but this means nothing to Kate, even her name feels wrong and as a tight band settles around her head, she begins to experience a life that has no reality in the here and now. Returning to Askerby Hall, a home she shares with her in-laws, Kate attempts to make sense of her surrounding [...]

    8. I would give this 3.5stars if I could. The writing style was actually wonderful and the pacing was really nice. I found the protagonist in the current period interesting and enjoyable as well as the historical. My issues with the book were the sheer gullibleness of the main characters and how obvious the plot was, within minutes of meeting the character I knew who 'dunnit' which really ruined it for me. I also found the secondary characters beyond them too wooden to hold interest, they felt like [...]

    9. I enjoyed House of Shadows, by Pamela Hartshorne. This will be of interest to those who like time-slip/haunting stories and life in earlier times. Just as the main character, Kate Vavasour, wakes up in hospital from a coma, she hears someone say, “You should have died…” She remembers nothing of her previous life, not even her own name. The doctors diagnose post-traumatic amnesia, and say the memories should start returning. They do . . . but the majority are not her own. They belong to Isa [...]

    10. Great book - really enjoyed it. Pamela Hartshorne does these kind of "time-slip" novels really well with a good mix of old and modern which I like. Her characters are well drawn although I realised early on that the two "friends" were obviously not but still the story kept drawing you in and you found yourself rooting for Kate, the main character. It was refreshing that Isabel really loved her husband and he was kind and gentle with her as so many couples in the Middle Ages are portrayed as the [...]

    11. A really good book, bit jumpy with references at the beginning, but soon makes sense - then you can't put it down

    12. I really enjoy this kind of novel. I'm a fan of Kate Morton's work, and it reminded me of the obsessive way I feel that I need to finish. There is always a truth that needs to be known, and I end up desperate to find it. It's especially nice when the setting is an English manor home that's somewhat isolated, although making the protagonist, Kate, survive a fall off a tower and need a long recovery was actually a pretty effective way of isolating the action. Well, that and her amnesia. A protagon [...]

    13. TepidA woman wakes from a coma after a serious accident. She finds herself in two different centuries - the 21st, where she is a young widow with a child living with her rather odd in laws in their ancestral hone; and the 16th where she is the wife of a wealthy landowner living in the same house as her 21st century counterpart The story winds its way between these two stories - complicated by the modern woman's traumatic memory loss. It meanders through the two stories until it reaches the rathe [...]

    14. A solid 3 1/2 stars from me. This one is almost a new genre for me: it is a different subject matter to what I am usually drawn to, so I came in not knowing what to expect. I found myself quite engrossed by the end: I couldn't help but feel the gripping eerieness of the setting and found it quite hard to put down.

    15. Loved it from beginning to end!Great story that had so many facets to it. Love story, ghost story, mystery - all rolled into one amazing story. Sad that it ended. I wanted it to go on and on.

    16. House of Shadows was written quite well and is usually the kind of book I flip over, but despite the writing I couldn't get into it the way I wanted to.

    17. With a plot as predictable as a train wreck, this story was suprisingly readable. Characters believable, issues well covered, story flowing to the dramatic but expected ending.

    18. Well what can I say, as with all Pamela’s books this was absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait until the next book is written by this very talented author who I think is up there with Barbara Erskine.

    19. This is what I come to think of as a 'guilty pleasure'. It is full of Gothic clichès and predictable. Despite this however, Hartshorne is able to make her story engrossing. While I knew 'whodunnit' from the first few chapters, I was still able to enjoy House of Shadows.The premise of the story is promising enough: a woman wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of the people who claim to be her family. Instead, her head is full of memories of another woman's life, a woman who lived during T [...]

    20. Book your locations here House of ShadowsWhat a eerie and fantastically written novel. I just love Pamela;s novels and she is one of the few authors who can completely draw you into a time slip novel without you feeling that this is not real. I have walked in many of her characters’ shoes across time and this one was no different for the family and staff living at Askerby Hall as it appears in the novel were as real as if they were standing right in front of me.The flow of writing is also subl [...]

    21. It was a very good read. Kept me glued to it the entire time. It loved the back and forth part of it and she really brought the characters to life.

    22. Wonderful story, somewhat reminiscent of Times Echo in terms of the protagonist being possessed by the spirit of a Tudor lady and being set near York, but with its own issues. Pamela Hartshorne is such an inspiring and fascinating writer that such similarities didn't spoil what, for me, is an absorbing story. The opening where Kate is recovering in hospital after an accident and has lost her memory is a captivating beginning to the mystery. One issue: did I miss an explanation of why Kate was sa [...]

    23. I chose this book because I was looking for a historical novel and I liked the period explored (Tudor England). I soon realised this was in fact a 'time slip' novel, of which Pamela Hartshorne is a specialist. A bit cheesy, it is nevertheless a compelling Gothic mystery. I only regret that I guessed the solution to the mystery very early on (too many clues, too early?), which spoilt it a bit for me, but the writing is so fluid and the story so well constructed that I was gripped throughout, espe [...]

    24. My only problem with this book was that Pamela created such a horrid hateful character - she is soooo good at this - that I had to put the book down on several occasions just to calm down and have a respite from the evil! This is a great read with a compelling and intriguing storyline. Kate wakes up in hospital with amnesia regarding her own life but has vivid memories of someone else's namely those of Isabel from Tudor times. Both fell from the tower of the family home under mysterious circumst [...]

    25. Pamela Hartshorne's work gets better with each book. After reading The Memory of Midnight I tried to take my time to read this, but it wasn't possible. This is a genre-defying novel mixing historical crime fiction with a modern-day psychological thriller I could not put down. Absorbing description, excellent dialogue, beautiful prose, and intriguing cliff-hanger chapters covering the themes of memory loss, grief, love and woven tightly together so that the ending makes perfect sense. I cannot wa [...]

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