Dragonsbane With the thrones of the Sovereign Five broken the Kingdom sits on the brink of ruin A new threat rises from the north an alliance between two rulers While the Earl and the Countess plot for the thron

  • Title: Dragonsbane
  • Author: Shae Ford
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  • Page: 153
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  • With the thrones of the Sovereign Five broken, the Kingdom sits on the brink of ruin A new threat rises from the north an alliance between two rulers While the Earl and the Countess plot for the throne, King Crevan slips deeper into madness All of their fates are intertwined and may yet be tied to a boy from the mountains.Forced to choose between avenging his villagWith the thrones of the Sovereign Five broken, the Kingdom sits on the brink of ruin A new threat rises from the north an alliance between two rulers While the Earl and the Countess plot for the throne, King Crevan slips deeper into madness All of their fates are intertwined and may yet be tied to a boy from the mountains.Forced to choose between avenging his village and protecting those he loves, Kael begins the long journey home His travels soon dissolve into chaos dark rumors plague him, a war between shamans has erupted in his path, and he s fairly certain one of the Countess s agents is following him Still, he knows that all of these troubles are nothing compared to the danger that lurks in the Unforgivable Mountains what he doesn t know is how one simple choice may change his world forever.The die has been cast.

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      153 Shae Ford
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    One thought on “Dragonsbane”

    1. YA fantasy with some romance, told in 3rd person. Not über-intense, and not endlessly grim-dark. Fairly heartwarming at times, and fairly suspenseful, with some excellent battle strategy. Sometimes mildly funny. Poignant at times, as Kael realizes that his heroes and villains aren't as one-dimensional as depicted in his Atlas. A few beloved characters die, but with honor. Plot in general terms: Titus and his abomination of beasts rule the Unforgivable Mountains at the summit, while Grognot the [...]

    2. Kael and friends are back again with another adventure.This time, the power couple Kael and Kyleigh broke off with their friends and set alone to the Unforgivable Mountains to free it from the warlord Titus. Different from the last two books, I felt the plot started out pretty well, giving a pretty good transition from the last book. The gold however, can be seen once Kael meets the wildmen, a community of whisperers in the mountains. Here we finally see the Wright in him, learning how to use hi [...]

    3. Yaaaaassssss! More of KaelxKyleigh!Since the first book of this series I have enjoyed listening to the audiobook. Derek Perkins did a wonderful job. I always thought that audiobooks will be boring but no it wasn't and I am glad I discovered this series.So we have some new adventures in this book as Kael and Kyleigh journey to the Unforgivable Mountains. I couldn't contain my scary fangirl grin while I listen to every scene of my number one OTP in this series. Lucky that I was listening to the au [...]

    4. Audiobook. Really do like this serious. Very different and keeps you guessing! I love the characters. And the reader is pretty good!!

    5. Dragonsbane continues the adventures of Kael and Kyleigh as they continue to to attempt to retake the Mountains of Kael's homeland! :D We get to see the return of all the characters from the previous books along with new ones who are introduced throughout! :D This has the advantage of putting our characters into into new situations that you would not expect them t find themselves in! :DThroughout there is a lot of good feeling and humour though as characters go to extremes to help each other and [...]

    6. I liked most of this book, whole series had me enough to look forward to each book. I like how the powers were developed, but i feel like i dont know what a whisperer healer does, since he was obviously using craftsman abilities to heal. Does that not make craftsman also able to heal? This was omitted in my opinion and I think it has something to do with the material being affected, maybe they cant do anything with flesh? No idea, I wish someone would let me know if i missed something since this [...]

    7. The last third of this book made up for the first 2/3rds which were a little boring and frustrating. It also has me looking forward to the last (?) book in the series!Likes:- The return of all my favorite characters.- Once Kael stops being a whiner, he actually becomes a good leader. He lives up to being a Wright. - Baird was my favorite new character from this book. - The romance between Kyleigh and Kael was actually decently written. Dislikes:- Wasn't too fond of Gwen. She needs to chillax.- I [...]

    8. This 3rd installment in the Fate's Forsaken series is a good but not quite great addition to the series. Obviously readers of this book will be well acquainted with the characters and plot. While it is interesting to see the character growth of Kael, the "love" plot was almost too distracting to the storyline. While not as distracting as that of the Green Rider series, it still seems over-done. While I am pretty sure that the target audience of this series are those that are considered "teens" t [...]

    9. With the thrones of the Sovereign Five broken, the Kingdom sits on the brink of ruin. A new threat rises from the north - an alliance between two rulers. While the Earl and the Countess plot for the throne, King Crevan slips deeper into madness. All of their fates are intertwinedd may yet be tied to a boy from the mountains. Forced to choose between avenging his village and protecting those he loves, Kael begins the long journey home. Great book, can't wait for the fourth book. It can go so many [...]

    10. OK this book was hundred times better than the previous two. In this book the protagonist truly transforms into a powerful character as was indicated from the beginning but not shown until now. Here he takes command and shows strength of character. The story also moves forward and many plots were unraveled. The most important part for me was that he learned what it means to be wright and was 'awakened'. In the previous books he was shown a weakling which i hated the most.Also the romance between [...]

    11. I haven't read such a complete series in my 27 years of life. Fates Forsaken has it all from Love to Magic to the most evil people in the kingdom. I absolutely lost myself in these books. I believe my only gripe is that Kael is so damn stubborn, He had me pulling my hair out. Every person in these books are bought to life through the writing and leave a mark on your soul that you'll remember them forever. I am so glad their is a forth book and Kael and Kyleigh's story isn't done. Summer 2015 is [...]

    12. Very nice book 3Very nice book 3 I have enjoyed reading books one and two very much. It was a long wait for this one- I like both the writing and the story-telling in these books. I appreciate any author who can produce stories and characters that are as interesting and well-crafted as these. I have been reading fantasy and sci-fi for many years, and I know Good books are a bit hard to find - these books have a lot of depth in the characters and story. Kael is a bit hard-earned and stubborn, whi [...]

    13. Best of the series so far. Looking forward to the last one.Loved Kael's growth in this one both as a warrior and leader and as a whole person. Really glad he and Kyleigh finally got together took long enough for that stubborn dragoness. Some things seemed rushed though and some were just a setup for the conclusion of the series. Amos going off and dying immediately after being rescued was a bit weird but well what can you do.Anyway it was a good read.

    14. Another good book in the series. I didn't know there was going to be a fourth though! I feel that the author has set up the next book pretty well. I don't think this is one of the greatest series I have read, but it does keep my attention and the author does a pretty good job of developing the main character and making you like him. I eagerly look forward to reading the next book in the series once it is released!

    15. Great seriesDon't think I reviewed books one and two. They were good, four star books. This one took it up a notch for me. Really liked most characters, and the groups they hailed from. While I wasn't exactly surprised much, I felt the story moved well enough that it wasn't even an issue; the storytelling is first rate. Definitely recommend

    16. What an amazing series!These books just keep getting better! The author brings the world and each character to life in a way I haven't experienced in any books since Brandon Sanderson's. If you like fantasy even a little, you won't be disappointed!!!

    17. If not for the king still being at large and the black dragon I would have been happy to have ended this series at Dragonbane, fantastic ending. Still I'm looking forward to the conclusion of this series in the next book, wild ride so far.

    18. Still keeps my interest After the 3rd installment I am still interested to see what happens next. Very gripping and interesting series you will not be disappointed

    19. I liked it, though I was frustrated with the audio book not being synchronized with the Kindle book.

    20. The story in the first three books is a quite good fantasy read. Unfortunately the story is turning more and more into a teenage-love-novel, which I probably will have to endure for book 4 as well

    21. Uh oh. There is only ONE thread in the story left to tell. Based upon this book things are gonna get ugly. Loving this series and can't wait for the finale in Book 4.

    22. BrilliantBrilliantanother great book from Shae Ford ,well worth the wait,only problem now is that I have to wait for the next book

    23. Thank you!! I can't wait for the next book what a great story I like how the characters in this book just seem so real, it's really great to read I really enjoyed it

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