Slight and Shadow ACE for ISBN Winter has finally broken its hold over the Kingdom but as the snows melt trouble springs up in its place A dark cloud hangs over Midlan the army has retreated behind its

  • Title: Slight and Shadow
  • Author: Shae Ford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: ebook
  • ACE for ISBN13 9781301433551Winter has finally broken its hold over the Kingdom but as the snows melt, trouble springs up in its place A dark cloud hangs over Midlan the army has retreated behind its high walls, not a word slips out from between its gates And rumors swirl that the King has gone mad.Kael knows nothing of this his sights are on the plains But with hiACE for ISBN13 9781301433551Winter has finally broken its hold over the Kingdom but as the snows melt, trouble springs up in its place A dark cloud hangs over Midlan the army has retreated behind its high walls, not a word slips out from between its gates And rumors swirl that the King has gone mad.Kael knows nothing of this his sights are on the plains But with his horrible luck following him wherever he goes, it doesn t take long for his plan to unravel In fact, he begins to suspect that some would rather see him dead If Kael is going to have any chance to survive, he ll have to come up with a new plan and quickly Meanwhile, Kyleigh finds herself locked in a sprint across the desert Time presses against her there is a force gathered in Whitebone that threatens to undo everything, should it reach the plains But her pride blinds her to the dangers, and it isn t long before she and her companions are lost among the towering dunes.

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      236 Shae Ford
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    One thought on “Slight and Shadow”

    1. YA fantasy with a slight touch of romance, narrated by Derek Perkins. Good story, and better than many, but it went on too long, slowing the pace. Ford has a vivid imagination and writes dialogue well, but she needs to tighten up her tales, based on the two I've read. She writes so many elaborative scenes (even though somewhat absorbing) that I lost sight of the main plot. It lost its momentum. Some scenes could have been cut entirely, and only mentioned (for example, that scene at Duke Reginald [...]

    2. Some parts dragged.As a stand alone book I would not buy it. But it was acceptable because it was part of a series, plus it was an audiobook.There are two stories in this book. Kyleigh and Kael are in separate lands - traveling. Kyleigh is sort of taken prisoner by the Mots while Jake is healing. Kael is made into a slave with giants who are slaves. He doesn’t leave the giants because he wants to help them and fight against Gilderick the evil ruler of the plains. The author flips back and fort [...]

    3. Slight and Shadow is the next book in the Fate's Forsaken series and sees Kael and Kyleigh having gone off in different directions so spend a good two-thirds of the book on different adventures but that spiral back in a very creative and inventive way! :D The book expands rapidly on the landscape and scale of the previous book expanding the culture and peoples of that they encounter! :D The Giants and that Kael encounters and Kyleigh run in with the Mots provides a adventure and humour in spades [...]

    4. The 2nd installment of the series, the book breaks off Kael and Kyleigh to follow them on each of their adventuresGA SPOILERS AHEADThe plot started slow, and at first I was really annoyed that Kael and Kyleigh weren't traveling together. The book followed both of them, each with their own perspective. It started picking up when Kael's finally making progress with the giants, and Kyleigh meeting Elena, and soon after the mots. I really liked the Kael's story, where we saw how he grew closer among [...]

    5. Slight and Shadow the 2nd Installment of the Fate’s Forsaken series. The book starts off where Kael and Kyleigh having gone off in different directions. So spending at least two-thirds of the book on different adventures.At first I might get confused with the changes of scenes since I am listening it in audiobook but I didn’t get confused.The 2nd book is even better than the first. You get two different adventures in one book! In the end they get connected. At first I was a slightly annoyed [...]

    6. Didn't like the direction this sequel went in. The first book was good because of the relationship between Kyleigh and Kael and their adventures together. But in this one they split up for really dumb reasons and go on their own uninteresting and lame adventures. And it's just nowhere near as good without them together.Kael's so-called adventure is particularly bad because he is just stuck in one place plowing the fields. Then you have an annoying character like Silas who spends more time with K [...]

    7. I didn't particularly like this book. As a book in the middle of an epic series, I expected it to be slow, but this felt even slower than what I expected. There was very little action for large portions of the book, and the entire section of the book devoted to the giants and their farming really did not hold my interest. For those interested in the romance aspect of the series, the main characters had very little interaction throughout the entire book, while the main character continued his str [...]

    8. Quite an expansion in scope and characters from the first book. Enjoyable plotlines that were not always predictable but it seemed like there were lower stakes due to an increase in "the good guys will likely be fine" moments. Still, I look forward to reading #3.

    9. Another meh thought I would give book #2 a chance. There were interesting parts, but I just couldn't get engaged.

    10. Pretty good fun, at the end of the last book Kyleigh went off on her own with Battlemage Jake and for most of the book we have two separate threads with Kyleigh and Jakes wacky adventures with new character Silas the mountain lion shifter (and goat aficionado) in the tunnels while Kael who has gone to free the giants to use as an army to sort out his home land screws up and gets made a slave and spends his days plowing and sowing fields and his nights on murder.In both of the parallel story line [...]

    11. This follow up to Harbinger left much to be desired. The pacing dropped terribly and the main unresolved tension of the last book (the near miss romance) was shoved to the end of the book as a reward for reading through the rest of the novel. Putting that aside, the story was fine, though Kael's portion was the real drag. The drudgery of slavery never really makes for an exciting read. The Jake subplot was cute, but he's so immature it tugged on my suspension of disbelief. (view spoiler)[ The wh [...]

    12. I like these books, mostly for their simplicity and straight forward nature, not a bunch of complication though I believe they are being a bit vague on the differences on the whisperer abilities, mostly something that comes into play in the third book which i wont divulge here. However, on this book, I feel severely disappointed on a simplistic point, the book name is about a certain person and their weapons, but they are very absent. I would have liked to have had more knowledge about "slight a [...]

    13. The series is interesting although there are areas where you almost want to see the hero's fail. Probably should be listed in YA category. The heart bond between Kael and Kyleigh was eluded to and not handled that well at the end of the previous book but was a central theme in this book (or at least the heartache of misunderstood rejection). It is an interesting theme to work from but not sure it couldn't have been handled better. Not sure the hawk working in secret and somehow being able to kno [...]

    14. The second book in the "Fate's Forsaken" series follows Kael and Kyleigh as they set out on separate adventures, intent on putting an end to Lord Gilderick's slave trade. I love these books so much! They have made me laugh and so much more! Each character is amazing and I love all of them(especially Kael, Kyleigh, and Lysander!). The charaters are so unique, they just belong together. Whenever the day seems bad, you can turn toward these books, they always seem take me away. I wish Kael and Kyle [...]

    15. This series is classic epic fantasy at it's best using the tropes that made it great. Unknown young man out to save the world. Humor, romance, heartache, magic, witches, pirates and a dragon! Ms. Ford is spinning the heck out of this story.I'm guessing that it's YA in the same way that The Belgariad was. No cursing or sex, but still a meaty story with a diverse cast of characters. I mention The holy grail of Eddings only because I will probably read this series over and over as much as I have th [...]

    16. the story is fascinating however it could've been great if only a little focus was paid on the development of hero. The hero was pathetic, there was so much cry that he is a Wright, and the Wrights were supposed to be all powerful and yet not one scene was there where he did anything remotely outstanding. (At least Harry Potter did have an excuse of being ordinary) .Throughout the book i was waiting for any growth in his power or the character itself but alas only i got only disappointment. Stil [...]

    17. Even better than the first book! There was a lot of humor in this story in the form of mischief. Had me constantly laughing!! Really enjoyed this book and find myself already counting down for the next book. Book reminded me at times of Terry Goodkind's books where the main character Richard is forced to live 'behind enemy lines' both as a citizen of the old world where socialism is practically a religion and again as a gladiator (who were slaves) in the enemy army for their entertainment.

    18. This was a good sequel, though a rather slow story as only little things happen to keep it moving forward until around the 75% mark when it all starts to come together. If you want constant action, sexy lovers and sword fights and LOTS of magic then this will probably disappoint you. Instead the author concentrates on characters and world building. She has mostly intelligent characters who are willing to learn and build on their experiences. I'll be interested to see where this story goes in the [...]

    19. I thought this book was much more engaging than the first. While the first book in the series had more of a young adult "tone" (not that there's anything wrong with that), this book felt substantially more mature. I love the female characters (Kyleigh, Aerilyn, Elena, and Nadine). They're all strong individuals and with more complex characters than just simply the standard archetypal damsel, warrior, etc. The male protagonists are great too. An issue I have with this book and the first is that t [...]

    20. Summary:This was a good extension of the story. It believably expanded the world, and played with the dual narrative between Keal and Kylie. It created an interesting parallel as the former labored with the Giants and the latter with the motts. The symbolism was hard to miss. It also really interestingly developed Keal's character. Thoughts:This was another good book. It suffered slightly from its scope, and the fact that it really is just setup for a future, larger narrative, but on the whole i [...]

    21. Better than the first book but still quite frustrating in some places. The protagonist was given a lot of potential but he didn't really do much with it, this led to some slightly anticlimactic content. The rating this book has been given is good, however, and you can't argue with the rating, but in my personal opinion the only time this book should get 4 stars, is if it was out of 10. Maybe my standards are too high?

    22. Better than the first one and a lot of new interesting characters, but there are still some issues. Glad that Kael grew up a bit but the whole Kael loves Kyleigh, Kyleigh loves Kael, pouting and thinking other doesn't care is a bit silly. When he told her he loved her I thought finally, but then the whole abomination thing came up. Don't know what will happen between them but I hope it doesn't take too long.

    23. You know your reading a good book when even though you think a scene should be slow and difficult to read and yet your still speeding through the pages. Despite the main characters being apart for most of the book and being stuck in the same place the book never felt dull and continued to move the story along.

    24. I really enjoyed this series, love following Kael and Kyleigh's stories. On audiobook this one seems to drag on a bit and I wanted to skip forward. I loved the direction the stories and and was glad when they merged. I'm on to the 3rd already and can't wait to see where it takes me. Gotta love Dragons, Mages, Pirates, Swords, Daggers, and Shape-shifters, right?

    25. I enjoyed this book. Some seem to think it was slow in the middle but I found the characters well developed and amusing. This is better then the first book and I will be looking forward to a third.

    26. Painfully boring I really wanted to like this series but it was just too YA for my tastes. It wasn't the lack of swearing, Gore or sex that really turned me off. It was the sluggish pace and painfully boring characters that finally hammered the last nail in the coffinT RECOMMENDED

    27. Hey people, this series is GREAT!!I sure hope anyone reading this has already read book one.The characters in this story are something to behold, all of them.Please enjoy because I'm off to read book three!!!

    28. Loved all the adventures and mishaps in this sequel. I like the idea of the two main characters having their own adventures, then having it all converge into an epic battle.Full review to come.

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