Whispered Pain I am no longer among the living At least I don t think I am I don t remember my name my age or even my sex I don t feel I can t smell I hear but sounds don t register emotional responses any I see

  • Title: Whispered Pain
  • Author: Ashley Fontainne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I am no longer among the living At least, I don t think I am I don t remember my name, my age, or even my sex I don t feel I can t smell I hear, but sounds don t register emotional responses any I see, but it s all in muted gray No vibrant colors No sense of time, space, awareness I just float Like a weightless cloud drifting through the limitless universe II am no longer among the living At least, I don t think I am I don t remember my name, my age, or even my sex I don t feel I can t smell I hear, but sounds don t register emotional responses any I see, but it s all in muted gray No vibrant colors No sense of time, space, awareness I just float Like a weightless cloud drifting through the limitless universe I don t know where I am or how I arrived at this point Ebony nothingness has swallowed me whole Can you help me Will you help me I need to know Want to know Have to know Who am I Where am I How do I escape this black void Help Please, help me.

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    One thought on “Whispered Pain”

    1. My original Whispered Pain audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Whispered Pain was an entertaining and thrilling short story. The beginning was mystifying. I did not know what was going on at all, as the first few chapters were told from different characters' points of view. It was rather intriguing. Then, bit by bit, the story came together magically, and everything got tied up wonderfully in the end. The way Ashley Fontainne weaved it all together was one of the [...]

    2. This is only a short story but it definitely packs a punch! So much happens in such a short space of time!!Initially, I wasn't sure what was happening at the start but the author weaved a thrilling tale of betrayal and murder that comes together at the end. It starts with a patient in a coma and she hears and feels everything happening around her. She tells her story of how she came to be there and in it we see a tale of deception, murder, betrayal and love. It's a chilling tale but oh so grippi [...]

    3. Got for an honest review.First time reading from the author.When first start to read the story, you get into peoples heads on what their thinking. Well not all true thoughts. I kept thinking a zombie plague would hit, or other ideas I had that might have happened. I never saw the twist and turns the author started throwing at me, coming. When it did, I was like Wow! I was blown away and still can’t believe the ending. Loved it and hope to read more from the author.Thank you for letting me read [...]

    4. The beginning of Whispered Pain was absolutely stellar and pulled me in immediately. " What does it mean to be alive? It's an age-old conundrum with various answers. Some are universal. To touch, taste, smell, hear and feelWhat one person considers living may be the stuff of nightmares to another, but in the end, it's all about breathing. Blood flow Heartbeats" This idea of the main character existing in some sort of black hole with no sense of self or even life or death was very intriguing to m [...]

    5. This was actually pretty good. It was definitely suspenseful and the plot was entertaining. There were a few things that could have been explained better, and one or two plot holes, but overall it was good.

    6. Surprised!I didn't know what to expect when I chose to read this book. It has twist after twist which really held my interest. If you are looking for a good, quick read Whispered Pain is a great choice.

    7. DiabolicalGave it 4 stars, because I had a problem wrapping my mind around who the villain turned out to be. It was well written, and I think most people will enjoy the book.

    8. Different book easy to read, crime and love story in one very short story but lots of twists. Betrayers, family problems, don't want to give away main jist. give it a try.

    9. I know this is fiction, but the story still needs to be realistic. I have to believe it could happen. And I didn't. Not at all. I'll do my best to clarify my reasons without giving any spoilers. One main and pivotal character does a complete turnaround in personality, with absolutely no previous hint of malice. The 'revelation' as to this person's true feelings is totally unrealistic. This character has a POV part, so we're in this person's head prior to the switch, yet not once do we get any se [...]

    10. Gripping storyI couldn't put this book down! Read it all in one day!! Very interesting plot! Thoroughly enjoyed this read! Thank you!

    11. Wow, just wow. This story is exciting and oh so twisted! It had me on the edge of my seat listening to how it leads to the end of the story. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have guessed what was really happening! This book was far better than what I thought it was going to be about. Kudos to the author who has the inventive and devious imagination! For awhile, I couldn't even tell which side was the good guy. I do agree with the heroine though revenge is sweet! This book really has me wondering [...]

    12. EhSo let me start by saying this book isn't terrible. I've not read any other books by this author so I didn't know what to expect. My mother recommended this to me as it was free on my Kindle Fire and she had just read it. I felt like the story was pretty lacking and although this is a mystery type book I kind of felt like it was misleading in the wrong ways, if that makes any sense at all (probably doesn't, sorry). However this was a quick and easy read that took me roughly two hours while at [...]

    13. First time I have read anything by this author. A very short story read on my Kindle. Angie is over 40, pregnant and married to Drake. She is worried that her baby may have medical problems, like a sister who had Down's Syndrome and died. During a very bad snowstorm, she goes into labor. Drake insists on driving to the hospital, and gets in an accident, resulting in Angie being in a coma. Her baby dies. While in her coma, believing that she can't hear him, Drake tells her that he never wanted a [...]

    14. Who is the villain?"Whispered Pain," a novella, is a convoluted plot, which starts off as a sweet romance and subtly twists into a mystery that is full of surprises and a type of horror that is suddenly sprung on the reader. When a reader wants something that is different and mind-boggling, then you want a story by this author, and she is turning them out one right after another. And amazingly enough, each one has a sense of haunting and horror about it, and yet each one is totally different.I t [...]

    15. "Whispered Pain" is the newest suspense-filled story by award-winning author Ashley Fontainne. Once again, this author does not disappoint. From the tantalizing beginning, all the way through to the pulse-pounding end, you will be on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. Ashley is famous for her convoluted plot twists and turns and this novella is full of them. Her devious characters will keep you guessing and each surprise will be something you never saw coming. "Whispere [...]

    16. ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **This was a really unexpected story, and it was excellently told! I love a good a short story that can captivate you from the beginning and finish strongfulfilling all aspects of a well written taleis one does not disappointA woman in a coma after a heartbreaking accident.ens to those around her and learns some very dark secrets!! I did not want to put this one downd I highly recommend you add it to your cart now and buy i [...]

    17. This one gets off to a slow start. The first several chapters are different characters and it is difficult to follow. Once this story gets going, though, it is hard to put down. Everything also gets tied up at the end. It is a pretty intense and twisted story.My first thought when I started listening to this one is that he narrator sounds like a Disney princess. That ends up working for the story, though. It provides a contrast to some of the horrific events in the book. This narrator also does [...]

    18. Good premise, poorly executed.Started out good and became unbelievable, bordering on ludicrous very quickly. You have a woman set on revenge and when she asks her family to help with a murder they don't bat an eye. Everyone in the book is crazy and none of them seem to think divorce is may be a better alternative than murder. It's a pretty ridiculous story. Don't waste your time.

    19. 'Whispered Pain' is another incredibly well written thrilling book by Ashley Fontainne. The storyline was full of pain and sadness, betrayal, revenge and the ultimate moral- live today, you may not get tomorrow. I loved the way it played out. The characters are a range of persons whom are evil, betrayers, depressed and some that are beautiful inside in a way that touches others. A great quick read. A good add to your tbr list.

    20. Just when I was ready to give it upWOW! I was caught on the first page, but somehow became confused and nearly gave up in the first 37 percent of this story. Something made me try just a few more pages. I was blown away. Suddenly the story flowed seamlessly together. I will not give spoilers. The author explains it all in an amazing tale of greed,love gone wrong, hate, and rebirth. Give this a chance. You will not be disappointed. I will be looking for more from this author.

    21. Love, love, loved itThis was a great read from beginning to the end. The characters were interesting and the story was gripping even I kinda though I figured out where the plot was headed. However I had no idea of the twists and turns the plot was going to take. I couldn't have been more pleased with the final outcome and the additional twist towards the end. Great read, highly recommend.

    22. Oooh, this was a good one!!! And I highly recommend it. Ashley Fontainne did an exceptional job on this one, as it will surely grip its readers. Not one of its 86 pages is boring. Not even one. Whispered Pain is a suspenseful page-turner, with actions on every page the reader will feel like he or she is right there in the middle of—rooting for the right. Extremely well-written. (Original Kindle review.)

    23. This was a short read and definitely had my attention throughout most of the book. So much happens in a short span; at times it was hard to follow. There were gaps between some events that I feel like were rushed that made the story fall apart towards the end. It was a 3 star read for me. Decent short thriller.

    24. I really enjoyed that this was a quick read. The story line was very well thought-out and definitely held a few surprises for me. While it was somewhat dark, there is also a odd underlying sense of hope (for the future). Andrea Emmes did a pretty good job with the narration (though not absolutely excellent). Overall, this was a great book, one which I'd recommend.

    25. This was an awesome read!Andrea Emmes narrates beautifully.We are brought into the story by a 'ghost',or is it?It is unformed and bewildered. Soon we find out who this is and what happened.Then the twist,in a coma,our person hears the unthinkable and starts to plan revenge.Creepy and twisted!I was given this book free for an honest review.

    26. Wow, this book sure kept me on the edge of my seat! There was one time after Plan A was completed that I wanted to skip ahead because I was afraid there was going to be two more casualties. This one definitely kept me interested and guessing as to what was going to happen. Highly recommend!

    27. Evil avenged!Imagine your husband of 10 years gloating in your ear about your imminent death. Whispering hate and venom and rejoicing in the death of your unborn child. Couldn't put it down!

    28. Whispered Pain reviewWhispered Pain is an intense and riveting psychological thriller written by author Ashley Fontainne. It's a short story and very well-written with compelling characters.

    29. Pulled me in. Glad Drake and Jerome have a double occupancy in hell.Great book. A first for me on the plot. Must read.Short story you can't put down.Sad but with a twist in fate.

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