The Result of a Straight Razor Miko is in mourning He is plotting Miko is thinking about death and vengeance About forgiveness And love Miko is getting some new tattoos

  • Title: The Result of a Straight Razor
  • Author: NicoleCastle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 392
  • Format: ebook
  • Miko is in mourning He is plotting Miko is thinking about death and vengeance About forgiveness And love Miko is getting some new tattoos.

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    One thought on “The Result of a Straight Razor”

    1. ~ ~ ~5 Stars for My Beloved Miko!FunnyEntertainingHeartbreakingInsanely Romanticand Bunny Ears!THE CHARACTERSMiko (The Mako Shark) - There just isn't anyone else like Miko. Thank goodness! But how can anyone not completely love this endearing assassin? Yes, I said-endearing assassin."He hates the violence.""But he loves you.""Yes," Miko said. "It is my lot in life."Nasir shrugged. He couldn't disagree. Toby - As boyfriend and lover, Toby seems to have the most painful role in this whole series. [...]

    2. Ok so I don't know if this makes me a sick puppy or what, but I love Nicole Castle's books. She doesn't skimp on the gruesome details of murder, but she does it in such a way that I find myself rooting for the assassin. This book focuses on Miko, or Mako Shark as he's known in assassin circles. Miko's best friend is dead, apparently by suicide, but he knows in his heart that she was killed, murdered by someone in his line of work. He's determined to find out who ordered it and who did it, and ki [...]

    3. Very good sequel! Poor Miko had some really sad parts in this story, but he did get to have some hot steamy scenes with Toby. I loved seeing Vincent, Frank and Bella again. I hope we get to see Miko in their third book. I want him to find Fee's killer and I'd love to see him and Nas working with Vincent and Frank.

    4. So I have a bit of a problem which I hardly run into these days, where there is so much to talk about with a book that I don’t even know where to start. I will try not to fangirl too hard here, please bear with me lolMiko is an incredibly strange but absolutely adorable assassin who desperately wants to succeed at his job despite the fact that he’s nauseated around blood. Almost every hit he’s given goes severely and hysterically wrong. The book is worth the read for the entertainment of t [...]

    5. I'm a huge fan of Nicole Castle's and have been since Chance Assassin. I love her mix of quirky dark humor, violence and happy endings -- and this was no exception. I absolutely adored the first book in this series, "The Consequence of High Caliber", and this sequel was just as awesome. Miko is so lovably bizarre, with his candy habit (which I for one appreciate LOL), his klutziness and his fetish for sleeping in tiny spaces. The writing is, as usual, brilliant -- I love how subtly energetic it [...]

    6. Wow I needed a minute to gather my thoughts after reading this. I was left a bit shell shocked but only in the best book-hangover way possible.This book surpasses book one. Got a real sense of being personally invested in Miko's quest. He's on the one hand so relatable, being a guy in love who cares deeply for his friends, hurting in the worst way, and then on the other an assassin! The fact that he's essentially a 'baddie' never came close to fruition, even though he tells Toby enough that he [...]

    7. Miko seems so innocent, part of him trapped in the uncertainty of childhood forever. He tries to do everything right, to protect those he loves, and make his friends and family proud but everything always goes wrong. It's impossible not to love him. If Frank and Vincent are blessed with an unnatural amount of luck, Miko must be the one they borrow it from.Fun Fact : my most common online alias for many years was BloodyBunny. I think Miko and Nadir would approve.

    8. There’s one thing author Nicole Castle will never be accused of: writing sane characters. Or, at least what might be considered sane by most people. Not up to this point, anyhow. Ms. Castle writes about a group of assassins, after all, and their lives revolve around murder and mayhem, something they pursue quite passionately, I might add. Sometimes with a glee that can only be called disarming and charming in a disturbing sort of way.These people make me happy.The Result of a Straight Razor pi [...]

    9. Living this serirsI'm just living this series. I just love Miko . He is so corky and sweet in his crazy way Thank God for Toby and Nasir. Off to book 3.

    10. I tried very hard to stop myself from reading this too fast because there are no more books left to read in this Interesting-Totally-Lovable-Assassins Universe. I thought I wouldn't love a character as much as I loved V and Frank, but I was wrong. So wrong. More Miko/Toby and Vincent/Frank please, whichever comes first.

    11. Got me.Yep, I will wait for this sequel as I am waiting for the other.I have always loved the dark and Castle writes it well.More than

    12. After thoroughly devouring The Consequence of High Caliber—my first book by Nicole Castle—I could not help buying The Result of a Straight Razor, the second book in the Mako Shark series. Just like Toby, I could not help falling in love with Miko, the "anti-hero". I wanted to know more about why Toby loves Miko, about Miko's squeamishness with blood, about his relationship with some other characters; and on these counts, this book offered me exactly that!Yet, I give the sequel 4 stars and no [...]

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