Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys London As the Blitz hits London two sisters from Bermondsey find their lives changed out of all recognition May is known to her family as the homing pigeon because of her uncanny sense of direc

  • Title: Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys
  • Author: Mary Gibson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • London, 1939 As the Blitz hits London, two sisters from Bermondsey find their lives changed out of all recognition May is known to her family as the homing pigeon because of her uncanny sense of direction She will need it when a bombing raid destroys nearly everything she holds dear With her home in ruins, she joins the ATS and becomes a gunner girl Here she finds danLondon, 1939 As the Blitz hits London, two sisters from Bermondsey find their lives changed out of all recognition May is known to her family as the homing pigeon because of her uncanny sense of direction She will need it when a bombing raid destroys nearly everything she holds dear With her home in ruins, she joins the ATS and becomes a gunner girl Here she finds dangerous work, new friends and rivals and painful choices in love May s elder sister, Peggy, is trapped in a stifling marriage to a small time crook Amid the chaos of war, a route to freedom suddenly beckons and, along with it, new and passionate love From the melting pot of war will come hardship and tragedy, as well as new, unexpected friendships and love affairs.

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    One thought on “Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys”

    1. Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys written by Mary Gibson is one fantastic work of historical fiction based on the lives of two sisters Peggy and May. This for me was an excellent read as the lives of May and Peggy changed forever when the Second World War started in 1939. Thia book showed the daily lives of those residents of London, where the Blitz tore the heart out of it.For me, the main character was May the youngest daughter and her life through the war really brought her out of her shy backwar [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book very much. Mary Gibson creates some wonderful characters. Some of them you'd love to know and some you would steer well clear of. I enjoy novels set in both World Wars. I like hearing about how people carried on their daily lives in Britain at that time. And there was also the shadier side of it in the character of Wide'oh. Of course there is sadness too and as in all stories of this type there can be what I call the 'mushy' bits. Sentiment. I had already read Mary's first bo [...]

    3. Should Go Down Like A BombI was put off by the title of this book initially. It sounded as if it should be something for the hormonally challenged teens to channel their excesses into. And there are war books a plenty. But as I started to read there was a great deal that resonated with me. One of the main characters in this book is the Blitz and without the Blitz I wouldn’t be here!! For it was my Mum’s home being bombed to rubble that saw her and family on the nearest train out of London to [...]

    4. I want to start by saying this isn't a war story, but a story about people during the war. So if you're hoping to read about life as a gunner girl and shooting down german planes and exciting war scenes, you'll be disappointed. This story is a coming of age story for two sisters experiencing completely different, yet fairly common, situations during the blitz. It's a story about the lives of English women during the war, and how much the blitz cost families. It's also a love story. Peggy is trap [...]

    5. A good readIt's been a while since I last read books from this genre and I'm glad I found a good read to start with.

    6. A good enough holiday read, but for me, too many coincidences to be believable.This is a long book - I felt it could have done with some serious editing. The story itself is OK, a little hackneyed, but the research is good and the detail adds interest. I found the characters are fairly one dimensional and predictable and there are so many happy coincidences that for me it lost any credibility - it just stretched my suspension of disbelief a little too far and I found myself laughing aloud in dis [...]

    7. A very light read - it was entertaining enough in the moment, but felt very light and fluffy, and won't stick with the reader too long afterwards (or, at least, it won't do so for me). It seems like it might be a bit of a monster in terms of length, but lacks density, so I would call it a relatively easy read. There aren't really many big questions or challenging themes - it follows two young women from a poor London neighbourhood as they take employment during World War II, and, along the way, [...]

    8. Indeed, another great period piece by Mary Gibson. A gentle romance evoking the tough times, the socio-economic ramifications of war in small communities. The timeless nature of people, their needs to love and be loved. Mary Gibson has a neat way of appearing to write from insider knowledge. Obviously well researched. Her writing is class-less. A good read indeed.

    9. I love historical fiction. It was really a great book in that aspect. I just cannot imagine how difficult it must have been in England during WWII. That being said, it was just a little slow and a little predictable. The characters and families were engaging and I did enjoy reading it.

    10. While I found the writing slightly awkward at times, this was a very enjoyable book. It offered a really interesting look at England during WWII, a different perspective than what I've usually read, of the women who worked during the war.

    11. I liked this book a lot because of the realistic characters and story. I liked that there was no explicit sex and profanity. Not everything turned out well, which is realistic. I definitely want to read more in this series.

    12. Really enjoyed this audiobook it was a pleasure to listen to. I love stories from this era and this one was no exception.Recommended.

    13. A trip back in timeIf you like history and romance, this book is for you. It is mainly May's story, but Granny Byron, Peggy, Bill, Mum, and Da all add to the richness of this multilayered story.

    14. Good storyThis was a great story. I enjoy historical fiction and this story was full of interesting facts about London during WW2. The story and characters take us on a journey through the war and all the places and trials the characters go through. Highly recommend this book to lovers of women's stories and historical fiction.

    15. This was the second book by Mary Gibson I've read and I have enjoyed them both.This is the story of two sisters, Peggy and May, as well as their family and friends and tells of their journey through the years of the second world war. It has a 'realness' to it that isn't always there in similar books. It's very well researched, and is interesting in an historical and educational way. I found that I liked and admired May and I cared about what happened to her and family. Recommend to all fans of t [...]

    16. Review first posted on my blog 'A Spoonful of Happy Endings': spoonfulofhappyendingsspoWhen the Blitz hits London and destroys almost everything around them, Peggy and May Lloyd, two sisters from Bermondsey, know their lives are about to be turned completely upside down. May can't sit around and do nothing, so decides to join the ATs and becomes a gunner girl, operating ack-ack guns. While she makes new friends, she can't help but miss home and worry about her parents. At the same time, May's ol [...]

    17. Gibson's storytelling is superb. The historical setting of WW2 and the various characters are so real and she has the gift of grasping the grand scale of human emotions and putting it into words. How does it feel to be at war and try to live your life, what choices are made by the individuals in that war, how do they each handle love, loss, deprivation and hope, has a fate been sealed or will the storyline take a turn and how much is steered by the rules of a country at war, how much by luck - o [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this tale of two sisters facing the hardships of living in London during the Second World War. The Lloyd family live in Bermondsey, close to Tower Bridge, so they're right in the thick of it when the Blitz begins. The characters feel real, from shy May, who discovers hidden strengths as the war goes on, to her ballsy, colourful grandmother, sucking on a pipe and telling fortunes for desperate women begging for news of their men. The author is great with dialogue and really captu [...]

    19. This isn't my usual read, quite far from it actually but wow. I fell in love with the characters quickly and genuinely felt attached to them and wanting them to succeed and most of all live. I'm a realist and knew that wasn't going to happen but having fallen for the characters there were tears when things went a bit pear shaped as I guess things were going to have to given the setting. Having been on a bit of a "costume drama" type kick with my tv lately, I decided to let it slip into my readin [...]

    20. This was such a change from so many books set during the 39-45 war; these were very 'real' people, working class, not all the law abiding 'salt of the Earth' type that feature in so many similar books - and certainly not all middle class and stiff upper lip.Covering the whole period, people were hurt, people died, they lost touch as they were posted all seems very realistic to me. To be honest the only unrealistic moment came very near the end, on a ship coming home - and otherwise I might have [...]

    21. Great bookA really enjoyable book even though it was about one of the darkest times in Britain's history,I liked the fact that although there was a really good story to it the book was very informative about the war and the work women did and how their involvement was vital to Britain winning the war,one of those books where you want to get to the end to see what happens to all the characters but you don't want it to end as you have became involved with the people's lives,a true sign of a great [...]

    22. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this book!! Not my usual sort of book, at allWW2 etc. But I felt like I was transported in time and really loved the main character May. I found I was cheering for her, crying for her & not wanting the story to end. I would highly recommend this book, even if it's not your usual genre.

    23. This book was a great read that I really enjoyed,it is set during the Second World War and is about a young girl called May who joins the ATS. There is one thing that is my only real criticism was that I felt the plot was a little far fetched but apart from this I felt that this was a great read

    24. Took a while It took me while to get into the book but when I finally did I enjoyed it. The characters b came real because they were well developed. Interesting to learn more about the people of London during WW11.

    25. A great readI love any books about London during the war. They fascinate me and this book was no exception. A great story about love, loss, heartache and the path of finding a loved one. I really enjoyed it.

    26. Well worthy of 5 stars!This book was an excellent read - I loved it! Wonderful characters and great storyline making the reader aware of the important part women played in World War 2.

    27. Great bookThis book shows how London and suburbs survived(?) World War II. Very good information about gunner girls. I never knew they existed. I would recommend that anyone interested in WWII from the English viewpoint read this book.

    28. Women in WWIIGreat story that emphasized the role of British women in WWII. Puts a personal touch on a difficult time period. I didn't want the book to end. Will definitely check out other books in the series.

    29. Of all the British authors writing about the World War 2 period, I like Mary Gibson best. her characters come to life on the page and she doesn't indulge in the sentimental drivel that passes for ficion with these writers sometimes. Highly recommended.

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