Well of Witches The third novel in the dark and twisty fantasy series that has enchanted readers The third novel in the Thickety series Well of Witches is an epic quest on the edge of a magic crusade into an encha

  • Title: Well of Witches
  • Author: J.A. White Andrea Offermann
  • ISBN: 9780062257321
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The third novel in the dark and twisty fantasy series that has enchanted readers.The third novel in the Thickety series, Well of Witches, is an epic quest on the edge of a magic crusade, into an enchanted kingdom with new kinds of magic, old enemies, and only one way out.Kara and Taff know that only Grace Stone has the power to reverse her terrible Last Spell on their fathThe third novel in the dark and twisty fantasy series that has enchanted readers.The third novel in the Thickety series, Well of Witches, is an epic quest on the edge of a magic crusade, into an enchanted kingdom with new kinds of magic, old enemies, and only one way out.Kara and Taff know that only Grace Stone has the power to reverse her terrible Last Spell on their father and in order to save him, they have to rescue their foe from the Well of Witches first Forgiving Grace should be the hardest part of their journey but soon the children are confronted by creatures called the Faceless, mysteries as old as magic, and an ancient secret that threatens their very lives.Back in the World, a war against magic is brewing that endangers everyone they care about Can Kara and Taff find Grace, find their way out of the Well, and make it back to their father in time

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      103 J.A. White Andrea Offermann
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    One thought on “Well of Witches”

    1. Sigh. This book is amazing. And I'm so thrilled about having re-read it, finally. It's already been over a year since I first read this book. Ack. I didn't know I had forgotten so many details. Hmph. And I'm so happy about having re-read it and now knowing all the things again. I have had so much fun re-reading the first three books in this amazing series. And I'm starting book four, the final one, next, which I'm just the most excited about. I might have peeked a little. And I might be all kind [...]

    2. Goddamnit, it did it again. When I finished the first book, about an hour or so after I had previously planned to go to bed after what I thought would be a quick and put-downable read, I was so upset with the cliffhanger I didn't expect (not being quick enough to put together WHY a book would have a subtitle) that I was incoherent for about a minute. And in much the same way, I was pretty convinced that this would be the last book in the series - what with the current era of trilogies - and then [...]

    3. Better than the last book, but still disappointing.The first book,The Thickety, had some sort of magical, eerie feel to it. The ending was sudden, the plot was brand new. It ranked high on my "favorite MG books" list. After dragging on for three books now (I think there's four?) the series has lost its fast-paced, thrilling plot. Kara has turned into a Mary-Sue, Taff is just.ere, and the other characters play minor roles in the story. I did like Lucas though, which was a surprise.If there is ano [...]

    4. !!!!!!What a wild ride!!! I am not normally a series reader, but there is a reason that I keep reading these books: they are fantastic! The stories are great for fantasy adventure fans, especially kids who like their fantasy a little bit scary. Though they are long in terms of page count, the pages absolutely fly by, in part because of the smaller trim size and in part because of all the twists and turns of the plot. This third book had just the right amount of backstory that reminded me of what [...]

    5. This didn't suck me in as much as the first two in the series did but it was still a whole lot of fun! It felt like the dark, creepy aspects were more muted in here as the children make their travels, as opposed to the other two where the horror aspect felt ever-present. It was definitely still there in Well of Witches, but more in portions of the story rather than the entire thing. Seeing Kara grow as a character is very satisfying, and the Well of Witches itself was suitably ominous. I went in [...]

    6. This is the third book in The Thickety series by J.A. White. Our oldest really enjoyed the books in this series and is eager to read the fourth book, while I'm just trying to catch up with her. The story was very dramatic and has some surprising twists. It ends much the same as the last book, with no resolution. As frustrating as that is, it certainly leads readers on to the final book in the series, The Last Spell.I really enjoyed listening to Moira Quirk narrate the audiobook - she really capt [...]

    7. I thought this was going to be the end of the series, but no. it's one of those series where every book is a huge quest/impossible task and then they complete it but guess what, there's another huge quest/impossible task for the next book. the theme is seeming to me now to be that magic (or, say, technology) can be used for good or evil and it depends on the wielder to resist temptation, have empathy for others, and keep to a moral path. there's also a lot of forgiveness. there are a lot of comp [...]

    8. This continues to be a stellar series. The writing keeps me on the edge of my seat, and Kara and Taff are wonderful, fully developed characters. Magic full of twists and suspense. Great stuff.

    9. This whole series is just a lovely deep dive into a whole new universe where youth are thoughtful, responsible, brave and loving.

    10. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book. Not as strong as the first two in the series, but still a very solid, compelling addition to the series. I eagerly await more!

    11. This series is losing some steam. It's not nearly as compelling or dark as the first book. The world building and the illustrations are still wonderful, but the characters aren't as memorable and there was a lot of time spent travelling. It took quite awhile to get to the Well of Witches, which I would have liked to have seen more of. Still an enjoyable read, and I do want to find out what happens in the final book of the series. I did get a kick out of a new character who was introduced in this [...]

    12. This series started out really strong but at this point the story is dragging on. I wish the author had wrapped the story up in this 3rd book as I'm not entirely interested in a 4th book just to finish the series. I like the characters so for that reason alone I'll read the last book but otherwise I'm not really much interested in this story at this point anymore.

    13. White picks up the action shortly after the conclusion of the previous novel.Kara and Taff have escaped the Thickety, and still hope to free their fatherfrom a spell.At the same time, Kara feels responsible for Rygoth and also wants to stop herfrom creating an army.The story is fast paced and complex. It also has an old theme about the corruption of Power.

    14. It has been a little while since I'd read the second book, so somehow I had forgotten the incredible imagination and artistry of J.A. White's writing. This book certainly brought that all back. The creativity of the depiction of the Well of Witches surpassed my expectations. I am starting the fourth book right away!

    15. One of my favorite books ever! I was always on the edge of my seat. It was so much fun to follow Kara through another of her and her brother, Taff's adventures! This series just keeps on getting better.

    16. Good book waiting for last oneEnjoyed itt waiting for next one not sure wherre itt will end. May check into other books by this author.

    17. Ah! how I wish to enter the realm of Thickety The relationship between Kara and Taff reminds me of myself and my younger brother. We're just like that. While reading the book I imagined myself as Kara and Taff as my brother. The book became more adventurous than before :D <3One thing I don't like is the author made the story long when he could've finished it in 3 books.

    18. Only a month 'til the last book. Only a month 'til the last book. Only a month 'til the last book. Only a month 'til the last book.

    19. Kara and her brother Taff are going in the well to find someone. To free there father from a curse. They will travel but it will be long and dangerous. They must escape from the guards of the wellThe Faceless. The two Westfalls and someone else must survive or become The Faceless. Will it be worth it or will they fail?

    20. Well of Witches is the third novel in the Thickety series. It was my favorite. I'm not sure if there is going to be a fourth. The ending is satisfying, but it also left room to continue the story line.Chapter 20 actually gave me something to meditate on. Kara has lost her witchy powers. She doesn't have them throughout the novel. When she meets Minoth Dravinia toward the end, he asks if she would like her powers back. Kara has to think about that. Then he tells her how. She must answer this ridd [...]

    21. This series is just so unbelievably stressful and unbearably awesome. So much backstory and worldbuilding was introduced but White managed to tuck bits and pieces of it here and there in such a way that the plot never felt anything less than breakneck. I couldn’t believe when the audiobook ended that it was already over. Though this series is unequivocally fantasy, I’d almost categorize it as suspense. J.A. White had me on edge, constantly waiting for the next terrible thing to happen. Kara [...]

    22. What can I say about this series? I absolutely love it! I completely devoured this book in a couple of days and it was totally worth the one semi-sleepless night! The world of the Thickety is fresh and horrific, and Kara fights through every challenge with an amazing combination of practical common sense and humor. She made some amazing character progress this book, and I'm loving where the storyline is going with Grace. The one negative I took away from the book was an apparently out of charact [...]

    23. Picking up where the Whispering Trees left off, Rygoth has been freed and is now roaming the world, handing out grimoires, trying to build her own coven of witches. She wants to use then to cause chaos all over the world and kill Kara's father, still under the power of Timoth Clen. Kara no longer has her powers but that doesn't stop her and Taff from setting off to find the location of the Well of Witches in order to find Grace and reverse what she did to their father.As with the last two books [...]

    24. So for about 90% of this book, I thought it was the last in the series, so I'm still recovering a bit from the shock of realising that it wasn't. I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the previous ones in the series. I loved the spooky atmosphere of the actual Thickety, and felt that this novel just lacked something. I wanted a bit more spookiness, a little less magical adventure. That being said, there were still elements of Well of Witches that I enjoyed, it just felt a lot like a filler boo [...]

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