Ned the Knitting Pirate The crew of the pirate ship the Rusty Heap are a fearsome bunch They re tougher than gristle and barnacle grit They heave and they ho and they swab and they knit Well one of them does at least Unfor

  • Title: Ned the Knitting Pirate
  • Author: DianaMurray Leslie Lammle
  • ISBN: 9781596438903
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The crew of the pirate ship the Rusty Heap are a fearsome bunch They re tougher than gristle and barnacle grit They heave and they ho and they swab and they knit Well, one of them does, at least Unfortunately for Ned, his knitting doesn t go over well with the captain and crew They urge him to hide his hobby and strive to be scurvier, like pirates should be ButThe crew of the pirate ship the Rusty Heap are a fearsome bunch They re tougher than gristle and barnacle grit They heave and they ho and they swab and they knit Well, one of them does, at least Unfortunately for Ned, his knitting doesn t go over well with the captain and crew They urge him to hide his hobby and strive to be scurvier, like pirates should be But when the briny ocean beast shows up to feast on the Rusty Heap and its crew, maybe Ned s knitting is just the ticket to save the day From author Diana Murray and illustrator Leslie Lammle comes a delightfully salty tale about a pirate boy whose love for yarn and appliqu just doesn t quite let him fit in, but makes him stand out in the best way, instead With their appealing angle on individuality, Murray s hilarious characters and Lammle s bright illustrations are sure to win over even the most reluctant landlubber.

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    One thought on “Ned the Knitting Pirate”

    1. Reading the pirates' chorus to the tune of sea shanties makes this all the more amusing.This book was relevant to my interests as an aspiring knitter to encourage that one day I, too, may be able to knit a blanket for sea monsters.

    2. I received a copy of this title from PanMacmillan Australia for review.Ten Second Synopsis:Ned likes to knit while on breaks from his job as a pirate. Will the other pirates ever agree that knitting is a piratey thing to do?If you're looking for a pirate tale with a difference in a picture book market that is saturated with piratey titles, then look no further than Ned and his two pointy sticks. Ned is a delightful young pirate who is perfectly content to be who he is, despite the fact that his [...]

    3. This is a cute picture book with fun rhyming text that tells the story of a young pirate who loves to knit, even though everyone around him makes fun of him and he gets in trouble with his captain for it. The message that it's okay to do your own thing is told with a fun pirate story that has adventure, buried treasure, and a dangerous monster. This would be fun to read aloud with a pirate accent!

    4. I had high hopes for this book - as a knitter who embraces "Speak like a Pirate Day" each September. Most of the text rhymes, but the rhythm wasn't quite right and the illustrations were nice but too subdued to keep the eye of my young audience.

    5. Rhyming text tells the story of Ned, a pirate whose habits subvert the stereotype of what pirates do. While the rest of the swarthy pirate crew swab the decks and engage in various activities associated with pirates, Ned wears a woolly hat and knits. The author sprinkles in clever phrases with word play ["The crew was all in stitches, but the captain's nerves were frayed" (unpaged)] as the story moves to its conclusion. Fed up with all that knitting, the captain insists that Ned put in all away. [...]

    6. The men of the Rusty Heap are rugged and fierce, and they often sing while they work. The only different pirate among them is Ned, who likes to knit and wears a fuzzy hat – two things no self-respecting pirate should do, at least according to the captain. Finally, Ned is given a choice. He must cease knitting or he must walk the plank. In his heart Ned is a pirate, so he packs away needles, yarn, and knitted items, including a blanket bearing a pirate crest. Then one night a sea monster attack [...]

    7. A pirate unlike any other, Ned is truly his own buccaneer. While his fellow swashbucklers sing of sailing the seas and of how tough they are, Ned chimes in with his enjoyment of knitting as a pastime. This causes much consternation among his crewmates and enrages his captain. Luckily, Ned’s skills as a knitter save the ship and help change their minds about the value of his hobby. The rhyming lines in the story beg for storytime read-alouds, especially if they are pirate themed. This is a grea [...]

    8. It's overly cutesy and the rhyming book really wears on you especially when pirate songs infiltrate the verse. Ned always says he knits in the most saccharinely sweet way at the end of their song. The art is good. Not great though. I do like the ending and the theme although we've seen it before. Stay true to yourself and what you do will be rewarded and save the day or whatever. It's just not great.

    9. Ned knits. No other pirate thinks knitting is okay, but, of course, they are all wrong. Ned's knitting turns out to be exactly what they need to save them in their moment of greatest need. Told in rhyming verse, this is very well written, charmingly illustrated book. It teaches the lesson that we should celebrate our differences rather than try to squash them. Very enjoyable, with read aloud quality.

    10. Amaya wanted to read this one 2 times in a row. I think because it has singing in it (so be ready to make up a tune!) Good rhyme scheme, which I appreciate, and fun story about Ned who sits on the deck knitting while the rest of the pirates are working :D But, he ends up saving the day, soit one, pearl two, repeat!

    11. Ned was really cute and I laughed a couple of times while reading this one. You know how I feel about rhyming books for rhyme's sake, though, and the illustrations, while perfectly fine, were kind of boring.

    12. This is probably my favorite book about being yourself despite gender stereotypes since The Sissy Duckling. Very funny rhyming text with gorgeous illustrations.

    13. What a cute book! I loved the story and the illustrations were super adorable. Pirates knitting is a great idea!

    14. The pirate captain is none to happy to see Ned knitting on the ship but in the end Ned's knitting saves the day. Ages 4-7.

    15. I am IN LOVE with this new pirate book! It's hilarious, the illustrations (especially of the sea monster) aren't too scary, and the rhyme scheme is perfection. This will be a go-to Storytime book for me from now on!

    16. I’ve been on two sailing ships, and learned the pirates’ ditties as we hoisted the sails and swabbed the decks. This particular crew of pirates are the stereotyped versions, and a lot of fun, too. They might threaten Ned, who continues to knit, but Diana Murray’s cute story in rhyme relieves us of any stress. When you read the rhyme aloud, and look at the illustrations on each page, all you can do is smile. There are turtles and mice staying in the background as helpers, along with a monke [...]

    17. 5 StarsNed the Knitting Pirate is one of the most darling and well versed children's books I have read in a very long time. Each line was chosen with care, allowing an utterly beautiful woven tale to emerge. While reading aloud to my toddler, I found myself smiling ear to ear while not only enjoying the story, but my daughter's giggles as well. It was such a delight for her that she later coerced my mother (who was visiting) to read it aloud again.Even my own mother commented throughout reading [...]

    18. It's not easy being the only fiber arts aficionado on a pirate ship called the "Rusty Heap." Yet Ned wields a pair of #10 straight needles with joy and self-confidence despite the objections of his more rugged and less mannered companions. That is, until the captain stomps his wooden leg, shakes his hook, and lays down pirate law.Fortunately, one of the hidden talents of knitters is the ability to problem solve under pressure. And that's exactly what Ned must do when a sea monster threatens to m [...]

    19. Ned is a pirate on the “Rusty Heap.” He is a different sort of pirate, with a different sort of hobby. A hobby the captain is not fond of Ned pursuing. I had no idea pirates had hobbies, but it makes sense given how long they are out to sea. But knitting? Yep, that’s right. Ned likes, no he loves to knit. He seems to knit nonstop, and the captain is not pleased. The pirates dig up a treasure chest while Ned sits off to the side, happily knitting.Ned the Knitting Pirate plunders pirate lore [...]

    20. Real pirates DO knit. At least Ned the pirate knits, much to the dismay of the pirate captain and the rest of the Rusty Heap’s “rugged lot”. The rhyming text and charming illustrations are a perfect combination for a story about a knitting pirate. The scurvy pirates sing songs such as “We’re pirates, we’re pirates, out sailing the sea. So scruffy and scrappy and happy are we. We’re tougher than gristle and barnacle grit. We heave, and we ho, and we swab, and we……” “KNIT!!! [...]

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