• Title: Interior Darkness: Selected Stories
  • Author: Peter Straub
  • ISBN: 9780385541060
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook
  • A MONUMENTAL COLLECTION OF SHORT FICTION FROM ACCLAIMED MASTER OF HORROR AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR PETER STRAUB Peter Straub brilliantly defies and blurs literary genres LORRIE MOORE An American icon renowned for his bestselling novels, Peter Straub displays his full and stunning range in this crowning collection He has consistently subverted the boundariesA MONUMENTAL COLLECTION OF SHORT FICTION FROM ACCLAIMED MASTER OF HORROR AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR PETER STRAUB Peter Straub brilliantly defies and blurs literary genres LORRIE MOORE An American icon renowned for his bestselling novels, Peter Straub displays his full and stunning range in this crowning collection He has consistently subverted the boundaries of genre for years, transcending horror and suspense to unlock the dark, unsettling, and troubling dissonances that exist on the edges of our perception Straub s fiction cracks the foundation of reality and opens our eyes to an unblinking experience of true horror, told in his inimitable and lush style with skill, wit, and impeccable craft With uncanny precision, Straub writes of the city and of the Midwest, of the depraved and of the righteous, of the working class and of the wealthy nothing and no one is safe from the ever present darkness that he understands so well Blue Rose follows the cycles of violence and power through the most innocent among us, leading to a conclusion that is audacious and devastating In the darkly satirical masterpiece Mr Clubb and Mr Cuff, a stern estate lawyer known as the Deacon hires a pair of Private Detectives Extraordinaire to investigate and seek revenge on his unfaithful wife The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine follows a man and his much younger lover as they explore their decadent and increasingly sinister fantasies aboard a luxurious yacht on the remotest stretch of the River Interior Darkness brings together sixteen stories from twenty five years of dazzling excellence It is a thrilling, highly entertaining, and terrifying testament to the prodigious talent of Peter Straub.From the Hardcover edition.

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    One thought on “Interior Darkness: Selected Stories”

    1. Rather disappointing outing. I've been a Straub fan since I was a kid. Because of that, I've read the majority of these stories, and the two that I hadn't read were unremarkable. Forgot them within an hour of reading them,That being said, some of my favorite Straub shorts are in here, so I would recommend this book to someone who is not familiar with Straub's back catalogue of short works. In summation: Reprints of stories found in Houses Without Doors and Magic Terror, along with some he releas [...]

    2. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I was really disappointed with this anthology. Every short story included has been published in other anthologies by the author. If you already own the others, buying this would be a complete waste of money. Nothing new.I'm also disappointed with the actual work, which was supposed to be his best-of-the-best of his short stories. Mr. Straub used to be a top-shelf horror author, but his more recent work has not only gone downhill, bu [...]

    3. “Interior Darkness” is a book for those who think they dislike horror, as well as for those who love and respect the genre. Filled with terror, wit and unexpected grace notes, it’s a remarkable achievement that reflects the arc of a lengthy and celebrated career. Louis Armstrong, wherever he may be, would probably agree.Read more about "Interior Darkness" at the Washington Post: wapo/22hJbmP

    4. Peter Straub has spent over forty years at the cutting-edge forefront of literary horror, with a well-earned reputation as one of the genre’s masters. He’s written a good number of novels—Ghost Story, Koko, lost boy lost girl, and Shadowland, to name a handful—but also a good deal of short fiction, with five collections to his credit. Straub’s most recent collection, Interior Darkness, collects some of his best short fiction from across his forty-year career. What sets Straub apart fro [...]

    5. Did Not Finish at 15 percent.Sorry, I own enough Stephen King to not have to put up with a bad collection of horror short stories. I started getting annoyed all over again yesterday when I tried to plow this. I think the main issue is that Straub doesn't draw me in at all. I felt like he was talking about made up people. We go from a fairly long short story to some kind of short essays and back again and I lost any interest in continuing this book.I will just have to find another book to read fo [...]

    6. "The horror genre has a wide range—from gory to subtle, monsters to blood, horror plays on humanity’s most primal and deeply held fears in many different ways. As an absolute master of the genre, Peter Straub covers it all. This collection covers his most shining examples of provoking tales from the past twenty-five years. In INTERIOR DARKNESS you’ll find stories that don’t last as long as a page and novellas side by side. Peter Straub is a modern day Lovecraft in all the best ways. Thes [...]

    7. This anthology was one of the worst struggles I've had in getting through a book. Not only has each of these stories been published in other anthologies (so you may have already read them), they are supposed to be the best of Straub. Frankly I found them to be boring & somewhat revolting. Reading about a child dealing with a molester is revolting or if you want, call it horrifying. A story about a guy obsessing over baby bottles & books. Interesting? Um, no! Stupid? Absolutely. Some stor [...]

    8. Interior Darkness by Peter StraubPeter Straub returns to book shelves with his collection of short stories entitled Interior Darkness. Hidden behind a facade of contentment dwells a dark attic that is full of hidden deathly secrets, a movie theatre that strips the innocence of young ones, and additional features that are written with a truly gloomy hand. Straub sprinkles childhood innocents with an authentic hidden evil that bide among day to day living. These underlying macabre tones bridge eac [...]

    9. To sum up my review in one word - "NO". There was not one story out of this entire collection that I liked. My eyes would glaze over every time I started reading. This author is so well-accomplished that I was surprised at how disappointed I was in reading these works.

    10. You know when your favourite band puts out a new greatest hits album filled with songs that you already own, except for a couple of unreleased tracks that end up being not very great at all? This is the short story version of that scenario. The stories I already owned in other collections are great. No questions. The new stories are not. So I'm left feeling a little empty because I haven't been treated to a new blast of Straub brilliance. But I simply still had to have it just in case the new st [...]

    11. I'm enjoying this although the focus is around very disturbed psyches. Each story stands alone. They are extremely well written and absorbing. Excellent.

    12. Short stories continue to be the most brilliant forms of fiction writing today. Novellas like The Shawshank Redemption and The Body by Stephen King parachuted into Oscar material.The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker and various short stories from Stephen King have influenced horror movies for decades to come.Peter Straub, most notable for co-writing The Talisman with Stephen King has combined all his short collection into one giant one. Interior Darkness also includes stories that were not publis [...]

    13. Let me begin by stating that I am big fan of Peter Straub. He's an underrated gem in the horror genre and an all-round brilliant writer. The best part is that there's loads of stories and novels for readers to discover (just take a look at his impressive bibliography). Interior Darkness is a massive short story collection. It's really more of an omnibus for Straub, considering that it collects both previously published story collections as well as unpublished works. Within the dark, twisted conf [...]

    14. I had not read any of P.Straub's short stories before these, so I did not mind that other collections contained most of these already, in years past. What I did mind was that the stories were terrible. I kept on reading, hoping the next story would be better. It was not to be. A depressing read.P.Straub's Word-A-Day calendar must have introduced him to the word CHIAROSCURO. I had to look it up. Why was in in two different stores, three separate times? Who knows.Also, Uniondale (or even the next [...]

    15. I love Peter Straub. It took me ages to read all the stories in INTERIOR DARKNESS partly because I don’t believe in reading story collections straight through, partly cause I’m a slow reader, and partly because Straub’s tales themselves are so disturbing. I’d read many of them before, but if so I reread them. But several were new to me. They are surreal, often with an aspect of fairy tale about them, though dark and challenging. That’s what I like in fiction — well written and compli [...]

    16. This is a hard one to rate. On the one hand, I didn't particularly enjoy any of the stories and it took me a few months to finish this book. On the other hand, all of the stories stuck with me. Even if I didn't like them, I remember them all and that's not something I can usual say about a collection of short stories. So I have to give some credit to an author that creates such unique characters and situations that they reverberate, even if they didn't necessarily resonate.

    17. Peter Straub is a legendary writer of horror, and has been publishing novels and short stories for decades. Those that have followed him everywhere and sought every new thing he has written won’t find much joy here. This new collection draws on earlier collections. So for fans of Stephen King looking to add a second horror writer to their favorites list, this book is a winner, and it is for this new generation of horror readers that I mark this collection 4 stars. For die-hard Straub fans like [...]

    18. (3.5) Yes, there are some great hits on this collection that deserve to be celebrated, but I cannot say I agree with all of the choices (much prefer "Mrs. God" or "The Ghost Village" or "Bunny is Good Bread"), and ultimately the misses ("The Buffalo Hunter" and "Lapland" being the most glaring) and the new stories ("Prothero"?) drag the experience down slightly. It's a shame too. The Bram Stoker award-winning "Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff" is a masterful, insidious novella inspired by Melville's "Bart [...]

    19. Peter Straub's book of selected short stories many of which were previously published in other short story collections. First off, I have to say I don't really get this. It's one thing to republish from magazines or journals, but why come out with new books which contain mostly stuff from old books.Straub is one of the few literary horror writers and his words flow over you like an experience, not just something you read. Still, I wouldn't read most of these again. They deal with depraved and da [...]

    20. I grew up with the likes of early King, Koontz, and Straub. While I have read many of the stories in the past, this collection of short stories was a flashback to the days when horror did not consist only of zombies chasing you in the dark. To the new reader of his work, this is a great collection of stories to draw you into the mind of one of horror's greats. Lately, there has been a lack of horror writers out there that don't stick to the copycat method of zombie attacks or psychological "all [...]

    21. The name fits and Peter Straub wears it well. Interior Darkness could not be more aptly titled. These stories are quite dark and I enjoyed them all. My favorites were “Blue Rose” - in which a little boy’s sadistic streak blossoms when he finds a book on hypnosis and discovers he has a knack for it.“Pork Pie Hat” - a creepy tale told by a jazz musician of his last time trick or treating as a child and why he never goes out on Halloween again.“The Buffalo Hunter” - A man who lives mo [...]

    22. Don't get me wrong; I've liked Peter Straub for a long time. "Ghost Story," "Floating Dragon," his collaborations with Stephen King.But this collection of his short fiction was incomprehensible shit.Not to put too fine a point on it.

    23. I wasn't aware when I received this arc from NetGalley that it was a collection of Peter Straub's past stories - though now it seems more than obvious because of the term "selected stories" - oops). Either way, it actually worked out because it was my first time reading anything by Straub. I enjoyed the stories, and found them just creepy enough for my tastes (I love horror!). I can imagine that fans of Straub would probably want to skip this collection unless they are completists (like me). Thi [...]

    24. "For many readers, Peter Straub is to horror fiction what John le Carré is to spy fiction: the genre’s greatest, most ambitious, writer, one who deepens and enriches an often-disdained literature with talent, skill and daring vision. . . . This is a worthy monument to Peter Straub’s work. It is so far and by far, the best new book I’ve read this year."I invite you to read the rest of my review at: tbdeluxe/2016/06/thoughts-on-interior-darkness-by-petermlThanks!

    25. I have been a fan of Peter Straub since I was young and I enjoyed these stories the first time I read them. If you are new to this author read this book. If you have read his other short stories most are reprinted here. It was a nice trip down memory lane. I would like to thank the Publisher and net Galley for the chance to read this ARC.

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