Dog Run Moon Stories In the tradition of Richard Ford Annie Proulx and Kent Haruf comes a dazzling debut story collection by a young writer from the American West who has been published in The New Yorker Granta and Th

  • Title: Dog Run Moon: Stories
  • Author: Callan Wink
  • ISBN: 9780812993776
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the tradition of Richard Ford, Annie Proulx, and Kent Haruf comes a dazzling debut story collection by a young writer from the American West who has been published in The New Yorker, Granta, and The Best American Short Stories A construction worker on the run from the shady local businessman whose dog he has stolen a Custer s Last Stand reenactor engaged in a long rIn the tradition of Richard Ford, Annie Proulx, and Kent Haruf comes a dazzling debut story collection by a young writer from the American West who has been published in The New Yorker, Granta, and The Best American Short Stories A construction worker on the run from the shady local businessman whose dog he has stolen a Custer s Last Stand reenactor engaged in a long running affair with the Native American woman who slays him on the battlefield every year a middle aged high school janitor caught in a scary dispute over land and cattle with her former stepson Callan Wink s characters are often confronted with predicaments few of us can imagine But thanks to the humor and remarkable empathy of this supremely gifted writer, the nine stories gathered in Dog Run Moon are universally transporting and resonant Set mostly in Montana and Wyoming, near the borders of Yellowstone National Park, this revelatory collection combines unforgettable insight into the fierce beauty of the West with a powerful understanding of human beings Tender, frequently hilarious, and always electrifying, Dog Run Moon announces the arrival of a bold new talent writing deep in the American grain.

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    One thought on “Dog Run Moon: Stories”

    1. 3 1/2 stars. The experience of reading the short story collection Dog Run Moon by Callan Wink got off to a rough start. I really didn't enjoy the first title story -- I don't think I got it and I didn't find the set up or characters interesting. But I'm glad I stuck it out because some of Wink's stories really knocked my socks off. The stories are set primarily in contemporary Montana. Wink is a very good writer -- with stark straightforward prose he evokes characters and place very powerfully. [...]

    2. In the opening story of this near perfect and masterful collection, Sid, a blue-collared idealist, is running naked across “the sharp sandstone rimrock” in the middle of the night. He’s just stolen a dog and is furiously running from his pursuers, Montana Bob (the dog’s owner) and his accountant, Charlie Chaplin. During a break in the pursuit, the narrative jumps back, revealing Sid’s motivation for taking the dog and why he’s being chased. In many ways, this first sequence, a rocket [...]

    3. Relationship Issues and Edgy Humor in Big Sky CountryI enjoyed this debut collection quite a lot. Most of these stories are memorable and I know I’ll never forget at least two or three. I especially enjoyed the more humorous ones, which, for me, include not only the title story and “One More Last Stand” but also “Breatharians”. Some readers probably won’t find “Breatharians” funny at all and may even find it offensive. In it, stray cats are multiplying like rabbits and running am [...]

    4. How is it that someone barely into his thirties can write stories that are so infused with wisdom, sensitivity, and grace? Each and every story in this collection is a winner. It’s hard for me to identify which one I love the best.The first eponymous story starts like this: “Sid was a nude sleeper. Had been ever since he was a little kid. To him, wearing clothes to bed seemed strangely redundant, like wearing underwear inside your underwear or something.” Within the course of this story, S [...]

    5. Wink’s debut story collection, set mostly under Montana’s open skies, stars a motley cast of aimless young men, ranchers, Native Americans, and animals live and dead. He plays around with Western stereotypes in intriguing ways. A few of the tales are a bit less compelling, and I would have preferred more variety in the narration (8 of 9 are in the third person), but the stand-outs more than make up for it. My two favorites were “Runoff” (there’s a double meaning to the title) and “Ex [...]

    6. "Clearly it was going to be a long night, the mind chasing the heart in circles around the moon."It's easy to forget just what makes short story writing so powerful and, dare I say it, delicious. It's that the characters and their actions, tied in a tidy bundle of action and insight, never exist long enough to disappoint. Particularly not when in the deft hands of someone like Callan Wink.Wink, a relative newcomer to the scene, has made an impressive debut already, with his stories appearing in [...]

    7. 4.5 starsA few months ago, I heard Callan Wink talking on BBC Radio Four’s, Open Book program about how painful the writing process is for him, how some writers love to sit down and immerse themselves in the work, but he tends to do everything to avoid writing. Interesting then, that these nine stories are so accomplished and quietly confident, with the opening, title story starting as though it’s the beginning of a novel, and drawing you in from the first few lines.There are recurrent theme [...]

    8. Even if you don’t typically read short stories, I strongly recommend Callan Wink’s debut collection, “Dog Run Moon.” The stories and a novella, some of which have previously been published in The New Yorker and Granta, are set primarily in Montana & Wyoming. I’m a life-long resident of the West, and it was clear that Mr. Wink has a real understanding of and intimacy with Western life, and how the wide open spaces and ideals of freedom and individualism inform and shape the lives of [...]

    9. “It was a full moon, fat as a tick stuck to midnight's flank. The coyotes worshiped it faithfully.”“There were cats in the barn. Litters begetting litters-some thin and misshapen with the afflictions of blood too many times mixed.”Steeped in the modern American west, these stories begin with a young man running naked in the desert at night. He is on the run for his life for stealing an abused dog. The second story features a Custer look-a-like, who reenacts Custer's Last Stand, once a ye [...]

    10. Callan Wink is the talented love child of Jim Harrison and Andre Dubus. His short stories are nothing short of amazing. Haunting, funny, engrossing and melodic these stories run the gamut of emotions. Yet rarely does Wink lose control of either the characters or the story. My favorite, "Runoff" is a perfect example.Technically, 4.5 stars do to one weak entry. Still, I highly recommend this especially for fans of the above-mentioned authors and Wells Tower; Raymond Carver (although Wink's men ten [...]

    11. Easily one of the best collections of short stories I've dived into this year and a very impressive debut. Wink's Dog Run Moon brings a fierce freshness to the fore with simplistic prose and relatable, well-wrought characters. While some stories shine more than others, Wink's talent feels fluidly present throughout.

    12. The heartache of Montana’s solitudeTwo new fiction works from Big Sky Country crave human connectivity.hcn/issues/49.1/the-heFans of short fiction set in the West hit the jackpot this year with the publication of two significant collections by Montana writers. For A Little While spans Rick Bass's distinguished career. Dog Run Moon is the first book by Callan Wink, a young writer with an easy grace, good humor, and knack for striking imagery that prove his work merits its cover blurbs by Jim Ha [...]

    13. "Terry found that if he tilted his head back, he could look up into a fathomless universe of blackness, a starless sky so immense that it seemed to pull at his eyes. It was like his pupils were made of small pieces of this same dark matter-broken obsidian shards of it-that he'd been carrying around with him his whole life as if they were his own, only to find out they were borrowed, and that now their true owner wanted them back."

    14. A set of beautifully written stories about lonely men and women trying to make the most out of life. The stories take place mostly in Montana with a few visits to Michigan. Some stories are sad, others simply end causing you to look up and think about things.A couple of wonderful lines, from among many“She’d always thought that petting a dog was the greatest activity in the world a person could engage in while thinking about other things.”"he went to a Hasidic dance in Crown Heights in New [...]

    15. I enjoyed this debut collection of short stories by Callan Wink who clearly loves the modern West, especially Montana, the state where he now lives, guides and writes. I especially his avoiding the pitfall of many debut writers of writing about essentially the same characters in slightly different situations, Wink's characters are diverse in age, education, and station in life facing different challenges in the west. Some favorites: "Runoff" features a college drop out living with his widowed da [...]

    16. I couldn’t always work out how much I liked these. They felt quite conventional – third person narrative voice, an American landscape of cheap motels and beat-up motor homes. But they were also very readable at times, and though some felt too long to be short stories, or at least seemed to cover too much ground, the novella at the end was really good.

    17. Thank You to Random House and The Dial Press for providing me with an advanced copy of Callan Wink's Dog Run Moon, in exchange for an honest review. PLOT- Callan Wink's short story collection, Dog Run Moon, is filled with memorable characters caught in unexpected situations. Wink has a flair for infusing his tales with quirky scenarios and punishing moral consequencesKE- I didn't recognize Callan Wink's name when I began Dog Run Moon, but I was happy to encounter his story, Breatharians, which I [...]

    18. The domestic angst of John Cheever and the fluid lyricism of Tobias Wolff meet in the broad empty space of Ivan Doig's American West. To my reading, Callan Wink's debut in American letters has set him in some pretty refined company. There is a wonderful, unforced feeling of isolation in this set of short stories, giving the reader time to sit and stew along with characters drawn from the periphery of our own lives. A young man 'lucky' enough to commit a murder while still a juvenile. A Custer's [...]

    19. The best collection of short fiction I've read since Jodi Angel's "You Only Get Letters From Jail", and that's saying something. Wink's first collection, too. He is ill-served by the cartoony/goofy graphics on the book's cover, a total misfire that will be an instant turn-off for the sorts of folks who love intense, personal stories of loners, misfits and square pegs (as well as large-hearted people at odds with their surroundings). Most are set in Wink's home state of Montana, and there's a def [...]

    20. [a text exchange]Me: Did you tell me about Dog Run Moon the short story collection?BP: Yup!BP: Not bad, eh?Me: Holy MOLYMe: understatement of the yearBP: Nice!Me: Eight stars out of fiveBP: I loved it so much I'm saving the last one bc I don't want it to end.Me: I'm doing the opposite. The whole thing in one day.BP: He's the kind of writer I want to read each book as it comes out.Me: Did you read Fourth of July Creek? They are spiritual cousins.BP: On my to-read list.Me: MOVE IT UPMe: Now leave [...]

    21. I am really looking forward to selling this great book by Livingston, MT writer, Callan Wink. Humorous and entertaining, Dog Run Moon, is sure to be enjoyed by a variety of readers.

    22. A just so-so collection of short stories. There were a few spots of fairly good writing, but nothing to write home about. There really isn't one story in the bunch that I’d say would be worth your while, to drive to your library to pick up this collection for. However, at least I’m over my book hangover. Not because this book was so great, but because even mediocre short stories can act as a little hair-of-the-dog, so to speak. Bite-sized snacks that they are, they’re often just the thing [...]

    23. Montana ou Wyoming ? Moi je demande ça parce que dans ce recueil de nouvelles, vous aurez le choix entre ces deux états. Lequel préférez-vous ?La première nouvelle aurait pu s'intituler « Courir au clair de lune, pieds nus, la quéquette à l'air avec un chien volé »… Mais ça aurait fait un peu long, non ?Un recueil de nouvelles qui fleurent bon l'Amérique, la profonde, mais pas que…Dans ces pages qui se dégustent comme un bonbon, nous ne sombrerons pas dans le roman noir, mais pl [...]

    24. I try to push myself out of my comfort zone with books and this one did that. It's a collection of short stories taking place mostly in Montana but one or two in Michigan. Author Callan Wink, who grew up in Michigan and now lives in Montana, put together a group of short stories with characters, I dare say, are not all that likeable. Callan Wink is a guy's author (I think), and the first 2 stories in this collection really didn't do anything for me. However, I sat down and finished the book this [...]

    25. I really enjoyed several of these stories, especially "Runoff." These stories share a common arc of humanness and the constant questioning and longing of the characters struck home for me. The last story was perfectly placed as a kind of full life span summary At first I was a little put off with its apparent simplicity, however while it retains that style I soon found myself completely absorbed in this poignant reflection of a life that would pass mostly unnoticed in our world.

    26. I wish I could think of some wise and all-knowing way to describe this book of short stories. However, the words won't come, so I will just say that these stories were so crisp and intriguing while describing the everyday lives of people living in Montana and surroundings. Because of where they live, many of the events are unique. Nothing like having a book in your hands that you don't want to put down.

    27. A stoic, gruff and stark - but ultimately warm-hearted - collection of stories, like the western lands it talks about. Occasionally, the bleakness threatens to overtake the stories, but there is real - and sometimes laugh-out-loud - humour and heart in here. The final story, In Hindsight, is one of true beauty. The author likely has great things ahead of him.

    28. Wry and Dry told with a Vonnegut-esque straightforwardness these stories flirt with the absurd but always seem to come home to themes of loneliness, place, and self. What strikes me the most about Wink's writing is his ability to make truly ugly similies somehow beautiful, or maybe it is the way he can describe beautiful things with gross comparisons that somehow make perfect sense.

    29. Callan Wink has a way with writing, that in doing so his characters linger with you as if they weren't characters at all.This Giveaway win flowed effortlessly, with rhythms of life and death. You can't help but feel more human after reading "Dog, Run, Moon".

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