Anna and the Swallow Man Krak w A million marching soldiers and a thousand barking dogs This is no place to grow up Anna ania is just seven years old when the Germans take her father a linguistics professor during the

  • Title: Anna and the Swallow Man
  • Author: Gavriel Savit
  • ISBN: 9780553513349
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Krak w, 1939 A million marching soldiers and a thousand barking dogs This is no place to grow up Anna ania is just seven years old when the Germans take her father, a linguistics professor, during their purge of intellectuals in Poland She s alone And then Anna meets the Swallow Man He is a mystery, strange and tall, a skilled deceiver with than a little magicKrak w, 1939 A million marching soldiers and a thousand barking dogs This is no place to grow up Anna ania is just seven years old when the Germans take her father, a linguistics professor, during their purge of intellectuals in Poland She s alone And then Anna meets the Swallow Man He is a mystery, strange and tall, a skilled deceiver with than a little magic up his sleeve And when the soldiers in the streets look at him, they see what he wants them to see The Swallow Man is not Anna s father she knows that very well but she also knows that, like her father, he s in danger of being taken, and like her father, he has a gift for languages Polish, Russian, German, Yiddish, even Bird When he summons a bright, beautiful swallow down to his hand to stop her from crying, Anna is entranced She follows him into the wilderness Over the course of their travels together, Anna and the Swallow Man will dodge bombs, tame soldiers, and even, despite their better judgment, make a friend But in a world gone mad, everything can prove dangerous Even the Swallow Man Destined to become a classic, Gavriel Savit s stunning debut reveals life s hardest lessons while celebrating its miraculous possibilities.

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    One thought on “Anna and the Swallow Man”

    1. My unfortunate thought, when closing this book, was emphatically: " AND WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT." Seriously, I don't get this book. I just don't. I don't even understand who the audience was. The narrator is 7but it's written in this "Literary" way that makes me think it's for adults. But it's being marketed as YA??!? I am confused. This book is confused. Best we can do is sit down, have a snack, and be confused together. It is a story set in WWII about Anna who loses her father and embarks on a [...]

    2. Gavriel Savit’s literary debut is one of those rare, gorgeous little gems that leave you completely in awe of the author’s talent. Savit is incredibly skillful with words, a true artist fully aware of the importance of every single sentence. Each one is a small work of art, poetic and beautiful in its simplicity. The best thing about Anna and the Swallow Man is that it’s told entirely from a child’s perspective, a world seen through a seven-year-old’s eyes. It is a bleak, desperate wor [...]

    3. Anna and the Swallow Man is stunning. It's the first thing you'll notice about the book – the captivating cover accompanied by instantly beautiful writing. It is among the few literary young adult novels I've read and it won't be the last.Anna and the Swallow Man retells a story we've heard a million times; one that needs to continue to be told, and it makes you feel like you're hearing it for the first time. You feel the sadness and anger and confusion that our young protagonist feels, seein [...]

    4. This book took me by surprise and impressed me consistently. Weaving elements of fairytale, folktale, historical fiction, magical realism, and the precarious balance between the adulthood and childhood world, Anna and the Swallow Man is a book of many facets that is nevertheless cohesive. The Swallow Man is one of the most intriguing characters I have read about, and the mix of admiration and fear that I feel towards him is quite unique. Anna's understanding of the Swallow Man and his world was [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsI'm not sure what to make of this thing. I'm mostly pretty impressed, but my emotions run the gamut from WOW! to WHAT THE?!? Ultimately it left me bewildered, but it's the kind of bafflement that keeps replaying in my head, begging me to figure out what I just read. I guess I need to ask a kid. After all, the first Library of Congress categorization forAnna and the Swallow Man reads: 1. Poland---History---Occupation, 1939-1945---Juvenile FictionOkay, yeah, sure,. It's just a Poland-cent [...]

    6. This is a slim, beautifully written little book. The first half is wonderful, and really gives you a sense for how confusing the beginning of the war would have been for a child. It's almost fairy tale like. But as the book, and the war, go on the ethereal writing stopped working for me. I needed to know some concrete things, none of which were answered, leaving me ultimately very frustrated.

    7. Let me start by saying this is a very strange book, that upset me in several ways. I picked it up because of the comparisons to "The Book Thief", which I loved. I found it disturbing on several levels. One - Anna, aged 7, is left to fend for herself after her father, a talented linguistics professor is seized by the Germans. Anna waits for a day or so, and is spurned by neighbors, and former friends of her fathers. Locked out of their apartment, her mother long dead, she heads for the streets. T [...]

    8. ‘There is no labyrinth as treacherous as that with neither paths nor walls.’When seven-year-old Anna is placed in the company of a neighbor while her father attends to some business, she never thought that would be the last she would see of him. The year is 1939 during the very beginning of World War II and the Germans are beginning their round up of scholars and Anna’s father is a professor at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Unsure what to do, Anna turns to a mysterious stranger she na [...]

    9. Actual Rating: 2.5I'm still SO confused about this novel. But I don't really care enough about it to go sleuthing around on the interwebs.I would say don't waste your money on this perplexing piece of literature, but there is a small chance that Gavriel Savit is a mastermind and I'm just too much of a dumbass to understand what was going on. So. Do with that what you will.

    10. Lyrical writing based on a fairy tale and set during WWII this book should have made my head and heart implode with happiness. Unfortunately I struggled to get as immersed in this as I would have liked. The journey of Anna and her Swallow Man was a gruelling one, walking across countries over the span of years (no idea how long, there's a lack of any kind of time reference) through all seasons. I should have felt the exhaustion, the cold and the hunger. But I really didn't.I think that the writi [...]

    11. ***This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoI don’t read a lot of historical fiction but I absolutely adore middle grade novels so when I heard about Anna and the Swallow Man, I knew I was going to have a lot of feels and would probably need a lot of tissues. The book; however, turned out to be not exactly what I expected. When I read the blurb, I thought that Anna and the Swallow Man would be right in the middle of the war instead of spending their time skirting its edges. Don’t [...]

    12. Anna's father is a professor in Krakow, he sometimes leaves Anna with a friend and returns formatter later. But this time he doesn't return, he is taken in the intellectual purge of the Nazis. So Anna waits, but then knowing something is wrong, but not what, she meets the Swallow Man. A very tall, thin man who can speak all the languages she and her father can, but he can also speak bird. So she follows him and he will teach her how to survive in this strange new landscape.Not very good at ratin [...]

    13. Men who try to understand the world without the help of children are like men who try to bake bread without the help of yeast. That quote. This is definitely an important book, worth a read, whether you like it or not. After finishing this book, I really couldn't quite describe my thoughts on it, hence the three stars. It was a mixture of confusion and sadness. But, looking back upon it now, I think it's safe to say that my feelings towards it have stabilized enough to write an adequate review. [...]

    14. Развиваща се на фона на Втората световна война, “Анна и Говорещия с лястовици” е една красиво написана книга за пътя към съзряването на едно момиченце, в който участва и един странник, един евреин, немалко доза тъга и изпитания. Обикнах стила на романа, чийто тон на моменти [...]

    15. To my thinking, this book exemplifies astonishing achievement in writing, both on the literal and symbolic levels.There are only three characters for most of the book; who they are and my best guess at who they are on a “meta” level is as follows: Anna, a seven-year-old girl when we first meet her, personifies both innocence and later innocence destroyed; The Swallow Man, a Werner Heisenberg-like character who, I think, represents the uneasy balance between knowledge (especially, technologic [...]

    16. Worum geht es? Krakau, 1939. Anna ist noch ein Kind, als die Deutschen ihren Vater mitnehmen, einen jüdischen Intellektuellen. Sie versteht nicht, warum. Sie versteht nur, dass sie allein zurückbleibt. Und dann trifft Anna den Schwalbenmann. Geheimnisvoll ist er, charismatisch und klug, und ebenso wie ihr Vater kann er faszinierend viele Sprachen sprechen. Er kann Vogellaute imitieren und eine Schwalbe für sie anlocken. Und er kann überleben – in einer Welt, in der plötzlich alles voller [...]

    17. Later rerated to*: 4 Stars*I'm rerating a lot of the books I read in the past to fit my current taste. Most of the time it's downrating books that I thought I really liked at the time but there are a few exceptions. :) And it'd be too much to try to reflect these changes on my blog, so the ratings will remain as the original ones on Xingsings.4.5 Stars, Completed December 31, 2015“I need a SparkNotes interpretation of this” was the first thought that popped into my head when I finished page [...]

    18. Gavriel Savit pega no tema do Holocausto e suaviza-o com Anna e o Homem Andorinha. Um livro que chega a ser poético de tão bonito que é.Orfã de mãe e pai (este último, professor universitário na Polónia desaparece no dia em que perseguem os intelectuais) Anna encontra refúgio nos braços de um homem misterioso, que raramente sorri, mas que a adopta e protege como ela necessita.Juntos passam ao lado da verdadeira guerra, (será que passam?), embora Anna vivencie algumas atrocidades e pas [...]

    19. This is good. Very good. The story is set during WWII and told through the perspective of a seven year old girl. It is many things but I think it works best as an allegorical tale. There are bits of magical realism spread throughout the story and the third person narrative gives the story a folk tale feeling. It pulls you in and wants you to listen. This is an exemplary story about the horrors of war. Recommended.

    20. Quando a Segunda Guerra Mundial já foi palco de tantas histórias na ficção, o maior desafio para um autor que deseja utilizá-la como pano de fundo é, sem dúvida, ser original. Gavriel Savit estreou-se na ficção precisamente com este Anna e o Homem Andorinha, a história de uma menina judia de 7 anos que se vê subitamente sem pai, quando a Polónia, o seu país de origem, é invadida no início do conflito e os judeus começam a ser perseguidos. Anna é “adotada” pelo Homem Andorinh [...]

    21. 4.5 stars. I enjoyed the story of little Anna and her formidable swallow man a lot. It's one of those rare gems that you feel very lucky to come across. And it's definitely a gorgeous addition to the WW2 stories too. The beautiful cover comes off befitting to that of a children's book, and it's probably marketed at middle graders/YA. Yet, IMO it's one of those stories that will very likely appeal to readers of all ages; though maybe adults and more mature teens especially. Did I expect this to b [...]

    22. Anna y el Hombre Golondrina es una historia tierna que nos cuenta cómo estos dos personajes tienen que sobrevivir en un mundo inhóspito y hostil. Hay muchos sentimientos encerrados en estas páginas, sentimientos que nos cuentan la historia desde una mirada cálida y tierna como es la de Anna y que nos acercan a unos hechos terribles que ojalá solo fueran ficción.Lee mi reseña completa aquí: voragineinterna.e

    23. Richie’s Picks: ANNA AND THE SWALLOW MAN by Gavriel Savit, Knopf, January 2016, 240p ISBN: 978-0-553-51334-9“I see my life come shining From the west unto the eastAny day now, any day nowI shall be released”--Bob Dylan (1967)“Anna and the Swallow Man moved through the trees, silent, side by side, away from the place where they had met Reb Hirschl the Jew, walking just as they always had. Only for Anna it was nothing like it had been before.There were many things Anna was unsure of. She d [...]

    24. I fell in LOVE with this bookI highly recommend. A book I hope my daughter will pick up and read. More to come, for now.Purchase links: Set to release January 26, 2016 Grab a copy!! <3 Hardcover (pre-order link): amazon/Anna-Swallow-MaHardcover Product info from :Age Range: 12 and up Grade Level: 7 and upLexile Measure: 1160 (What's this?)Hardcover: 240 pagesPublisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers (January 26, 2016)Language: EnglishISBN-10: 0553513346ISBN-13: 978-0553513349 Kindle: amazon/An [...]

    25. I would give this short novel three stars for the beautiful writing, but only two for the disjointed plot. Anna and the Swallow Man has been compared to The Book Thief however the only similarity I see is the time frame-WWII. Many reviewers have used the terms magical realism and a bit of a fairy tale, but I felt this author failed to provide a sufficient foundation to support these elements.

    26. En realidad un 2,5.Me esperaba bastante de este libro y me he dado de bruces con una historia con la que no he conectado y que me ha dejado con las mismas incógnitas que al empezarlo. Y es que es una historia que aunque es original por el punto de vista desde el que se narra, no solo por la voz inocente de la protagonista, sino más bien por ver la guerra desde una pareja de nómadas supervivientes que hacen cualquier cosa, tienen sus propias directrices y caminan a lo largo y ancho de toda Pol [...]

    27. This novel begins in Poland, the year is 1939, and 7-year old Anna’s father has just been taken by the Germans. She’s alone until taken in by a wanderer she knows only as the Swallow Man. Like her father, the Swallow Man has a gift for languages – a familiar haven in a confusing and increasingly dangerous world. Together they traverse the war-torn landscape, changing their identities as needed, shifting from one language to another, and adapting to each new and uncertain day. Like the char [...]

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