James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing What s it like to be the son of the most famous wizard of all time James Potter thinks he knows but as he begins his own adventure at Hogwarts he discovers just how much of a challenge it really is

  • Title: James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing
  • Author: G. Norman Lippert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: ebook
  • What s it like to be the son of the most famous wizard of all time James Potter thinks he knows, but as he begins his own adventure at Hogwarts, he discovers just how much of a challenge it really is to live up to the legend of the great Harry Potter As if it wasn t enough dealing with the delegates from the American wizarding school and figuring out the mysteriously poliWhat s it like to be the son of the most famous wizard of all time James Potter thinks he knows, but as he begins his own adventure at Hogwarts, he discovers just how much of a challenge it really is to live up to the legend of the great Harry Potter As if it wasn t enough dealing with the delegates from the American wizarding school and figuring out the mysteriously polite Slytherins, James and his new friends, Ralph and Zane, begin to uncover a secret plot that could pit the Muggle and the Magical worlds against each other in all out war.Now, with the help of Ted Lupin and his band of merry mischief makers The Gremlins , James must race to stop a war that could change the world forever His only hope is to learn the difference between being a hero and being the son of a hero.

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    One thought on “James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing”

    1. This is probably the most impressive piece of fan-fiction I have ever read. Writers of Jane Austen fan-fiction (of which I've read a fair amount) should take notes from G. Norman Lippert. He remains respectful of both the world and characters J.K. Rowling created while adding his own elements. In my opinion, J.K. Rowling is an absolutely exquisite writer. While Lippert's writing style is not quite as flawless as J.K. Rowling's, he is definitely a good writer in his own right. I'm sure there are [...]

    2. I stumbled upon this book while surfing , and trust me, I'm glad that I discovered Lippert. An American by birth, he started writing the series in 2007, after his wife and children said how much they would miss the Harry Potter series when it would soon be over. In this book, he chronicles Harry's first born James' adventures in his first year at Hogwarts.Here are a few random things which I liked/disliked about the book.What i liked:1. Harry Potter is back. Though as an adult, and with hardly m [...]

    3. So, I stumbled across this when looking at the ebooks page and figured, why not give it a try, since it seems to have so many good reviews? And at first, it was really pretty fun. I liked the dynamic of the James/Zane/Ralph trio, and the way a couple of the mysteries were set up early on. And the writing wasn't magical, but it wasn't bad either. Only then I felt like things kind of started to fall apart for me a little. Certain things feltoff. There seemed to be very little regard for age in th [...]

    4. Being a massive fan of the Harry Potter books and films i loved this book. It's very like the original Harry Potter with the way the characters act and speak. It's exactly the sort of things you would expect from Harry Potter's son.It's a great kids story, just like the original Harry Potter books. You get a lot of glimpses of the Harry Potter series - mentions of past events, the Battle of Hogwarts, old characters and grudges - but much more with new characters and new circumstances. It's great [...]

    5. Despite how the author and his mega-fans might want to delude themselves otherwise, this is a fanfic. One of hundreds of thousands (if not far more). He did not invent fanfic. It's been around as long as storytelling. He got a lot of press when this came out because he happened to be ignorant of the existence of fanfic, the fanfic community, and fanfic tropes, and because he wanted to toot his own horn enough to make a whole website devoted to his fanfic (as opposed to simply posting it on one o [...]

    6. Oh my god. There was just no way this was going to happen. I think it started off very strongly, James living under the shadow of his father, expectations of Hogwarts, new friends. But then it just sort of lost momentum about a fourth into the book. James, quite frankly, is an idiot. I feel Mr. Lippert tried to make it not seem so because he tried to make James' motives stem from wanting to stand outside his father's shadow, but in the end, it only made James make very dumb decisions.The thing I [...]

    7. Playing Jokers Blog: all suits of genres and bookish newsLet's judge it for what it is. It is fan fiction. It is not J.K. Rowling nor is it Harry Potter.In some ways, it's like watching (in my opinion) the first few Harry Potter movies, where many of the details from the books were changed or omitted and you're still grappling with how Hogwarts in the movies wasn't exactly the way you had imagined it when reading the books.James Potter is Harry's son. So it's strange to read that Harry is some y [...]

    8. I love the artwork and potential for this book and it starts professionally and promisingly, but it ends up with somewhat immature writing and ripping off Reservoir Dogs. Mr Grey, Mr Pink I don't get it. I was lost after a few pages and couldn't be bothered to wade through the rest. I don't normally give negative reviews because the effort of writing is such a hugely enviable one, I like to encourage it, but here are some points for improvement which I hope the author takes on board. I get that [...]

    9. This is a fan fiction series I have just encountered. It's about Harry Potter's oldest son, James, and takes a year before the epilogue of the Deathly Hallows and during James's first year at Hogwarts. And, don't get the fact that it is fan fic discourage you. The book is a remarkable achievement. It's worth reading if you are done with the Harry Potter series. I was really happy to read more about the Harry Potter world. I'm sure I will read the next book.

    10. I am very impressed by this novel. Honestly, I can say that it is different from, but just as good as, the Harry Potter novels written by J. K. Rowling. It was well-written with new and likable characters and the format of the book was the same. It covers Harry’s son James’ first year at Hogwarts and his adventures with his friends Zane and Ralph. The adventure in this book is a little similar to the Deathly Hallows with the gathering of three relics, but it is totally unique as well. This b [...]

    11. Can't you write your own stories instead of piggybacking on famous published novels that other authors wrote??? O_OI'm not a big fan of fan fiction (authors work so hard on their books not to have them defaced by people who can't come up with their own ideas!) and I'm certainly not a fan of ebooks, either. So, really didn't enjoy this book, which I had started reading in early December and took forever to finish because I found it rather dull alright, alright, I know I sound a little snobby, but [...]

    12. Wow! I have to say I'm impressed about this book! Never would I thought I'm gonna read something HP'y again. I'm afraid that reading this book is a waste of time? Got me wrong, eh. I recommend this I think to all HP readers who want some more read of Hogwarts!

    13. This was very fun to read and I totally enjoyed jumping back into the world of Harry Potter. This author has to be commendedhe didn't make a dime on writing this or his other Harry Potter fan-fiction sequels. He did, IMHO an excellent job and while there were times when you could tell this wasn't Rowling's work, it didn't detract at all from the story. I also don't believe in criticizing work that is created purely without financial gain so I'll refrain from delving into details that could work [...]

    14. While this book isn't a Rowling, there is definitely a Potterverse feel to it. Don't go in there expecting a replica of the previous 7, but do expect to enjoy the story and some of the new characters (and a few old) that have been introduced.Once you get through the first few chapters which are mostly inundated with Mugglisms/Americanisms, the book is quite a good read and up to the test of following Harry Potter.Once the story got rolling I found myself downloading the next chapter immeadiately [...]

    15. I read this when it was still available as a free PDF. I wouldn't have paid for it (I know there's another pay copy of a spin off of this fan fiction).I have nothing against fan fiction. My own has taught me so much about writing in general that I will always have a soft spot for the concept. But I would never dream of making money off my fan fics, and that's probably the first problem that I have with this fan fic. Especially as it has led to court cases on copyright infringement.But also, too [...]

    16. I came across “James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing” while looking for other fanfiction. Lippert’s website threw me off right away, on two different points. First of all, he asserts that when he sat down to write his Potter fanfiction, he had never heard of the term “fanfiction.” I doubt that anyone with much experience of the Internet, even the Internet of three years ago, could imagine that they were ‘alone’ in anything, including the obviously huge Harry Potter fandom [...]

    17. 4 Wands(After some serious contemplation)Harry Potter and the Cursed Child may be the book that HAUNTS me this year. While The Deathly Hallows gave me closure, the Cursed Child ripped it apart. I read James Potter to replace these horrifying memories with something promising.What I liked :1 James Potter From the start he tries to assert himself as an individual. He comes up with different ways to achieve this goal, which lets you connect with him. He was not a miniature version of The Boy Who Li [...]

    18. Also published in "A Cup of Coffee and a Book"I am not giving this 4 stars just because this isn't J.K. Rowling's official work.This was a very pleasant reading. Normally I'm sceptical about fan-fictions concerning a saga I absolutely worship. However, this was recommended to me by another "Harry Potter" fan so I've decided to give it a go. Also, the idea of having some sort of continuation after "Deathly Hallows", made me grab this story and read it, forgetting it wasn't written by the genius h [...]

    19. DNF: 20% Read in January 27 till 28, 2016This book is absolutely amazing! 1. The style - very similar to miss Rowling's, 2. the magical world and Hogwarts - wonderfully described, yet enough of new elements are introduced to satisfy your needs, 3. the three main characters - feel like part of Miss Rowling's world, yet, they are different from the original cast. Love that James doesn't like living in his father's shadow and that he wants to be different.4. new twists, the story takes on a complet [...]

    20. This was almost as good as the original series. The essence of the Harry Potter books was captured in this story, but with the son. The use of historical figures as well as mythological figures helps the reader connect. The story has all the intrigue build in. I got to a point that could not put it down. Great read for young adults, as well as adults. Would recommend highly

    21. This book was both an easy and a difficult read: at times I wanted to stop reading and at times I found it good. I was as big a Harry Potter fan as anyone, but I never read fanfic before, because I just didn't think it felt right, I didn't want to get my "journey" messed up with many different fictional universes - many with dubious quality, to put it nicely. So this was my first fanfic experience. I'm in a very foreign country, learning a very foreign language and reading about complicated and [...]

    22. I'm torn between 3 or 4 stars for this book (again!). It was definitely well written, and had a very similar tone and voice as the original Harry Potter series. The characters and the happenings all felt genuine. But there were a few scenes I just didn't take to - some new creatures and magical practices didn't quite feel at home in Rowling's universe, and some scenes were very talky and harder to get through so that I felt like reading was a chore at times. I was able to predict a lot of things [...]

    23. Most fan fiction is unreadable crap, but there are a few authors who can actually write at a professional level, or nearly so. If you like Harry Potter and the very idea of fan fiction doesn't make you turn up your nose, then this next generation story is worth reading. While I didn't like all of the elements Lippert added into the "canon" universe (the Americans and the "quantum" explanation of magic, for instance), it's otherwise very much in the same spirit as the original books.

    24. The prologue was good, and so I had high hopes for a nostalgic walk through my childhood memories of reading the real Harry Potter. But unfortunately, as soon as I got into chapter one, it fell completely flat.The writing itself was fine, the characters were fine, the continuation of the last scene front he real books was fine. But Something wasn't right. I wondered to myself what, exactly, felt wrong with the book. And then I realized: it was so AMERICAN. The Harry Potter books are essentially [...]

    25. When I saw this book in eReads for my iPhone, I was really pleased. I thought it would be great to indulge in my love for the wizarding world with a fresh set of stories, especially since the ratings weren't half bad.But just a few pages in and I couldn't believe how awful it was. I couldn't even make it through until the end of the second chapter, and I almost always finish a book once I've started. First off are just the blatant incongruencies. I mean, if you are going to do a Potter continuat [...]

    26. I have to admit this book surprised me, and it did in a very good way. Not just because I didn’t know this series existed, but by how much Mr. Lippert channels J.K. Rowling. In many moments, you couldn’t distinguish between the two authors, and that is a huge accomplishment.This book has the same silly moments of awkwardness that made the Harry Potter series delightful and remarkably close to the human realm and not as something mythical because of magic and supernatural and otherworldly cre [...]

    27. So I ran into this online. (I think I actually saw it mentioned on GoodReads) and I am a HUGE Harry Potter dork. I started reading this and literally felt dirty for the first 20 pages, so I stopped. I felt as if I was betraying Rowling. However, I looked this book up on wiki and apparently Rowling tried to stop the production of this and then talked with the author and gave her blessing as long as it is promoted as fan fic. But that's wikiwho knows if that is true. So I picked up where I left of [...]

    28. Leído para el 2015 Reading Challenge. #44. Escrito en otro idioma.Reseña completa en mi blog: La cueva de Danny. Un poco lento al principio pero conforme va avanzando se pone cada vez mejor, para ser un fanfic esta bien escrito y bien desarrollado. Se los recomiendo.

    29. I didn't get very far in this book. I don't really read fan-fiction, in general, but heard so much hype about this, and it was a free download, so I thought I'd give it a chance. But I couldn't get into it.One thing I liked is that Muggle-borns actually talk about growing up in the Muggle world, and things like video games and computers existing. But there were a lot of weird little incongruities that kept bugging me. In relation to the thing I just mentioned, yes, it's all well and good to talk [...]

    30. Comencé este libro con una idea muy clara en la mente: no estaba leyendo a J. K. Rowling. Así que supongo que esto influyo en el confuso inicio de este fan-fic (fan’s fiction). Al principio me costó trabajo iniciarlo, pero en la medida que iba avanzando en la lectura me empecé a sumergir en la absorbente trama y me costaba trabajo dejar de leerlo.Es un libro que respeta puntualmente el estilo de J. K. Rowling, pero que le da su propio toque. Si bien pueden criticarse algunas pequeñas libe [...]

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