The Promised Land The Holocaust robbed Zofia Weiss of all she holds dear The Secret State Police have confiscated her home killed her friends and imprisoned the man she loves After searching through displaced persons

  • Title: The Promised Land
  • Author: Roberta Kagan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Holocaust robbed Zofia Weiss of all she holds dear The Secret State Police have confiscated her home, killed her friends, and imprisoned the man she loves After searching through displaced persons camps and finding nothing, Zofia is sure that her lover is dead With only her life, a dream, and a terrifying secret, Zofia illegally boards The Exodus, bound for PalestinThe Holocaust robbed Zofia Weiss of all she holds dear The Secret State Police have confiscated her home, killed her friends, and imprisoned the man she loves After searching through displaced persons camps and finding nothing, Zofia is sure that her lover is dead With only her life, a dream, and a terrifying secret, Zofia illegally boards The Exodus, bound for Palestine Along with a group of emaciated Jewish survivors, Zofia sets out to find the Promised Land Despite the renewed sense of hope, Zofia lives in constant fear since the one person who knows her dark secret is a sadistic SS officer with the power to ruin her life and the life of an innocent, Lebensborn child When the Nuremburg trials convict the SS Officer of crimes against humanity, Zofia believes she is finally safe and does her best to raise the beautiful girl entrusted to her care As the child becomes a woman in her own right, can she find true love and belonging in a post war society, or will the secrets of her heritage tear apart the only family she s ever known

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    One thought on “The Promised Land”

    1. By Phyllis Eisenstadt on August 31, 2015MS. KAGAN DID IT AGAINYET ANOTHER WINNER!“The Promised Land,” the third and last of Roberta Kagan’s “All My Love, Detrick” series, does not disappoint; in fact, it more than fulfills expectations. It involves the day-to-day struggles of the Jewish people under Hitler’s Reich and the necessity of fleeing their homeland and finding a safe haven. The unique voices of the characters, their experiences, and the ebb and flow of their various emotions [...]

    2. The Promised Land (All My Love, Detrick #3) by Roberta Kagan is an emotion read that follows a Holocaust survivor as she cares for the child she raises. It is an interesting read and I haven't read the first two books. This one is more about the child as she grows and realizes her background. Good historical fiction.

    3. I loved, loved LOVED The Promise Land by Roberta Kagan. This book really took the elements of the first two books, All My Love, Detrick and You Are My Sunshine, and connected all the characters past and present. I can't wait to read To Be An Israeli, the fourth book in this series. If you have the opportunity read all the books in the All My Love, Detrick series. You won't be sorry. I highly recommend them.

    4. SighI'm done with this series. Although I liked that a lot of loose ends with former characters are tied up in this book, it dragged and just fell flat for me, plus a lot of the fiction part is just implausible. An ongoing family saga about WWII, the Nazis, the Jewish Holocaust, the creation of Israele subject matter is huge and promises to be deep, emotional, rich in detailbut the writing just doesn't live up to the promise. I'm really surprised at all the 5 star reviews! I just don't care enou [...]

    5. Another page turnerIf you have ever read Roberta Kagan, you know that she is an amazing author and she never disappoints. This book is no exception. For those of you who have never read any of her books, begin at book one and go from there, you will not be disappointed! I love how Roberts weaves her stories and ties her characters together. Her storylines jive together so effortlessly. I always feel drawn into the stories and the imagery created transports me back in time. All I can say is wow!

    6. Pure heartbreak and loveWWII and life for the Jewish. Story of survival and things that only war time could produce. Bless the survivors and their families for having been through such horrific times and kept going. Thankyou Roberta another brilliant historical fiction

    7. GreatThis series has been wonderful. Tying all the chacters together has taken a great deal of talent and made for a wonderful story. I am anxious to read number four.

    8. I tire of all the love stories that seem to overshadow the historical part for which I read historical fiction!

    9. This land is my landI have read the first two books of this series. They have educated me on this time in history. Though disturbing I plan to read the next book.

    10. Wow! A great read! I found this book to be a very interesting read. I cannot wait until your next book arrives. Thank you!

    11. Great sequelCan't wait to start the one in the series! I've really enjoyed the whole series immensely and have learned a lot about WWII and the Nazi regime.

    12. A poor read!A waste of time. Pablem written on a fifth grade level. Not worth the price . Don't buy even at .49 cents.

    13. Another excellent book by Ms. Kagan. I am reading my way through the whole series, all Five Star ratings by me. I have enjoyed following the lives of her characters.

    14. This is book 3 in a 5-book series. The first two books take place during the holocaust in Germany and Poland. This third one is about the post-WWII exodus to the newly formed Israel. Most reviewers raved about this book, so even though I didn't enjoy the first two very much, I persevered through this one. But I found it rather weak. I enjoyed the stories about Nazi's hiding out in South America after the war. But I rather disliked the "romance" stories. The characters are weakly written and to m [...]

    15. I love all Ms. Kagan's books! Her historical facts are solid. Her characters are strong and complex. I will read the other books she has written!

    16. Mixed feelingsIf you are reading this for the historical fiction that it is, you may enjoy it. If you are reading it for the dialogue, don't. The dialogue is lacking in so many ways. It is flat with no emotion and falls short. It is written almost as a play, with no interaction between the characters while they are talking, no inflation of their voices or emotions can be felt. However, at other times, the author does an amazing job with every aspect of the story, including dialogue. Another issu [...]

    17. The Promised Land is by Roberta Kagan. It is book three in the All My Love, Deterick series. It takes the reader from the Displaced Persons camps after WWII was over to the Nuremberg trials and finally to Israel. I do suggest that you have a box of tissues with you as you read this book. It is an emotional rollercoaster! Manfred Blau is incarcerated in Spandau Prison after being found guilty of crimes against humanity during the Nuremberg Trials. Part of the reason was Zofia Weiss had testified [...]

    18. This is the third book of the series and I am still attached to the characters—those whose lives the author still tells us about and those newly introduced. Ms. Kagan places the characters and important circumstances throughout the plot in a manner that, if you've read the previous books of the series, refreshes your memory without boring you, and, meanwhile, introduces them to the reader who is knew to the series.She beautifully weaves together the horror of what these people endured, the str [...]

    19. This is great historical fiction… As a fan and frequent reader of World War II and the Holocaust, I had never really delved deeper into what happened after the war was over. This incredible story is more closely linked with the second of the Detrick series than were the first and second of the series, picking off right where "You Are My Sunshine" ended, and follows the stories of Katja and Zofia after the war is over. In the process of reading, I learned so much about the odds the persecuted s [...]

    20. I received an advance review e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a well-written book that I found very difficult to put down. The author has done an awesome job researching Nazi Germany, the holocaust, and what happened to many Jews post holocaust. Many of the facts and events are authentic and accurate even though this book is historical fiction. The author has fully developed the characters in an accurate portrayal of the horrors and atrocities of Nazi Germany and the [...]

    21. RepetitionThis series has been great so far, but the repetition in this book was frustrating. Katja repeatedly thinks about her parents and how they are aging. She'll be sad when they are gone. The first scene about this was OK. It helped move the story from Zofia to Katja. After that, it was really not needed.Other than the repetition, I really enjoyed this one. A lot of loose ends with past characters were tied up. I cried at the mother/daughter reunion! Looking forward to the next book.

    22. Highly Recommended SeriesLike most people, I've long known of the atrocities that the Nazis inflicted on Jewish people during the holocaust. However, I have to admit that I was ignorant of their struggles to reach Palestine (Israel) and create a new life there. In all, this series has been very insightful and well written and thus far has spanned the 1930s to the 1960s. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

    23. This is the third book of the series - I liked the first, loved the second and was thrilled to see how the third brought the entire story together! The subject matter is always so hard to read about but always a learning opportunity and the way this beautiful story is told, despite the horrific experience of the survivors and those lost, leaves me feeling hopeful and looking forward to reading the fourth novel in this heartfelt, heart wrenching series!

    24. Wonderful last book of a trilogyAlthough I did not read the first book in this trilogy, I was spellbound by the last two books. I admire the research that Ms. Kegan did to bring the characters to life and at the same time she kept the historical aspects as truthful as possible. I learned a lot I did not know about the history of Israel and how the British government broke their promises repeatedly to the Jewish people. I definitely will read more of Ms. Kagan's books.

    25. This third novel in the series continues the stories of Zofia and her family, with much more emphasis on the life of her daughter. It begins when the family is still trying to get to Israel, but most of the book takes place in Israel. Manfred Blau, the cruel SS commandant, once again is part of the story, and many loose ends are tied up. From the looks of things, there will be another book coming, and I will be watching for it.

    26. UPDATE Feb. 8th 2016: Roberta Kagan has a new editor and is having all of her books re-done! "All My Love, Detrick", the first of this series has been finished! I know that those who read the re-edited books will thoroughly enjoy them!!!Feb. 4th 2016: I enjoyed this book very much, unfortunately there were so many mistakes that it was distracting. This author is too good to not have better editing.

    27. Nazi horrorThe Jews made their situation into a the best they could. A desert, lacking water, fertile soil, proper housing, a location where they were readily accepted, safe from the terrors of their past and the attacks of their neighbours/enemies. Too many typo - edit errors. God Bless Israel.

    28. I read Book 1: All My Love Detrick, Detrick falls in love with a Jewish girl, Book 2: You are My Sunshine, Helga Haswell becomes pregnant by a married SS officer who abandons herBook3: The Promised Land, the surviving Jewish people try to get to Israel. Very sad books about the Holocaust and about the men who became Nazi's.

    29. GrippingThese novels about the lives of the persecution and resilience of Jewish people was a gut wrenching read. So hard to put down. I read all 3 in just a few days and highly recommend them.Roberta Kagan definitely writes gripping accounts.I hope and pray that nothing like the systematic genocidal and maniacal idealism be tolerated or ignored by any human ever again.

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