Pia Does Hollywood After making a diplomatic pact with humankind and the other leaders of the Elder Races Pia Cuelebre mate to Dragos Cuelebre Lord of the Wyr reluctantly heads to Hollywood to spend a week with the

  • Title: Pia Does Hollywood
  • Author: Thea Harrison
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  • Page: 452
  • Format: ebook
  • After making a diplomatic pact with humankind and the other leaders of the Elder Races, Pia Cuelebre, mate to Dragos Cuelebre, Lord of the Wyr, reluctantly heads to Hollywood to spend a week with the Light Fae Queen, Tatiana, before the busy Masque season hits New York in December Dragos has never let the lack of an invitation stop him from doing anything he wanted UnwilAfter making a diplomatic pact with humankind and the other leaders of the Elder Races, Pia Cuelebre, mate to Dragos Cuelebre, Lord of the Wyr, reluctantly heads to Hollywood to spend a week with the Light Fae Queen, Tatiana, before the busy Masque season hits New York in December Dragos has never let the lack of an invitation stop him from doing anything he wanted Unwilling to let his mate make the trip without him, he travels to southern California in secret to be with her But when an ancient enemy launches a shattering assault against the Light Fae, Dragos and Pia must intercede The destruction threatens to spread and strike a mortal blow against all of the magically gifted, both human and Elder Race alike Working with the Light Fae to neutralize the danger, Dragos and Pia find their deepest vulnerabilities challenged and their most closely held secrets threatened with exposure PIA DOES HOLLYWOOD is the second part of a three story series about Pia, Dragos, and and their son, Liam Each story stands alone, but fans might want to read all three DRAGOS GOES TO WASHINGTON, PIA DOES HOLLYWOOD, and LIAM TAKES MANHATTAN.

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    One thought on “Pia Does Hollywood”

    1. I can't stop saying how much I enjoy Pia and Dragos together. I don't think there is one thing that I don't like about them. T.H. has really created a couple that is there for each other every step of the way. They are both very unique creatures and they are creating a very unique family that certainly enchants this reader! The only problem for me is that this is a novella, however, I sucked it up and enjoyed it anyway. As we knew from the last novella, Pia has to go visit the Light Fae as part [...]

    2. SpoilersDidn't like this, the story was boring and pretty much the same as previous novellas with Pia/Dragos being in danger and the other trying to save/fix them.Pia was beyond insufferable, her and Dragos were both unlikeable and obnoxious with their obsession with each other and how up themselves they were. Everything Pia said or did grated on me, especially her nicknaming her unborn baby Stinkpot, what a dumb nickname. Also, what's with all the pregnancies in the series being all baby boys? [...]

    3. Blog Review: sweptawaybyromance/201 5 Fire Breathing Stars!!This short novella follows Pia to Hollywood and of course, Dragos isn't far behind. It's interesting to see the dynamics of the world they live in changing and how they handle the circumstances that come their way. Politics aside, these two still have bad for each other, and it's fun to see them mix business with pleasure.We learned at the end of Dragos Goes to Washington that Pia is again pregnant and in this novella we learn the Wyr f [...]

    4. Sometimes you just have to put duty and the bigger picture before personal needs and that's just where this story begins. Pia is about to leave her home and family to spend a week in California with the Queen of the Light Fae. Now technically Dragos is not invited on this diplomatic visit but since when did he ever follow rules? Besides Pia has just discovered she is expecting their second child so no way does she go unprotected. What happens though when it's Dragos in trouble? Oh boy there's de [...]

    5. Loved it!! Great addition to the series. Pia and Dragos really need to stay homeI'm almost to the end of this series. That makes me a little sad, but I can always visit, right? Happy reading.

    6. This was a fun little novella that focused on Pia and Dragos. After reading most of the books in the Elder Races series, I must admit that Pia and Dragos are my favorite couple. They are an unlikely match - Dragos is a big, overbearing, powerful dragon and Pia is a calming influence with a rare Wyr nature. In this installment, Pia is sent to Hollywood to spend a week with the Light Fae Queen per a diplomatic agreement. There's a lot going on in this short novella (180 pages or thereabouts): 1. W [...]

    7. I am really enjoying this trilogy of Dragos and Pia novellas! This story really picks up on the heels of "Dragos Goes to Washington." Pia's pregnancy is still a secret and she is preparing for her required trip to visit the Light Fae queen, Tatiana. She is supposed to go alone, but if Dragos just happens to visit California at the same time, she's not really breaking the rules, right?Anyway, it doesn't take long after the Wyr arrive to realize something very wrong is happening in the Light Fae d [...]

    8. ARC Review: Dragos is not having a good time. In the last few books, he has had to deal with a dangerous head injury, ensuing memory loss, murder in his DC home, growing alienation with humans, and tension within the Elder Races community. This story has its own set of peril, violence, and political intrigue. The brightest spots come from Pia and Liam. It’s a gift to get this much storyline from characters introduced in the beginning of a series. It speaks to the popularity of Pia and Dragos [...]

    9. 4.5 Stars!Wonderful story! Once again Pia and Dragos are caught up in 'crazy' when Pia has to spend a week with The Queen of the Light Fae in California as part of a diplomatic pact agreed upon by the leaders of all the Demesne'sThey must fight a zombie type infection before it spreads to all of the Elder races without letting any of their secrets out of the bag.A very powerful character (Morgan) was also introduced, who I think is going to be a big player in the future.We also get a glimpse of [...]

    10. Part two of the Pia/Dragos/Liam trilogy, and even though it is titled "Pia Does Hollywood", this is as much Dragos' story as it is hers. I love these little snippets into their life together. They always seem to find trouble, and this is no exception. We find out more about our "new" Peanut, and I can't wait to meet the new addition! My only complaint is that it wasn't longer.

    11. While Pia is on an official diplomatic mission to the Light Fae Court, Dragos, undercover, is attacked by creatures that are spreading a horrible plague through Tatiana’s kingdom.It is discovered that Pia, Dragos and all of the Elder Races are at risk from this deadly plague. Not only must they play the political game but they must stop this infection before everyone is at risk.I absolutely love Pia, Dragos and cast but add in Liam and “stink pot” and I’m completely there.I just can’t [...]

    12. Such fun! A silly little zombie tale with elves. The best part of the books are the sexy times with Pia and Dragos and seeing the Harpy and Quentin. The very best part is the reveal about the new baby but you have to read to find out all those details.Go do that! I was given this book for my honest review. So, there you have it!

    13. Originally posted at Smexy Books-smexybooks/2015/11/review-Favorite Quote: “If I start slapping people, I may not be able to stop.”Pia Cuelebre, mate to the Lord of the Wyrs, is on her way to Hollywood to spend a week with Light Fae Queen, Tatiana, after a diplomatic pact is made between all the Elder Races. Though Dragos was not invited, nothing is going to stop him from tagging along to make sure his mate arrives and departs in perfect health.When an enemy threatens not only the light fae [...]

    14. 2.5 Awful cover. Awful title (nop, it is not Erotica).Dragos at his normal caveman-self.He said between his teeth, “I hate decisions by consensus.”“I know,” she crooned. “You handle it so much better when you can be an absolute dictator, don’t you, honey? It’s been very hard on you since the planet has become so populated, and we’ve all had to learn to get along together sometimes.”“Well,” he said, his tone truculent. “It has.”Well, Pia goes to L.A. to fullfil the accor [...]

    15. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.3.5 stars. Gosh how I love Dragos & Pia. I love their ever continuing story, I love that we see what happens after the HEA, I love that they're learning how to be with one another and how to raise a family. I love it all. And while novellas are often times short and unsatisfying, I never feel that way about Thea Harrison's novellas. She almost always delivers quantity and quality. That's the good part. The bad part is the vacation fr [...]

    16. It goes without saying. This is funny, kinky and good.But why is it that everytime it is Pia's turn, something bad happens to Dragos? And methinks the continuation of this novella will be found in Graydon's book! ASFDGLKNFKB!

    17. This story was not as good as the first in this 3 story arc, there were several things left hanging and the amount of sex for the length of this story was just page filler (or seemed maybe practice for writing hot passionate scenes).It should have been titled Dragos meets The Walking Dead since that is the vibe it gave off, there are a lot of things happening and I can;'t wait for the 3rd part of this trilogy Liam Takes Manhattan but the reason for the 4 Stars instead of 5 is more the things tha [...]

    18. It was great! I really enjoy seeing Dragos and Pia every time, but my very favorite is Liam!!!! Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!! Super looking forward to Dec 22 when the short story about him comes out!!

    19. Love Pia and Dragos so as usual will devour and love everything TH writes about them. I'm enjoying these little novellas hugely.

    20. Zombieszombieszombies everywhere!! It's a night (or day?) of the living undead. Exceptwe don't talk about Nightkind demesne. More like zombie Fae. Poor those Light Fae :(.Get a glimpse to Tatiana's past. Poor her. Her evil twin, Isabeau is nasty! I'm glad that both Bailey and Melisande is still in good term, consider what happen to them in Midnight's Kiss. I wonder if Bailey show up in the Wicked, Sebastian Hale's novella. I read it years ago, so I'm not sure.I think Isabeau will be the main ant [...]

    21. Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyAccording to the agreement reached in Washington, each of the Elder Races must send a representative to another. In order to create bonds and trust throughout the races Sheesh, politicians. Pia has agreed to visit the light Fae, On. Her. Own Yep Dragos is thrilled. Pia isn't exactly ecstatic about the whole thing either. She is trying to keep her pregnancy a secret AND there's that whole unicorn thing going on. But the fate of the [...]

    22. Another great novella in the Elder Races.So this starts right after Dragos Goes to Washington and is where Pia goes to the Light Fae domain to further relations, a decision made by the council with human delegation. So Dragos decides to tag along hidden in the background but close enough to come forward if needed. The Light Fae have good relations already with the Wyr but Dragos takes no chances (spoiler from the Dragos Goes to Washington)(view spoiler)[ especially with Pia pregnant again. This [...]

    23. From the very first page we are brought back into Pia and Dragos world, we are sitting on the couch enjoying a zombie movie with Liam. Sometimes it’s the quiet moments that are the best moments. Quickly the landscape changes as Pia heads off to LA for her required week with the Light Fae. Of course Dragos is not going to be left behind but all is not what it seems and all of the sudden Dragos is facing his own mortality. We are pulled into a centuries old feud with life threatening stakes. We [...]

    24. I love reading about Pia & Dragos. This is a novella so maybe it's not quite 4✭ because it's so short, but close enough. I really enjoyed reading about their relationship and their crazy life. I don't like that some secrets are revealed, but really not sure how they could have been avoided. Maybe if Tatiana wasn't such a nosy biotchbut she is a queen so I guess it's a given she would want to know every weakness. Looks like we are adding another protagonist to the mix and what is Morgan???? [...]

    25. Much like Pia, I waited for a disaster to find as Pia went on her trip. You could tell that something was up due to all the things that Tatiana kept doing, trying to put off the trip, lots of guards and then moving her to a different location. I found it funny that Dragos managed to find out what was going on first. The how of finding out had me laughing, because really only Dragos would find trouble like that while shopping.I think the highlight of this one was Liam and the new one. Liam's reac [...]

    26. This is yet another great novella. It seems Drago and Pia deal with one crisis after another. Fast paced story that's a great read Now for the most exciting part. This was me when Stinkpot made an appearance:

    27. I adore these short stories and glimpses into Pia and Dragos' world. I really enjoyed this short story and can't wait for the next one, a lovely present a few days before Christmas. I can't wait until we get to meet their next little one properly, that part was just magical, I loved it and I gave this one extra star just for that bit.

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