Hard Rain Falling Amy and Luke have survived four months in a savage land completely disrupted by the massive power outage but this last leg of their journey will demand all of their courage as the pair navigate a des

  • Title: Hard Rain Falling
  • Author: William Allen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Amy and Luke have survived four months in a savage land completely disrupted by the massive power outage, but this last leg of their journey will demand all of their courage as the pair navigate a desperate landscape Now, new factions begin to take action and sudden violence signals a change in someone s policies As they begins this last sprint across a war torn countrysAmy and Luke have survived four months in a savage land completely disrupted by the massive power outage, but this last leg of their journey will demand all of their courage as the pair navigate a desperate landscape Now, new factions begin to take action and sudden violence signals a change in someone s policies As they begins this last sprint across a war torn countryside, Luke will need to reach deep for his last ounce of determination if he intends to ever make it home alive Learn about Luke s past and find out some stunning truths about the government s plans for a future America What is the endgame and who will live to see it unfold And finally, will Luke and Amy s love endure, or will their travels together end with a bullet Disclaimer despite the relative youth of the two main characters, this is NOT a series aimed at the Young Adult crowd This story, like the others in the series, address mature themes This is the third book in a series that contains examples of gun violence, casual profanity, some mature sexual content and references to drug use and underage drinking.

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    One thought on “Hard Rain Falling”

    1. Excellent ReadI really enjoyed this book it has flow. My only complaint is it was over to quickly. I can't wait to read the next one.

    2. Luke completes his journey across Oklahoma and Arkansas with stops along the way. There are lots of interesting points to ponder on philosophy and growing up quickly.

    3. Love. This SeriesThe hero and heroine, Luke and Amy are just trying to make it to Texas after the lights go out. The more time passes we realize the federal government has an evil agenda. The states National Guard are all that stands against the evil that men do

    4. Close to doneI almost bailed on this one. It really got away from the personable relatable story line toward the middle almost to the end. All the gun/military/battle jargon got a little thick for my taste. The ending made me want to stick with the series. I'm going to take a break from itbut I might very well be back.

    5. The Walking in the Rain series, books 1 – 4, were quick reads and I apologize to the author, William Allen, for not reviewing them individually. Luke is in Chicago on a fieldtrip from Texas to attend a science fair in hopes of earning a scholarship. He is stranded there when the pulse hits. Luke wants to get home, to what he perceives as a safe haven. Northeast Texas is a long walk from Chicago, especially for a sixteen year old boy on his own in a world turned upside down. There is no electri [...]

    6. This third book in the 'Walking In The Rain' series is a testament to William Allen's writing skills! The journey continues for Luke and Amy, but it begins to evolve as well. New characters, tragic situations, and more emotion flow through this book. Yet, it remains fast-paced with action and still retains a sane balance of humor.Luke continues to try to salvage his own humanity throughout difficult situations and interactions with new enemies. As the event affects more of the population, Luke h [...]

    7. A good story if not a bit mysterious or slightly confusing in part. I'm still not sure what the government was doing or which side they were on. It was surmised that the government did not want the cause of the apocalyptic disruption (EMP) to be made public, which implies they definitely had something to do with it. That whole part of the plot, which should be an important part, seems a bit fuzzy to me. That little detail is totally left by the wayside and forgotten. The main focus is this overl [...]

    8. This series of books is terrible. The heros are all mary sues, and the world they have created is an NRA members wet dream, where only small town southerners survive, and anyone from the north or a city is an evil raping canibal. This is hateful, death wish inspired, murder fantasy, fan fiction caliber detritus disguised as a post apocalypse novel. If you love Trump, Guns, tinfoil hat conspiracies, and Militia hero worship you will love this book. If you hate the north, hate people who look diff [...]

    9. This series just keeps getting better.This is an excellent follow-up to the first two books. The characters continue to adapt to a dangerous new world. Their survival continues to depend on their alertness to the various challenges that they face on a daily basis. They continue to experience frequent and painful losses. The potential for an actual civil war against an evil federal government is a very interesting aspect of this series. The state national guard troops become strong allies for Luk [...]

    10. Great story bad editingThe story here is very good. I definitely recommend it. My complaints are few but significant. The narrative is written strangely. It doesn't always sound authentic as a teen in the apocalypse. It's a character I like but don't always understand. And then there isn't the grammar. This is a standard pet peeve of books published this way. They did a spell check but nobody did a read through for proper grammar so lots of words were not in context. The author seems to be leani [...]

    11. May get kids hooked on reading. Sometimes it just takes one book to get kids hooked on reading. The Rain series may do that for pre-teens and teens. The main character is a 16 year old boy who kicks alot of butt, saves the damsels in distress, gets the girl and has adults asking for his advice. And the story kept my interest. The only issue was the grammar and tense errors, missing and duplicated words and the wrong choice from spell check. But maybe extra points can be given to the kids who cat [...]

    12. If you want to know every possible alternative to using the word "said", then this is the book for you. In addition, if you want to descriptions of weapons and ammo, it's a winner. If the idea of a sixteen year old kid knowing more than a college professor and being better at armed and unarmed combat than a Special Forces veteran, you will enjoy this series. How about the same kid being "engaged" to a fourteen year old? It's pretty tedious tripe, and if it hadn't been on my car stereo I may well [...]

    13. Omg!I just finished this series and am in awe of the writer. Not once did he loose the storyline, his characters are so well written they seem real. The story, oh my the story is so close to real life what could be, it's kinda scary. I've never thought to imagine what it would take for my son and his family to make it home if/when this happens. It takes what if to another level.

    14. Okay, this review is just like the first two because there's only so much you can say. Enjoyable, entertaining read. Try not to think about how well it is written, etc. and just enjoy the story. I won't point out all that I found wrong a writer, I tend to pick up things others don't even notice. The story itself is entertaining if you like this type of fiction, so turn off your thinking brain and just enjoy the story :)

    15. I love this series but I didn't love this book. Too many conversations about what was going to be done rather than just doing them like in the previous books. And editing. I don't usually comment about editing in an independent authors books but this one needs some serious love. It kept pulling me out of the story as I tried to fill in the blanks or incorrect words.

    16. Awesome characters, awesome story!I feel bad for not writing a review for the first two books in this series, but I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. These books kept me reading every minute I could spare. William Allen, I'm holding you to your promise of more to come! Thanks for a great adventure!

    17. Very good story!These three books are very good if you're looking for apocalyptic fiction. Just the right mix of excitement and romance, maybe a little long on the type of guns used for my taste but information is always good. I will be looking for this author's name when looking for future books.

    18. Great book,butGreat story. Read all three and couldn't put them down. They could use a little editing though. Some sentences you have to read a couple of times to get the right words. Also, it was just a little too heavy on ammunition caliber specifics. Entire paragraphs can be skipped and not take away from the story in the least.

    19. What would we do if this ever happens? I guess most of us have wondered what we would do if our world ever turned upside down like it did in Luke's. I really enjoyed these books and can't wait for the next one. I hope we never have to go to the extremes that these people did but, who knowsIt could happen!!!!

    20. Well,You Have Me HookedI told you after the first one that the only thing wrong was it was too short and over too soon. This book was a humdinger and I am looking forward to it. Keep writing, Pard. That's what you are good at.

    21. Realistic FictionI may be better biased in my review because all the places are near where all my family lives. The characters reminded me of my own family. I could visualize the story as if it were true.

    22. A fun ride!This is the third book in this series and I'm thrilled that there will be at least one more. What a great adventure and can't wait for more of Luke and Amy's story. Oh and no zombies is a good thing.

    23. Still readingOkay, I'm going to read book 4 in this series, but only because I'm invested in the characters. Luke is really not believable as a sixteen year old, even with his upbringing. Still, I'd like to have him on my side for SHTF!!

    24. I'm still enjoying Luke's travels and challenges to reach his family. Blimey, some tough situations in this part of his journey.I'm invested in the character now. The loss of life sometimes is hard stomach in these books, but makes it more sinister and real I suppose.

    25. Excellent storyI enjoyed Book 1 and Book 2 very much. Please allow me to edit you future writings however. The editing left much to be desired. But I truly have enjoyed both books.

    26. Great read!This book, like the first two in the series are spellbinding. I recommend them for all to read. The subject matter is certainly well thought out and factually presented.

    27. AwesomeI really loved this series and can't wait for more. It kept me entertained throughout. Mr. Allen certainly knows how to capture a reader. I always get sad when I finish a book because I have to wait for the next. I would definitely recommend this book.

    28. Enjoyed!I enjoyed all 3 books of this series. This series kept moving right along right until the end. Looking forward to the next book. Needs some good proofreading for many spelling & grammar errors but I enjoyed it in spite of that very minor distraction.

    29. Excellent !Well written and well paced. Finally able to see what motivates Luke, and why he is so prepared. Good continued character development and interaction as they try to get home.

    30. Can't wait for the next one!I really enjoyed this series and this one in particular. I got to read them one right after the other and couldn't put them down. The characters and plot are very well developed and Mr. Allen is an awesome storyteller.

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