Android Paradox When two equally intelligent androids face off against each other who wins The year is Humans and androids live in peace after a devastating singularity and years of war Xandifer X Crenshaw is a

  • Title: Android Paradox
  • Author: Michael La Ronn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When two equally intelligent androids face off against each other, who wins The year is 2300 Humans and androids live in peace after a devastating singularity and years of war Xandifer X Crenshaw is a special agent android for the United Earth Alliance His job is to track down rogue androids and destroy them to keep the world safe When another android agent goes maveWhen two equally intelligent androids face off against each other, who wins The year is 2300 Humans and androids live in peace after a devastating singularity and years of war Xandifer X Crenshaw is a special agent android for the United Earth Alliance His job is to track down rogue androids and destroy them to keep the world safe When another android agent goes maverick and starts a killing spree, the fallout could shatter the alliance between humans and androids forever X hunts him down, but what seems like a simple operation turns weird fast when X discovers that he s up against something far sinister that is just as intelligent as him And whatever it is, it also holds the key to X s forgotten past The future belongs to humans and androidsor is that a paradox

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    One thought on “Android Paradox”

    1. Read as part of the Get Through The Crap On Your Kindle You Stubborn Eejit reading challenge. Futuristic robot stuff, with rogue androids versus good androids and all kinds of apocalypse-y thingsI think I am judging harsher than is necessary, but my personal feelings can't be ignored with this one.An android and a human work together to try and stop rogue androids, in a world where robots and people live and work alongside each other, seemingly in harmony. It is pretty much your basic robot sci- [...]

    2. TL;DR Review:More reviews @ The BiblioSanctumLonger Review:In the year 2300, humans and androids are living alongside each other in relative peace. Hundreds of years earlier, when humans first started making more intelligent androids, a singularity war broke out that pitted humans and androids against one another. Humans won the war (though, I’m not really sure how), which created a universal government system and a world that lives mostly in peace. Instead of destroying the androids that betr [...]

    3. This is an extraordinarily good audio book and a really good story.First the audio - the narrator aced this one. Each character has a distinct voice and this really brought the book to life. It enabled me to imagine the characters and to lose myself in the story. I think this must be one of the best narrators I have ever listened to.And for the story:I don't often read sci-fi about robots/androids but this was a very interesting story that drew me in from the very first sentence. After many year [...]

    4. 1.5 starsIt was a cool idea, but didn't live up to its potential.An interesting world is presented in "android paradox" but it's never fully realized. There's not enough world building. Not enough explanation for the androids or the United earth alliance thing. There was a little bit, with the video X watched in the library, but it was very little. :/ I kinda liked x and shortcut, but they were painfully flat, not fleshed out as all. The writing was mediocre at best. bland, very little in the wa [...]

    5. Torn between 2 & 3 stars. Not sure why or why I gave it 3 but whatever. It was interesting but I don't think it was interesting enough for me to read the other books in the series.

    6. This review was originally posted on audiobookreviewer“Android Winter is coming” is something that all the rogue android agents keep mentioning, although no one knows what it is!In the year 2300, Androids and humans are living in peace. There are a set of rules specified by United Earth Alliance (UEA) that employs androids as special agents to work in the field and a human assistant who handles the engineering side of these androids like fixing and upgrading them.The story starts with one of [...]

    7. The Android Winter is Coming4.5 out of 5Meet X, an android that is a special agent tasked at finding rogue androids that are becoming more and more frequent. His human partner, Shortcut is there to keep both of them safe. Follow these two as they are trying to figure out what these rogue androids mean when they are saying "the Android Winter is Coming."The audiobook was read by Erik Johnson who reads it in a dramatization and changes his voice to fit each new character. His inflection and voice [...]

    8. The idea of robots reaching the singularity, becoming self ware and declaring war on humans is a fairly common story in books and movies (see The Terminator and The Matrix as the best known ones) but Michael La Ronn skips all that and move straight to the post-war world, when the androids and humans have made peace. Humans won the war but then went back to making androids, this time with a few limits in place. What could possibly go wrong with that?Our main characters are X, an Special Agent and [...]

    9. I just finished listening to this book and I don't quite know how I feel about it. This is the first book I’ve ever read that falls into the ‘science fiction’ genre so precisely. So if you are a science fiction fan- please take my review with a grain of salt- things that I feel are new and original concepts may be old hat for you. (I have only ever read dystopian science fiction until now.)It's a original concept-artificial intelligence working with humanity (for the most part). It does fe [...]

    10. Overall 4 StarsPerformance 4 StarsStory 4 StarsX is an android who works for the UEA, we are never told what that stands for in this book, with his human counterpart. All UEA androids must have a human counterpart because androids, by law, cannot have access to sensitive information that they could possibly use against the humans in an android uprising should another one occur.A long time ago there was an android uprising that nearly wiped out the human race, but humans and androids have lived t [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this first book in the series, and I'm looking forward to the next book.Michael La Ronn did a great job with convincing me that Android easily could be part of our daily life in the future, and of course he touches upon the usual things that will be part of any book or movie about androids/robots in almost any form: the complications involved when they learn to think for themselves - what will happen? But actually, that's not the main theme here at all. We are. Us. The humans. W [...]

    12. "Isn't it great to be living in the year 2300 where robots and humans coexist after the singularity and the big war after?""Yes, I am a robot. A black robot.""It's about time they started making black robots, because I am African and I think black robots are cool."That is the kind of exposition you can expect from this bookYou'd think that with the word "Paradox" in the title, this would be a smarter book. More than once I thought "he's using fancy words without really knowing what they mean"Not [...]

    13. Not too long and full of action. Easy to read. A popcorn book.The two leads, X and Shortcut, were enjoyable to read, both sympathetic while pretty different. Shortcut had a rebellious, even childish side, while X was dominated, as an android, by logic, but still had a certain degree of emotion. I was a bit annoyed by the dialogue-It didn't feel realistic because the characters tended to say exactly what they felt. A bit too on point for my taste. But a minor issue.There was a nice balance of act [...]

    14. ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **I enjoyed this from beginning t end, it was well narrated and kept my attention all the way through!We have X an advanced android and his human partner Shortcut who track rogue androids and stop them before they do something really badey work for the UEAwell more and more androids are going crazy and the keep hinting that the "ANDROID WINTER" is comingX is frantically trying to find out what that means and no one is talki [...]

    15. This was my first publication that I've read in E-book form. Very fast paced to the point where I thought that the characters did suffer a little from shallow development and background. The combat scenes however benefited immensely from the author's writing style, being smooth, fluid and quick while still having fleshy adjectives to pull the reader into the action. The story itself wasn't a very innovative one, the themes having been explored in many Sci-fi/Android stories I have read before bu [...]

    16. "As he walked up the stairs, two rats ran underneath the porch, burrowing into a pile of trash and trampling over cellophane as they disappeared into the foundation of the house. One rat was real, the other robotic."Seriously, what society would choose to expand their rodent population by adding robotic rats?

    17. Pretty good. Didn't expect it to be really good. Lots os action and a special bonus perspective, once the story is mostly in the android's perspective.

    18. Not horribleNot horrible but am I willing to spend five bucks for another chapter (150 pages) ? Not a chance at all.

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