Commitment to Love How much can one love survive Follow Chase and Jasmine in Book of the Chasing Love series Excerpt goo y PSU

  • Title: Commitment to Love
  • Author: Kenya Wright
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  • Page: 102
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  • How much can one love survive Follow Chase and Jasmine in Book 3 of the Chasing Love series Excerpt goo y06PSU

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      102 Kenya Wright
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    One thought on “Commitment to Love”

    1. This installment begins in full "Eyes Wide Shut" glory, as Chase throws a party introducing Jasmine to society as his new love. The previous adversity and drama serves to strengthen their obsessive desire for each other. They don't expect the specter of both their pasts to crash their celebration, and possible future apart.Good:1. This goes to some dark places, but the love feels so real.2. In the beginning I considered this a really good Fifty Shades-a-like. As I got further in became very impr [...]

    2. OUUU SH*T!!!!! Where's part 4?OMG, that was so worth the wait. If you don't like twists and turns, and plot development bothers you, then I suggest you read something else. This story went HARD. So, it's no secret that I'm in love with Chase. Is he crazy? Yes. Is he a King Baby? Yep. Is he an asshole? You betcha. But he owns it and his heart is in the right place. Sure, he loves Jasmine, but he hates losing and that is why he'll drop whatever ridiculous amount of money and have shady morals to k [...]

    3. I freaking loved this book. Oh my goodness this was some crazy hot shit Chase is insane and Jasmine is a bad ass lady. I want there to be a 4th book I'm praying so I hope the gods here my prays. Good job Kenya Wright you're a freaking genius.

    4. I loved the first two books in the series and was anxious to read the third book. After waiting so long, I was a bit disappointed, the book seemed unending and I had to browse over a great portion of the book to complete it. I do hope that if there is a Book 4, it will just deal with the relationships and not be so long winded.

    5. Yes on a book 4It wasn't what I was expecting, but with that being said you need a finisher. Sophie needs to be handled and Troy needs to come back from the dead.

    6. Favorite Quote: “Heal Now, So I Can Break You Later”Whaaaaaaaaattttt????!!!! YES, PLEASE! <3I absolutely LOVE the “Chasing Love” series. Of the three, the first book happens to be my favorite, and this book being my second.I, personally, love the dark turn this series is taking. It began one way and has developed into something else entirely. There is violence and murder in this story. This is NOT a light and fluffy romance, so if you’re looking for that— I think you should look e [...]

    7. "Our love is worth everybody's death." This quote says it all. A Commitment to Love: Interracial Erotic Romance is all about protecting the one you love at all costs. It will pit family against family: father against son, mom against daughter, father against daughter/son to the point of you don't know who to trust or more so the bad vs. evil people. This book brings out all the players even the "silent ones." As the body count increases and the top spot for power is sought out, manipulation is a [...]

    8. Vote for fourI waited patiently and boy I was not disappointedpoor Jaz, a sociopath for a mom and a psychopath for a fatherwhat's a girl to do.ank god for Chase Stone.what unconditional love and unlimited fundshe pulled out all the stopswhatever it took to protect Jaz.Damne man went up in the hood, he learned how to rape has him sprung from every endt to mention the darkness and horror from Benny,while all the time the puppet master was pulling strings.Sophia gives a whole new level to the words [...]

    9. Not as goodI didn't feel like this book was as good as the other books in the series. I was well aware that there would be violence; this book felt like it was more about the violence and death, than the romance that was supposed to take place. I will say that I repeatedly had to fight to keep reading; I was very bored by the time I reached the end of the book. Now, I feel liked I wasted my time by reading this book. I will say, I am really tired of authors stretching out there work into a large [...]

    10. The most unbelievable plot. I remember the anticipation in waiting for this book because I liked the first two. Realized it was published last year, I guess the anticipation died off. I should have left it where it was.

    11. It was good. I enjoyed the series. This book however just seemed long and drawn out. It felt like the book was never going to end.

    12. Good series!!I wanted to vote yes for book 4, but the link didn't work. So yes, we should absolutely have book 4 Too many loose ends. Sophia needs to meet her maker. Sherman is "hanging", Scar, is she really the twins father? Why did you have to kill Troy??? I wish there was a way he could come back .Anyway, this series is "loooong", a lot of twists and turns But a good read with some good sense of humor sometimes! I love the way Chase loves his tesoro", here is a couple excerpts:.nding. Maybe a [...]


    14. BoredI was not feeling this book. There really was no action. I felt like for a billionaire Chase should have been able to take Benny down. It was confusing and boring

    15. Great bookI recommend another book to this collection. The story of Chase is not over. What happen with her mother. Good read

    16. GreatYes, there should be a fourth book. I want to know how Jazz is going to handle her mother and if Scar going to be a part of her life and how would Chase dad react to there marrage

    17. One moreI hoped she would come out on top being herself but it looks like she is becoming her mother. I hope she goes back to good Jasmine and not her mother. I need one more to end this story with love and not love of power.

    18. A little on the dark side. Bizarre at times and yet totally entertaining.Jazz parents are psychopaths and all of them needs to be taken out. So Benny is out of the picture (a tortured soul was he).The ultimate was Sophia. She was more sociopathic with psychopath tendencies. She control and used Benny and pushed him over the edge. She uses her children as pawns. She cares nothing for Jazz other than how she can use her to gain more power. She has no conscience and no heart. Such a soulless bitch. [...]

    19. Chase, oh hell yes!Kenya, I have enjoyed Chase and Jazz so much, I don't want it to end. You have to tell the story of how Jazz and Chase gets Sophia. Lawd have mercy, Chase is alpha male to the highest. He is so damn sexy and freaking dangerous. Jazz has seen too much, lost so much, I think she is going to be deadly. At the end of the book, you asked if there should be a Book 4, hell yes!! Please don't let Sophia get away with all the hurt that she's caused. Damn good book, whew! I need Book 4! [...]

    20. I love this book, i really could not put it down. Drama from the beginning to the end. It is a must read book. I hope book 4 will have more drama as well because i cant wait for Jasmine to show her mum why u should not play God with people`s life. Now i am going to read other books by Kenya till book4 is ready, please dont make us wait too long.

    21. Another outstanding book by Kenya Wright. Although sadden by the death of Troy in this story, I was not surprised at the total depravity of the mother. I sort of caught on who the real father of the twins. Jasmine should have known that no matter what she said Chase was not going to give her up so easily. Hopefully there will be a book four and Sofia will get what is coming to her.

    22. This book was very good but slow in places. Good mystery, strange and deranged supporting characters, with a believable romance but, be warned, book four of this series may not be the end of the Jazz and Chase story.I wish the author would complete the sequel to "Theirs to Play."

    23. Amended review After another stab at this book, (I deleted and reinstalled it, I finally got the complete version. There must have been a glitch in the download). I'm glad that I persevered. I hope there will been a fourth installment to tie up the loose ends

    24. I love the series. But there were times in the book I felt the facts were a bit mundane. If there isn't another book I would be highly disappointed b cause there are s many unanswered questions and so many loose ends.

    25. ThrillerI absolutely love this series. There is so much suspense and drama I couldn't put it down. It was well written and I loved how this book flowed perfectly with the other two. I hope that there is a book four. I want to know what happens next.

    26. I really enjoyed this book (and hope there's a 4th one).I did guess the big twist early on but there was another element that surprised me. It's a good read lots of drama and angst with a splash of romance.

    27. Fully Committed!!First of all, please have a fourth novel, because Sophia needs to DIE!!!!! That being said, this book was MOST EXCELLENT as are all things Kenya Wright. Take your time, Ms. Wright, and keep 'em coming!

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