Dance of the Bones J P Beaumont and Brandon Walker two of New York Times bestselling author J A Jance s most acclaimed series characters join forces for the first time in one of the most suspenseful works of her caree

  • Title: Dance of the Bones
  • Author: J.A. Jance
  • ISBN: 9780062297662
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • J P Beaumont and Brandon Walker, two of New York Times bestselling author J A Jance s most acclaimed series characters, join forces for the first time in one of the most suspenseful works of her careerYears ago, Amos Warren, a prospector, was gunned down out in the desert and Sheriff Brandon Walker made the arrest in the case Now, the retired Walker is called in whenJ P Beaumont and Brandon Walker, two of New York Times bestselling author J A Jance s most acclaimed series characters, join forces for the first time in one of the most suspenseful works of her careerYears ago, Amos Warren, a prospector, was gunned down out in the desert and Sheriff Brandon Walker made the arrest in the case Now, the retired Walker is called in when the alleged killer, John Lassiter, refuses to accept a plea deal that would release him from prison with time served Lassiter wants Brandon and The Last Chance to find Amos s real killer and clear his name.Sixteen hundred miles to the north in Seattle, J.P Beaumont is at loose ends after the Special Homicide Investigation Team, affectionately known as S.H.I.T has been unexpectedly and completely disbanded When Brandon discovers that there are links between Lassiter s case and an unsolved case in Seattle, he comes to Beau for help.Those two cases suddenly become hot when two young boys from the reservation, one of them with close ties to the Walker family, go missing Can two seasoned cops, working together, decipher the missing pieces in time to keep them alive

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      271 J.A. Jance
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    One thought on “Dance of the Bones”

    1. Note to self:Do NOT pick this up again. Yes, I know you are a bit desperate for a solid mystery series and thought you'd check out Jance in the hopes of rekindling the old J.P. Beaumont suspense. But it's true; you can't go home again, at least not after you've been reading competent, coherent and suspenseful stories. I think this book was meant to be a bit of fan-bait, a melding of her J.P. Beaumont and her Brandon Walker series. I haven't checked out the Walker series; in fact, when I ended up [...]

    2. What a rip-off. At least 1/3 of the book is the retelling of Indian lore. Another 1/3 is spent in retelling all of her previous books. The title states it is a J. P. Beaumont book. Beau takes up less than 20 pages and most of them are rehashing the last 21 J. P Beaumont books. What is left is fluff

    3. Not her best by a long shot.The novel is quite convoluted. In the end it did tie together, but getting there took far too much time. By bringing in Beau, Jance added an unnecessary layer of information where it was not needed. Adding in the native American storyline was also unnecessary. The backstory of the Walkers and Beaumont took a significant amount of the novel as well. Once the layers of fluff are pulled back there just is not much substance. I rated it a two, but I won't read another.

    4. A marginal story in a morass of confusion and fluff tied together with a thin thread. I've read most of J. A. Jance's books and am a fan but this was by far the worst and totally lacking the substance and readability of her other books.

    5. Gave up before I reached 100 pages. I have read almost all J.A.Jance books and really have liked them. NOT THIS ONE! All the chaptersart with Indian lore and then followed by very boring story line.

    6. I was really excited to read Jance's newest Beaumont book because out of all the characters that she writes about, he is my favorite. However, this book is really not a Beaumont book, the publishers just include this in the series because his character is in there (but not very much). It is really a Brandon Walker book and unfortunately, the book was just bad. The book deals quite a bit with Native American folklore and issues affecting the Native American community, but Jance does such a poor j [...]

    7. I have been a fan of J. A. Jance since I read her first J. P. Beaumont book. This book is one of her best. It is set mostly in the Tuscon, Arizona and partly in Seattle. Beaumont is at looses ends folllowing demise of S.H.I.T. and refusing to become involve with Ralph Ames TLC group. He is asked to look into a case in Arizona that Brandon Walker is planning to added to TLC and they talk together. Meanwhile Lani and Gabe are spending the night at Tohono O'adham sacred place and they become involv [...]

    8. Dance of the Bones by J.A. Jance is a 2015 William Morrow publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I have read books from three of Jance's series, Beaumont being my all time favorite character. I have not read any of the books about the Walker family , this being my first introduction to the characters from that series. This book is marketed as a Beaumont novel- listing it as the 22nd in that series, but that is a little bit [...]

    9. Received a copy of the book through first reads giveaway.The was the first J.A. Jance book that I have read. It is #22 in the series but I thought that it stood very well as a stand alone novel for me! I know that most of these characters were in other books and some of them I would have loved to have learned more about their back story but that did not take away from my enjoyment of this book. If anything, it made me want to read previous books in the series!I especially enjoyed the Indian sto [...]

    10. I usually love J. A. Jance novels but had never read one from the Walker series. Possibly had I started with the first of the series instead of the fourth, I'd have known who the characters were and their relationship to each other from the beginning. Between numerous characters being introduced in the beginning with both ordinary and Native American names, plus a series of Native American tales and songs, I did not enjoy the book at all until I was half way through it. Finally I began skipping [...]

    11. Dance of the Bones combine the characters of the J.P. Beaumont and the Brandon Walker series. It starts with a antiques prospector being murdered and his protege being sent to prison for life for the crime. Thirty years latter the protege's daughter starts an investigation into the original crime. More murders, both in the past and the present, become linked as well as smuggling and corruption. A good read with a short Indian story at the beginning of each chapter.

    12. I am probably prejudiced because I have been to J.A. book signings, her speaking and singing for charity events and she is an outstanding giver to the community.Although this was not my favorite of her books. I loved the lore from which she wrote.If you have not read "Hour of the Hunter" by Jance I sure recomend it. It is outstanding.

    13. I listened to the audio version. I thought it was incredibly tedious. J.A. Jance is not Tony Hillerman and the whole Little White Feather storyline was dull and written in an incredibly boring voice. I've always liked the J. P. Beaumont series. This was a huge disappointment.

    14. Dance of the Bones by J.A. JanceJ.P. Beaumont series Book #22 (not really)2.5 starsFrom The Book: Years ago, Amos Warren, a prospector, was gunned down out in the desert and Sheriff Brandon Walker made the arrest in the case. Now, the retired Walker is called in when the alleged killer, John Lassiter, refuses to accept a plea deal that would release him from prison with time served. Lassiter wants Brandon and The Last Chance to find Amos's "real" killer and clear his name.Sixteen hundred miles t [...]

    15. 3.5 Picking up the latest J.A. Jance book is like settling down on the porch to catch up on the latest with an old friend. That latest is her new book, Dance of the Bones. And the old friends? Well, this is the 22nd book for J.P. Beaumont and the 5th book featuring members of the Walker family.Detective Brandon Walker is retired as is Special Investigator J.P. Beaumont. 1600 miles separate them, but a cold case from 40 years ago, brought to light with new evidence from The Last Chance group will [...]

    16. Took awhile to get to J.P. Beaumont's part in the book, but as usual Ms Jance delivers a terrific read! I don't know if the character Brandon Walker is new, but like the other 'headliners' I really like him. A Detective when he arrested Big Bad John Lassiter, Brandon is now retired. John has now had 2 trials & served 16 years in prison for the murder of prospector Amos Warren. John's daughter, Amanda Wasser, wants Brandon to find the real killer & clear her father's name. OK, you've got [...]

    17. In 1970, Arizona sheriff Brandon Walker had arrested John Lassiter for the murder of Amos Warren, a man Lassiter had once considered like a father. Lassiter is still in prison in 2015 and suffering from MS but, when offered a plea deal, he refuses. He wants Walker, who is now retired and working for a group that reviews cold cases, to look into Warren’s murder to find the real killer. At first reluctant, as he looks deeper into it, Walker begins to have doubts about the conviction. He discover [...]

    18. Mixing Indian legend with old-fashioned sleuthing, J.A. Jance has utilized a long-time favorite character, retired detective J.P. Beaumont, with a recently introduced protagonist, retired Sheriff Brandon Walker. The two, 1,500 miles apart, work to identify the culprit. Beaumont has now appeared in 24 novels, and Walker makes his fourth appearance.It all begins with the murder of Amos Walker, whose remains in the Arizona desert are not discovered for some years. On purely a circumstantial case, h [...]

    19. Dance of the Bones is the second book that I’ve read that was written by J.A. Jance. This is a different series than Remains of Innocence, which featured Sheriff Joanna Brady. I was able to figure out what was going on in Dance of the Bones, even though I hadn’t read the previous books in the series.I think that a J.P. Beaumont fan would have enjoyed it more than I did. I was rather put off by all the time the author had her characters mulling over past events. I can understand how that can [...]

    20. #22 in the J.P. Beaumont series / #5 in the Walker Family series. Certainly a Walker Family novel, but Beaumont's presence is minimal. A good percentage of his presence is backstory to the novella Stand Down: A J.P. Beaumont Novella (2015).J.P. Beaumont series #22 / Walker Family series #5 - Years ago, Amos Warren, a prospector, was gunned down out in the desert and Sheriff Brandon Walker made the arrest in the case. Now, the retired Walker is called in when the alleged killer, John Lassiter, re [...]

    21. I received this book free from GoodReads.This book is being marketed on the gimmick that it is in both the Brandon Walker and JP Beaumont series which is fine but Beaumont doesn't really factor in much and any Seattle cop could have been substituted. This isn't a criticism of the book, which reads quite well--in fact the best of the few Jance novels that I've read---but rather the need for gimmicky marketing.I liked this book right from the start where a series of crimes began in 1970 with an ol [...]

    22. IN, Anything that starts out with a fight over trashy women and treasure is only a good hot mess in my opinion. This read is definitely a treasure over trash. Jance has not always been on my reading radar but I look forward to going back and catching up with her characters. That said, you don’t need to be a series follower to enjoy this but you will want to join her flock. The mystery is character driven and strong and somewhat gritty. I couldn’t help thinking of James Lee Burke and Craig Jo [...]

    23. I read a couple of J.A. Jance books a couple of years ago, and they were ok, but a bit too fluffy for me. I got this one in my latest delivery of library books and decided to give it a go. Not quite as fluffy as the others I read, but lost at least 1.5 stars for the pointless Native American folk stories that took up the start of every chapter, and permeated throughout the book. I guess its ok if you are into the folklore, but it honestly just made me wanna rip my hair out. A decent story ruined [...]

    24. A rather brief appearance of J.P. Beaumont in this tale of murder and wrongful conviction in the southwest. J.P is brought in well into the story when asked to look into a cold case that occurred in Seattle. Private cold case groups are looking into the case of the murder of a hunter of artifacts and minerals and the conviction of his younger partner for the killing. The convicted killer has always maintained his innocence and even though he is given the possibility of a lesser sentence and rele [...]

    25. I won this books from , which makes it more special. Below the title it says "A. J.P. Beaumont and Brandon Walker Novel," which is somewhat deceptive, as there is very little J. P. Beaumont occurring in the book. The characters are interesting, and for those readers who like Native American lore, there is a fair amount of storytelling and such. We are reminded that drugs and artifacts can be what cause people to get into trouble.A big thank you to WmMorrowBks--I don't tweet.

    26. I haven't yet read any of the Walker Family series, but I like this book as an introduction to those characters. I enjoyed the way JA Jance gave the backstory of the cold cases through the eyes of those who were originally involved in them and tied that part of the plot to current crimes in progress. Jance never disappoints me and "Dance of the Bones" is as suspenseful and interesting as the other novels of hers I've read.

    27. I have loved all the books in this series, and I liked this one, but it really was too slow. It didn't even really get started until more than 100 pages in. I love Beau, but he was not even necessary here.just dragged things out. I finished it last week and have not even written this review until now because I was disappointed and felt kind of bad. Even so, I'm sure that I will pick up the next one. Every one can't be the best.

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