The Secret Librarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B KVG APIPART of the BEST SELLING George Harvey Series When year old married author George Lewis sees year old Harvey Jasper readi

  • Title: The Secret
  • Author: Ashley John
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B00KVG5APIPART 1 3 of the 1 BEST SELLING George Harvey Series When 32 year old married author George Lewis sees 19 year old Harvey Jasper reading one of his books in the local bookstore, he can t help but be drawn to him After giving Harvey his cellphone number, he soon receives a call from Harvey asking ifLibrarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B00KVG5APIPART 1 3 of the 1 BEST SELLING George Harvey Series When 32 year old married author George Lewis sees 19 year old Harvey Jasper reading one of his books in the local bookstore, he can t help but be drawn to him After giving Harvey his cellphone number, he soon receives a call from Harvey asking if he can intern under George Reluctantly, George says yes, and agrees to let Harvey into his home for a whole month.As they spend and time together, Harvey shares his heart breaking story with George and his eyes are opened up to a whole new world with whole new emotions George soon discovers something he never thought he d find in another manlove.Continued in The Truth OUT NOW and The Fight OUT NOW.

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    One thought on “The Secret”

    1. First, thank you to Sandra for pointing out a free book. Anything free is fantastic and I really, sincerely appreciate it.However.I'm going to ignore the constant POV flip flopping and go right to the heart of the matter:FADE TO BLACK SEX SCENES.Harvey grabbed George's face and they kissed wildly as George's hands fumbled with the awkward buttons on Harvey's jeans.He ripped them down to Harvey's knees, and pulled down the tight blue underwear Harvey was wearing. Kissing Harvey's neck, he turned [...]

    2. There was too much going on in this book that was confusing. George is married and at no moment is it established that he is bi-sexual or gay. If this is a "gay for you" story line, it fails b/c George doesn't seem to be too worked up or confused by his new feelings. It's like "meh. I guess I feel like this now."But, aside from all that, my primary objection to this story is the lazy trope surrounding the infidelity. Considering that this is an m/m romance featuring a married man, I don't consid [...]

    3. First, five stars to the author himself for having the drive and ambition to write this book and see it through publication. I know I've never had that in me.I also enjoyed the fact it's not so much a stand alone story as much as episode one of a miniseries. I have always enjoyed serialized fiction.That said, there were a some things that just really got in the way of enjoying this: - Jumping POV: Within on paragraph, we can bounce into the minds of various characters. It's jolting and hard to f [...]

    4. 4 and half stars from me. Love the premise of the storyolder man/young man.or/fanraight man/gay boy. George "rescues" Harvey, takes him into his home, feeds him, nurtures him and falls in love with him. You can't help but want the best for Harvey who has had a tough few years. I don't think we know enough about George though. Has he ever suspected he was gay or bi? Did he experiment when he was younger? You will really dislike George by the end of this bookhe let his wife deal with the death of [...]

    5.  .Love the premise of the story, and the older married guy with the younger 'little boy lost'. Abit predictable, with some minor typos. Wanted to throttle the brother, and then George at the end . intrigued to know more though.

    6. Some of these reviews are so harsh! For a first effort, I really enjoyed it. The characters could have been deeper, but it had me hooked start to finish (which is what I always look for)

    7. This was my 2nd time reading this b/c I enjoyed it the first time, also b/c it was re-edited & re-tuned :) Ending still got to me. Now on to the 2nd book!

    8. Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.George is a best selling author. He’s thirty-two and seems to be stuck in a loveless marriage. While he and his wife are browsing in a bookstore, George makes the acquaintance of Harvey, a gangly nineteen year old with ill-fitting clothes, sitting on the floor reading George’s latest release. After some small talk and George buying the book for Harvey, George gives Harvey his number. Further discussion about Harvey’ [...]

    9. bianchianita1971/2Questa storia mi ha stupito. Solitamente non amo i tradimenti nei romanzi che leggo ma, in questo caso non mi ha infastidito particolarmente, l'ho trovato, anzi, quasi inevitabile. George è uno scrittore di successo intrappolato però in un matrimonio arido e in una vita che tutto sommato si ripete routinaria, senza particolari scosse finchè un giorno non incontra Harvey. Harvey è giovanissimo ma sta vivendo una vita molto dura che lo ha fatto maturare in fretta; l'attrazion [...]

    10. I was in need of some mm reading so decided to give this book a go, I found it an enjoyable read.George is 32 and a successful writer in a rather dull marriage, he spots Harvey in a bookshop and gifts him a signed copy of his book, when harvey calls him his surprised, but agrees to let him help him out in the office for a few weeks.George is married to a woman, who conveniently has to go away. So George and Harvey get to spend some quality time together. It's a gentle story of two people finding [...]

    11. Maybe 2.5 stars. This was a quick read. Caught a spelling error (principal is the person; not principle, which is a rule). It was a little rushed at the end I thought. Maybe the entire story could have been incorporated in one book instead of two.I also would have liked a bit more of the characters thoughts. It's established that Harvey is gay, but what about George? He just had random thoughts about Harvey. What is George's story with being attracted to Harvey? I want to know more about him and [...]

    12. I was given this book from the author for an honest reviewThis was a great book. I couldn't stop reading it. I felt all kinds on emotions. Some parts tugged at my heart strings and other parts I was like awww, so cute. I love this story and will be reading book 2 and 3 to find out how the George and Harvey story ends.

    13. Life Is So HardWow!! I didn't see George coming into his feelings for Harvey so fast. I love how he wants to take care of Harvey. Not happy about Harvey's brother and what the hell are they going to do about George's wife.

    14. Not a bad read so far. A bit vague with George and his sexuality. He's married and then by the end of the book he's in a realtionship with Harvey!! I'm intreged to see how this plays out!

    15. I love it. The Story is sweet and touching, I couldn't stop reading until I turned the last page. And this heartbreaking momentn't wait to read what will happen next!

    16. I enjoyed this book greatly. The emotions came off the pages and pulled me right into the story. I haven't read the rest of the series yet, but I'm looking forward to finishing this love story.

    17. Excellent start to the series! I got it during a free day but I loved it so much I went on to buy the rest of the books.

    18. a glutton for punishmentphrase of gluttonnoun: glutton for punishment1.a person who is always eager to undertake hard or unpleasant tasks.Hi, my name is Tony - and I am a glutton for punishment! ***2.5 stars rounded up to 3***I hated this story! I hated Harvey. I hated George. I hated Paula and I really fucking hated Leo! The only character I did like was the waitress/owner of the cafe/diner!The fact this was one of the author's first books is why I am giving it a 3 star rating. I read a more re [...]

    19. Recensione di Xania per il blog lettriciimpertinenti.Ringrazio vivamente la cara amica che mi ha suggerito di leggere questo romanzo e sappia che cercherò di renderle il favore con tanto di interessi!!!Fatta questa dedica di apertura inizio a dire che il romanzo non mi è piaciuto. Approssimativo, generico, non mi ha coinvolto nelle vicende dei due protagonisti. La storia dell’uomo più grande, un pezzo d’uomo che farebbe gola a molte donne con il suo fisico asciutto e dall'aspetto piacente [...]

    20. I was a little reluctant to read this book. It's not my particular favourite genre, and there is a lot of M/M romance novels out there on Kindle. For all the great things to come from self-publishing, it has made it more difficult to filter the genuinely good writers from the trash. Most of this genre is just glorified porn. I chose to read this one for two reasons. Firstly because I came by the author on Twitter. I have followed him for a while, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy: someone I [...]

    21. 3.5 StarsHarvey is a down on his luck young adult, is parents died in a fire when he was younger and he has a piece of ish older brother. Then he meets George Lewis, his favorite author and things look to be turning around for him.George Lewis has written plenty of best seller novels. He is happy to know that Harvey is a fan. He wants to help Harvey with any questions he may have for writing his own book. Letting Harvey become his intern, the two men grow close. Though George’s wife doesn’t [...]

    22. Although I'm not a fan of cheating, wether it's in a story or not, I didn't think I was going to enjoy this book as much as Ashley's other books but as I read further and further into the story I realised that the cheating actually plays second fiddle to the love that George and Harvey share . Yes , George is still married but you can tell that somehow George and his wife have drifted apart and he finds love when he's least expecting it .With everything that goes on in Harvey's life , past and p [...]

    23. We have Harvey and George. This is the first of three installments of this series. I read them all back to back in one day. One book ends and leads directly to the next. It is like a novel broken into three parts.George is in a marriage that is pretty much coming to an end. More like roommates than a happy married couple. Paula seems distant and bitchy. For the most part, she is gone during this first part. She want off because her mom is sick and leaves George around.Harvey meets his favorite a [...]

    24. This is one of those books, that I’m glad that I read because I think the series is going to be a great one, but at the same time, I felt a little disappointed at how the story progressed. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the story but I felt like there was just something… missing.I really enjoyed the characters though. I loved how completely different George and Harvey are! I also enjoyed the different things that Mr. John brought into the story that did make it stand out more from som [...]

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