Florist Grump From the New York Times bestselling author of A Root Awakening feisty florist Abby Knight is back with another knotty murder to solve in the next Flower Shop MysteryLife in Bloom Stopping to smell th

  • Title: Florist Grump
  • Author: Kate Collins
  • ISBN: 9780451473431
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the New York Times bestselling author of A Root Awakening, feisty florist Abby Knight is back with another knotty murder to solve in the next Flower Shop MysteryLife in Bloom Stopping to smell the roses should be a must for flower shop owner Abby Knight, but stress has turned her into a major grump While their house is under construction, Abby and her new husband,From the New York Times bestselling author of A Root Awakening, feisty florist Abby Knight is back with another knotty murder to solve in the next Flower Shop MysteryLife in Bloom Stopping to smell the roses should be a must for flower shop owner Abby Knight, but stress has turned her into a major grump While their house is under construction, Abby and her new husband, Marco, are living with her parents, who are driving her nuts Not to mention that everyone has babies on the brain, with her cousin Jillian s bundle of joy popping up in every conversation, and Marco s mother dropping hints that she expects a new sprout from Abby and her son as soon as possible But things get even thornier after a flashy former banker pushes up daisies With a beloved window washer the prime suspect in the murder, other New Chapel shop owners rally around Abby and Marco to prove his innocence With Abby s energy wilting, she has to be on high alert or she and Marco may not live to see their new home

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    One thought on “Florist Grump”

    1. FLORIST GRUMP is a shining example of why the Flower Shop Mystery series by Kate Collins has been optioned for a movie! In a bouquet of sixteen already breathtaking blooms, the addition of blossom number seventeen has filled in this arrangement beautifully. A perfectly well plotted and fun mystery, FLORIST GRUMP is the newest installment in the Flower Shop series which follows protagonist Abby Knight and her floral business, Bloomers Flower Shop. Now married to Marco Salvare, building a new home [...]

    2. Florist Grump is the seventeenth book in the A Flower Shop Mystery series.I really love this series. Well written stories, with fascinating characters that you just want to sit down and visit with.Abby and Marco have been married for seven months and have loved every day and they are having their dream house built. That's the plus side, on the down side, they living at Abby's parents' home till their house is completed. Now Abby loves her parents, but it is difficult to move back into their and [...]

    3. Sexual Content: NoneLanguage (Profanity/Slang) Content: None/NegligibleViolent Content: ModerateI've never 'seen' Abby in her present state of mind, though I can relate to a some of her reasoning for it. As the title says, she's a grump. There are personal and professional things Abby has to work out, and I'm confident that once this case is wrapped up, she'll find the balance she needs on all fronts.Usually we see Jillian and Maureen (Abby's mother) in a more humorous light, this time it's as t [...]

    4. Dollycas’s ThoughtsAbby Knight Salvare is one grumpy florist these days but frankly I can see her point. Moving into your parents house as an adult no matter how temporary can cause some major drama. You’re an adult and have lived on your own and suddenly your parents are treating like a teenager wanting to know what time you will be home and tracking you down when you stay out until what they consider is too late. When you are investigating a murder that can have dire consequences. Jillian [...]

    5. For the 17th book in the series, Kate Collins is still inventing fresh ways to die, plot twists that work, and cute characters. I’m really impressed that she has kept the series moving along and has not lost any of the cuteness from her older books. The only one who was PMSing all book was Abby – the main character. The title was completely fitting for the heroine, but she came across as so unlikable in this book, that I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to race out to read the next insta [...]

    6. Well, what can I say. This is one of my absolute favorite series and whenever a new book comes out it is automatically on my buy and TBR list. That is because Kate Collins never disappoints. This is the 17th installment in the series and she keeps finding new mysteries for Abby and her now husband Marco to solve. This is a well written story that has a great pace. Kate Collins writes wonderful characters that have wit, warmth, humor, and are written with emotion. All of the characters in this se [...]

    7. Abby Knight Salvare is the owner of Bloomers Flower Shop and business is booming, but Abby has a lot on her plate and she's been cranky lately. She, her husband Marco and their dog Seedy are temporarily living in Abby's parents house while their house is being built. Every little thing is getting on Abby's nerves, including her workers Grace and Lottie, who suggest Abby offer their part time help Rosa a full time position. Marco and Abby are partners in a detective agency and when a banker is mu [...]

    8. Abby and Marco are living with her parents while their new house is being built. Occupying her old bedroom in her childhood home has turned Abby into a sulking, grouchy teenager, and her attitude is noticed by all. Abby's Mom pesters her nonstop about the new book she is writing, but Abby mostly ignores her texts. Marco tries to be supportive, but he too can see Abby is being unreasonable at times. Work is busy, she is short-handed, and stressed-out to the max. When the local window washer on th [...]

    9. I really do like the mystery aspect of this series but Abby has always kind of made me want to smack her. This particular installment that feeling is ten times worse. She came off as a petulant little brat. I get that moving back in with your parents, especially after you're married, is a bitressful. However, if I were Marco, or pretty much anyone in her circle, I would have told her to grow up, put on her big girl pants and quit acting like a spoiled brat.That being said, I liked the mystery as [...]

    10. I am so so very glad that I requested this book via interlibrary loan. It was the absolutely perfect book to be reading yesterday while feeling ill. At this point I find reading about Abby calming and reassuring -- yes, even when she's in the middle of a murder investigation. I'm very much enjoying reading about Abby at this point in her life and relationship with Marco -- there's far less self-doubt and shenanigans -- even though her life is, of course, less than perfect or settled.I wish I cou [...]

    11. Of course, it's hard for Abby and her husband Marco to live with her parents while their new house is being built. But although she's busy with her growing florist business and her work with her husband's detective agency, she really has no excuse for acting like a bratty teenager. She even resents her new employee (for being too good at her job). And she takes reckless chances when the friendly local window-washer is accused of murdering the town's new bank vice-president.

    12. Liked this series for the longest time, but this is my last one. Abby came across as a petulant child in this one instead of trying to make the best of the short-term situation she was in. The one before this one wasn't that great either. Onto a new series!

    13. The end had me tearing up a little.😂 on another note I want to punch Rosa. Grace and Lottie wonder why Abby’s jealous it’s because they don’t really give her much attention anymore!

    14. Florist Grump by Kate Collins is the 17th book in the Flower Shop Mystery series. Abby and Marco are hired to help clear Jingles, the window washer, who is accused of the murder of a banker. Abby's grumpy and childish behaviour spoilt the book for me, which was otherwise interesting. Her behaviour was mean and hurtful and very unlike her usual self. It was nice to catch up with everyone but it was not one of the better books in the series.

    15. openbooksociety/article/flFlorist GrumpA Flower Shop Mystery #17Author: Kate CollinsISBN13: 9780451473431Author website: katecollinsbooks/Brought to you by OBS reviewer KaytSynopsis:From the New York Times bestselling author of A Root Awakening, feisty florist Abby Knight is back with another knotty murder to solve in the next Flower Shop Mystery…Life in BloomStopping to smell the roses should be a must for flower shop owner Abby Knight, but stress has turned her into a major grump. While thei [...]

    16. This book is aptly named - for most of the story Abby is a grump! She complains about her family and feels overwhelmed at work. She'd rather spend her time with husband, Marco. It's hard to sympathize with someone whose business is booming, whose family supports her, who has loyal staff and a loving husband and who is building her dream home. What kept me reading? The mystery is good - a character the town knows as a down-on-his-luck window washer called Jingles is accused of murdering someone f [...]

    17. Moving back home can be an undertaking for all involved, but throw in a new husband, a rescue dog and a talent for finding trouble and you have the makings for a new adventure for sleuth-solving, flower shop owner Abby Knight Salvare.Saving money to build a new home, Abby and her husband Marco move into her childhood bedroom of her parent’s home. The stress of family togetherness has Abby on edge.The tension mounts when an employee of the savings and loan is found murdered and the authorities [...]

    18. Abby Knight-Salvare is picking up breakfast for herself and her employees at Blossoms just as the police arrive and approaches a man sitting up on a park bench. She is roughly jostled by a woman in a big hurry and Seedy, her little 3 legged dog, is straining at the leash to get at what looks like a man’s tie in a bush. Her police friend Riley informs her that the dead man is a banker and his body must have been placed on the bench by someone during the night. Jingles is an older man that has b [...]

    19. I picked this one up to fulfill a space on a sheet for my local library's adult winter reading challenge. I've seen the Abby Knight flower series on Hallmark's movie & mystery channel; and though I know that a book is different from a TV adaption, I thought I'd like this. I see that it's part of a series & have not read anything else by this author. Not loving this one at all, but since I've read through other reviews, I will try one more. I thought the plot just kind of went on and on. [...]

    20. Abbey Salvare has reached her limit. She is incredibly stressed over her business, time restraints on her relationships and the fact that her and Marco are living with her overbearing parents. To add to her worries, a man is discovered strangled in front of the courthouse and the main suspect is the sweet, local window washer whom everyone adores. As Abbey and Marco take on the investigation, they uncover some secrets, run into some interesting characters and learn some valuable lessons along th [...]

    21. This is the seventeenth book in this series. Abby and Marco are married and have decided to move in with Abby’s parents while their new house is under construction. To say that Abby is stressed out would be an understatement. It seems like everything that anyone does drives Abby crazy. While Abby is on her way to her flower shop, she sees a crowd gathering and soon realizes that the police are investigating a dead body. It is not long before it is discovered that the victim had a history with [...]

    22. New York Times bestselling author Kate Collins has written another exciting, fun, and totally charming flower shop mystery. Abby, the spunky, red headed detective / flower shop owner, deals with multiple stresses - moving back into her parents’ house with her hunky new hubby Marco, booming business at Bloomers, wacky cousin Jillian’s new-mom crises, and, of course, a murder mystery to solve. It’s not surprising that our favorite florist is a grump! There is some part of Abby that we can al [...]

    23. This book in the series is the worst one by far. Abby does nothing but whine how busy her life is etc. She and Marco are now married and they live with her parents while their house is being built. She is rude to her mom, co-workers and just about everyone else. Lottie and Grace tell her they need to have more help and Rosa should be made full time. She is hesitant to do this because Abby has the maturity level of a 2 year old and thinks they like Rosa more than her. Yes, there is a murder and s [...]

    24. 4 and a half stars!I love this series. Instead of becoming stale or boring after 17 instalments, it becomes more interesting with each new book. Abby's family and friends grow, refreshing the cast, and each murder mystery is new and exciting to me.In this book, Abby is feeling overworked and grumpy. Her business has grown wildly successful, her marriage to the man of her dreams is going well, and they are building their dream house, so why is she feeling so cranky and listless? Staying with her [...]

    25. Florist Grump is simply genius!! The characters are wonderful and diverse. The mystery is enthralling. The action is intense. Even if you have never read any of the other books in this series, you will not be lost. Author Kate Collins does a wonderful job of getting the reader caught up without ever boring. So many side topics are touched on here, but in a manner that just flows. Family, parents, estrangements, love, relationships of all kinds - friends, family, marriage and so much more are del [...]

    26. My love of puns clouded my judgement and I kept reading what turned out to be a murder mystery (I jumped past all the cover matter once the pun made me smile). The pun turned out to be the best part for me. The florist struck me as a whiny, immature diva. And while there were several good leads to various possible bad guys, I didn't really care whodunit. The town was bordering on saccharin, but given the chance I'd opt to live among such nice people. Even the bad guy wasn't murderously bad *semi [...]

    27. I'm not sure how I feel about this installment in the series. Abby was a real brat, and it made it hard to like her, even though she is the heroine. The killer was fairly obvious, and for anyone who has ever seen an episode of The Big Bang Theory, eye roll worthy. I did kind of like the reveal at the end that this is a series within a series, with Abby's mother being the author of it all. That was cute. However, I would have liked it better if that was in the final book ever, and since there is [...]

    28. The mystery’s the fun part of these series, but in this installment, it’s the best part. When a dead banker turns up in the town square, her fellow storeowners turn to Abby and Marcos for help clearing the name of the local window washer. Abby’s torn between wanting to investigate and her other responsibilities, a stress that she shares with the reader throughout the whole story. All the other characters from Seedy the dog to Rosa, the new employee are entertaining and human, and yeah, may [...]

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