Hostage Taker From Edgar award winning author Stefanie Pintoff comes a series of electrifying thrillers featuring Eve Rossi head of a secret division of the FBI made up of ex criminals For readers of Robert Crais

  • Title: Hostage Taker
  • Author: Stefanie Pintoff
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From Edgar award winning author Stefanie Pintoff comes a series of electrifying thrillers featuring Eve Rossi, head of a secret division of the FBI made up of ex criminals For readers of Robert Crais and Lisa Gardner.A group of strangers are taken hostage inside Saint Patrick s Cathedral, and all of Manhattan is poised to react When it becomes clear that the centuries olFrom Edgar award winning author Stefanie Pintoff comes a series of electrifying thrillers featuring Eve Rossi, head of a secret division of the FBI made up of ex criminals For readers of Robert Crais and Lisa Gardner.A group of strangers are taken hostage inside Saint Patrick s Cathedral, and all of Manhattan is poised to react When it becomes clear that the centuries old cathedral itself is in peril, Eve Rossi and her team of ex cons are tasked with identifying the mastermind behind this dastardly plot.

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    One thought on “Hostage Taker”

    1. This was a shot of adrenaline. Nothing like a little action thriller to launch the new year.It's New York City, nearing Christmas at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Someone has locked its doors before the 7am mass and has taken hostages. First demand is that Special Agent Eve Rossi, be the negotiator. With her own life in the midst of unravelling, so unfolds the negotiations to release the hostages. A special unit,Vidocq, is set up. It’s a group consisting of ex-criminals-each with their own area o [...]

    2. Pintoff's last three novels (which I have read) have been historical mysteries, and I enjoyed them all. Was a little apprehensive and maybe a little disappointed when I read that this one was set in current times, but since I love this author's writing, I though why not give it a try? So very glad I did. This was fast paced, a super charged thriller, tense, suspenseful and thankfully for this reader, the start of a new series.The Vidocq Unit, headed by Eve Rossi, a hostage negotiator, comes toge [...]

    3. After requesting and being approved for Hostage Taker by Netgalley, I had "buyer's remorse" -- reading the description again, I thought the last thing I need is another mediocre book to read when there are so many good books I want to get to. But this was a surprisingly good read -- a light but tight and well crafted suspenseful book. The title does a good job of describing what this book is about. An unspecified number of people are taken hostage at Saint-Andrews Cathedral in New York by an unk [...]

    4. Good book, great characters that I look forward to reading about again, intense storyline and an ending that I did not see coming. But, I took off a star due to the length of the book. 430+pages that were just too long. I realize the author is setting up a series and is introducing all the characters as well as solving a complex crime but for me, a few things could have been shortened and maybe told in subsequent novels.

    5. Hostage Taker is the latest book by Stefanie Pintoff and the first in a new series featuring Eve Rossi, Profiler and Hostage Negotiator for the FBI and her VIDOCQ team. From the very start, this book had my complete and total attention. The suspense of holding a historic landmark, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, during the holiday season and the balance of an unknown number of hostages for unknown reasons makes me want to continue on and find the answers. I thought I knew who and wha [...]

    6. 4.5 starsluckily I don't feel obliged to summarize the plot(which I suck at doing in my reviews) because the synopsis is almost in the titleis is a taut thriller and Pintoff is great at pacing and characterizationso when the reader seems to breathe a sigh of relief at a successful conclusion the author throws another twist just to put you back to the edge of your seat. I am impressed at how much showing and little telling there is in this novel, yet the writing style doesn't interfere with the r [...]

    7. Thanks to netgalley, Stefanie Pintoff, and Random House/Ballantine for the advance ATC for my review.If you saw a crime occurring, say a mugging?Would freeze, be unable to respond to the situation.Would you come to the aid of the victim. Call 911, immediately before you do anything else.Do nothing, just continue to watch.Record it, while doing nothing and later post it on social media.Well strap yourself in, get comfortable and learn just what one troubled person did after witnessing a mugging. [...]

    8. A special thank you to Random House/Ballantine and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.The HOSTAGE TAKERby Stefanie Pintoff, a new riveting urban contemporary series, featuring Eve Rossi negotiator FBI agent for an intense suspense roller-coaster crime thriller ride.What starts as a shooting outside of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan revolves into a dangerous and complex hostage situation. At stake are not only the lives of the hostages but the fate of the most iconic ch [...]

    9. I received an ARC copy from for an honest opinion. My thanks to Stefanie Pintoff and .Hostage Taker by Stefanie Pintoff starts off with a bang and grabs your interest from the get-go. If there is ever to be the possibility of such a hostage situation, you know it would be in New York City. One wouldn't necessarily think that it would take place at St. Patrick's Cathedral, but it certainly works here. A little architectural history by the author rounds out the setting and evokes a visualization [...]

    10. I was literally holding onto my seat while riding the rails on this journey! I'm finally able to breathe now that I've finished the book. Someone takes over St. Patrick's Cathedral holding hostages and why? The reason was totally jacked up, but apparently the hostage taker was as well. And, you will never guess who it is. This book was entertaining almost from the very first page. I just sped through this one, it was that good. And the way he would do the hostages was very different and intrigui [...]

    11. This was a wild roller coaster ride of twists and turns from the very beginning and I sure didn't see that ending coming! Someone has taken hostages at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York and has no problem killing them if his demands aren't met. One of them is that FBI Agent Eve Rossi be the one he talks to. He's also demanding five "witnesses", as he calls them. But witnesses to what? What does The Hostage Taker want them to witness? What is their connection to the man! Exactly what is the mot [...]

    12. This book is a solid 4.5 stars. Engaging and suspenseful throughout. The cast of characters is a likeable group of ruffians but I found their backstories just made the book more interesting. Just when you think you have it all figured out- bam! there is a new twist! I have the second in the series checked out from the library and hope to get to it soon. Definitely recommend!

    13. A lot of loose ends which will probably come closer together as the series evolves. That said, I would read another one, but found the ending a bit of a mess. Unpredictable, but still messy. The beginning was stronger but left many unresolved points. Provided by netgalley

    14. Seriously. This is SUCH a great book! I love the colorful characters, the action, the complexity. One of my favorite narrating experiences.

    15. A 'Hostage Taker' has taken over St Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. He has hostages and won't reveal his demands until FBI profiler, Eve Rossi is called to the scene. As Federal and local authorities gather at the scene, tempers are getting shorter. A hostage is allowed out on the steps and when a NYC negotiator approaches the hostage , she is murdered by a sniper.No one can get a handle on the situation because the hostage taker hasn't revealed his demands. Eve assembles a strange team, 4 people wh [...]

    16. Hostage Taker by Stefanie Pintoff 5 StarsA spellbinding ride with a misfit group of FBI agents in a hostage situation in New York City.I was instantly gripped at the start of this tense thriller. We begin outside of St. Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan where a traumatised woman holds up a sign saying, ‘Help Me.’ What follows is a fast paced, action packed story with lots of ‘edge of your seat’ moments. Eve Rossi, FBI agent, has to manage this tense hostage situation and what a strong char [...]

    17. (3 1/2) I was impressed enough with this book that I am going to look at Pintoff's back writings to check them out. This is a very exciting book, and having grown up in New York City gives it an even stronger connection. Eve Rossi is a real good character, but the diversity of her supporting cast and the quality of the bad guys in this one takes it a step further. It starts out a tiny bit slow but is pretty damn hard to put down after page 50 or so. I look forward to another installment here.

    18. First Sentence: What are you guilty of?It’s Christmastime in New York City, and almost time for tree in Rockefeller Center to be lit, but it’s going to be late this year. Across the street a woman is shot in front of the doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Rather than random violence, she has been planted there by someone who has taken over the landmark Cathedral, sealed it off, and is demanding that FBI agent Eve Rossi bring him five “witnesses” or he will kill more hostages and destroy [...]

    19. Chilling This was a very good thriller. The storyline: a hostage taker holds several people inside St Patrick's Cathedral in New York just before Christmas. But the motive is unclear, even to the crack hostage negotiator, Eve Rossi, who is brought into the situation at the behest of the hostage taker.I liked the way the author introduced all of the "good guy" characters--several of whom are not your typical good guys at all. Being fascinated by cathedrals, I felt worried not only for the hostage [...]

    20. Excellent, edge of the chair novel. Hostage taking is always a nearly impossible situation and this book does a great job of developing both possibilities, do what the hostage taker asks for, and design escape plans. Hope there is another Eve Rossi story in the writing

    21. I received this as a free pre-release from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book takes place within the span of 18 hours or so, and you can feel the tension in that time. Eve Rossi, on bereavement leave from the FBI, is called back into the field by a hostage-taker who has booby-trapped St. Patrick's Cathedral right in the heart of New York City. She calls in her band of misfit toys, otherwise known as former cons given a chance to redeem themselves by working for, instead of aga [...]

    22. It's Christmastime in Manhattan and a hostage taker has forced the cancellation of the annual tree lighting festivities at Rockefeller Center. Directly across the street, inside iconic Saint Patrick's Cathedral, 10 hostages are captives and the Cathedral is wired with military grade explosives. There is no way in or out unless the rumors of secret tunnels and rooms beneath the Cathedral are actually true. The unidentified hostage taker makes an immediate demand, contact with FBI hostage negotiat [...]

    23. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan– a popular destination for tourists – has been taken over, and those inside it are now hostages. When the hostage taker asks for FBI Agent Eve Rossi specifically, Eve is called in off of grievance leave and forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse. The single bizarre demand made by the hostage taker is that 5 particular people be brought before him as witnesses or he will blow the Cathedral and its hostages; he then cuts communication. Eve calls [...]

    24. Hostage Taker starts off with a bang, literally. Hostages are killed from the beginning so you know when the Hostage Taker says he will kill more hostages and even blow up St. Patrick's Cathedral if his demands are not met, that he is serious. Eve Rossi is an FBI hostage negotiator who used to work with a rag tag team of criminals, but is now on extended leave. She is forced back into action and starts a cat and mouse game with the Hostage Taker that she must win. She and her team all have secre [...]

    25. My hopes were high with such stellar reviews, and what appeared to be a good, exciting plot line at the start. Someone has taken over St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC and is executing terrified hostages. FBI agent Eve Rossi is specifically requested as a negotiator by the hostage taker.But I found the writing pedestrian, the characterizations and plotting unbelievable, and my eyes glazed over several times as I read to the end. I wanted to see what the twist ending I had been reading of was all ab [...]

    26. I loved this suspense thriller from the first page to the last. People (too) often refer to a novel a page turner; this one really is. I couldn't put it down (except when I had to and then I rushed back as quickly as I could). I finished it in two days and I don't read quickly. I don't want to say too much about the story because there are twists and turns at every step and I don't want to give any of them away. If you're looking for a great read, this won't disappoint!

    27. A solid suspense thriller that moved pretty fast. I really liked Eve and her team of misfits and look forward to future installments in this series. Hopefully we will get a little more about each character. That was the only thing that I would have liked more of. The ending was a good twist, did not see that coming.

    28. This is a highly fueled story of a man who takes St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC hostage and requests a specific negotiator to work with him. Her crew is comprised of an interesting collection of individuals who all have a criminal past. There were some holes in the plot, but I found it to be a great action novel.

    29. Interesting story about St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC being the setting of a hostage situation. Convoluted story.

    30. I can't wait to read the second in this series featuring hostage negotiator, Eve Rossi, and her interesting team!

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