Brett s Little Headaches Single mom Laurie Payne was just looking forward to a nice summer morning in the park with her boys She wasn t expecting to meet the gruff but too sexy for his own good Billionaire Brett Cantone who s

  • Title: Brett's Little Headaches
  • Author: Jordan Silver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Single mom Laurie Payne was just looking forward to a nice summer morning in the park with her boys She wasn t expecting to meet the gruff but too sexy for his own good Billionaire Brett Cantone who seemed to have a chip on his shoulder The two butt heads on first sight until Brett s body has a very telling reaction to her nearness when she gets in his face Now this oveSingle mom Laurie Payne was just looking forward to a nice summer morning in the park with her boys She wasn t expecting to meet the gruff but too sexy for his own good Billionaire Brett Cantone who seemed to have a chip on his shoulder The two butt heads on first sight until Brett s body has a very telling reaction to her nearness when she gets in his face Now this over possessive alpha is hot on her tail, and doesn t plan to let up until he gets what he wants The hot young mother under him.

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    One thought on “Brett's Little Headaches”

    1. Soooooo basically, I am going to be lazy and not do my usual review, so meh.A typical JS really, yes a HEA, no cheating etc.And in GIF form, I shall give you the basic plot!The hero comes along and is all sexy like, apparentlyThen is over the top possessive.The heroine is all:whilst being all At the same time.A life follows filled with lots of children and lots of money!The end!Yet, I cannot stop reading JS books, no idea why, they are rather addicting. But they do need some serious editing.

    2. Reread 8/6/16This is one of my favorite JS books. I love Brett and how he is with Laurie's boys. Original review Nov 2015Well, I just popped my Jordan Silver cherryYes people, this is my first Jordan Silver book. I wasn't sure what to expect. What I got was laughter, some HOT sex scenes, two cute little boys, one hard working mom, and one OTT male and I mean OVER THE TOP!Brett just steam rolled his way into Laurie's lifeAnd I loved every minute of it!You know, in real life, this guy would be one [...]

    3. NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS BOOK ITS JUST ME I thought her being a single mom would have been my major issue with this book. Turns out I was wrong! It was not but what really bothered me. It was that the Heroine got pregnant at 15 years old!!! And she has a loving father figure in her life so this did not make any sense to me here. I guess she was just THAT IN LOVE (she wasn't) OR THAT HORNY!Either way it bothered me! Sorry, can't get over that. I know most people now a days have sex at that age and [...]

    4. Jordan Silver is known for her sexy, OTT alpha males and boy did she go all out with this one. When I finished reading it, I laughed because I had no idea how to rate this book. This guy was bat shit crazy. In real life, any girl would have been running for the hills. Brett’s a hot young multi-billionaire having a very bad week. He goes to a park and get’s in an argument with a 19 year old, single mother of twin boys named Laurie. He then decides he wants her, not just in the sack. For good. [...]

    5. I really liked this story. Thought it was so sweet! But it would not be a JS book without hot sex!Loved Brett, the dog, the kids (chaos and mayhem - not their real names) and Laurie. Brett's inner monologues are hilarious. Especially the ones pointed to his ex-dog!!!! It is an easy, stress free read. No angst or drama.

    6. 2.5 to 3 starsDon't think it is necessary to do a long review. I think if you love this author, you will love this.

    7. Billionaire Brett Cantone is not have a good week, in fact it has left him surly and intolerable around others. When he sees two toddler making their way to his dog, he is ready to lash out at their mother. Single mom Laurie Payne sometimes thinks her two little hooligans don't understand the word no. Now they are playing with an unfamiliar dog and she is trying to get them away only to get scolded by the owner. Hackles rise and Laurie lays into Brett finger waving and all, Laurie doesn't know i [...]

    8. Just silly really. I like an OTT possessive alpha as much as the next girl but seriously? No one acts like that.

    9. Oh god, this hero was certifiable. Lmao. He's crazy OTT and not in a hot way. You can't really take this too seriously since it seems more like a woman's fantasy. The poor single mother who is barely making ends meet mets a hot, rich billionaire who falls instantly in love with her and her little boys and wants to give them the world. It was eye-roll worthy but an entertaining read for a couple hours.Another note, this badly needs an editor! Formatting was all messed up, dialogues were being sep [...]

    10. Outrageous and OTT 3.5****I enjoyed it (in book world lol)Brett is certifiable and Laurie knows this.He is a very rich man, and she is a hard working single parent of adorable 3 year old twins.They meet at a park and the middle of some insults between the two, Brett totally loses his mind.This is a quick ride, with just another JS OTT everything man and the woman that has no choice but to hang on.

    11. The story was cute enough but the hero and heroine meet and they snipe back and forth with each other and then all of a sudden the hero is in love with our heroine and her two little boys. It was just "ah-ha", "she turns me on, so I love her". It really didn't work with me. The hero was super possessive (which I don't mind too much) but his just seemed majorly OTT. It was super insta love right away and I didn't buy it.However, I did like how he was all about the boys' being his right away. I th [...]

    12. A testement to Jordan Silver's storytelling abilities is she can have me love a book which has triggers I avoid.Heroine in this book has twins after having sex only once with a friend who abandoned her. Normally I would avoid tropes like this. In fact I only recently didn't finish a book with a similar trope but the storytelling was so compelling in this book that this trope didn't annoy me. Loved seeing how caveman like the hero was. He saw the heroine, fell in love with her and wasted no time [...]

    13. The alpha male in this story is extreme. At one point I thought his actions might be considered bullying but it wasn't because he was just too sweet with it. I smiled and laughed my way through the stories and loved how he got affected by the pregnancy. Great epilogue?

    14. This book is absurd. It’s completely ridiculous and absolutely outrageous. And I loved it.So first you need to understand that this books is complete and total fiction so if you want realism (even a little bit) in your books do not read this, you won’t be able to enjoy it. Take it as a paranormal/fantasy book where the shifter/vampire/cyborg/alien/whatever not completely human finds his mate with only a look, and then goes completely bonkers over-protectively. If you like those kind of books [...]

    15. *3.75* I stopped reading JS books because she'd gone the serial route, and then her alphas were usually big assholes with no redeeming sweet side. However, this book was different. Brett was alpha, possessive and overly jealous, but he had a whole lot of sweet. He can also be psychotically obsessive, but since it's fiction, I decided to roll with it especially the insta-insta-love in this one, so be warned.I found this book humorous actually, Brett's inner monologue made me LOL a couple of times [...]

    16. What can I say it's classic Jordan Silver? Love her insta love, take every hole, 12 inch cock, perfect men. The perfect fix for a night in bed just remember to leave the panties in the drawCheck out my reviews at

    17. What the hell did I just read? Because of the lack of editing I couldn't make head nor tail of half of what was written. I got the OTT alpha bordering on a stalker and a young single mum, but by then I had lost interest.How an unedited book can get the ratings it is getting is totally beyond me.

    18. ha. totally not realistic. meeting a guy, let alone a multi billionaire and having him want you and your kids within hours of meeting. but hey, that what these books are for and I loved the fantasy. Brett was your typical alpha while Laurie was a cute cautious little thing as she should be. it was entertaining and cute watching Brett go crazy over her and the kids.

    19. This was a really sweet cute story poor Brett didn't know what hit him on all counts lol you would think a guy could have a peaceful day at the park with his dog but nooooo lol I really liked this book :)

    20. This book was just so over the top, over the top, that I can't even wrap my head around it! The extreme alpha male with a hint (or a truckload) of crazy stirred together with some funny as shit reasoning and use of language is Jordan Silver's trademark by now.This time was no different, which I of course love! Ain't nothing like it when you're in the mood. But our hero Brett in this book is totally batshit, should-be-locked-up, crazy. He's so ridiculously jealous, possessive and bossy that I jus [...]

    21. The beginning of this book was promising, for page and a half it was fun, but then it went downhill really fast. The main character was borderline psychotic, with obsessive personality and criminal intentions. This book reads as prepubescent girl fantasy with all stereotypes and cliches you can think of. Do not recommend it to anybody

    22. Wow, mixed emotions.The h is a very young single mother of twins boys (who are very cute) and she meets cute with the H. He proceeds to go from irritated to INSTA-LOVE in about 30 seconds. The rest of the book is the H railroading and stalking wooing the h. He is not just an alpha male he is pretty much a full on stalker except he has a nice family and some charm. I can't just give it 1 star as it has moments of great humor and charm. The hero is quite funny and self-deprecating, but he is still [...]

    23. FIVE STARSSSSS TIMES FIVE!!!Hahaha. This is the best Jordan Silver for me. It's not too short like most of the books I have of her and not too long like The Gambler. But what I love about it the most was that it was a no-mind-fuckery kind of book; just plain old love affair that sizzled with high-strung intimate tension. MY KIND OF LOVE STORY.In the past few weeks of binge-reading, I was bombarded with tons of drama, crazy plots, and over-the-top sex in the sack that I could almost feel my brain [...]

    24. Super quick, insta-love story! I like Laurie & Brett for the most part, and the story was really good (and not as plagued w/ editing issues as some others I've read by the same author, so that was good, too!). Altho we get more of Brett than Laurie in this story (I love when the guy has a voice in the story!!), so I understood where he was coming from, I still thought he crossed a couple of lines in the Alpha-male category. The fine line between being super-Alpha-protective and steamrolling [...]

    25. Liked "Passion" and hated "The Billionaire." So, it's been hit and miss between me and Silver. Thankfully, "Brett's Little Headaches" is a hit:) One of my favorite things about Silver is the humor she injects in the stories. "I'm looking for that little tag thing they put on people when they let them out of the crazy house for a day, because it wouldn't be fair to kick your ass if you're loony toons." ^ Yes, our Brett is a little cray-cray but in the sweetest way possible. Silver also writes one [...]

    26. 5 stars for uniqueness, humor and just being high on life. A treasure of a little book that finds a "multi-billionaire (MB)" young man encountering a teen mother and her twin three year old boys at the park. A feisty dressing down by the young woman (who turns out to be a struggling single mom) over the MB's dog running around loose around her boys results almost instantly in the MB seeing his future life and family mapped out before his eyes. And, by the end of the book you will be exhausted as [...]

    27. I stopped reading Jordan Silver books bc the H is abusive toward the h and throws tantrums. This was recommended to me as a different read than previous Jordan Silver books and it was fantastic. The H is super possessive and obsessive but also incredibly sweet. I enjoyed the heck out of this one and hope Ms. Silver will continue to write stories like this.

    28. LOVE this book!!!Jordan Silver has the most amazing gift.Thank the Great Spirit she's into sharing. absolutely adore Brett,we all want one like him. I hope we get to hear more from that family. Jordan, you make my world so much funnier with your gift. Thank you.

    29. This book was ridiculous and the hero was an absolute psyco, it was badly edited and the misuse of paragraphs drove me crazy. that being said I couldn't stop reading! it was a fun, short sexy read and if you love your alphas who are over the top crazy then you will love it.

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