on Goodreads You ve probably found your way to this book page because you read a lot and review the books you read on If so here s your chance to review your entire reading and reviewing history and post it

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  • You ve probably found your way to this book page because you read a lot and review the books you read on If so, here s your chance to review your entire 2014 reading and reviewing history and post it on this page so that others can see what your reading year was like Together, all the reviews of this title should make an interesting and varied catalogue of bookYou ve probably found your way to this book page because you read a lot and review the books you read on If so, here s your chance to review your entire 2014 reading and reviewing history and post it on this page so that others can see what your reading year was like Together, all the reviews of this title should make an interesting and varied catalogue of books to inspire other readers in 2015.

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    1. this is a great idea, so thank you fionnuala for setting this up!i read 290 books in 2014, so there's no way i'm gonna rank them all in order of appreciation - that way lies madness and all. but overall, it was a good year for reading. here's how it broke down:five stars: 52four stars: 96three stars: 110two stars: 5one star: 3not rated: 24books read at an author's request - 9books read at a friend's request - 14number of retweets or appreciative comments/emails from authors - 40number of authors [...]

    2. This write-your-own-version of 2014 on was created and reviewed on January First, 2015 by Fionnuala Lirsdottir.I started 2014 with the intention of reading mostly short stories. Instead, I picked up Miss MacIntosh, My Darling: Volume One, which, at almost 300 000 words, is probably one of the longest books I have ever read. It turned out to be just one of a series of very long books read in 2014. Long and difficult as Miss MacIntosh is, it is tattooed on my heart forever, and ok, I suffered a b [...]

    3. Okay, so far I understand the idea is to expose our reading experience during the 2014 so let's buckle up!!! Here we go!!!This stats, sums and personal awards are based solely in the books that I was able to read during 2014, not matter if they were published in that year or not.2014 RATINGS' STATSBooks with 5 stars: 28Books with 4 stars: 45Books with 3 stars: 28Books with 2 stars: 9Books with 1 star: None2014 Average Rating: 4 stars2014 READINGS' STATSNovels: 56Comic books or Graphic Novels: 3 [...]

    4. Last year I mostly read science books, and found some very good ones. It was close, but I think my favorite was Susskind's "Theoretical Minimum" series (Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics), which present the best introduction to quantum mechanics I've ever seen. Another outstanding book was Fry's The Emergence of Life on Earth. Peebles's Physical Cosmology and Principles of Physical Cosmology were very difficult but also very rewarding. Tegmark's Our Mathematical Universe was slightly ins [...]

    5. I think I will call 2014 The Year I Pulled A Bunch of Books Off My Shelf and Actually Read Them.Indeed, I have been making an effort to try and read books I already own, instead of getting distracted by new stuff (OOH! SHINY!) or checking out titles from the library on a whim.I'm not going to list everything I read this year, but some books that I have been meaning to read for a while and finally finished in 2014 were:City of Thieves by David Benioff -- I loved this caper novel set during the Si [...]

    6. When Fionnuala published this book and her review, I thought it was a grand idea, and emulated her. My way of doing so, however, was to do so creating another book, authored by Spirally Kalliope. I got Likes (thank you) and Comments (double thank you) deleted it, however, which I understand. But they did not warn me, which I do not understand.Anyway, here it is, and as part of my signature, the Cover for the review is the Cover from the deleted book. Since in my reading of 2014, the Italian and [...]

    7. I'm joining the bandwagon of Fionnuala's idea for looking back at my reading over the last year. The result is to crystalise my joy at what I've read, and appreciation of my friends here on GR. Overall, I've read some wonderful things this year, and the very best was last: Stoner, but I immediately started rereading, so it's still flagged as "currently reading", and awaiting a review.I read in my usual, undirected way: it was mostly fiction, and mostly novels, but there was no overriding theme, [...]

    8. I just realized I never did a 2014 year in review. As I prepare to do my 2017 year in review, here is a look back on 2014.Only my second full year on . I only give it 4 starts because I didn't have a whole lot of 5 star reads that year. But, I was also lucky that I didn't have any 1 star reads!Below is a format I started with my 2016 review and I like the general visualization it gives.Best book this year: Worst book this year: Pleasant surprises: Expected more: Series I liked:Series I hated:

    9. 2014 was a pretty good year, reading-wise. 79 books marked as read, a few more re-reads not making the list, some wonderful new discoveries and revisiting some old favorites.Best discoveries:- I think my favorite discovery this year - and I'm not in the least ashamed to admit it - was The Martian by Andy Weir. This was the book that I listened to on audiobook TWICE immediately after reading it; the treasure chest of dorky humor that seemed to have been written just for me. Loved it, loved it, lo [...]

    10. a year of reading This (book? review?) is a narrative. As such it embraces Truth in a way that it would not, were it a dry cataloging of fact. A year of reads, split evenly (almost) between fiction and "fact" (non-fiction).January started with a bang, three great novels: The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, Troubles and Stoner. February was highlighted by (finally) finishing an important Worldwatch book, State of the World 2013 Is Sustainability Still Possible. March winds brought war, a classic novel [...]

    11. اوائل سال 2014 کتاب بادبادک باز رو شروع کردمصبحها تو یک مسیر طولانی که به یک کار لعنتی ختم میشد ، توی مینی بوس و سرما این کتاب رو میخوندم از 6 صبح میرفتم سرکار تا حدوداً ساعت 10 شب و هیچ روزی هم تعطیلی نداشتم ، تنها دلخوشیم این بود که تو وقتای بیکاریم و رفت و آمدم بتونم کتاب بخونم ، آ [...]

    12. 20 best reads of the year (of about 160 or so read): John the Posthumous The Mystery of the SardineAnother governess the least blacksmith Ancient history Lookout CartridgeThe Stones of SummerFinnegans Wake Miss MacIntosh My DarlingWomen and Men Take Five HeartsnatcherThe Beautiful Mrs. SeidenmanTurtle DiaryTake it or leave itGeorge MillsBeyond the Bedroom WallLillelordSeiobo there belowAgainst the Day Apikoros SleuthThis was a year full great big mammoth tomes for me, and a year in which I disco [...]

    13. ★★ Best and worst books of 2014 ★★→Inspired by Kat's post←►Number of books read: 198 ♦ 5-star ratings: 40♦ 1-star ratings: 17♦ DNFs: 840 books rated 5 stars! 40! There goes my bad girl reputation^^►Genre you read the most: UF & fantasy►Best books read in 2014:Any book in the Kate Daniels series ►Worst/most disappointing books I read in 2014: ►Book that made me want to unleash my rage:►Surprisingly good books: ►Books I pushed the most people to read: ►Best se [...]

    14. Inspired by Kat's post. Best Books I've Read In 2014Outlander: Because of Claire's journey. And Jamie, the ultimate book boyfriend.Persuasion: Because Jane Austen knows how to melt my heart with just a letter.Quintana of Charyn: Because Melina Marchetta is fucking genius and the love of my life. And I love Lumatere.The Martian: Because Mark deserves to live more than you and me.Magic Strikes: Because WRITERS. And CURRAN. And BATHTUB SCENE. Tower Lord: Because Mr Ryan knows how to write HF. And p [...]

    15. 5 2014 in StarsBooks read in 2014:My favorite genre is Romance so almost all of the books belong in that genre and its sub-categories.Books re-reads in 2014: Probably just as many. I'm a re-reads whore and make no apologies. ;)Favorite 2014 books:DNFs in 2014: 4Book I thought I'd love but didn't:Most surprising book in a good or bad way:(Good way) (Bad way)Best 1st in series, best sequel, best series ender:, , A new favorite author:Eli EastonMost action-packed/thrilling/unputdownable book of th [...]

    16. The year passed, as years tend to do, in the land of the living… I read a few books, but I try to keep my goals silent and to myself in case I do not meet them, so I won’t be embarrassed too greatly by my failures… this is not the case here specifically, as you will see Finnegans Wake was and will be the reading experience that stays the most with me from this year, as it was a long-time goal and a large, long-term effort on my part. I’d say I gave it a close reading, and got as much as [...]

    17. Thanks to Kat Stark for pointing me in the direction of this topic, and for linking to a long survey to help me organize my choices.( I already did a top 10 by genre on my home page, but it wasn't as much fun)Survey:1) Best Book You Read In 2014?2) Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going To Love More But Didn’t?3) Most surprising (in a good way or bad way) book you read in 2014?4) Book You “Pushed” The Most People To Read (And They Did) In 2014?5) Best series you started i [...]

    18. Complete ListHere is a complete list of the books I read in 2014:/review/listBelow is an overview.Long Weekend ImmersionsIn the Land of the Long Weekend, sometimes we get an opportunity over three or four days to read a large book that would otherwise take weeks or months.If you can get through 200 to 300 pages in a day with relatively little interruption, you can achieve a lot in three or four days. (I also fly interstate for business once a month.)This is hardly skim reading. It's usually quit [...]

    19. What a wonderful idea - thanks to the person who organized this.In 2014, I read 177 books, a total of 57103 pages.27 books were 5 star reads.4 books received 1 star6 books were DNF's (did not finish) Here are my 5 star reads of 2014 - My reading year of 2014 started off very well. Red Rising set the bar very high for subsequent books. The sequel Golden Son just released and it's even better. But I digress as we are looking at highlights of 2014.Stolen Songbird made trolls sexy. Who knew? I also [...]

    20. بخش زیادی از سال 2014 رو تو خدمت گذروندم و همین باعث شد که وقت زیادی داشته باشم برای کتاب خوندن. توی آسایشگاه افسرها چون خاموشی زود زده می‌شد مجبور شدم پدیده‌ی جدیدی رو وارد زندگیم کنم که اتفاق خوش‌یمنی بود برام؛ کتاب‌های صوتیشب‌ها برای فرار از صدای خر و پف هم‌خدمتی‌ها چه ان [...]

    21. Yes, I read some good books in 2014, some very good books in fact. However, time and again it was what you read and shared with the rest of us in your honest, funny and eloquent reviews that made a pleasurable place to be in 2014. Thank you!

    22. I reached my goal of 125 reads, but not my ambition to review them all. I am disappointed I only got in 14% non-fiction. I gorged on mystery/thrillers at 28% of the total and by comparison deprived myself some in a favorite area of sci fi/fantasy, 14%. World War 1Earlier in the year I got on a roll of World War 1 historical readings in the group started by Kalliope and Mike Sullivan, “Around WW1”, in honor of the centennial:--The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914 [...]

    23. I have no life without reading and 2014 was an awful insomniac version of not reading. At least half the year (though thankfully broken up) I didn't read at all. I hope that's over, more than anything. It would be great if I stayed remembering how lucky it is to love books so much and not spiral into gloom.My best friends of 2014Peace by Gene WolfeWolf in White Van by John DarnielleThe Spider's House by Paul BowlesBreathturn by Paul CelanA Glastonbury Romance by John Cowper PowysGogo Monster by [...]

    24. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/According to I read 218 books in 2014 . . . but since I read all of the Game of Thrones books I think that number should be like 250 ; ) Here's my best and worst list:Best Book: You by Caroline Kepnes Best YA - Winger by Andrew SmithBest Dystopian: Unwind by Neal ShustermanBest Romance: Almost Like Being In Love by Steve KlugerBest Horror: The Deep by Nick Cutter (release date TOMORROW 1/13 – go get you some)Best Cookbook: Thug KitchenBest Blog to Book [...]

    25. My reading in 2014 was dominated by two long-term reading projects. The first of these was around the First World War, which threw up so many memorable books that it would be futile trying to list them all – pre-eminent among the fiction was Ford Madox Ford's Parade's End, perhaps the best novel I read this year, and also Pat Barker's The Regeneration Trilogy, which succeeded in transforming a gender-based analysis of the Great War's social effects into spectacular literature. Barbusse's Le Fe [...]

    26. Thanks to Fionnuala for the idea and format of this book! We get to write it ourselves! Fantastic idea!Ha! There are advantages to being a slow-poke! I only read 34 books in 2014, so it’s easy to give a breakdown. My problem is, I start reading a book and I either get hung up with editorial problems, or it’s so great that I get over-stimulated, and I have to grab a pen and start writing.Good excuses, but I think I have a little ADD too! Hefty books go on forever, especially since I get distr [...]

    27. I call 2014 “a year of reading and friendship opportunities”. I got to know many interesting people here and had a chance to read several good books(mostly short books because I didn't have much time. You may check them out here: /review/list). Thanks for setting this up!P.S. I invite you all to this awesome challenge. Please share your experiences of2014 on and help fill out the pages of this valuable book.

    28. اول یه پنج ستاره به گوودریدس محبوبموقتی این پیشنهاد رو از خانوم سارا دیدم شکلم اینجوری شد؟:(یه علامت سوال تو کله بزرگم اینکه این مگه کتابه!!!؟ بعد سارا خانوم لطف کردن و توضیح دادن که باید درمورد کتابهایی که تو سال 2014 در گوودریدس خوندیم چیزایی بنویسیم اما درمورد گوودریدس،سال 2014 [...]

    29. 2014 was a very good year in terms of reading. January started off with a blast of arctic air - yes, there was the polar vortex, but also Anna Kavan's Ice. I also started the mini-project of reading the six volume History of Imperial China, which I'd started the year before with Rowe's volume on the Qing Dynasty. Some stuffy economics books by Schumpeter and Katznelson this month, but also a refreshing Bach biography: Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven. Nightwood and the The Golovlyov Family en [...]

    30. Another retrospective Top 40. 2014 was the year I joined GR - some of these were before that so may not have reviews yet1, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy2, The Hired Man by Aminatta Forna3, The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro4, The Life of an Unknown Man by Andreï Makine5, Arthur & George by Julian Barnes6, The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf7, Ammonites and Leaping Fish: A Life in Time by Penelope Lively8, White Teeth by Zadie Smith9, The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton10, The Debt to Pleasur [...]

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