Franklin Pierce Martyr for the Union In this second volume of Wallner s Pierce biography President Pierce faces unscrupulous and corrupt politicians comically inept diplomats violent adventurers fanatical reformers fraud and specul

  • Title: Franklin Pierce: Martyr for the Union
  • Author: Peter A. Wallner
  • ISBN: 9780979078422
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this second volume of Wallner s Pierce biography, President Pierce faces unscrupulous and corrupt politicians, comically inept diplomats, violent adventurers, fanatical reformers, fraud, and speculation within an increasingly divided and contentious nation But the president never lost faith in the American people.

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      266 Peter A. Wallner
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    One thought on “Franklin Pierce: Martyr for the Union”

    1. This one sits closer to 3.5 stars than to four, I think, mostly because it is unabashedly pro-Pierce. It largely avoids talking about Pierce's drinking and puts the strongest and most noble face on Pierce's presidency, although not quite to the point of deification, since Wallner's conclusion is that Pierce "was the best the nation could have hoped for at the time".I think I agree with Wallner that while the presidents leading up to the civil war are seen as a series of blunders, it's very possi [...]

    2. This ranks up there as one of the best presidential biographies I've had the privilege of reading. I really liked Wallner's pacing and chronological presentation of events. Some biographers group subjects together outside of chronological order while others keep the order but don't present the details clearly to the reader, often leaving the reader disoriented with the subject. This work by Wallner had the perfect touch. As to Pierce, while I didn't necessarily agree with all of Pierce's views o [...]

    3. From 1860 to 1865, half of America went to war against the other half, and nearly three quarters of a million people died in the process, In 2017, Donald Trump asked why the Civil War could not have been avoided. I bring up both of those facts because finishing up the second part of this biography series on Franklin Pierce spends a great deal of time on the eight years leading up to the Civil War, four of which Pierce was in office as president. Certainly there is plenty to be found here in term [...]

    4. The Pierce administration makes for frustrating and fascinating reading all at the same time. On the fascinating side, Pierce was perhaps one of the more consistent presidents when it came to his Constitutional interpretation. Described often in this book as a "civil libertarian", Pierce refused to let -isms take over his administration. As a result, he is often deemed one of the worst Presidents in history due to his unwillingness to get more involved as it pertained to the extension of slavery [...]

    5. bestpresidentialbios/2014/Peter Wallner’s two-volume biography is the most recent comprehensive look at Pierce’s life and presidency. “Franklin Pierce: Martyr for the Union” is the second volume of the series and was published in 2007. Prior to writing this biography Wallner moved to New Hampshire in order to more fully research Pierce’s life. Previously he was a history teacher; he is now a professor at Franklin Pierce College.This second volume covers Pierce’s life from his first d [...]

    6. This book, the second volume of a two-volume biography of Franklin Pierce, covers the time between Pierce's election as president and his death. Like the first volume, it was well written and paints a clear picture of Pierce and his life and times.I was impressed to learn that Pierce's administration was extremely focused on eliminating corruption, most of which was considered normal by nineteenth century standards. He had strict views on proper ethical behavior for government employees, and he [...]

    7. Part way through the book I realized how much the title, Martyr for the Union (He wasn't) reflected how much of Franklin Pierce's life and work had been sanitized and how much hero worship was involve in writing the second volume of his life (I haven't read it, and don't intend to). Peter Wallner takes a president, who placed more importance on his party over the United States, Native Americans and slavery, and used the Constitution as justification. He is sited as not wanting people to benefit [...]

    8. I like this second volume better than the first. As a matter of fact, I found it somewhat of a page turner in parts. I especially liked the bit describing the formation of a camel corps used in the American southwest until the 1860's. Even though Pierce was a racist I see what he was trying to do as a strict Constitutionalist. According to the Constitution at that time, slavery was legal and he was trying to keep the country all in one piece by pacifying the southern states. During his years liv [...]

    9. This book has two failings that took away from my enjoyment. First, the author works so hard to lionize Pierce and justify what he did that he needs to do verbal gymnastics to rationalize it. Pierce was on the wrong side of history with slavery and failed to address it meaningfully. The author constantly lionizes his principles but those are meaningless without effective execution. Taking a principled stand is not good if those principles are not worth it nor able to be put into practice.The oth [...]

    10. So glad I worked so hard to fond a copy of this 2nd volume. It seems none of the IA libraries who participate on inter-library loan had one. Pierce was an interesting man whose reputation was trashed during the civil war. He was an advocate of states' rights and a strict interpretation of the constitution. He strongly objected to Lincoln's extensions of executive authority and infringement of civil liberties, for which he was labeled a traitor and suspected of treasonous activity. His wife died [...]

    11. I'm still fascinated to the max by U.S. history from the 1820s through 1850s. Franklin Pierce was a man of integrity who seemed deeply committed to consistency, honesty, and ridding government of corruption. Needless to say, this pissed off a lot of political players. Also, this book makes you understand Jefferson Davis on a new level, as well as the slavery issue in general, an issue which most of us could stand to learn more about. The development of New Hampshire politics was interesting to r [...]

    12. This book starts with Pierce's presidency, and ends with his death. That's fitting for a sequel, and I can't fault Wallner for not retreading area he already covered in his first book. However, I still felt like I was missing some crucial information about the personality and character of our fourteenth president. The book also had a tendency to cover every detail of his presidency. This certainly makes it the definitive book on Franklin Pierce, but it's easy to get lost in such a vast sea of in [...]

    13. At times dull. However, I now know about Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the US. He is someone I knew nothing of before this book. He seems to be a very principled man who failed to change with the times. I have found things to both respect and deplore in the man. RIP Franklin Pierce.

    14. Great read and very through with Pierce's political life in NH and in the White House. Highly recommend both volumes.

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