Sound SOUND is the stand alone companion to Alexandra Duncan s acclaimed novel Salvage a debut that internationally bestselling author Stephanie Perkins called kick ass brilliant feminist science fiction

  • Title: Sound
  • Author: Alexandra Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780062220172
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover
  • SOUND is the stand alone companion to Alexandra Duncan s acclaimed novel Salvage, a debut that internationally bestselling author Stephanie Perkins called kick ass, brilliant, feminist science fiction For fans of Beth Revis, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica.As a child, Ava s adopted sister Miyole watched her mother take to the stars, piloting her own ship from Earth toSOUND is the stand alone companion to Alexandra Duncan s acclaimed novel Salvage, a debut that internationally bestselling author Stephanie Perkins called kick ass, brilliant, feminist science fiction For fans of Beth Revis, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica.As a child, Ava s adopted sister Miyole watched her mother take to the stars, piloting her own ship from Earth to space making deliveries Now a teen herself, Miyole is finally living her dream as a research assistant on her very first space voyage If she plays her cards right, she could even be given permission to conduct her own research and experiments in her own habitat lab on the flight home But when her ship saves a rover that has been viciously attacked by looters and kidnappers, Miyole along with a rescued rover girl named Cassia embarks on a mission to rescue Cassia s abducted brother, and that changes the course of Miyole s life forever.

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    One thought on “Sound”

    1. Copy provided by the publisher.I am so glad that Greenwillow sent me this, because it seems not to have received much publicity, or at least none that I came across, and that is a shame. I've seen articles lamenting the fact that kids don't seem to read science fiction anymore because euw science, but if they had access to exciting books like this one, that might very well change.Driven, high-achieving sixteen-year-old Miyole lied about her age in order to be accepted to the Deep Sound Project s [...]

    2. As a reader, I love when a book surprises me, and Sound truly did that. Miyiole Guiteau, a character of Haitian background that grew up in India, really stands out among other YA protagonists. Sixteen year old Miyole has always been pegged as different in Mumbai and forges papers to work at a space research station. Once on board, Miyole works as a bioengineer studying butterflies and bees. When Miyole meets Cassia, things take a turn. Cassia's family has been attacked by pirates and her older b [...]

    3. Really enjoyed this fast-paced YA sci fi. Great for Firefly fans! NOT on the flap copy, and it should be because people are LOOKING for books like this: Miyole, the main character, is a lesbian Haitian girl raised in India. There's a ton of diversity in this book, all seamlessly and naturally stitched into the narrative, and the queerness was handled extremely well.

    4. My thoughts:THIS BOOK. This book is so important.Let me start by giving a little background on how I found out about this series. Last year I went to a book signing for the Starbound Trilogy at my local indie bookstore. A few other local authors showed up to support Meagan and Amie, so I decided to say hi to them on my way out. One of the authors was Alexandra Duncan. The other authors were singing the praises of Salvage, so that night I went home and ordered it. It IS a sci-fi and you all know [...]

    5. I didn’t realize I only read one book between Salvage and Sound, but hey, that’s how time goes in the summer. I’m working through the summer again, so not as much time to sit outside and read—much sadness!Sound is a companion novel to Salvage. It follows Miyole, Parastrata Ava’s adopted sister. A few years have gone by, and Miyole is now sixteen (though people think she is seventeen). She has sped through her schooling, thanks to her smarts, and wrangled her way aboard a Deep Sound Res [...]

    6. This was amazing.First off, cultural references. That was a huge plus. I don't see India being properly represented in many books, so this was awesome (>w<)Miyole, a Haitian lesbian girl raised in Mumbai since she was eight, was honestly one of the best characters I've ever read. Her ambition, drive, and unwillingness to back off were traits I haven't seen in many female characters, even though such personalities are so prevalent in my own little world. I really appreciated how straightfor [...]

    7. Huge thank you to the publisher for sending me an advanced copy of this book!Last year I read Salvage by Duncan and I fell in LOVE with it. It was one of my top reads of the year. So I was so excited when I saw that she had a companion novel coming out this year! Sound takes place 20 years after Salvage. You do NOT have to have read Salvage to understand Sound. There are some crossover characters, and Miyole, our MC in this, is an important character in Salvage, but you can read this and underst [...]

    8. SOUND is one of those epic reads that makes you feel like you’ve lived a lifetime with its characters. It takes you on a journey through space in an attempt to find and save someone being sold into slavery. It reveals a universe that is vast and cruel and fascinating and diverse and in need of heroes. It introduces a main character who has been deeply affected by her past and who is only just learning how to become a fighter. It gives you many things to think about while reading and beyond the [...]

    9. Salvage is one of my all-time favorites, so I am super excited to have more to read from Duncan. Sound is a companion novel (not a sequel) to Salvage- following Miyole's adventures as a teenager! I am SUPER excited!

    10. Miyole is a research assistant on a government military space ship, raising butterflies and pollinators in preparation for populating the stars. Mi worked her whole life towards this placement, but everything changes when the ship is attacked and the crew rescues Cassia, a rover girl with a troublesome past, whose brother was kidnapped. When the officers ignore Cassia's plea to chase after the kidnappers, Mi has to decide to stay onboard and achieve her own dream, or abandon any chance at being [...]

    11. Jeśli jesteście już ze mną od jakiegoś czasu, możecie kojarzyć moją recenzję „Ocalonej” Alexandry Duncan. Ta powieść stanowiła dla mnie naprawdę miłe zaskoczenie, bo mimo tego, że niezbyt przepadam na książkami science-fiction czytało mi się ją bardzo przyjemnie. Muszę przyznać, że chcąc nie chcąc wciągnęłam się w losy Avy i byłam bardzo ciekawa tego, co się z nią dalej stanie. Z tego właśnie powodu sięgnęłam po „Głęboką próżnię”. Okazało się [...]

    12. Let me start my adoring gush by saying that I had this book preordered. PREORDERED! Me! The person who considers reading The Orphan Master's Son this year a reasonable time frame for getting around to a book I really want to read! And the best part about preordering? It was like a surprise gift to myself: I'd forgotten when exactly it was coming, and then one day there was a package waiting on my doorstep. Duncan's strengths are on stunning display once again: her strong, feminist characters and [...]

    13. This is the companion book to Duncan's first novel Salvage. Sadly, this one wasn't as good as Salvage either. This novel revolves around Miyole, who is the adoptive sister of Ava from Salvage. Miyole has lied about her age to get on a research spaceship. The ship is struck by another smaller ship that was attacked by pirates. Cassia is one of the survivors and she wants the government ship to go after the pirates who have kidnapped her brother. Mi is gay and falls very quickly in love with Cassi [...]

    14. A teraz mam chwilkę to kilka słów powiem:+ lubię świat wykreowany przez autorkę, mimo że nie do końca czasami go rozumiem i nie jestem pewna, czy on w ogóle został dobrze dopracowany;+ przedstawienie głównej bohaterki jest naprawdę bardzo dobre, a także Rubio całkowicie skradł moje serce 🖤- historia jest jednak dość mocno naciągana, ale zrozumiem, jeśli ludzie mi powiedzą, że jest to spowodowane wiekiem bohaterki, dawno nie czytałam książki z szesnastolatką;- nie tra [...]

    15. Jumping from one character to another within a universe is always something I look at skeptically, particularly when it was a character that drew me into a universe in the first place. There have been good examples of it (Mercedes Lackey and Orson Scott Card do it a lot) and ones where it didn't work as well (e.g. I never got interested in any of the other characters sometimes featured in David Weber's Honorverse). That said, this is a good example. This story follows Miyole, the daughter of the [...]

    16. Posted on Bookaholics AnonymousIN A NUTSHELLMiyole has made her whole life about being a scientist on a mission. Now that she's been on it things are changing. When her ship is attacked by what I will call space pirates people get hurt, kidnapped, and she let's one slip away from her. When she's faced with guilt about the kidnapping she makes it her mission to help Cassia find her brother. We can all guess where this is going to lead. Get ready for a space-riffic adventure with space pirates, sp [...]

    17. Back to the world of crumbling planets, deep space ships, and most importantly back to Ava and Miyole. First off, I loved the first book in this series. And I definitely love the fact that each of the books in this series can be read as a stand-alone book. Sometimes series books get tiring for me.While the first book has everything to do with Ava, this book focuses completely on Miyole. She's all grown up. At least as grown up as a young adult can be. She's extremely smart and determined flying [...]

    18. I received an ARC of this novel at my library.Yay for diverse books!Okay, so Sound follows Miyole, a young scientist who works on the massive spaceship Ranganathan. However, her life changes when a smaller ship that’s been attacked by the Dakait (pirates) comes aboard. One of its members, Cassia, is desperate to find her brother who was taken by the Dakait. Remembering what happened to her own family, Miyole decides to help and the two of them set out on a grand adventure.My favorite part of t [...]

    19. I really wanted to love this book. I read Salvage a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. Miyole was my favourite character, so I was very excited when I heard about this book. I also heard that there was a female/female relationship in this book, which made me even more excited. Unfortunately, I did not like this book as much as I hoped I would.My main complaint is that the plot was way to fast. There wasn't enough time to get to know the world or the characters and everything felt rushed. My [...]

    20. I'M SO MAD AT THIS BOOK. THE ENDING. THEEEEEE ENNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!!Let me preface this by saying, if you lied about your age because you're basically a genius and could be considered mature for your age especially in the face of danger: WHY CAN'T YOU GET IT ALL IN THE END?! UrghUnderstandably, I know why she needs to do her own thing and Cassia (yes, has her issues) needs to grow and be out there in the world---------but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. Th [...]

    21. more like 3.5, but bumped it up! my main complaint with this book is that it definitely FELT like a side/companion novel, and despite being 400 pages, it also felt like it could have been a novella rather than a complete novel. i think it's because we are completely thrown into the world, stuff happens FAST, but despite that not a lot actually happens? but i did like this and perhaps i will go back and read Salvage! the world is interesting (growing ships organically? how) but more important is [...]

    22. Incredible story, the protagonist Miyole 'Wow!' Sci-Fi theme but did you not enjoy the culturally diverse tone. Miyole how can she fit in? Strong but not always, her weakness is following her heart, trouble, you bet. It had to be that way or else, no adventure. Action and more action, did you not see the pirates? Huh? Such a thriller yet a provoking action adventure with all the bells and whistle of a compelling Sci-fi. Research labs, spaceships, shuttles deep space journey, aww well crafted. Wo [...]

    23. Excellent and every bit as gripping as Ms Duncan's previous book, Salvage. Once again, she's written more than a YA novel, despite how Sound is marketed. There are some big concepts here; childhood post traumatic stress, self determination, ethics, slavery, and a couple of things I can only describe as depression due to nerdish lack of socialization and academic/scientific bullying. I'm glad to see more of Ava's story and Miyole definitely needed her own book.

    24. I won this arc copy in a giveaway. Rating 3.7This over all was a good book. Easy to read. Interesting. The friendship between cassia and miyole got on my nerves a bit. Cassia I just didn't like much from the beginning. The story was good, the side stories were really good too. It has nice world building. I like it. Worth giving a try. An enjoyable read. Also a beautiful cover.

    25. win. Will read and review once received.This was a diverse young adult sci-fi book. It was decently paced and had me hooked. The storybuilding in this book was very impressive. A well put together book.

    26. 3.5 starsAn engaging, diverse YA sci-fi effort that creates a variety of interesting worlds, but may spend a little too much time exploring them.

    27. Ah, jeez. Bittersweet and great and exciting, with this great through-line about idealizing a person vs. actually getting to know them, which I'm always into in my YA especially.

    28. Great companion to Salvage! I loved that this one took place mostly in outer space. Satisfied my itch for space sci-fi!

    29. Whaaaa.?!?! How on earth did I miss the news that this book was coming out?! Have I been under a ROCK?! I'm sooooo excited!!

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