Reindeer Dust Reindeer Dust is an interactive picture book that engages the imagination through family participation The book tells the classic tale of how the Reindeer Dust tradition first began Designed with the

  • Title: Reindeer Dust
  • Author: Kate Dwyer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reindeer Dust is an interactive picture book that engages the imagination through family participation The book tells the classic tale of how the Reindeer Dust tradition first began Designed with the entire family in mind, the book also includes an easy recipe and poem to be read on Christmas Eve.

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    1. *NetGalley book review*Such a cute book that my son & I read together. A great Christmas time story where their little imaginations get a jump start with wanting to help Santa take care of his reindeer. Super cool that they have a recipe for the "reindeer dust" included as my son wants to make some this afternoon.

    2. REVIEW: REINDEER DUST by Kate DwyerGlowing with holiday cheer and goodwill, REINDEER DUST demonstrates the value of intuition and determination, of teamwork and cooperation, and a beautiful thematic: "I will always believe." Families will enjoy sharing the story, illustrations, and recipe.

    3. 2015 PopSugar Challenge with my fellow crustaceans Karly, Jess, Heather, and NeniaA book set during Christmas - Reindeer Dust - Dwyer, Kate2.5 StarsSo I know it's after Christmas and all but my little guy found this on my tablet last night and wanted to read it. I originally requested this from Netgalley so we could read it over the holiday break and we never got around to it. Santa is frazzled and behind on Christmas Eve and forgets to feed his reindeer before their ride (bad Santa). It also ha [...]

    4. A tale that will delightEspecially on Christmas Eve nightIt tells how, using Reindeer dust, William madeTogether with friends with whom he playedManaged to show Santa and crewJust where to land safely and whoTo deliver their presents to!“I will always believe” it too!This story is told throughout in rhymeA hit with children every timeA recipe to help your child and youTo make reindeer dust is shared tooWith fantastic, colourful illustrationsThis is a book to cheer up all nationsSo go on - ma [...]

    5. I receieved a free copy of this book by the book's publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I initially had trouble with accessing this book via NetGalley but this was remedied very quickly! So thank you to the wonderful Smith Publicity for sending me a copy of the book to read. First of all, the illustrations in this picture book are brilliant. They're in a lovely cartoon style, with great detail and really add to the story! Not only is the concept of Reindeer Dust a brilliant [...]

    6. In whimsical, rhyming prose, Reindeer Dust (author Kate Dwyer, illustrator Joanne Lew-Vriethoff) tells the story of how the tradition of Reindeer Dust began.This slim book is entertaining, engaging, and simply adorable. The illustrations are perfect, and the recipe and poem for Christmas Eve means that "reindeer dust" is sure to become a part of many families' Christmas traditions. I know it will at my house!Reindeer Dust would make a great gift for a young child or a family with young children. [...]

    7. Santa's reindeer are hungry and with the fog rolling in as thick as cotton balls, the can't see where to land. Will Christmas be canceled? Not if one boy named William can help it. William comes up with a solution that will save Christmas: Reindeer Dust. Reindeer dust is a cute rendition of how reindeer dust came to be. Beautifully illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, combined with rhymes int the story is a natural hit. It also includes the recipe on how to make your own reindeer dust for Santa' [...]

    8. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewReindeer Dust by Kate Dwyer is a must read but a must have also. It tells the story of how Reindeer Dust began. It is beautifully written and illustrated. The pictures are perfect and the colors are bright and happy. Included are the recipe to make your own Reindeer Dust and a beautiful poem to be read on Christmas Eve. This is a great book to have to begin new family tradition. It is also a great gift for your children and it would be a good addition to their boo [...]

    9. My little one absolutely loved this book! She is four and this is the first year that she really understands Santa and his reindeer and when she read that he didn't have time to feed them she got sad. But after we got to the part about the reindeer dust, her eyes lit up and she got so excited! I've also been ordered to get the ingredients to make reindeer dust here at our house so I'm very glad there was a recipe in the back of the book. The illustrations were beautiful and the story was so cute [...]

    10. Source: Received for review from Smith PublicityA sweet book about reindeers and believing in magic. I especially loved the little poem at the end for children! Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!For more awesome reviews, visit Books and Bark

    11. This book is filled with fun illustrations and a captivating story. At the end, there is a recipe for little ones to make their own "reindeer dust". As soon as we finished the story, both of my boys (4 & 7) immediately wanted to make "reindeer dust". This could very well become a new tradition in many households.I received a free digital copy from Netgalley in exchange for am honest review.

    12. This book was so sweet. The poem was great and the illustrations were great. I loved how interactive the book is. I would love to try the recipe for reindeer dust when my nieces get older. This would be a great book for any one with small kids. It could easily turn into a holiday tradition.Note ~ I was received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

    13. Copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This was a cute story that flowed well. Illustrations were great as well. Took maybe two minutes to read…

    14. Will the reindeer and Santa be able to make their deliveries?The fog is rolling in and the reindeer are very hungry.If they can not see the houses below, will the children be disappointed?The illustrations are delightful and Santa looks like a jolly old elf.The children discover how they can attract the reindeer and help them find their way.This will be a fun activity to read and act out each year.I hope parents follow through and leave behind pawprints in the snow.I received a free ecopy of thi [...]

    15. Reindeer Dust was a lovely book with superb illustrations and magical words. I loved the rhyming quality and the playful nature of the story. The recipe in the back was an added bonus. This book would make a great gift!Rating: 4/5Recommend: YesAudience: Children/FamiliesOther: Great as a read aloud, gift, or holiday shelf keeper for re-readA complimentary copy of this title was made available for review via NetGalley.

    16. Reindeer Dust is really cute. My daughter thought it was fun when I read it to her. The illustrations are great too! I think it is a must read for the Christmas season.

    17. This is a cute story. Santa’s got so many presents to deliver that he doesn’t have time to feed his reindeer and, to make matters worse, it’s a foggy night. Happily, William has been watching the weather reports and comes up with a plan to help Santa find his and his friends’ houses – reindeer dust. Don’t worry, the recipe’s included in the book.I like that the kid comes up with a plan and he and his friends all work together to accomplish their goal. And of course, Christmas morni [...]

    18. Reindeer Dust is a charming story book to read with your whole family!It's Christmas Eve and Santa has been so busy preparing for his round-the-world deliveries that he's forgotten to feed his reindeer. To top it off, a thick fog is making it hard for Santa and his reindeer to find the houses down below. But a clever little boy has an idea: reindeer dust. He cooks up a sweet and tasty treat for the reindeer and, as long as the children truly believe, it lights the way for the Christmas Eve visit [...]

    19. This is an amusing story of a Christmas Eve beset with problems meteorological and nutritional. What would happen if Santa were too busy to feed the reindeer and then they also got caught in a fog bank? I love the idea of Santa being as hurried and frazzled right before Christmas as the rest of the world. The expressions on the reindeer faces when they see he hasn't filled their food trough are so sad (but the reindeer wearing leg warmers is hilarious). Then it's William to the rescue as he stud [...]

    20. Although this book features very cute illustrations, and a wordless format which is currently very popular, I would not buy nor recommend this book. I could not figure out from reading this book what the function of the reindeer dust was, and I couldn't discern the story from the pictures as they were presented. It's a cute idea for children to make something called "reindeer dust", maybe to help santa's reindeer find their way? I also thought the illustrations of the reindeer flying were very s [...]

    21. I received Reindeer Dust from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley and Kate Dwyer.Reindeer Dust was a really cute Christmas book about a little boy who creates reindeer dust to help Santa and his reindeer deliver presents when they run into problems. It was a cute story and I loved the illustrations! My 6 year old daughter loved reading it together!

    22. I was given a copy of this book for an honest review by netgalley.This was a cute, well illustrated story for young children. I liked it well enough and will hopefully be reading it to my young cousins and nephews in the next few days. I loved that there is a recipe for "Reindeer Dust" at the end of the book!

    23. cute storygoing to read to nieces and nephewI was provide a free copy for honest review by net gallery

    24. Although the illustrations are gorgeous and whimsical, I cannot provide a full review as my NetGalley copy did not contain any words. I originally thought this was intentional, but upon reading some reviews of the book, I realized that there was a story that was supposed to go with it as well as the bonus material of a recipe and a poem. Hopefully I'll be able to find this in bookstores sometime soon and write a full review!I received a free digital ARC via NetGalley.

    25. Hungry Reindeer?!This is a fun holiday *Santa* *Saint Nicholas* book written at a grade school level. The reindeer are hungry. The sled is super full. The night is incredibly foggy. Will the presents get delivered on time? ***This early reader is suitable to be read to/with younger/less advanced readers or aloud to a group for extra special holiday fun :) *recipe included*

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