The Humans Vol Humans for Life Follow the Humans as they deal out beatings cook drugs party endlessly and struggle to keep their turf and status amongst the numerous outlaws rival gangs and bonafide killers All of whom are try

  • Title: The Humans, Vol. 1: Humans for Life
  • Author: Keenan Marshall Keller Tom Neely Kristina Collantes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Follow the Humans as they deal out beatings, cook drugs, party endlessly, and struggle to keep their turf and status amongst the numerous outlaws, rival gangs, and bonafide killers All of whom are trying to take their spot at the top of the heap.Plus pin ups by BENJAMIN MARRA, JOHNNY RYAN, SKINNER, KATIE SKELLY, KRISTINA COLLANTES, BELA DEHM, and some other goodies throwFollow the Humans as they deal out beatings, cook drugs, party endlessly, and struggle to keep their turf and status amongst the numerous outlaws, rival gangs, and bonafide killers All of whom are trying to take their spot at the top of the heap.Plus pin ups by BENJAMIN MARRA, JOHNNY RYAN, SKINNER, KATIE SKELLY, KRISTINA COLLANTES, BELA DEHM, and some other goodies thrown in too.RIDE OR DIE READ OR DIE RIP UP THE STREETS HUMANS FOR LIFE HUMANS TIL DETH Collects THE HUMANS 0 4

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    • [PDF] Download ✓ The Humans, Vol. 1: Humans for Life | by ↠ Keenan Marshall Keller Tom Neely Kristina Collantes
      498 Keenan Marshall Keller Tom Neely Kristina Collantes
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      Posted by:Keenan Marshall Keller Tom Neely Kristina Collantes
      Published :2018-06-03T09:46:21+00:00

    One thought on “The Humans, Vol. 1: Humans for Life”

    1. Can't say I'm a fan of 1970's nostalgia in general or of the biker-exploitation sub-genre in particular, but this new oddball series feels just about outdated and crazy and sincere and dirty enough to actually work for me.

    2. Crazy alt comix loose feel to Tom Neely’s art (and lettering) and a story of monkey biker gangs with sort of a punk aesthetic, just apes kind of going nuts destroying stuff. Humans as caged slaves they experiment on. The old switcheroo there, eh? Violent, profane, offensive, like Tarantino and seventies biker exploitation flicks. Johnny-Ryan-giving-you-the-finger feel to it. There’s a Viet Nam vet thing going on in here, too. PTSD madness. Think Hunter S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels crossed [...]

    3. Bullet Review:I would never in a million years (har har - apes - million years - har har) have picked this up, but my trusty coworker always seems to find these gems in the library and makes sure to pass them on to me. Totally outside my typical "genre" (I mean, apesploitation is a small genre, amirite?), but I enjoyed the hell out of this. To be honest, having it star apes was a good twist - it makes the VERY serious topic (Vietnam vet returning from brutal war and facing PTSD) and turns it int [...]

    4. Bottom line, this just isn't for me. The art is fantastic, loose and vibrant, but remember that kid that sat in the back of the class in sixth grade and drew pictures of exploding motorcycles and boobs? I think he wrote this. For some people, that will be a solid recommendation. For me, not so much.

    5. I always admire a comic with a total commitment to its aesthetic, and The Humans is surely that. The story of an ape bike gang welcoming back one of their own from Vietnam (in a simian parallel-world late 60s), the Humans oozes scuzz and threat from front to back, from the hand-lettered opening page to the backmatter promoting real-world garage rock monkey business - which I've been too straight to sample.Sure, not much new narrative ground gets broken here - it's violent, funny, sentimental, ex [...]

    6. This is truly one of the best newer titles coming out of Image, and I put it up there with God Hates Astronauts and Punks. The humor is different, but the reason I put all three of these books in some kind of loose grouping is not only because they are from outstanding creators, but also because they're examples of humor handled expertly. It's not often we get a notable comic that is humor-based. We also recently had both Tom and Keenan on the podcast for an interview, one of the most fun we've [...]

    7. Highly entertaining read with absolutely fantastic art by Tom Neely. It's a nigh-perfect blend of tropes from biker exploitation movies and Hunter S. Thompson-style gonzo biker stories, Vietnam trauma, 60's- or 70's-inflected "Leader of the Pack" melodrama, psychedelia, Planet of the Apes, and just pure punk rock bananas craziness. It's super violent, profane, and lewd. In a word, it's awesome.

    8. the humans will ride over your mother's grave and shotgun six packs from your fathers skulll you monkey fuckers have been warned.

    9. Не побоюсь цього слова - кращий комікс, який я читав у своєму житті у співвідношенні сценарій-арт-атмосферність. Особливо хочеться наголосити на останньому визначенні - атмосферою початку 70-х просякнута кожна сторінка: ти насолоджуєшся ревом моторів крутих чоперів, втягує [...]

    10. I would say this is one of the more exciting and interesting titles I've read in awhile. I suppose that the idea that it's about apes, gorillas and such, could be seen as a gimmick, but it's really not. The fact that the characters are all primates plays a part in the larger world the story takes place in, specifically in that they have human slaves, a part of the story that would not work if the characters were human themselves.The story itself is interesting, though it's mostly what you would [...]

    11. A bunch of monkey biker gangs living and dying by their individual codes to fuck things up. I kept expecting this to turn into more of a sci-fi story, some long game storyline that explains why people (Skins) are slaves and animals and why monkeys are the evolved beings. While I'm still somewhat hoping for that, and it's still a possibility in these early stages, considering even a book like 100 Bullets made those sorts of major developments a few trades in, this is a goddamn ridiculous comic th [...]

    12. Apes in biker gangsMonkeys in biker gangs with humans as guinea pigs and labourers, this comic collection has plenty of violence, gore, sex and fighting. Basically it’s about a biker gang called the Humans, their rivals the Skabbs and their drug-dealing.There’s also a Vietnam analogy fighting the Douks as one of them returns from the war suffering from PTSD and flashbacks.Quite well-illustrated, the only problem is that sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish one ape from another – or pe [...]

    13. A mixed bag: the Russ Meyer / Mad Max exploitation-angle is intriguing at first, but wears off quickly (worse of all sometimes this reads like a bad parody of the Planet of the Apes films). When the Vietnam PTSD angle kicks in during the second issue, The Humans become far more layered and complex, though the reliance on sex, drugs, profanity and other conventions of the genre feel like distractions from the more interesting narrative rather than a loving homage.Not a bad read, but not enough to [...]

    14. Fantastic art. I love the design work here. Beautiful stuff. And the plot is interesting. But I guess I'm spoiled in expecting a collected trade to have a story that goes somewhere. This builds up to what may be something and then feels like it ends an issue short. The whole volume feels like just an issue one, here's your intro. I'd definitely be down to check out volume 2, if not just to stare at the art, but I sure hope it goes somewhere.

    15. I absolutely love this comic, so glad I picked it up randomly. Looking through it, the artwork sold it to me. The artwork that is contained within this book is by far one of the best I've seen, it's so fitting for the story and so freaking psychedelic, 70's, and colorful. The characters are fun, imaginitive, and the story is well written. It is so kick ass, and makes me want to #*!? sh*t up. I plan on continuing with this series. Humans for life, til deth!

    16. This is a Sons of Anarchy-Planet of the Apes mashup that pays tribute to the biker exploitation movies of the 1970s. The tone is surprisingly serious for the most part and the whole thing feels & reads like an old underground comic, containing some very explicit and shocking moments. I would prefer a slightly lighter and less seedy approach, but this is an odd, refreshingly different comic.

    17. One of my favorite comics of 2014; scratches an itch I didn't know I had; if you tried to sell me the premise I'd roll my eyes at you but thanks to the grace of God (or something) I picked this shit up and fell. in. love. The colors and the lettering (THE LETTERING!!!) are rad as hell. The tone is ridiculous but it's all so feverish and totally genuine that it works.

    18. Awesome concept and aesthetics. But there might be a problem when the sound effects are more memorable than any of the characters.I think this one might read better once a few more TPBs stack up, and I can blow through them all at once.

    19. Planet of the Apes crossed with Easy Rider. This book was not for me. It felt like it was written by the kid in school that was always doodling dicks on everything. I did like the retro look of the book, even going as so far as to yellow the pages.

    20. I weirdly enjoyed it.It was like reading some mash-up of Planet of the Apes meets Sons of Anarchy and Sin City. Depending on the reader it can seem obscene, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is out of my comfort zone, but the main war veteran and the crazy world they lived in was absurdly fun.

    21. Vulgar, funny, and hellaciously entertaining. A welcome change of pace from Image's many sci-fi and horror titles. You should track this down before the cool kids get ahold of it and ruin it.

    22. Completely bizarre and totally crude, but somehow it works. There's something new being made here, and it's cool as hell.

    23. Derek and I will be interviewing the creators of The Humans on The Comics Alternative podcast soon! (This comic is definitely NOT for kids!)

    24. Interesting take on the planet of the apes films and the biker films from the late 60's - early 70's ! I'll keep reading

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