Half Life Cas Russell is back and so is her deadly supermath Cas may be an antisocial mercenary who uses her instant calculating skills to mow down enemies but she s trying hard to build up a handful of morals

  • Title: Half Life
  • Author: S.L. Huang
  • ISBN: 9780996070041
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook
  • Cas Russell is back and so is her deadly supermath.Cas may be an antisocial mercenary who uses her instant calculating skills to mow down enemies, but she s trying hard to build up a handful of morals So when she s hired by an anguished father to rescue his kid from an evil tech conglomerate, it seems like the perfect job to use for ethics practice.Then she finds her clCas Russell is back and so is her deadly supermath.Cas may be an antisocial mercenary who uses her instant calculating skills to mow down enemies, but she s trying hard to build up a handful of morals So when she s hired by an anguished father to rescue his kid from an evil tech conglomerate, it seems like the perfect job to use for ethics practice.Then she finds her client s daughter who is a robot.The researchers who own the bot will stop at nothing to get it back, but the kid s just real enough for Cas to want to protect her even though she knows she s risking everything for a collection of metal and wires But when the case blows up in her face, it plunges Cas into the crossfire of a massive, decades long corporate espionage war.Cas knows logically that she isn t saving a child She s stealing a piece of technology, one expensive and high stakes enough that spiriting it away is going to get innocent people killed But she has a distraught father on one hand and a robot programmed to act like a distraught daughter on the other, and she s never been able to sit by when a kid is in trouble even a fake one.Screw morals and ethics All Cas wants to do is save one little girl.

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      478 S.L. Huang
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    One thought on “Half Life”

    1. At once an improvement and disappointment.First of all the improvements. The story in this book is much more convoluted than the first, which ups the excitement and tension quite well. I liked the growth shown in Cas, although at some points I feel like she let her new friends get away with quite a lot of smack talk and decision making, considering it hadn't been long since the Cas we knew from the last book. The action was ramped up (which is saying something) to levels of pure awesome. Leaping [...]

    2. I really liked the first book in this series (Zero-sum game), but unfortunately the second one does not reach the quality of the first. At the beginning, the story is very slow-paced and tedious, but it picks up in the second half. However, at that point the overall story arc also becomes rather predictable (in short, Cas builds herself a little team), and the details of the plot do not make much sense on their own (you often wonder why the protagonists do what they do, and the only explanation [...]

    3. I was reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle, but around the middle of the novella, it all got so predictable and depressing, so I put it down and whipped through this in about five hours, instead. It's more than four times as long, but ten times easier to read!Cas Russell is an odd kind of superhero—a math savant. In the first book of the series, she's friendless and essentially conscienceless, but by this point Arthur and Checker have become her friends (not through any fault of hers, Ca [...]

    4. Half Life is the sequel to Zero Sum Game, which focuses on a superhero-esque anti-hero who's abilities are fueled by power of math. Admittedly, I didn't like Half Life as much as Zero Sum Game. Some of the later twists were a bit far fetched for my taste. Still, it's certainly worth reading if you enjoyed Zero Sum Game. The characters are all great, and I enjoyed seeing how our heroine, Cas, is developing from book to book. The main storyline delves into the world of AI, which adds an interestin [...]

    5. Cas returns in another intelligent, science-filled thriller. This time there are robots that look like people, problems with the Mafia, and a bona fide evil genius with a high-tech lair. If you enjoyed Zero Sum Game, you'll love this.

    6. Less surprising than the first book - you'll figure out what's going on long before the characters do - but a lot of fun.

    7. Half Life is S.L. Huang’s follow up to the brilliant Zero Sum Game, second in a series she calls “Russell’s Attic” for reasons I’m still not completely clear about.Zero Sum Game was brilliant. Half Life is “merely” excellent. Call it perhaps a half-step down from its predecessor, but that half-step is because, I think, she aimed higher and didn’t quite hit the mark she was aiming for. And I’m not even sure I can explain what I mean clearly, so keep in mind that I could be wrong [...]

    8. I had to reread book 1, of course, but having caught back up I really enjoyed this second kickass title. As antihero's go Russell's got some serious stuff going on in her head, but somehow it all works and fits neatly together. Bring on book 3!

    9. Half Life is the second installment in a science fiction thriller series I’ve been really enjoying, Russell’s Attic. While I’d recommend reading the first book, Zero Sum Game, before Half Life, you could probably read the two independently, since the plots are separate.Cas Russell is a mercenary with mathematical based superpowers. After the events of the last book, she’s decided to try and be a bit more ethical in the jobs she takes on. So she takes a job from a father who’s claiming [...]

    10. Cas Russell is back, and she’s a kinder, gentler version of herself. Yeah, maybe not. The thing is, Cas has something like friends now--people who actually care about her--and because of this, she’s made certain agreements such as not killing people, which makes her job much more challenging. Her past is still a mystery, with her back story revealed in little snippets throughout the book. Half Life, Book 2 of the series, finds her drawn into an impossible situation almost from the beginning. [...]

    11. This was a fun book. I could see this turning into a SyFy series (filmed in Canada of course).We have a kick-ass protagonist with a mysterious past and no social skills, a large black PI with a soft heart, a wisecracking computer nerd in a wheelchair, and a perky secretary. They can have a new adventure every week. Cas Russell is hired by a man to retrieve his daughter. The problem is that there is no evidence he ever had a daughter, and why would his wife's company kidnap their kid. On top of t [...]

    12. I still love Cas Russell and will be going ahead to read book #3 in this series. However this book was just slightly a dip from the rock-solid quality of book #1.Things I loved: Cas, of course. Her characterization is spot-on and the journey she's making from a loner to a team player is so well-written. The entire science - fiction plot and the ethical and social questions it raised. Fantastic. Tense, intensely written, and a realistic take on how humans would react in a like situation (namely, [...]

    13. a sequel to zero sum game! cat, a math-wielding mercenary, solves several seemingly disconnected cases while trying to cope with having friends, developing ethics and abstaining from her usual 'no person no problem' approach, with varying degrees of success. the plot lost coherency and/or the flimsy veneer of plausibility here and there, but the id-soothing emotional parts made up for it, and cat is such a fun protagonist to share the pov with; she hits the 'cynical loner with a heart of gold an [...]

    14. Zero Sum Game was a quick, tightly-plotted thriller, which introduced us to Cas Russell, Rio, Arthur, and others. Half Life delivers as the next book in the series, by giving us Cas trying to keep a promise she made to Arthur--to stop murdering people. Several huge threats build through the novel, testing Cas' promise to her friend (Cas struggles with the concept of having friends now, as well, which is awesome). Cas develops as a character through this book, but this character growth doesn't co [...]

    15. I enjoyed S.L. Huang's first book, Zero Sum Game, so much that I will read anything she publishes (check out her short story Hunting Monsters). The Russell's Attic series is one of those rare gems that is a fun refreshing read where I don't have to spend time being disappointing with how an author handles certain tropes. All the main characters in the series are interesting in their own way and you want to know more about them. What is with so many books that have unlikable protagonists? Now bac [...]

    16. Loved almost everything about this. I still mentally pause every time Arthur speaks, despite his being a character I like and who adds dimension to the story. Isn't "ain't" slang for "is/are not"? It's used to mean "do not" here, which just sounds odd to me (e.g. "I ain't think…" or "I ain't know…"). But it's not like I've encountered "ain't" anywhere outside books and television, so maybe it's just me.Otherwise, I liked this even more than the first one, and the first one was great. I hope [...]

    17. This series doesn't get enough buzz, but I'm a huge fan: female anti-hero with math superpowers, tight, suspenseful writing, diverse cast that keeps getting better and more rounded out with each book. Totally my kind of thing. Plus, seeing loner Cas navigate her fledgling friendships with Arthur and Checker and develop a bit of a conscience (largely in the form of Arthur) was fun to watch in this installment. I'll definitely be reading the next books in the series and I'm still dying to know abo [...]

    18. Things get completely mad, but it's a hell of a ride. I was hoping to find out more about Russell's past, but maybe in the next book (or maybe never?). I'm enjoying seeing Russell build her own family despite herself, and the Power of Maths will never get old.It's also so great to read books with such diversity. It makes me all squidgy and happy inside.Huge love for the Matrix and Serenity references. Squeee!

    19. I'm annoyed by Arthur's influence on Cas. I prefer her willing to do what it takes to survive. I like Checker more and more, but I found Pilar unbelievable. Although I enjoyed the story, it was hard to suspend disbelief.

    20. Cas is back! (One sentence summary - maths is her superpower, she tracks down lost things/people, mostly for their rightful owners). Half Life is action heavy and has robots, plus Cas is super awesome - what more could you want?

    21. Again a lot of action. The heroine is impressive in micromanaging her brawls and ventures but has lost some edge and impact . The adversaries are generally weak. The story evolves without significant goals and appears primarily as a stage for fruitless brawls.

    22. Interesting subjectThis was another great story, though I'm a bit skeptical of the premise. I gloated a bit over seeing some of the twists coming, but that might just mean they were easier to see. Can't wait for the next one!

    23. The plot this time around wasn't as tight, I felt - it was somewhat more inconsistent and didn't have the same overwhelming terror as the Dawna Polk reveal in the first book. HOWEVER, I enjoyed the hints of Cas's past and her continued struggle regarding How Humans Work and How To Have Friends.

    24. this was also excellent, although the villain wasn't as great as the previous book's (that's a darn high bar, though).

    25. Man SL Huang sure knows how to up the stakes. I felt like the end of every chapter was an escalation and it kept me coming back for more. Looking forward to the next one.

    26. The plotting isn't as tight as the first book, nor quite as compelling, but it's a blast seeing Cas develop and seeing the relationships among the characters grow. Pilar is a great addition as well.

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