Silicon Dawn A SILICON MAN PREQUELTHE LINE BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE HAS BEEN CROSSEDAND THERE IS NO TURNING BACK A serial killer stalks the city of the future Hunting the people who build the machines And it s up t

  • Title: Silicon Dawn
  • Author: William Massa
  • ISBN: 9781511920216
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • A SILICON MAN PREQUELTHE LINE BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE HAS BEEN CROSSEDAND THERE IS NO TURNING BACK A serial killer stalks the city of the future Hunting the people who build the machines And it s up to a cop and an AI to unravel a terrible conspiracy The world is still reeling form the devastation of the Omega Virus and struggling to rebuild A growing android workfA SILICON MAN PREQUELTHE LINE BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE HAS BEEN CROSSEDAND THERE IS NO TURNING BACK A serial killer stalks the city of the future Hunting the people who build the machines And it s up to a cop and an AI to unravel a terrible conspiracy The world is still reeling form the devastation of the Omega Virus and struggling to rebuild A growing android workforce has given rise to the Human Defense League and anti AI sentiment is at an all time high.Adam, one of the first of the new X 3000 models, arrives into this hostile future Field tested on the Luna colonies, now assigned to Earth, Adam is paired with homicide detective Jane Malveaux, who has little patience for synthetics.Before long both Malveaux and Adam must cast aside their differences and join forces to solve a case that will test both man and machine Note This prequel can be read before or after Silicon Man.

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      414 William Massa
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    One thought on “Silicon Dawn”

    1. Prepare yourself for the incredible story before Silicon ManAdam is an android tasked with helping out an investigation into what looks to be a serial killer. The catch is, the serial killer looks to be killing former employees of the company who makes the androids that are being used (including Adam). He is partnered up with a detective who doesn’t seem to like “his kind” or in her words “its kind”. Which makes for an interesting dichotomy.Joe Hempel does the narration for this and he [...]

    2. What an awesome rideThis book grabbed me right from the start. I had already read the book that this is a prequel for, but it stands on its own for any new reader. It is a great read with some good twists and turns for any robotics scifi fan. There are some serious issues here for thought as well. One day we will have these types of issues, things to think about. A good scifi read that also made me stop and think about some society issues. What more can you ask for?

    3. Fantastic read. Shades of Bladerunner, and looks at the dichotomy and stress of artificial life unsure where it stands in the soul department.Do androids really dream of electric sheep?4.5/5

    4. (I received a free copy of this book.)I read Massa's Silicon Man quite some time ago and really enjoyed it. I found it to be a cool robot story with a 90's action movie feel. My only mark against it was I found it lacked warmth, humor, or romance.This, a prequel to Silicon Man, delivers the same explosive action, but adds those elements I found lacking in the previous entry (but not too much, the dudebros won't roll their eyes I promise). The main character is a lady cop, who partners up with Ad [...]

    5. Adam has no idea what to expect when he sets foot on earth. A string of murders leads him into a heart pounding discovery around every turn.What I liked: Anything with robots and I'm screaming like a Fangirl. I heard William Massa was creating this book and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I love the way this author writes. Fast-paced. Had my heart pounding quite literally in some scenes. I hated having to put it down! In every book I've read by this author I love the creative way he descr [...]

    6. I loved the first book, Silicon Man, and was anxiously awaiting the sequel. Instead, surprise of surprises, a prequel came along. It’s tough to put a label on the genre, part techno-thriller, part mystery, part co story, but it is so much more than that. I found myself thinking long after I read it, and had to go back a read it again. There is such growth in the main characters, Adam, a mech-unit, and Jane, a homicide cop. After I finished the book, all I could do was sit there and say, “WOW [...]

    7. I received this book as part of a Firstreads promotion for an honest review. Silicon Dawn by William Massa is not a book I would normally read as I am not a huge Sci Fi fan, but I am glad I took a chance and read it. Although it is the second book in a series, it can stand on it's own. Detective Jane Malveaux and model X3000 Adam are assigned to find out who is murdering people on earth. But the people being killed happen to be the ones making the machines. Lots of plot twists will leave you wa [...]

    8. This is a very well written sci-fi thriller! I really enjoy the first book in this series,and have been wanting to read a follow up book. Well, William gave us readers a prequel thriller instead. I liked it, and I liked it a lot. I gave Silicon Man a 5-Star review and I am giving this one 5-stars as well.To say it is written in the vein of Blade Runner is not really fair. Yes, they both deal with androids and how they fit into our society, but Silicon Man and Dawn can both stand on their own.Aft [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. It was entertaining, full of action and emotions. I loved how the main character (Jane ) is very guarded and not very trusting towards Adam. He is not human and she struggles with what to do, what to say and how to react. I loved when she finally breaks and says thank you to him or it, even tho she still thinks of Adam as a machine for most of the story in the end her very human emotions win and she thinks about him as something more than a machine. This story is real [...]

    10. An interesting realistic future techno thriller in a world where the tides of progress in the realm of artificial intelligence and robot technology are at odds with the philosophical questions that come up in reference to them. Massa takes the reader on a high tension journey through this semi-near future world and only pauses the action long enough to allow the characters to address the questions of sentience and self-awareness. I surely will find out where this goes following this entry and re [...]

    11. Massa is the Man! I love his writing style. Its fast paced, almost as though he is writing for tv or cinema but I find that the characters aren't lacking in depth like so many other authors that employ similar styles. You don't have to have read Silicon Man to read this, as its a prequel, but I did happen to read Silicon Man and I am pleased to say this one is just as good or even better. Keep it up Mr. Massa.

    12. As a fan of the Silicon Man book I had been looking forward to reading this and it did not disappoint. Silicon Dawn is an excellent science fiction thriller. A detective (Jane Malveaux) is paired with a robot to investigate some disturbing murders. Jane must put aside her prejudices and work with the robot. She begins to question her understanding of robots as they work together to solve the case.I would definitely recommend this book, as well as Massa's other books. His stories are amazing.

    13. Man and MachineI was very surprise about the prequel. If your familiar with the first book, than this one goes into depth of how machines basically changing the structure of society. The uncertainty how man will compete or survive against it's nemesis (mech). Leaves the reader some what grateful with common bond between Adam and malveaux.

    14. Just getting startedI feel like this book was just an appetizer and now I want the whole meal. The story seemed novel despite the basic topic being popular right now. Something seemed to be missing in the development of the human-android relationship but didn't interfere with my enjoyment.

    15. I loved this book. It has great characters and a great storyline. The build up of the story keeps your interest and then puts you through a roller coaster of fun that has you on the edge of your seat.

    16. i was impressed with how exciting this book was. it kept getting better and better the further I read into the story. very suspenseful. i enjoyed the skill of Massa discussing the blurred lines between AI and being Human.

    17. I just love this world of human and AI! William Massa brings it all to life with characters that you care about, especially an android named Adam.

    18. Remind me of AsimovReminds me some of Asimovs work not as well rounded as it could had been but not bad at all

    19. Okay, butFirst, it’s a shameless rip-off of Isaac Asimov’s detective Elijah Bailey and partner R Daneel Olivaw. Second, it has none of that story’s depth and nuance. Long-held beliefs magically start changing in less than two days. It’s a relatively engaging story, but too pat and matter-of-fact to be taken as much more than a nursery rhyme-level morality play.

    20. I don't get all the praise. Bland, boring writing, pacing, and plot. Robot and robot hater go look for a mad serial killer. It feels like the plot of a bad 80s movie. Go read Caves of Steel for a robot + partner go solve a mystery instead.

    21. It's not going to win any literary awards, but it's an enjoyable enough read if you want to waste a few hours. *

    22. This is a shorter story, but it's packed full of important information pertinent to the story. No wasted time on unneeded scenes. The lower key scenes are important for character growth, but they are extremely short. We spend 99% of the story moving through the mystery.If you like stories that are similar to I Robot the movie, this is really a story for you!This story ends on a note that sets up the world for a new potential future. Good or bad is yet to be seen, but the technology could be used [...]

    23. The edition I read was part of the Silicon World: Man vs. Machine collection.Although it is a prequel to Silicon Man, this is a standalone complete story that is set in the same world ten years before the events of the other book. The two books can be read in any order, and you don't need to have read one to make sense of the other.(view spoiler)[Adam is an android, built at the Luna colony. He's the first of the new X3000 series, designed to appear much more human (although there are still deli [...]

    24. Completely fantastic! 4.5 Stars!Silicon Dawn is the prequel to Silicon Man, book one in the series, and it follows Adam, an AI who is visiting Earth for the first time. He ends up as the partner for a homicide detective who is working on a case of anti-AI murders.Silicon Dawn is a delightful mix of Blade Runner-esque storytelling and murder mystery elements that combine to make one addicting story! It’s fast paced, fantastically written, and poses a ton of questions about what it means to be a [...]

    25. A short teaser prequel to Silicon ManI've got to say that Massa's writing has matured since he wrote Silicon Man, the classic android gains sentience story. This piece shows that his work in character development has matured, as he is able to grow the one Detective from a position from hating mechs to respecting her new android partner.Other than that, there is not a lot of substance here - tracking down a serial killer of cyberneticists that left Synthetika, the Android factory, a year earlier. [...]

    26. I was offered a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.This story happens 10 years before the events in Silicon Man. The new android model X3000 is successfully been tested in the space colonies but its arrival on Earth will just enhance the already existing conflict headed by the HDL. If in Silicon Man androids wanted to count with basic rights, here we see a first glimpse of them wanting to be human.There have been several cybernetists murdered in [...]

    27. You Won't Be Bored (Audiobook)Silicon Dawn is action packed from start to finish with its mix of murder mystery, detective story and sci-fi. This story shows us the shaky beginnings of a great detective duo and I sincerely hope there are more stories of Jane Malveaux and Adam in the future.Adam is endearing as he embraces the human experience, including humor. Jane despite her horrible past experience with a mech learns to look past that and see Adam as an individual.William Massa paints a wonde [...]

    28. This is a great mix of action, murder/mystery and sci-fi. You can not help but love AI Adam, he is unique, unassuming, intelligent and caring. The development of the relationship between AI hating Jane Malveuax and Adam is captivating, complex and thought provoking. Adams development and increasing self awareness is both scary and fascinating, it makes you wonder how you would react when faced with a man made "machine" that looks and acts totally human. One that is capable of independent thought [...]

    29. Silicon Dawn is a top notch Sci-Fi read that grabs you in the first couple of pages. This book is a prequel to the authors other book Silicon Man and can be read before or after said book. For me I thought I would start with the prequel and test the waters.The author paints a world on a crossroad. One way leads to a world where humans and androids live happily together. The other path leads to a world where androids rule the roost. In telling this story the author touches on a lot of modern day [...]

    30. Some research inconsistencies and other odditiesOne of the most glaring things in the book was when a police officer surrenders her weapon when entering a building to talk with a suspect in multiple murders and terrorist attacks. A scene on a pier where things just go wrong. Some little things like that threw me right out of the story. Saying, "Really? I don't think that's how it would go." Beta readers might help his plotting holes or down right odd choices. The premise is promising and I'd be [...]

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