Winter at the Door Perfect for fans of Jenny Milchman Linda Castillo and Lisa Gardner the first book in a suspenseful new crime thriller series featuring the tough but haunted police chief Lizzie Snow a big city cop

  • Title: Winter at the Door
  • Author: Sarah Graves
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Perfect for fans of Jenny Milchman, Linda Castillo, and Lisa Gardner the first book in a suspenseful new crime thriller series featuring the tough but haunted police chief Lizzie Snow, a big city cop with a mission, taking on a small town with a dark side.Moving from Boston to remote Bearkill, Maine, isn t homicide cop Lizzie Snow s idea of a step up But breaking away froPerfect for fans of Jenny Milchman, Linda Castillo, and Lisa Gardner the first book in a suspenseful new crime thriller series featuring the tough but haunted police chief Lizzie Snow, a big city cop with a mission, taking on a small town with a dark side.Moving from Boston to remote Bearkill, Maine, isn t homicide cop Lizzie Snow s idea of a step up But breaking away from tragedy and personal betrayal is at least a step in the right direction Her dead sister s fate still torments her, as does her long missing niece s disappearance Lizzie hopes to find the mysteriously vanished child here, amid the coming ice and snow But in the Great North Woods, something darker and dangerous than punishing winter is also bound for Bearkill.The town is a world apart in than distance full of people who see everything, say little, and know than they ll share with an outsider The only exceptions are the handsome state cop who once badly broke Lizzie s heart and desperately wants another chance and Lizzie s new boss, sheriff Cody Chevrier, who s counting on her years of homicide experience to help him solve his most troubling case, before it s too late.A rash of freak accidents and suicides has left a string of dead men all former local cops Now the same cruel eyes that watched them die are on Lizzie and so is the pressure to find out what sort of monster has his hooks in this town, what his ruthless game is, and just how brutally he ll play to win Whatever the truth is, its twisted roots lie in the desolate backwoods of Allagash County where the desperate disappear, the corrupt find shelter, and the innocent lose everything It s there that a cunning and utterly cold blooded killer plans the fate of the helpless lives at his mercy one of whom may be the lost child Lizzie will do anything to save As a blizzard bears down, and Bearkill s dark secrets claw their way to the surface, Lizzie gears up for a showdown that could leave the deep, driven snow stained blood red.

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    1. Homicide cop Lizzie Snow moves from Boston to Bearkill, Maine. She is searching for her niece that disappeared not long after her sister died. And now she has a photo of a little girl that could me Nicki. Sheriff Cody Chevrier is problems of his own. Four ex-cops have died during the last year and only he suspects that it is murder.Winter at the door was a great book. I liked Lizzie Snow from the moments she was introduced into the book, short black hair, red lipstick and red fingernails. Small [...]

    2. I've always been a sucker for the storyline that whisked me away to those small, quaint towns that scream of yesteryear where time had seemed to slow down. One Watering Hole, one food mart, one gas station et al. - just like Mayberry, USA. I waited in anticipation for the slow parts to kick in but the author insisted on keeping the action moving along, briskly. That worked well for me. It was well-written and contained no digressions.Lizzie Snow, an experienced homicide cop fresh out of Boston t [...]

    3. Lizzie Snow leaves her Boston homicide job when she is hired as a deputy in the small town of Bearkill, Maine. The sheriff needs Lizzie's expertise to help solve the rash of murders of recently retired policemen. She also has reason to believe that she may find her missing niece in this area.A fast-paced story with many twists, lots of suspense and non-stop action. The author has created interesting characters that I look forward to reading more about in the next book. "Winter At The Door" by Sa [...]

    4. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for a free copy of Winter at the Door. I gather that Graves has written other mysteries but this is meant to be the first in a series. I liked the detective -- Lizzie Snow --, the Maine small town setting and the set up at the beginning when Lizzie arrives as a new cop in a small town. But I didn't love the story. It seemed messy and disjointed, and dependent on a few improbable characters -- Spud in particular. But there's a stable of mystery writers tha [...]

    5. As a blizzard bears down, and Bearkill’s dark secrets claw their way to the surface, Lizzie gears up for a showdown that could leave the deep, driven snow stained blood red.The first in a new series, Winter at the Door introduces us to big city cop Lizzie Snow. She moves to small town Bearkill, Maine in the hopes of finding her missing niece, the only family member she has left. She takes a job at the local Sheriff's department and is assigned a case to solve what could be the murders of local [...]

    6. This is the first in a new series by the author of the long running "Home repair is homicide" books, also set in Maine. I haven't read any of those but from perusing the reviews, I'm guessing this one is a little grittier. Lizzie Snow was a homicide detective in Boston before she upped stakes for a position with the Aroostook County Sheriff Dept. in Bearkill, Maine. It's not exactly what she expected. Turns out her new boss Sheriff Cody Chevrier had an ulterior motive for offering her the job. [...]

    7. It started out well, promising to be an interesting police procedural about a tough female cop investigating the "accidental" deaths of several ex-cops. But I first got suspicious when the author spent an inordinate amount of time detailing the MC's appearance, right down to her lipstick and every article of clothing she's wearing. Then hints of a possible romantic interest, then love triangle. And now we have an assholish love interest where she's apparently more interested in getting nekkid wi [...]

    8. Winter at the Door is a book that chilled me to the bone. It takes place in Bearkill, Maine. Lizzie Snow has come to Maine to take a job with the police department. She also has an ulterior motive. She's hoping to find her niece, who's been missing. This thriller held my attention throughout the book and when I said it chilled me, I meant it. Not only does it take place in Maine, but it takes place in the winter in Maine. The author manages to make the winter a character and I love that. The cha [...]

    9. *NetGalley book review*This book was a very good thriller. There's a cop killer, a missing girl, other law breakers and drama lots and lots of drama. I very much enjoyed this book and it wasn't that long of a read. I am looking forward to when the next book in the series comes along.

    10. I'm between 3 and 4 stars on this book from Sarah Graves. Just give me anything with Maine in the mix and I'm there. This one adds adept scenes of Aroostook County and the deep, deep woods.Having never read the book prior to Winter at the Door, I was unfamiliar with the character of Lizzie Snow. I liked her immediately her spikey black hair to her red lipstick. Yes, it was a bit of a stretch expecting a Boston cop to fit in with a woodsy Maine setting, but it seems to work here. However, there's [...]

    11. This book had a lot of promise, and from the preview blurb, I anticipated enjoying a new heroine cop. This story just didn't deliver what I expected. There was too much of a convoluted storyline, predictable character action, and not enough "tough" from tough girl Lizzie Snow. When the chips were down and a butt kicking was on the menu, it was delivered in a pat and unbelievable way which made this story hard to get through. Truth be told, I read up through chapter seven and then skipped to chap [...]

    12. Winter at the Door was an interesting start to a new series. I really liked Lizzie Snow from the beginning, and I thought the storyline was intriguing. The last half of the book seemed very busy, with so much going on, and with several plot lines tying in together. It kept my interest, but was almost too much during this part. There were things about Lizzie's past that I would have liked more information on, but I hope to find out more in the next book.There were some good secondary characters i [...]

    13. REVIEW: WINTER AT THE DOOR by Sarah GravesWow!! Sarah Graves rocks! I discovered her first series, HOME REPAIR IS HOMICIDE, in 2008 or 2009, and began with the then-newest, working my way back to the first. I admired and enjoyed her writing then (and learned a lot), but her newest--first in a new series--goes far beyond, into literary territory. In WINTER AT THE DOOR, a novel I couldn't set aside, Sarah Graves carves entirely new territory, delving into abnormal psychology, domestic abuse and vi [...]

    14. This is really a one star read for me, the only reason I'm giving this a second star is because I zoned out in several places. I don't know if I missed something, but since neither of the two mysteries introduced in the book are solved, I can't bring myself to care. Lizzie Snow is super unlikable, and she's supposed to be a great homicide officer but I don't know if she actually did something to really solve anything other than rush into things headlong with barely a backup. To make matters wors [...]

    15. Winter at the Door by Sarah Graves is the first book I’ve read by this American author. It is also the first book in her Lizzie Snow series featuring a big city female cop. I was attracted to read this book because of the title, the cover and the blurb. More about this on the full review on my blog.The premise sounded good. Lizzie Snow, a homicide detective, moves to Bearkill, Maine where she will be given the mission of solving a series of suspicious suicides of local cops, that may or may no [...]

    16. I first became acquainted with Sarah Graves through her Home Repair Is Homicide cozy series featuring Jacobia Tiptree. When I saw her name on this new series that looked much edgier, I knew I had to give it a try. I'm glad I did.Lizzie Snow is definitely a city girl with her city clothes, hair, and makeup. But don't let that fool you. She's smart, tough, and intuitive. She also has a good sense of humor, and her one-liners often bring badly needed comic relief after something dire has occurred. [...]

    17. A special thank you to Random House Publishing Group, Bantam Dell, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.WINTER AT THE DOOR(Lizzie Snow #1), a new crime series by Sarah Graves introduces likable cop, Lizzie Snow who has left Boston for Bearkill, Maine where things are rather dark, and not so calm.Liz has some troubles of her own with her sister’s death and her missing niece, Nicki which is a big reason for coming to Maine in all its cold and ice. As small towns go, outside [...]

    18. Witty, pager-turner, some-what predictable, are just a few words to describe Winter at the Door, a mysterious thriller. Being one that likes to “solve the case” along with the protagonist, it feeds my need to living the life of a detective without putting my life in any real danger. Yes, your heart will beat a million miles a second, but I am sitting comfortable in my chair! The narration is done in two voices, Lizzie who has transferred from Boston to Maine as law enforcement agent to help [...]

    19. This was quite put-downable, but a bit better than "just OK", so I have rounded up to 3 stars. I finished it, to find out how it was resolved, but I don't think it was as good as the first of Ms Graves books I read years ago (her other series, beginning with The Dead Cat Bounce). I have trouble with one of the basic premises of this book (the start of a series, evidently): that Lizzie had to give up her job in Boston and move to northern Maine in order to look for her niece, who has been missing [...]

    20. This book was so chaotic. There was so much going on and I still don't understand how it all tied together. Even moment to moment, I lost track of what was happening and kept thinking to myself, "Where are they now? Are they still in her office? Oh, they're driving now -- when did they get in the car?" At the same time, the author over-explained things that really didn't need to be explained. At one point, she explained what having a long rap sheet meant and at the end there was a line along the [...]

    21. With her new series and character, Sarah Graves joins a great group of home-grown authors depicting the grittier side of Maine. Like Kate Flora, Gerry Boyle, James Hayman and Paul Doiron, she's created a piece of hardscrabble life that's pretty real if you're a Mainer and her story and characters will grow on those from 'away.' I like the setting and the backstory as well as the crimes that kick off this book. Going from a series that has a fair amount of humor to one that is as serious as a Mai [...]

    22. I didn't like this one as well as some of my Goodread friends. I found the dialogue choppy and the plot not all that mysterious. I'm not sure if I will read the second one in this series, but probably not. Overall this book was just ok.

    23. 2.5-star. I agree with several reviews that it was slow moving. I found myself thinking of other things at times while trying to read it. It wasn't bad writing it was the execution. I did like the MC Lizzie Snow. Very likeable character.Writer has potential. I would of liked a little action while telling of it. I will read the next in the series to see if it picks up.

    24. themaineedge/buzz/counAuthor Sarah Graves is no stranger to mystery writing. Her popular “Home Repair is Homicide” series is at 16 books and counting. The author lives in Eastport, which also serves as the setting for the best-selling books; the town has become just as much a character as protagonist Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree.But Graves is moving on from Eastport, making the trek all the way from Down East to the County with her latest book, intended to kick off a brand-new spin-off series. [...]

    25. [I received an advanced reader's copy from the publisher via NetGalley for review.]Homicide detective Lizzie Snow is a recent transplant to Bearkill, Maine, a small town where there's more trees than people, and a heck of a lot of drama going around.Lizzie has taken a job as a deputy with the Bearkill Sheriff's office in an effort to track down her missing niece. Her boss, Chevrier, has hired her to help solve a string of suicides among ex-cops, which he believes to be work of a murderer.This is [...]

    26. It was ok. I had two problems with this book. The first was the use of the word "freaking" instead of the actual swear word when characters found themselves in circumstances under extreme stress - it just didn't ring true for me. Graves would have been better off changing the dialogue completely instead of making this weak substitution. I get it that some people don't like to write with swear words, and that is fine. However, Graves does use other obscenities, albeit sparingly, so I assume this [...]

    27. This is a tidy little thriller that introduces a new female detective to the mystery field. Lizzie is new to Bearkill, ME having been asked to take a deputy sheriff job by a very puzzled sheriff who has too many cop "suicides" on his mind and no one to believe that his friends were not murdered. Lizzie has a solid reputation for solving difficult cases that made her the one to entice up north. She is glad for the change as she is still mourning her sister's death and her niece's disappearance. N [...]

    28. You have to like the protagonist in order to like the book, usually, and I didn't like this protagonist. Lizzie Snow has quit her detective job on the Boston Police force to come to Bearkill, Maine to be some sort of deputy-side-kick to the long-time sheriff. Small town Aroostook County, way up in the willy wacks of Maine. She has an ulterior motive: to find her niece - her only living relative - who's been missing (abducted?) for the last eight-or-so years and for some reason Snow thinks she's [...]

    29. This book was hard to get into. The writer would stop a conversation between two characters to tell too much about the past or about what a scene looked like at that moment and go on and on about it, till the conversation continued to take place 2 pages later. This is an example of how it wasOnce upon a time Sally said, "John, why did you" Sally noticed that the trees had snow on them, that brought back a memory from long ago, when she was 8, her father blah blah blah, John said, "What Sally?" S [...]

    30. Switching jobs and moving from Boston to Bearkill, Maine, we are introduced to Lizzie Snow.Lizzie is in search of her niece who she believe is still alive. When she gets to Bearkill, she runs into an old flame and they dance around their prior relationship. Lizzie easily ends up fitting into the town and she is good at her job and working in conjunction with the town and police.Working with Cody Chervier to solve a rash of crimes and murders of former cops. Who is the crazy killer and why has it [...]

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