Meant for Me A future gone off the rails Since Ethan Walsh realized his fianc was in love with another guy his life has been spiraling out of control He s spent the last eighteen months drinking too much hooking

  • Title: Meant for Me
  • Author: Erin McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9781505344547
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • A future gone off the rails Since Ethan Walsh realized his fianc was in love with another guy, his life has been spiraling out of control He s spent the last eighteen months drinking too much, hooking up with random girls, and flunking out of law school When his sister Aubrey has a baby, he goes to visit her on the remote island off the coast of Maine, expecting it toA future gone off the rails Since Ethan Walsh realized his fianc was in love with another guy, his life has been spiraling out of control He s spent the last eighteen months drinking too much, hooking up with random girls, and flunking out of law school When his sister Aubrey has a baby, he goes to visit her on the remote island off the coast of Maine, expecting it to be awkward.A past that haunts the present What he isn t expecting is Aubrey s neighbor to be a beautiful and aloof blonde, Chloe, whose piano playing lulls him to sleep every night He wants to talk to her, get to know her, kiss her.But Chloe doesn t speak, and no one knows why So Ethan makes it his mission to learn the truth and instead falls in love with her smile, her music, her notes and texts to him Helping Chloe feel safe enough to open up is actually healing him, but what happens when the darkness of reality threatens to destroy their new life And a love that doesn t need words, only the heart

    • Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ✓ Meant for Me - by Erin McCarthy æ
      430 Erin McCarthy
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    One thought on “Meant for Me”

    1. Well Meant for Me wasetty dang unique! And that's not something you can say all that often in romance anymore but was definitely the case this time as Ethan and Chloe forge a relationship in their own way.Alright so the quick of it is that Ethan is in a bad place and has hit rock bottom--drinking, random hook ups, dropping out of school-- and a trip to visit his baby sister shocks him into some truths about his current life and how he's living. And brings him face to face with a women named Chlo [...]

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed this latest addition to the Blurred Lines Series. Chloe and Ethan were both characters that I enjoyed reading about. I liked watching them get to know one another and develop mutual feelings. The storyline was interesting, and I enjoyed having Audrey and Caitlyn make appearances in this book. Anya was another intriguing character, and I am looking forward to learning more about her.I love this series, and I'm already looking forward to seeing where it goes next.

    3. Another amazing Blurred Lines book from Erin McCarthy. I have to admit that at the beginning of this book Ethan is not my favorite character. However, I completely fell in love with Chloe. After Ethan breaks up with his fiancé he goes into a tail spin, constantly drinking, having sex with a bunch of women he doesn’t know and doesn’t always like, and he dropped out of law school. I have to admit I don’t really like reading a book where one of the main characters sleeps with other people wh [...]

    4. Ethan Walsh realized his fiance was in love with another guy, and his life spiraled where he lostcontrol of it, He spent the last year and half drinking, hooking up with random girls and even managed to flunk out of Law School.His sister Aubrey has a baby and deciding to visit heron a remote island of the cost of Main, not sure what will happen he goes anyway. A past that haunts the present…What he isn’t expecting is Aubrey’s neighbor to be a beautiful and aloof blonde, Chloe, whose piano [...]

    5. Male povMain characters: Ethan and ChloeMinor characters: Anya (Chloe's sister)This book is the same quality as all the others. The difference was that the whole book is the males pov. There were instances where the Chloe wrote notes to Ethan, which was great because it added depth to the story. But overall it was very surface level. Synopsis:Ethan has been on a downward spiral since Cat left him in book 1. He drinks a lot and wakes up with random girls each night. While visiting Aubrey on the i [...]

    6. Meant For Me is the fourth book of Erin McCarthy’s Blurred Lines Series. While it can be easily read as a stand-alone, you would get much more history from reading the previous books. The story is told through the main character, Ethan’s point of view, and we knew him from book one as a really good guy.The book begins with him in a hung over self-disgusted state of mind, as it moves forward the book establishes his past and how he ended up at this point. Ethan has gone from being a popular, [...]

    7. In Meant For Me, the fourth installment of Erin McCarthy’s Blurred Lines Series, the reader is introduced to Chloe and reunited with Ethan, a primary character from the first book in this series, You Make Me (please note, although you can read Meant for Me as a stand alone novel, I believe that Ethan’s story is even more poignant having known his history). While we have had glimpses and snippets in the other books, Live For Me and Let Me In, of how Ethan’s life has transpired since the fir [...]

    8. Whew, this one is a doozy, my favorite book yet in the series. Meant for Me is the fourth book of the Blurred Lines series by Erin McCarthy. We met Ethan in the first book of the series, You Make Me, as the fiancé to the heroine of the book, Caitlyn and he is the brother to the heroine in the third book, Let Me In, Audrey. Ethan has hit rock bottom after the break up with Caitlyn nearly two years ago, he's dropped out of law school, getting drunk nearly every night and waking up next to a diffe [...]

    9. wow wow an amazing storywe find ethan two years after his failed relationship with Caitlyn broken into pieces dropped out of law school and working as a bartender. going home to see his sister and her new baby is the last thing ethan wants to do as he knows he is going to run into Caitlyn and her new manbut going to his sister turns out to be the best thing for on the way there he meets Chloe who cant speak but thay does not stop the developing relationship between ethan and chloe but will they [...]

    10. I just love Erin McCarthy's stories, and this one was no different. I loved how Ethan has hit bottom, but finds Chloe when he was not even looking. It was a great when they start a relationship with both of them having issues, but find one another. I just love this series and can not wait for the next story!

    11. Chloe has not talked since leaving the orphanage. Ethan is spiraling out of control since he and his fiance broke up. He has put his college education on hold, and is drinking and hooking up with random females trying to dull the pain of the breakup. He gets a call from his sister and finds she is now married and has a baby so he decides to travel to her remote island location to meet his new niece and see his sister. While visiting he meets her neighbor/babysitter Chloe and they spend time toge [...]

    12. I didn't really enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the others, I mean Ethan and Chloe were great characters, but me and the book just didn't have that spark.

    13. So happy to read Ethan's point of view, he hit a rough patch but loving Chloe helped him see they were meant to be :)

    14. I really liked this book. Every book I read by Erin makes me want to believe in Love. Not just any love but a life changing, earth shattering love. These characters are by no means perfect but their imperfections are what make them so great. You get to see them heal each other and become so much more than they could have ever been alone! This is the 4th book in the Blurred lines series by Erin McCarthy. We first met Ethan in 'You Make Me' as the fiancee of Caitlyn in book 1 of this series, he is [...]

    15. A very unique approach to a romance that nobody would have expected. Ethan was very badly hurt when his ex girlfriend fell in love with another man. Ethan didn't know where to turn. He just started to let his life fall into a free fall sleeping with many different women and drinking in excess just so he can forget. Ethan realizes this is not the life he wants to lead forever so he decides to go visit his sister and her new baby in Villinhaven a small town. On his way over on the ferry to Villinh [...]

    16. Wow! This book definitely keeps you on your toes. Ethan has hit rock bottom. His life has been out of control since he and Caitlyn broke off their engagement. He dropped out of law school and started tending bar at a local bar. It gave him an income to pay bills and fed his need for alcohol and all of the girls he could possibly want for his hook ups. He has been avoiding his family and hasn't seen his sister in months.He meets Chloe on his ferry ride over to get to his sister's house. She seems [...]

    17. Meant for Me, the fourth book in the Blurred Line's series by Erin McCarthy, roped me in and had me transfixed from the very first page. It was a pleasant surprise to find the story narrated by Ethan, the jilted golden boy from the first book in the series. I love getting into the hero's head! Since breaking up with Cat, Ethan has lost his way. He's dropped out of law school, drinks himself into oblivion on a nightly basis, and hasn't managed to have any significant relationship beyond drunken h [...]

    18. This is the fourth book to the blurred lines series, although you can read it as a stand alone, if you have read the other books it great to see some of those characters again in this book and how well they are doingnt for me is all about a young man Ethan walsh who had his heart set on one girl "the girl" however when she leaves him for her childhood sweetheart, he is broken, drops out of law school and becomes a bar man where he falls to the drink and sex of the hanger on's, after hitting rock [...]

    19. InterestingSo, first, I liked Ethan.Second, I also liked Chloe.Quite a mystery that book, I have to say. But I liked that. Honestly, I did. What I clearly did not like was the ending. Seriously, that was too short. But I should have known that. Seems to be the author's style.Anyways, I'm quite sure she did this because the next book is going to revolve around Anya. Still, I hope we'll hear more about Chloe.For me, there was too much left in the dark. We don't know about her dad's reaction. And a [...]

    20. As the fourth book in Erin McCarthy’s Blurred Lines Series I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this story! When Ethan’s sister Aubrey has a baby he decides to visit. While visiting he wants to think about his life and put his past to rest. He meets Aubrey’s next door neighbor Chloe who has issues in her own past she is dealing with.From the first meeting, Ethan is ensnared with Chloe. She doesn’t talk and he wants to hear her voice. Through text and notes he slowly gets to know her and [...]

    21. I loved that Ethan finally came full circle and got his life in order. I loved getting to know Cloe and know that sometimes you can say more by body language then you can with words. Cloe has selective mutism but she is the character that feels the most and expresses the most. I love how Ethan accepts her how she is and tries to help her find her missing piece.I loved the quote " being caught in the armpit of a fat guy" It was the one line in the book that made me laugh.This book has a good twis [...]

    22. A sweet tale of true love saving two souls told in an unique and charming way.Sexy Ethan goes to a small island to see his new niece not expecting to be drawn to the beautiful mute neighbor girl. Being bored and used to one night stands Ethan spends time with unworldy innocent Chloe not expecting to become attracted to her. Once he realizes he likes her he runs away but can't stop thinking about her and goes back to being a drinker and one night stand guy. Chloe of course has her own set of prob [...]

    23. Missing somethingI have to say I was excited for Ethan to get his own story and have his chance after losing who he had thought was the one but reading this book left me feeling like something was missing. I love Chloe and how he helps her uncover the past no one believes is there and I believe Ethan does in a way fall in love with her but you want more. I wish I could say what that more was but as I read the final pages is the book I felt like it was not really done though maybe we will see how [...]

    24. Unanswered prayers are usually more of a blessing than you realize at that moment. Ethan is throwing his life away because of a girl, he was planning to marry. As life shows us, he didn't really know her. She went back to her ex and is scheduled to be married. Ethan has more or less flunked out of law school, become a bartender and lives a rather rough life partying. Most mornings not even know where he is when he wakes up. Chloe was adopted from Russia when she was 3 years old. The change in li [...]

    25. Ethan Walsh is back. What a difference 18 months makes. Meant for Me is the fourth book in the Blurred Lines series by Erin McCarthy; but no worries, you can read it without having to read the first three. The characters from the previous books are covered in a way you can easily pick up their story lines.Meant for Me is the continuation of Ethan's story; what happened to him after Caitlyn and how Chloe set him on the path to making himself whole again. In return, Ethan believed in and trusted C [...]

    26. This one fell a little flat for me. I enjoyed the story and the characters but I just wasn't feeling this one that much. I was happy to see Ethan finally moved on from his moping, but after the last two books this one was quite a bit less dramatic. This was probably one of my least favourite in the series between this one and the fifth book. Don't get me wrong this is a good book, but come this point in the series I'm kind of sick of hearing about Ethan's downward spiral.I'm glad to see in the r [...]

    27. This is the best book in the series in my opinion. The story is told from the point of view of Ethan, Caitlyn's ex-fiance from book one. He has been reeling in the break up by Caitlyn for the past two years, dropped out of law school, and is making awful personal choices. Then, he visits his sister, Aubrey (from book two), and his whole life changes. There is a fifth book coming out in March which I'm really happy about as I did not get enough closure at the end of this book. What I like about M [...]

    28. Meant for Me is the 4th story in the Blurred Lines Series.Ethan Walsh is not a nice guy. He drinks too much and he'll sleep with any girl who will have him. HIs life is out of control. Ever since his fiance left him for the love of her life, nothing is going right. On a trip to meet his new niece for the first time, he meets Chloe. Chloe is a girl with a silent voice, but she speaks right to Ethan's heart. Chloe hasn't spoken for years but she can't find her voice until she finds the missing pie [...]

    29. Ethan had it all. Fiancé, law school, great future. On his way. They his fiancé left him. He plummeted out if school, drank ever night.One day he makes a long overdue trip to see his sister and few months old niece. On the way there, Ethan meets cloe for the first time. He is fascinated by her. Wants to know her more. Figure out what makes her , her. This is the start of their journey. Or is it the end? I have loved every single on of Erin McCarthy's books. This is no exception. I love the rom [...]

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