Ocean s Justice A mysterious castaway A Scottish hero determined to protect her Can they survive the storm Cast adrift on the Indian Ocean Maria carries a terrible secret Wherever she goes death soon follows and s

  • Title: Ocean's Justice
  • Author: Demelza Carlton
  • ISBN: 9781310587948
  • Page: 244
  • Format: ebook
  • A mysterious castaway A Scottish hero determined to protect her Can they survive the storm Cast adrift on the Indian Ocean, Maria carries a terrible secret Wherever she goes, death soon follows, and she s powerless to prevent it.William McGregor boarded the SS Trevessa in search of adventure, but he gets than he bargained for when he saves the mysterious Maria fromA mysterious castaway A Scottish hero determined to protect her Can they survive the storm Cast adrift on the Indian Ocean, Maria carries a terrible secret Wherever she goes, death soon follows, and she s powerless to prevent it.William McGregor boarded the SS Trevessa in search of adventure, but he gets than he bargained for when he saves the mysterious Maria from the sea She can t tell them her tragic tale, so the superstitious sailors make up their own stories and some would sacrifice her to the waves to save themselves from the coming storm.When the sharks start circling and the storm closes in, are sirens than just a myth A tiny taste of what s in store My defiance was futile What did it get me A small raft drifting across the Indian Ocean, with nothing but the sound of waves and the smell of salt and coal smoke.Smoke meant a ship I was saved.I squinted into the sunlight, but the waves hid the vessel from me Maybe I was looking the wrong way I didn t have the strength to sit up and see.Rough hands seized me I struggled, but my weakness won.Blue eyes drifted above, the same colour as the ocean below A tangle of wiry seaweed obscured the rest of the man s face It s all right, lass I ll take care of you Darkness took me first.Turbulence and TriumphThe Turbulence and Triumph series is set in the same world as the modern day Ocean s Gift series, but in the past The books in the Turbulence and Triumph series to date are Ocean s Justice 1 Ocean s Trial 2 Ocean s Triumph 3 Ocean s Ride 4 Ocean s Cage 5 Ocean s Birth 6 How to Catch Crabs 2.5

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    One thought on “Ocean's Justice”

    1. Demelza Carlton had me from the first paragraph. I wanted to know about Maria and why she was sent from her home never to see her family again.Where does Maria come from? Is she an assassin? Why kill the person she loved? I needed these questions answered sooner rather than later so there was no way this book was being put down until I read the whole thing.Maria’s strong character hit you from the first chapter…no one was going to get the better of her unless it was what she wanted.When she [...]

    2. There were a lot of things that made this book unique, starting with a main character who can't speak English and therefore barely says a word. Somehow this works perfectly, and that's a huge credit to the author. Maria still comes across as a strong character, her thoughts and feelings are relayed to the reader and even though she doesn't understand the words, other characters still talk to her, giving the reader a perspective on Maria's story that the woman herself doesn't have.With small part [...]

    3. Eu adoro sereias. Não gostei do início, pois o achei muito lento. É um livro de fácil leitura que se passa num navio. A minha personagem preferido foi William, um marinheiro escocês muito educado e amoroso. A sereia Maria é uma mulher de coração partido, mas de carácter forte. Achei o vilão patético. E amei as referencias ao Japão e a Austrália.

    4. Ocean’s JusticeOcean’s GiftTurbulence and Triumph #1Demelza CarltonLost Plot Press, Sep 2014Kindle, 172 PagesAlso available in paperbackGenre(s) Fairy Re-tale in 6 PartsSource AuthorOcean’s TrialOcean’s GiftTurbulence and Triumph #2Demelza CarltonLost Plot Press, Sep 2014Kindle, 158 PagesAlso available in paperbackGenre(s) Fairy Re-taleSource AuthorOther books in this series:Ocean’s Triumph #3, Ocean’s Ride #4, Ocean’s Cage #5, Ocean’s Birth #6My Disclaimer:I was provided complim [...]

    5. Ocean's Justice immediately enticed me into the wonderfully woven tale of Maria, the siren of the sea as she navigates her new life, banished from her home at only eighteen. We are teased with the mystery of why a man died at her hands and why she can no longer remain home. Lucky for Maria, she is discovered drifting at sea buy the men of the Trevessa and one in particular, William.This is the first book I have ever read about a mermaid - other than Disney's Little Mermaid-Ha! and this is no bed [...]

    6. I wasn't quite sure what to make of Ocean Justice when I first started reading it, but I had read one of Demelza Carlton's other books (Welcome to Hell) and thoroughly enjoyed it. In this story, Maria is saved at sea by the crew of the steamship Trevessa. She understands very few English words. That alone is unique in the way the author carried out the story. The relationship between Maria and William is exquisite as it unfolds, and I longed to know Maria's secret past.The bad guys in the story [...]

    7. Well this is an interesting story. Just when I thought I had it figured out it changed.Maria is found floating on a raft and taking on board a ship. Some of the crew want her thrown overboard thinking she's bad luck, some want to take advantage of there being a woman.William, a passenger on the ship, takes it upon himself to protect her from those that want to hurt her.It's obvious that's Maria is not a normal human but there's different clues as to what she is. Although its never revealed we fi [...]

    8. Ocean's Justice (Turbulence and Triumph #1) by Demelza Carlton is a wonderful novel that had me from page one and what a shocking ending. Not the ending I wanted but I am not the writer, and yet, the ending fit. Great story and I will certainly read book 2! Girl gets saved from raft as she floats adrift, near death, by a ship of men. The men make bets if she will live. She lives then half of them think she is a curse and half think she is an omen of good luck. The longer she is on the boat, so m [...]

    9. I never give bad reviews and this really isn't a bad review to the author. I just couldn't get into this book. It might be because I just don't get it or Mermaids aren't my thing. It is well written and the mistakes are few if any. So even though I didn't care for doesn't mean I won't recommend it to friends that like Mermaids.

    10. I could taste the sea air and feel the breeze coming off the water. I rarely read a book start to finish in one sitting, but I was captivated by this story! I need to get the other prequels now. Ms. Carlton does not disappoint!

    11. Finally A Mermaid Tale for Adults!A well written mermaid "tale". I can't wait to get started on the next book! I've searched forever for a sea story with intrigue, action and mermaids and here someone has written it all with a Scottish gentleman to boot. Five stars for sure!

    12. Once again, awesome book. Love the series, and especially the feel of the characters, they're visceral, organic and almost leap off the page (sometimes that wouldn't entirely be a bad thing XD). The story is as gripping as a Mermaid on shore leave , and leaves you wanting more with every page.

    13. Had some promise, but unfortunately wildly un-even and the latter half of the book litearlly just climaxes to get us to a climax.

    14. “Ocean’s Justice”, by Demelza Carlton, is the story of a mysterious woman by the name of Maria who is discovered at sea by the ship Trevessa. On the vessel she meets a passenger named William McGregor, and even though the idea of having a woman on board the ship does not sit well with the crew, she is taken in and looked after by said passenger. As the relationship develops, we learn more about Maria’s background and true nature…even as others on board have other plans for the young wo [...]

    15. The story within this book is pretty captivating, if I do think so myself. Ha-ha. I definitely recommend it to those who love mermaid tails um, excuse the pun, tales*. Anyway, as good as this book was, it also had its negatives. But let me list a few positives first: the time pacing was pretty well executed, and there were no strange lapses; the characters became slightly developed by the end (after all, this book is part of a six-book series); and the love story was cute except at the end, were [...]

    16. Got this book from the author for free, so here be the review matteyrgh.Sorry but there are no pirates in this book.Picked it up and finished it in one sitting. The plot is strong and keeps moving forward at a nice clip. The characters are easy to like (well all but 2 of em, but they get whats coming to them ). Maria the mermaid speaks maybe 5 words of English but mostly manages to get across to the crew what she's trying to say.One shipwreck eventually leads to another (I think ships don't like [...]

    17. The story sounded good but unfortunately I did not enjoy this book. I felt the writing was very shallow and there was little development of anything and anyone in the story. I found the book to be very slow going and a struggle to get through, and I was confused by where and when the story was set. I didn’t like any of the characters, I felt no empathy for any of them, and I felt the relationship between William and Maria was ridiculous. There really didn’t seem to be any point to the whole [...]

    18. Maria is some kind of siren/mermaid who is taken aboard a ship that finds her floating naked in the ocean. William becomes her protector on board because she can't understand anyone or communicate with them. She falls in love with William, the boat sinks, she rescued by another boat.Thiswasweird. The 'love' made no sense because the two of them couldn't even talk. He fell in love with her boobs and she fell in love with his abs. Meh. And besides that, there was no history besides vague mentionin [...]

    19. Despite finding Maria drifting, alone and naked on a rickety raft, the ship's captain and William MacGregor see she has been abused, and vow to protect her as a lady. They find her a sailor's clothes, and try to protect her from the superstitious crewmen and those who would attack her. Eventually, the attempts of two men to rape and then kill her causes damage which sinks the ship, and Maria is separated from both William and the captain in the confusion of launching lifeboats. Once again Maria [...]

    20. It was very interesting to read about a main character who doesn't understand the language the people around her use. The use of German and Dutch (although there was a small mistake in the translation of the Dutch) were fun as well. I didn't know the Indonesian, but I feel like I learned something by looking it up, even if it is only the word for rice.

    21. This was a very interesting book, from just the cover I was intrigued by what was to come, and then reading the blurb? It had me hooked from the first page! So many questions emerged from that first chapter, like who did she kill, why did she kill him, was he important, was he innocent, why is she being banished from her home? I loved the idea and it was wonderful Maria is a woman who has been found by a crew, William fish her out and is determine to protect her from the barbaric and lustful eye [...]

    22. My strong woman is front and center in this story. This is one of a few books that has the main character not understand the people around her. There is almost no information about her background.This is not a HEA and that is the major reason for 4 stars.

    23. This book is not what I expected. If you want something different to read - this is a must read. Good writing and a fast paced storyline. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book for an honest option.

    24. Just okThis book was just ok. I was a bit confused in the beginning trying to follow it. The narrative kept jumping between the two main characters, while staying that the one character couldn't understand the other.

    25. Lovely book Absolutely loved this book, so good I couldn't put it down lol! Fantastic storyline and characters. I would happily recommend.

    26. I didn't care for this book. Too sci-fi for me. I have read other books by this author and loved them but this one didn't work for me.

    27. Ocean's Justice (Ocean's Gift - Turbulence and Triumph Series, #1) by Demelza Carlton ( Author) Couldn't get into it at all. The story was just too YA for me. I couldn't get into the characters. I think the age of the main characters is one of the things that threw me off. The 2nd was how repetitive it is about her not speaking english and her 'thoughts'. In fact, her thoughts is the only way we, the readers, know anything about her. I never felt any connection to any part of the story.

    28. POSSIBLE SPOILERS Ocean’s Justice is the first book in a series entitled Turbulence and Triumph. It tells the story of Maria, a woman who is found floating naked on a raft in the ocean. Her rescuers bring her on board and she is left under the watchful eye of William. The story is told in the first person from Maria’s perspective. You learn that she does not understand the language of the sailors. As the reader, I can plainly understand what they are saying, so I could still see how the stor [...]

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