Lust for Life This novel contains some Scottish dialect slang strong violence and language in parts and a couple of graphic sex scenes If you knew you only had a short time left to live on this planet what would

  • Title: Lust for Life
  • Author: Sean-Paul Thomas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 461
  • Format: ebook
  • This novel contains some Scottish dialect slang, strong violence and language in parts and a couple of graphic sex scenes If you knew you only had a short time left to live on this planet, what would you do with that precious time A man with terminal cancer gives up everything so that he can live out his wildest fantasies But when he finds love and a new lease of life a This novel contains some Scottish dialect slang, strong violence and language in parts and a couple of graphic sex scenes If you knew you only had a short time left to live on this planet, what would you do with that precious time A man with terminal cancer gives up everything so that he can live out his wildest fantasies But when he finds love and a new lease of life along the way, even that fails to curb his crazy antics from spiraling into an unstoppable train wreck of carnage.Liam, is a working class man from Edinburgh, with no ambition or lust for life When he is given the devastating news that he has terminal Cancer he decides to refuse any kind of treatment or help Instead, he uses his terminal illness as a kind of destructive superpower to give him the fearless confidence he so clearly lacks, in order to pull off some of the crazy things he always wished to do in life.Liam takes baby steps at first from chatting up beautiful girls, racing through rush hour traffic, jumping red lights, squaring up to jerk off neighbors, to even assaulting arrogant traffic wardens and sexist bar flys Soon he is withdrawing all of his life savings and walking away from his job and home, to embark upon the final, stunning, sunset chapter of his life Which will either lead him to ultimate salvation or ultimate destruction.But then Liam meets Celine, his silver lining, a gorgeous young French woman with a mysterious lifestyle in the city, who gives his crazy and erratic new ways some hope, meaning and stability after they embark upon a wild few days together.The third act sees Liam finally gathering the courage to square up to one particular and niggling, long time buried, but not forgotten demon from his past a childhood abuser Now he must choose between love and revenge Yet even that decision comes at a heavy price as the seedy side of Edinburgh s underworld finally catch up to both him and Celine for one explosive finale Think Trainspotting meets Taxi Driver A dark and sexy, blackly humorous tale of sex, violence and the male psyche An unstoppable whirlwind adventure of finding love and life where you d least expect it.

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    One thought on “Lust for Life”

    1. 4.8 Stars'I'm sorry for the last few days. For coming into your life like this. For hurting you. For causing you this pain.'A copy was kindly provided by the author. Thank you, Sean! :D Liam Walker, a plumber, was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and was told that he might have only a year or a few months left to live. This pushed him to live his life to the fullest. He started breaking the law, fooling around more, until he met Celine. This young lady changed everything for Liam. For the first time [...]

    2. Lust for Life is a book that is not easily released from the hand. Throughout the book drags the question of what were to do it for love. Liam main character in the story finds out that has terminal brain cancer and has a few more months of life. His life was all but charming, working as plumbing, lives alone in a dilapidated apartment in a not-so-good district of the city of Edinburgh. In his life, he didn’t found the woman what he truly loved, for one reason or another all of his relationshi [...]

    3. I knew when I purchased this novella length story that it was the first part of a longer book. I don't as a rule like reading novels presented this way however I've read some other books by this author and decided to purchase the first part.I do normally enjoy this author's "voice", delivery style, some of his work is decidedly "off centre", a bit different which I enjoy. I did like the premise of the story. Liam is a young man who isn't long for the world. How he decides to spend his remaining [...]

    4. Synopsis:What would you do if you found out you had an incurable and inoperable brain cancer and you have more or less one year of life left? Some people would spend most of their time in a hospital, hoping against hope that good doctors would miraculously get lucky. Some would look for cure on their own in all available and unexpected places. Some would get depressed and kill themselves. Liam Walker, a young Edinburgh plumber approaching thirty, decided to do something else. He decided to enjoy [...]

    5. My first book by Sean-Paul Thomas and i have to say i was mightily impressedThe book tells the story of Liam, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, causing him to reflect on his life and making the decision to live the remaining time he has left to the fullest extent. Packing his job in, chatting up women he would normally consider out of his league etc he embarks on a mission to grab whats left of his life by the balls.Set in Scotland, he meets a beautiful mysterious French girl and u [...]

    6. I really enjoyed parts one and two and can’t wait to read the rest. The concept of the book is very interesting. I myself never actually wondered what would I do if I had only a few months of my life left. I followed the main character with curiosity, often surprised by how far he dared to go.The only thing I didn’t like that much was that the descriptions were sometimes too graphic (scenes like a fight, broken bones etc.). I’m not a fan of violence, I tend to turn my head on scenes like t [...]

    7. A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewOT: 9/10Beginning – Boring Middle – Things are getting interested Ending - WOWCharacters: 8/10WRITING: 6/ 10I think you should read the books itself. It was so GOOD but I have problems in the writing. I will just share to you a poem that I found in the book to give you a little insight.Girl I've never met.You haunt me, possess my soul and mind.Girl I've never met.The first time I saw you, you passed me by at the bus stop one d [...]

    8. A copy was very kindly provided to me by the author himself- thank you for this Sean!! I have long been a fan of dialect in writing, and after Trainspotting, and my long love of the accent itself, Scottish has certainly been my favourite. Though for the majority it is written in plain English, the bits of dialogue written in Scots was fantastic! For a story about a man with incurable cancer, the narrative pulsed with life. The writing style was captivating and the storyline, whilst erring on the [...]

    9. I've given this book 2 stars on the basis that it's self-published but if any professional publisher had released it I would be hesitating whether to rate it at all such is its litany of spelling and grammar errors.I won't go through them as that is incredibly dull and pedantic but it is difficult to read something so disjointed that clearly been rushed and uploaded without proof-reading.This fact is not only evident in the spelling but also the general language. Repetition abounds, particularly [...]

    10. * I was given a copy of the ebook by the author to read *I'm really happy I got to read this :)Liam is one of those characters you start off not liking a whole lot. Self employed plumber and willing to sleep with any woman willing to give him the time to.Liam finds out he has cancer, the type that can't be cured. So of course he looks at his life and decides "the hell with it".He gets a little self destructive but ends up meeting Celine. Celine quickly becomes his balance.That's not to say that [...]

    11. I have this from the author for an honest review, Liam the plumber becomes Liam the daredevil poet after he found out he had a shorter life expectancy due to cancer.I suppose the things he did in the book is pretty much a guy thing, even though I might not really go down the path of self- destruction like he did. reading about it is cool, it is funny tinged with a little sadness knowing that this jerk hero will not live long. His female counterpart, Celine who was not prepared to die, balances t [...]

    12. Liam is a man living on a timer. A decent plumber but not a good man, he treats women poorly and has anger issues. Readers will experience a methodical paced adventure through Liam's life on the edge."Lust4Life" is a book meant for adults that combines adventure, crime, sex, and love into one testosterone laden tale.The only complaints with the story is that I had trouble understanding the dialog at times and a few misspellings. Other than that Book 1 is a decent read.

    13. Dark, edgy read about a man on the edge. Liam finds out he is dying and decides to go out with a bang. Reminded me a little bit of Drive and Taxi Driver, but with more humor. Scottish dialogue too was interesting, but not unreadable like other Scottish authors I've read. Good book though. Look forward to part 2. Definitely not one for the faint of heart though or lovers of chick lit. Could this in fact be bloke lit?

    14. Judging by the cover, I thought this might be a crass, violent and gratuitous book but it pleasantly surprised me, it had a touch of absolute everything, romance, humour, violence, revenge. I enjoyed every page. A few typos but not too many to spoil it.

    15. So far so good. Only taken me a few hours to get through part one easy to read and the story so far seems good. Liam is not really a nice guy but I like him don't know why but there is something about him. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    16. The author gave me this book for an honest review. I have mixed emotions about this book. I wanted to hate Liam for his thoughts and actions but found myself thinking - what if I had terminal cancer? How would I think and act? I believe everyone in the world has thought/felt the way Liam did with many things. His actual actions however are violent and brutal. This book is not for the faint of heart. I will also say that it needed some major proofreading. There are a lot of words used grammatical [...]

    17. I received this book as part of a giveaway.I was looking forward to reading this book and thought is sounded like an interesting read but, I lost interest about 50-60 pages in. I just wasn't pulling me in as much as I had hoped and I had a hard time wanting to continue. There are some pretty good reviews so for the time being, I am putting it on my "Maybe another time" shelf in the hopes that it was just not what I was looking for in a book at the time.

    18. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I really thought the author was a great storyteller, and I plan to read more of his books. But THIS book was so full of sex, it almost read like a story straight out of Penthouse Forum, or something like that. Not really what I look for in a novel. If you want to read about constant sex, then this is the book for you!

    19. I will be back to write a review. I was almost done and had a power interruption as it is storming here. I lost the review. I am shutting down for now and will return to review this title.

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