Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen Cartoonist Sam Zabel hasn t drawn a comic in years Stuck in a nightmare of creative block and despair Sam spends his days writing superhero stories for a large American comics publisher and staring a

  • Title: Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen
  • Author: Dylan Horrocks
  • ISBN: 9780864739759
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cartoonist Sam Zabel hasn t drawn a comic in years Stuck in a nightmare of creative block and despair, Sam spends his days writing superhero stories for a large American comics publisher and staring at a blank piece of paper, unable to draw a single line Then one day he finds a mysterious old comic book set on Mars and is suddenly thrown headlong into a wild, fantastic jCartoonist Sam Zabel hasn t drawn a comic in years Stuck in a nightmare of creative block and despair, Sam spends his days writing superhero stories for a large American comics publisher and staring at a blank piece of paper, unable to draw a single line Then one day he finds a mysterious old comic book set on Mars and is suddenly thrown headlong into a wild, fantastic journey through centuries of comics, stories, and imaginary worlds Accompanied by a young webcomic creator named Alice and an enigmatic schoolgirl with rocket boots and a bag full of comics, Sam goes in search of the Magic Pen, encountering sex crazed aliens, medieval monks, pirates, pixies and of course cartoonists Funny, erotic, and thoughtful, Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen explores the pleasures, dangers, and moral consequences of fantasy.

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      308 Dylan Horrocks
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    1. Cartoonist Sam Zabel is burned out on comics. Suffering from anhedonia (the absence of pleasure, of joy), he sets aside his indie book Pickle for writing the banal superhero Lady Night for Eternal Comics, hacking out scripts he hates to earn a living. Then one day he discovers a forgotten New Zealand cartoonist, Evan Rice, and his comic The King of Mars. Opening the pages, he sneezes, opens his eyes and… he’s inside the comic’s world! So begins Sam’s fantastical odyssey through sequentia [...]

    2. Joyful, sweet, smart, effortless, sexy, playful, funny, reflexive, sincere, magical, pure - I love it!

    3. When I was in high school, I heard an older man recount a conversation he had while in seminary in his twenties. He vividly remembered speaking with a friend who was wracked with guilt and confessing sins. Possibly a common experience in so religious a setting as a seminary—a place intended to prepare young men for religious service.  The curiosity was that this repentant man was broken up over and ashamed of sins he had committed in his dreams. The man telling the story was completely blown [...]

    4. This graphic novel by New Zealand artist Horrocks is (for me) a major event in comics this past year, a thing which I also said about Scott McCloud's The Sculptor, of which it in some ways reminds me. In both the main character suggests the author in many ways, both preach a little bit about moral issues and comics history and tradition, and both are masterfully accomplished as comics. Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen appears from the cover and opening to be for kids, but it is for grown-ups. Or all [...]

    5. Творці в творчій кризі - страшні люди! Відомий інді-картуніст заради грошей фігачить нудну супергеройську серійку. Його вже від цієї супергероїки нудить (і від самого себе - також), але раптом стається диво. Ні, Сем Зейбел не просвітлюється, не відмовляється змащувати вісі к [...]

    6. Dylan Horrocks, I fucking love you. It has been less than half a year since I found Hicksville and in that time have devoured it no less than 5 times, each time being reminded of why I liked it so much the other times and also getting a little something extra every time. But you couldn't do that story again, and leading up to this book I was wondering how you'd do anything again – hasn't the nature of the criticism of your last book ballooned your head in such a way that the reader won't help [...]

    7. In this bold and transgressive graphic novel, drawn in a simple, clean style, Dylan Horrocks mixes autobiography and fantasy to relate a poignant journey from depression and artist's block towards a sense of deeper authenticity. Sam Zabel resentfully writes scripts for formulaic superhero stories and can't bring himself to work on his own material. The discovery of a campy 1950s sci-fi comic along the lines of John Carter of Mars leads to him being swept into a series of fantasy worlds.Guided by [...]

    8. De Dylan Horrocks había leído anteriormente Hicksville y The Names of Magic (una vuelta a Tim Hunter), que la verdad: ni fu ni fa. Pedí este cómic sin ninguna expectativa y fue lo mejor, resultó ser una maravilla y un canto de amor al cómic y a sus escritores y dibujantes, mezclando un antiguo cómic "vivo" que el autor es capaz de visitar cuando lo lee y modificar las situaciones que pasan. Horrocks, con un dibujo muy sencillo pero efectivo, revisa el rol de la mujer en los cómics, pasan [...]

    9. I liked the tone, which seemed quite personal and unaffected. Unfortunately, the art didn't really work for me, and although I thought the issues were interesting, no new-to-me ground was covered.

    10. I will start this off by saying: too much sex and naked women.Although I used to work in a comic store, my love for Western comics is very limited. Not to say that I find them any less good than other types of comics or storytelling. But they, quite simply, do not appeal to me. So as unfortunate as it is, my English Literature paper at university saw the need to include a graphic novel.Sam Zabel is a cartoonist, one with a major block. Unable to appreciate his work any longer he finds that what [...]

    11. This started out as a magical little adventure tale that weaves together the dull horrors of getting older with the evolution of comics and entertainment. By the end it is a beautiful rumination on creativity, imagination, getting unstuck and loving this life. I'm a sucker for stories within stories, and Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen quite delivered on that front.I enjoyed the earnest examples of how comics can benefit from more progressive views and how Horrocks was able to incorporate that philo [...]

    12. While I appreciated more Horrocks's previous book, Hicksville, I very much like where he's going in this recent work. This plays off many of the characters and situations established in the earlier graphic novel -- or his original Pickle series -- and I'm wondering how connected these two books really ared along with that, if this is a narrative world that the author plans to revisit again. If we read Sam Zabel as a fictional version of Horrocks, and if Zabel is also a character in a fictional w [...]

    13. Really torn on this one - it tries to recreate the same mysterious, esoteric nature of comic book as in Hicksville but it just doesn't feel as authentic or true. I found the first few chapters of Sam Zabel to feel like a completely different book compared to the rest. There's a lot of great stuff in here but it gets so bogged down and mired in the heavy handed messaging about the nature of writer's block, the responsibility of artists and creators and the nature of graphic fiction itself. I gues [...]

    14. Una storia sul fumetto, che ne esamina la fascinazione e si concentra sullo sforzo creativo. Ma anche una storia perfettamente leggibile e godibile, al di là del suo significato. Con disegni semplici, ma tutt'altro che semplicistici, che si adattano mirabilmene alle diverse tonalità che assume durante il viaggio meraviglioso di Sam Zabel nei generi fumettistici. Bella dinamica, bella risoluzione, per un libro da ricordare.

    15. I had just finished reading Horrocks Hicksville when I found out this book was just recently released after a long period of inactivity.I really enjoyed the artwork and the fast paced adventure. The message was a little obvious though, and felt forced. I would have preferred more emphasis on Horrocks' lack of happiness.

    16. "Sam Zabel y la Pluma Mágica" es metaficción que añade un elemento único al estilo literario. Si bien el bloqueo creativo y la consciencia de ficción con aparición del escritor es un tema que puede encontrarse en diferentes obras narrativas, (pienso en la película "Adaptation", escrita por Charlie Kaufman o la novela "El garabato", de Vicente Leñero, entre otras obras, que utilizan cuestiones como el vacío mental para escribir o hacer una historia dentro de otra), el dibujante Dylan Hor [...]

    17. This was a fun, quick read. Sam Zabel is a cartoonist, who has been in a creative slump for a while and is depressed. He stumbles into a fantasy world of comics, meeting new characters and exploring many issues related to comics and life. This is definitely a graphic novel for adults, due to minor nudity and sexual content. What I found interesting is the exploration and discussion of how women have been treated in comics, comparing and contrasting earlier comics from the 50's to modern comics. [...]

    18. An interesting story about a man with a magic pen to insert himself into past stories written with this pen. While it is an inspirational story, it’s not nearly the impact I expected. It’s far more along the lines of a cute and funny story that is surprisingly graphic(nudity) I was wary of the possibility of sexism being portrayed here, but that was shut down about halfway through, which was a welcomed moment. Overall, quite good, but not exactly what I was expecting.

    19. An author with writer's block discovers that he can travel into stories written with a magic pen. He goes on some adventures, meet some new friends, and overcomes his writer's block. Not bad.

    20. This is a clever self-aware exploration of fantasy in relation to graphic novels, it covers superheros, pulps, manga, etc. and what exactly is the role of art.

    21. It's an interesting premise and a relatively thoughtful reflection on wish fulfillment. The story overall is creative enough. The art style is minimally tolerable. But nothing truly specular out of this work.

    22. Pretty good graphic novel, recommended on the back by Craig Thompson, of Blankets fame (one of my favorite novels, graphic or not). Drawn in a deceptively simple style, reminiscent of Herge (but without the detailed backgrounds of the Tintin-comics), but still emotionally expressive and experimenting with different styles and representing different era's of comic book art. This is at once a fantasy tale about someone discovering a magical artifact allowing instant transport between worlds, and a [...]

    23. Neither great nor particularly bad, just a real breeze with a bit of questioning what is real and what is fantasy, and a little bit of feminism and gender politics thrown in. Not too much meat here--I read it cover to cover in about an hour. A decent way to pass the time, but nothing much more.

    24. Review originally posted on A Keyboard and an Open Mind 02 December, 2016:This was an interesting book and I admire it for what it’s trying to do and the messages it is trying to convey, but I felt it got a little too bogged down in that and forgot to tell and interesting story at the same time.Sam Zabel is an aspiring cartoonist, carving out a living writing bad superhero scripts that he hates, all the while trying to find the inspiration to write something truly incredible. Then one day, he [...]

    25. A new graphic novel by the New Zealander Dylan Horrocks, who wowed the world with his graphic novel Hicksville way back in 1998, but has not produced much on note since. This is yet another meta-comic, just like Hicksville, about a comics artist - a thinly disguised avatar for Horrocks, who has lost his ability to create and is drawn into worlds created by a magical pen. It's a fun and intelligent play on writers block, and just like Scott McCloud's new, eagerly anticipated graphic novel The Scu [...]

    26. Сэм Забель встречается со школьницей! Нет, не то, хотя немного похоже. Сэм Забель - автор комиксов средних лет, находящийся в глубоком творческом кризисе и в лёгкой депрессии. Случай отправляет Сэма в волшебное путешествие, где ему предоставляется возможность исследовать в [...]

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