Sand Snow A Novella From the bestselling author of Her Forbidden Rockstar comes the sweet conclusion to Logan Clay s musical journey to find love In this holiday novella Logan and Caroline figure out life after fame w

  • Title: Sand & Snow: A Novella
  • Author: SarahRobinson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook
  • From the bestselling author of Her Forbidden Rockstar, comes the sweet conclusion to Logan Clay s musical journey to find love In this holiday novella, Logan and Caroline figure out life after fame, while the rest of Logan s band members begin to take center stage Famous rockstar Logan Clay is head over heels in love After everything he went through to be with Caroline,From the bestselling author of Her Forbidden Rockstar, comes the sweet conclusion to Logan Clay s musical journey to find love In this holiday novella, Logan and Caroline figure out life after fame, while the rest of Logan s band members begin to take center stage Famous rockstar Logan Clay is head over heels in love After everything he went through to be with Caroline, he knows exactly what we wants from his life Bringing her home for the holidays to meet his family and old band members is the first step to that future together Except that Caroline isn t as sure as he is about anything She has to impress her boyfriend s parents, stop her best friend from fighting with the biker band member, and figure out her own future all in time for the holidays.Christmas with a rockstar brings a whole new kind of caroling DISCLAIMER This book was originally published in December 2014 with the title Sand Snow by Sarah Robinson Since then it has been re edited, a few short scenes here and there added in, and given a new title and a new cover in order to improve the novel This is the final product of that revision process so there have been a lot of changes, but the story itself is relatively the same This novel is meant for 18 years old.

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    One thought on “Sand & Snow: A Novella”

    1. RATING 4.5 STARSSand and Snow: A Novella is #1.5 in the Sand & Clay series by Sarah Robinson and was my favorite of the series."Sometimes she couldn't believe how wonderful this man was, it didn't seem real. As if it was unbelievable that anyone could love so much or have a heart so big to do the things he did." Logan and Caroline are so happy, finally getting to experience the love they share without anything coming between them. It’s Christmas and they have decided to go to Logan’s par [...]

    2. Love romance and rockstars? Pick up the third installment of the Forbidden Rockers series today! Exclusively on Kindle Unlimited, this entire series will leave you smiling. Logan's Story (Book 1): amzn/1XI0viqHer Forbidden Rockstar (Book 2): amzn/1XI0tr2Rocker Christmas (Book 3): amzn/1m2Dbv4Or see here for links if you're in UK, CA, or AU: booksbysarahrobinson/my-bo

    3. Love romance and rockstars? Pick up the third installment of the Forbidden Rockers series today! Exclusively on Kindle Unlimited, this entire series will leave you smiling. Logan's Story (Book 1): amzn/1XI0viqHer Forbidden Rockstar (Book 2): amzn/1XI0tr2Rocker Christmas (Book 3): amzn/1m2Dbv4Or see here for links if you're in UK, CA, or AU: booksbysarahrobinson/my-bo

    4. Sarah has out done herself once again. This is a one-click must!!!! I loved getting to know Logan and Caroline a little better. This is a super heart warming story of Logan & Caroline at home for the holidays. You get to see their love blossom and also get to know their friends a little deeper as well. But one thing is for sure, I seriously want more!!! Especially more about Logan's hot friend Dylan. Swooning I definitely cried happy tears more than once and will be reading again soon.Thanks [...]

    5. Loved it! Logan and Caroline visit Logan's family for Christmas. I loved getting to know his parents. The love in this family is shown by the way they treat each other. They never take one another for granted. Caroline was nervous to meet them, because of his previous girlfriend, and what she had done for their family. Caroline also tries to mend her relationship with her father. I loved meeting Logan's bandmates, especially Dylan. I can't wait to read more about them, and Caroline's friend Aral [...]

    6. I was one of the lucky ones who got to beta read for this author and let me tell you this book was amazing sweet, romantic, intruigueing and heartfelt. The family you have always wanted! Caroline & Logan go home to his parent's house for Christmas, where her & her best friend get to know the entire band and Caroline falls more in love with Logan than she thought possible! Will Caroline see her family for Christmas as well? Read the book to find out!!!

    7. Another of Sarah's books read in one sitting - truly one of my favourite author'sAfter Caroline runs of to Greece with Logan leaving her job and family with no word till after the event. Her father is more than a little unhappy at her behaviour at calls off the traditional Christmas gather. Logan seeing the women he love's sad invites her to Christmas with is family. Aralia, Caroline's BFF tags along and with Logan's former bandmate's around sparks are going to fly especially with Dylan who she [...]

    8. *ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Jacquie / Scandalous Book Blog***A short holiday Novella featuring all the usual characters. This was my favourite book of the three so far. Lovely festive read and we get to delve more into the characters of their best friends Aralia and Dylan.Felt this book took us full circle as we are back in Logan's home town and we get a small glimpse into the lives of his old band.This novella had it all, I laughed, cried and cheered at the end.It sets us u [...]

    9. I love this follow up novella about Logan and Caroline. (Please make sure you have read both Logan's Story and Sand & Clay prior to this book)Without giving to much away in this book we get a look into their blooming relationship, the family life and his old band mates.I love when a book is a fast read but I feel like I walked away learning tons about the characters and their lives. This book has a lot going on from start to finish that fulfilled what I wanted to know about Logan and Carolin [...]

    10. More? Please, I just need more of Logan and Carolines story! They are the epitome of true love and I'm just not ready to give up on them yet In all honesty, I'm not sure I will ever be ready to give up on these twoSo Sarah, if you think there's a chance that a meteor is going to hit earth and wipe out your characters you seriously better finish their story before hand!! ;)On a serious note though, there are no words that I can put into a review to do this book justice. It is simply an amazing re [...]

    11. Received an ARC for an honest reviewI was just smiling the whole time I was reading this novella. Set in Christmas time, it was indeed very heartwarming. I get to see the best side of Logan- being a wonderful man, boyfriend and son. He's just too perfect here. His suprise for Caroline was what brought little tears in my eyes. Also, I had a glimpse of Dylan and Aralia's story and I hope I could read them soon!

    12. Caroline is spending her Christmas with Logan's family. After breaking up with Turner, leaving her job with no notice and running off to Greece with Logan, her parents have disowned her. Normally Caroline, Aralia and Jackie all spend Christmas together at one of their parents. This year Jackie has plans and Caroline's parents aren't speaking to hear to her and Aralia agree to spend the holidays with Clay and his family. Christmas love blooms and Christmas miracles happen.

    13. Short little read following up to Sand and Clay. Logan is still a rock star but has changed his music and Caroline is finding her way. I love the story with Logan's parents, his mom and dad are really awesome people and I'm in love with Logan and how he sings and plays guitar for his mom it is the sweetest thing. I like that Logan and his old band get togetherlooking forward to next book about Dylan I hope the band is back together it could really get interesting.

    14. A fun and easy read that updates the story of Logan Clay and his love, Caroline. Read this one cuddled up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate, or Irish coffee. This is one of those stories that just makes you smile all the rest of the day, and will turn a bad day good. It also lets you get to know some other people from the stories better, and makes you ant to delve more deeply into this world.

    15. Sand and SnowThe simply sweet, adorable love story of rocker Logan Clay and Caroline Sanders continues in this novella I read in one sitting. You can see and feel how much Sarah Robinson has grown in her writing ability from Sand and Clay to Sand and Snow.Christmas is coming and Caroline's family is mad at her for running away with Logan for a month in Greece, so Caroline will be spending the holidays meeting Logan's family.The perfect little love story! A great read!

    16. **I was given a free copy from the author for an honest review**In Sand & Snow, Logan and Caroline spend Christmas with his parents along with Caroline's best friend Aralia after coming back from Greece. You get to see his parents interact with Caroline and it's so sweet! And Aralia is falling for one of Logan's best friends. :) This sweet ending to Logan and Caroline's story made me cry and smile! I can't wait to read more from Sarah!

    17. This book was definitely a fun read. We got to see more of the love story of Logan and Caroline. They have such an amazing chemistry and strong love for one another that it is fun to watch as it keeps developing deeper. I had a lot of laugh out loud moments as I love the bantering with these characters. You feel like they are your friends as well by the way this series is written. I love this series and can't wait for more!

    18. Oh damn it I want more!!!I loved the fact that this had me laughing out loud to the banter between the characters. It also had a bit of hotness in there too. This is the whole damn package. But seriously it ended and I was like what the hell?! Sarah Robinson you seriously are good at writing an engaging story that you just don't want to endever!!!!

    19. Sand and Snow was a short yet sexy read that you're going to want to read. Logan and Caroline are back and this time they are going to Logan's parents place for Christmas. They won't be alone though, Logan's bandmates and friends are right there with them. This was a sweet read that will make you smile.

    20. As Logan travels home for Christmas to see his family, and his old band mates, he takes Caroline home with him. Caroline is having trouble with her family, and what they think she should do as far as her career goes. Caroline wants to be happy and be able to do what she wants not what her father expects. Logan is thinking about his future and where he wants it to go.

    21. This was an awesome read that I could not put down and finished in one sitting. It moved along at a great pace, has amazing characters and a great story. This is one book that you will not be sorry that you read.

    22. The bestThis is by far the best in my opinion out of the three. I hope you continue to write more about their story. I'd love to see what happens next in their lives. Thank you Sarah for letting me have the honor of reading this series! I loved it!

    23. A beautiful Novella to get me to know the characters and I have to say that I am loving this couple and enjoying reading their story

    24. I was given this book for an honest review. This is third book in the series is a novella by Sarah Robinson.We follow Logan who is going home to his family and band mates along with Caroline for Christmas. I loved this story showing Logan and Caroline love for each other that keeps growing more and more each day. This was truly a sweet story of coming together as a whole during the holidays. I truly enjoy this novella, but I’ve also have enjoyed this whole series. It was truly a surprise and f [...]

    25. Absolutely LOVED this! Perfect to curl up with a hot chocolate and enjoy a few hours of a sweet winter romance. Definitely read the first two in the series before this, I mean you don't technically have to, but you would get a lot more out of it if you did. In general, this book is just warm and fuzzy all around! A must read!

    26. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK! Super sweet and had some really funny moments, I'm talking to you Rudolph! :D Go get this book. Like now. This was my face laughing the whole time I read it. Don't judge.

    27. This was a perfect ending to a series. Logan is perfect, a great man that takes care of his family and his woman! Anyone could fall in love with him, but the great Caroline had that pleasure!!His proposal was priceless!!!! Loved it!!!!

    28. Title: Sand & Snow: A NovellaAuthor: Sarah RobinsonSeries: Sand & Clay #1.5Genre: Contemporary RomanceFinished Reading: January 29, 2015Review Date: January 30, 2015My Rating: 4.5 Stars Bookshelves: 4-5-stars, arcs, read, rockstar, vanilla Reviewed By: Tina☆☆ ARC PROVIDED BY Sarah Robinson FOR MY HONEST REVIEW ☆☆This book picks up in Greece. Caroline has abruptly quit her job to go with Logan overseas. The Christmas holidays are approaching and Caroline has never missed a Christm [...]

    29. Loved it! Logan and Caroline have been together a few months now and visit Logan's family for Christmas. We got an inside view into life with the Clay family, and it was everything you could imagine. Having Logan together with his old bandmates was a treat. Everyone accepted Caroline and made her truly feel that she was part of the family. There truly was a difference in the characters in this book. They grew up and grew into their relationship. I could continue reading Logan & Caroline’s [...]

    30. The story of Logan and Caroline continues in this book. It was such a sweet love story! Through all that they went through, they got their happy ever after.

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