Lord of Ashes Ford s acclaimed epic fantasy series comes to an exhilarating and bloody climax FIGHT TO THE DEATHThe queen of Steelhaven has grown in strength Taking up her dead father s sword she must defend the c

  • Title: Lord of Ashes
  • Author: RichardFord
  • ISBN: 9780755394098
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ford s acclaimed epic fantasy series comes to an exhilarating and bloody climax FIGHT TO THE DEATHThe queen of Steelhaven has grown in strength Taking up her dead father s sword, she must defend the city from the dread warlord Amon Tugha and his blood thirsty army now at the gates A vicious, unrelenting four day battle ensues, the most perilous yet.OR BOW TO THE EFord s acclaimed epic fantasy series comes to an exhilarating and bloody climax FIGHT TO THE DEATHThe queen of Steelhaven has grown in strength Taking up her dead father s sword, she must defend the city from the dread warlord Amon Tugha and his blood thirsty army now at the gates A vicious, unrelenting four day battle ensues, the most perilous yet.OR BOW TO THE ENEMYNo side is immune from danger as all hell breaks loose, with the threat of coups and the unleashing of the deadliest and darkest magick Loyalty, strength and cunning will be put to test in the quest for victory What fate awaits the free states

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    • Free Read [Contemporary Book] ✓ Lord of Ashes - by RichardFord ✓
      456 RichardFord
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    One thought on “Lord of Ashes”

    1. Well didnt see that coming, not the normal ending to this storyline you would have expected after reading all 3 books. Brave unique for the author not to end it in the expected mannercely leading us to the next chapter in this first rate series.ok, highly recommended to all epic fantasy series fanse 5s is for all the 3 books together.

    2. one more series that ultimately failed to hold my interest - awesome first book (now in retrospect mostly due to novelty and a few well timed twists), good sequel that continued the story but did not enlarge it and a finale that lacked any innovation, just a by the numbers "have to end" the trilogy book with a promise of a sequel possible in the last pages; once a narrative gets going for a while, its weight tends to preclude the kind of twists that keep me hooked (and this makes me appreciate e [...]

    3. No voy a mentir, esperaba mucho más del final de esta trilogía que me había cautivado. No fue terrible pero la verdad hubieron varios personajes que terminaron por desperdiciarse y se introdujeron otros nuevos que no llegaron a desarrollarse bien. Una lástima :(Al menos hay combates épicos y harta sangre.

    4. Cuántas ganas tenía de tener este libro y terminar la trilogía de Steelhaven. Cuando vi entre las novedades de Urano que se publicaba (en Enero) el último libro de mi aventura de fantasía favorita del año pasado no pude evitar solicitarlo.La Esperanza es la protagonista principal del final de esta trilogía ¿será capaz de abrirse camino entre la crueldad, el dolor y la traición? ¿estáis dispuestos a descubrirlo?Con un estilo muy depurado, unas descripciones increíbles y una ambientac [...]

    5. I do not recall how I stumbled onto the first Steelhaven book but I was hooked after the first couple of pages. Richard Ford has an amazing way of world building without bogging you down with over lengthy descriptions, characters you love and regardless of their personalities, find a way to relate to all. I haven't done much these past few days because I could not put my kindle down. Read these books people I guarantee you will love them.

    6. Con este tomo se cierra la trilogía de Steelhaven, una saga entretenida, fácil de leer y perfecta para que cualquier aficionado a la fantasía se la ventile entera en un par de semanas (ojo, peligro para las vacaciones), pero que no se encuentra entre los indispensables del género. A aquellos profanos en la materia, les recomendaría que empezaran en el mundo fantástico por otra cosa. Reseña completa: libros-prohibidos/rich

    7. Chronique tirée de mon blog : Ce livre porte bien son titre. Et il est vraiment bien à l'image de la guerre dont il parle.Je n'avais pas du tout imaginé ce genre de final en fait, du coup ça change et c'est un peu rafraîchissant sans être pour autant enthousiasmant - même si c'est plus du au ton las qu'on sent sur cette partie la que sur la fin elle même.Et même si il est surprenant je trouve qu'il colle bien avec la série, finalement à y repenser elle fonctionne plutôt pas mal ce qu [...]

    8. The first thing that came to my mind after I finished reading this book was that the title is very apt. Richard Ford went all scorched earth with his creation. I can't think of another book that I've read at the pace that I read this one, I was reading virtually every moment I possibly could. This is a great story, and one well worth recommending to all my friends, but it's not without its faultsE GOODThere's a lot to like here. The conclusion to the Steelhaven arc is satisfying. The war comes t [...]

    9. c2015: FWFTB: Steelhaven, sword, battle, helm, Wyvern. Arrgghh. I don't think there could have been a different ending but aarrgh. There was no reminders of what-had-gone-before but fortunately the characters had left quite a lasting impression on me so it didn't take too long to get back into it but I would have still have preferred some reminders. Great fight scenes with equally 'strong' male and female protagonists. I think this would also make a good TV series. It has action and a fairly lim [...]

    10. Tis book can proudly sit alongside The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie in the best fantasy single battle story category. From start to finish this book is dedicated to the Battle of Steelhaven spread over about 4 days. It is brutal, bloody and each and every character so far introduced in this brilliant trilogy has thier moment to shine.There is not death and glory just death and an ending which rounds this trilogy out nicely because you never know from page to page who lives or who dies.The ending do [...]

    11. This was the final book of the Trilogy with an Epic battle happening all over the placeere was heartbreak, and joy, and a reminder that small things(and people) matter more sometimesI especially loved the way the writer left a lot of open ends for the non-dead characters to go off on their journeyswho knows, maybe we'll meet one or more of them in other books by Mr ford.

    12. A few predictable plot twists, but overall really enjoyable. I really liked how the ending was kept really open for most characters and I have a feeling that we'll be meeting them again Rembram Thule was great, durket was great, nobul and regulus kicked ass. Overall a great ending to a great series

    13. This series was a nice little surprise. I rarely get surprised by the direction an author goes, but with this series I was. Some of the characters were a little cliche, but overall, they were very likeable and well developed. This was a solid book and I hope the author writes more in this world he has created.

    14. una historia sencilla, que al final deja mucho en el aire, sin cerrar a los personajes, aunque al final se insinúa que habrá nuevas historias por contar.lo mejor? sangre, espadas, carniceria, batallas *-*

    15. Utterly compelling trilogy. Just read all three on holiday. I suggest you do too. Great pace, full throttle. Read them all

    16. I'm really worried about Rio and Nobul. I want more stories from Bran and Waylian. I will miss Kaira, Merrick and Rag. However, I really enjoyed this books. Ye, they are awesome.

    17. Very disappointed with the finish to this series. Or is it the finish. Just all seemed rushed. First 2 books much better

    18. Another excellent instalment, the story continues at a fast pace. I have really enjoyed this series to date and look forward to the next one.

    19. Mantiene el nivel de la segunda entrega y cierra la mayoría de las tramas. Una lectura muy entretenida y que la verdad, deja con ganas de más.

    20. (Spoilers for books one and two.)Lord of Ashes - the final book in the trilogy - is around 320 pages long and for me, this is the main reason such a promising trilogy left me disappointed at the end.Anyone who has read the previous two novels know that the main battle for Steelhaven hadn't even started at the end of book two and that a large amount of main characters would play a prevalent part in the battle. So Richard Ford had a lot to do and he only used 320 pages. I'm the first to criticise [...]

    21. Finalmente y como era casi de esperar, el mejor de los tres volúmenes de Steelhaven ha sido el tercero, completamente centrado en el asedio de los khurtas y Amon Tugha a la ciudad, y el devenir de cada uno de los personajes que han participado en la historia. Janessa, Río, Rag, Regulus, Nobul, Waylian, Merrick y Kaira, todos ellos tienen un papel que cumplir en la defensa de Steelhaven, y El Señor de las Cenizas se centra por completo en esta batalla. Lo malo, que el final no llega a ser un f [...]

    22. Great first book.Decent followup second book.Third book that felt like it was trying to emulate GRRM, both in its flailing to wrap up story lines that had wandered away from the main story, and well the other thing GRRM's well known for.This book is a really cruddy ending to what had been a very great series. Very disappointed in the turn it took at the end - it didn't feel natural, or like just an inevitable path, or even like just bad luck or bad timing it felt like it was just added deliberat [...]

    23. Una trilogía prometedora, con unos personajes muy interesantes y unas buenas descripciones de batalla, además de contar con múltiples puntos de vista para tener mayor perspectiva de la narración. A pesar de todo, cuenta con unos protagonistas planos, sin autoestima, que se dan de héroes pero que no lo son y que concluye de una forma excesivamente abierta, dejando muchos cabos sueltos.Reseña completa: paseandoentrepaginas.

    24. First two thirds where good, if slightly predicatable and forumulaic. Key problem was too many POVs, meaning not enough focus on anyone. Final third was just plain weird though. A deus ex machina solution to the problem of the enemey's massive army and then little to no character resultion as everyone just left probably to tee up the next book/trilogy/series. A disappointing read after The Shattered Crown.

    25. Pretty good until this last book.The twist in the middle is unbelievable, which for a fantasy book is kind of huge miss.The story tone was geared toward young adult audience, and make a steady turn to dark fantasy by the end. Not in a good sense.At least it stays open, but not sure if I would read any follow up since it didn't leave up to my expectations.

    26. Couldn't get through this one, some of the battle descriptions were ridiculoust at all like the first two which were not badesn't really take you there and honestly I found myself not really caring.disappointed.

    27. 3.5 It was all a bit rushed in the end. Another 50 pages or so would not have hurt. I am looking forward to reading whatever sequels pick up the loose threads left at the end of this one.

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