Everlastingly How do you find something that you don t know is lost On the run from her attackers and battered by a winter storm Maura O Brian battles her way through the snow desperate and alone She stumbles upo

  • Title: Everlastingly
  • Author: Michelle M. Pillow
  • ISBN: 9781625010971
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • How do you find something that you don t know is lost On the run from her attackers and battered by a winter storm, Maura O Brian battles her way through the snow, desperate and alone She stumbles upon what she believes to be a secluded, abandoned farmhouse where strange voices are be frightful than what awaits outside The signs keep pointing to the same person JackHow do you find something that you don t know is lost On the run from her attackers and battered by a winter storm, Maura O Brian battles her way through the snow, desperate and alone She stumbles upon what she believes to be a secluded, abandoned farmhouse where strange voices are be frightful than what awaits outside The signs keep pointing to the same person Jack His very name fills her heart with such intense longing she ll do anything to find him.Is Jack real or simply her fevered imagination hoping for a miracle

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    One thought on “Everlastingly”

    1. 3.5 suspenseful stars!! I adored how much the H loved the h. Even though it was a short read, it was impactful and the novella made me cry. There is a trigger though but I don't want to share it since it will reduce the whole effect of this PNR read.

    2. Short story with paranormal ghost story and sensual detail. Confusing at first but beautiful at the end. Gorgeous cover.

    3. It's a strange story. Not at all what I expected. Most of the time I was as confused as the MC. It left me feeling sad and dejected. The story had a somewhat happy ending but still the overwhelming feeling was one of loss.

    4. Very clever hauntingly endearing tale with ghost and paranormal elements that bring in the magical touch. The first half of the story is a bit confusing but that is done so that we are in Maura's mind. We are experiencing her confusion right along with her so as the story unravels, we become enlightened along with her. The story is one of a love that is not only forever but also strong enough to break through the unnatural forces and barriers. A short riveting story of Maura and Jack and their t [...]

    5. Wow! This story is very poetic in nature. The cold Michelle weaves reaches out from the pages and goes right through you, but leaves your heart warm in the end.

    6. The ending is good, but there is a lot of confusing story to get there. It does eventually make sense, stick with it and enjoy!

    7. Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI received a copy of Everlastingly in exchange for my review.Maura is trapped in a room seemingly with no doors, and has to find a way to escape. Constantly finding a small door and a skeleton key she keeps following the path, which keeps bringing her back to Jack. Jack knows that she has to remember the truth of her past for herself but reminds her of Everlastingly. As bits and pieces of her memory return, the events leading to Maura's entrapm [...]

    8. Awesome! 5 starsWow! What a unique story!! I have never been one for “ghost” stories, however this is now my second one & I loved it!! I found this to be such a sweet and romantic read that is so very very creative! I was wondering what was happening but at the same time I couldn’t put it down UNTIL I found out what was going on! Like having things play over & over until the mystery is solved! Or rather until Maura can and does figure it out! Michelle has written this so beautifull [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this short story by Michelle M. Pillow. Maura is running from unknown attackers, as a reader, you can feel her panic and desperation to find help. Maura believes she has found help when she sees a small light in the distance, she makes her way to the light and stumbles over a fence, but only has time to say “help” before she blacks out.Maura wakes up in the abandoned farm house; she has no idea how she got inside, or if this is actually a safe place to be. She hears voices t [...]

    10. Fantastic story!Maura is stuck in a loop, over and over again. She remembers some things, but always she gets sent back to a point in time and never remembers anything.Jack is waiting patiently for Maura to remember, but he cannot give her any help or clues.This is such a wonderfully heart rending story of true love, one that could easily be a fairy tale in times of old. It was so good that I finished it in only a few hours, not wanting to set my kindle down for even a second!At first I couldn [...]

    11. Maura is running to escape her attackers and finds refuge in a strange house that she can't seem to escape from. In this house, she keeps hearing voices speaking about Jack, a name she doesn't know, yet seems so familiar.The story felt like a dream, when you're running around trying to find something that is so close but just out of reach. As Maura finally begins to remember, the story takes a violent turn and then you understand most of what's really happening.This was an almost ethereal tale t [...]

    12. Everlastingly is a short paranormal romance story. Though it is a short story, it is packed with emotions and suspense. Everlastingly keeps you guessing just what is going on and how things will end for Maura and Jack. Though you don't understand what is going on at first, this story is not confusing, rather it pulls you in and forces you to see through the unknown and work towards figuring out the secrets. I found this story to be a perfect blend of paranormal ghost story suspense and a romance [...]

    13. Love is never dies, it is sometimes misplaced. In this case Maura is so lost and confused. She cannot find her Jack. The man that is to be married to her. The one that makes her hear skip a beat. Oh where has he gone? In this twist of fate romance, death comes for Maura and Jack but their spirits live on. They are stuck in a lovers trick loop. Will they find one another again for eternity? This is a true loves tale. Tragedy took Maura away from Jack. Will love help them find their way? Will stra [...]

    14. This was an ARC that I read and reviewed honestly this was a very intriguing short story that I have read in a long while it was mysterious as well and a page turner of a young woman who was running for her life while her fiance' was trying to keep her from being attacked it was a cold night and she kept running not knowing where she was going but wanting to find help for both of them when she saw this farm house and light in the window she thought she was safe and woke up in a room where she wa [...]

    15. A romantic story of love lost and found. Hmm I have a firm rule about giving a story away and spoilin it for someone else to read plus I don't think copying what the author wrote about the story is really a review. So here it goes. This story is magical story in more ways then one. Lol I loved it. It keeps ya guessing until the very end. Heart warming and lovely. True love is worth waiting for. Love lost, a magic spell cast and a heavy price to pay. What would you pay to keep your loved one? Yo [...]

    16. I was given a free copy of this for an honest review. I don't want to give any spoilers, so let me just say that this is a terrific story of a love so true and strong that nothing can tear it apart. Maura is on the run. She ends up collapsing, frozen and exhausted at an old farm house. When she wakes up she is trapped in a room with no way out. She keeps thinking of someone named Jack, but she can't remember who he is or what he means to her. If you like story lines with a paranormal feel to the [...]

    17. I gave this short novel 5 stars because of the way it was different than my usual preference. Yes, this was a sweet, romantic novella. But the part I liked most was how it played with my imagination. To begin with, I felt like I was Alice and had fallen down the rabbit hole. It was a true journey the author took me on in setting the atmosphere with the plot. This could only be accomplished through good, solid writing and editing. I truly enjoyed my quick journey from reality into the spiritual w [...]

    18. Heart WarmingI was gifted this book by the author for an honest review.Very heart warming story of a true love that spans 30 years.Jack lost the love of his life one snowy night, but he made a pact with the devil to get her back, but Jack was tricked, his true love must find her way back to him, but she must remember what happened that fateful night and the love they shared to do so.Will she accomplish it, only time will tell and it's running out for her.

    19. I received a copy this book from the author in return for an honest review. This was a very quick read, I finished the book in about half an hour. I think I would have given this 5 stars, but it was kind of confusing until I got to a little past the half way point. I think I would have truly enjoyed this story more if there had been some background from the beginning. Michelle Pillow is one of the authors that I always like to check out new releases from and I really enjoy her books.

    20. Yes! This book was one that drew me in. Fun, exciting, suspenseful, just a really great read. It was suspensful and sucked you in from the beginning. You didn't just read this book, you walked aside Maura. I found the writibg to be creative and just fun. Michelle Pillow created another wonderful book. An awesome read!! I just wished it was longer, but then again who ever wants a great book to end? Also just check out the cover :D

    21. [Heat Advisory] Although we experience Maura's own confusion and loss of memory as she flees her pursuers, it goes over the top for me and becomes overly repetitive. Then the manner of the explicit scenes with a man she can't quite remember? Strikes a false note at odds with the well laid creep factor in the rest of the story. 2 Stars for originality, though I wouldn't recommend this unless you're already a Michelle M. Pillow fan.

    22. What a twist in the tale!! I loved this short story. It keeps you on your toes and just when you think you've figured it out - wham you're thrown for a loop. This story is not confusing but it is involved and loops back on itself, making you work for the solution to the secrets. A perfect blend of ghost story, suspense and a smidge of romance that is timeless. How things will end for Maura and Jack?

    23. This is a delightful short love story that just draws you in. I loved how you are held in suspense while you and the main character, Maura, try to figure out what is happening and why. A great way to escape for a few hours.I was gifted this book by the author for an honest review in my own opinion.

    24. Maura is trapped in a cycle where she's running through a field covered and snow trying to find a safe place to hide. Someone is chancing her and she don't know why or who it is. Maura feels like she's missing something every time she's on the run like who is this Jack person she keeps hearing about and why is he so important to her to remember.

    25. Maura is on the run in a winter storm seeking help. She ends up in a room with no doors in a farmhouse. She does not see anyone but she hears voices. This is a well done ghost story. I did not see the ending coming. We follow Maura and only know what she knows.

    26. This was in a bunch of books I received to stuff my kindle. This book literally will mess with your mind! I was so confused for most of the book. It just was too confusing to enjoy. I just did not enjoy it

    27. This was a really great sort story- part mystery, part paranormal, part romance. I can't write much without giving things away. This is definitely one that you want to experience unfolding on your own!

    28. I do not want to give to much away. I loved the way the book started and it was a very good short story. I loved the way the book ended and wished I knew what is going to happen to Maura and Jack now. It kept me guessing on what was going on through the entire story.

    29. A cute paranormal short story that will tug at your heart strings! Doomed to relive and not remember a couple try's to find their way back to each other. Will true love prevail? This is not your normal book, making it worth the read.

    30. This was different in a really good way. There were moments where I thought, hey I already read that, but it eventually made more sense as the story unfolded. The way this was plotted, it worked very well in novella format.

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