I Am Princess X Once upon a time two best friends created a princess together Libby drew the pictures May wrote the tales and their heroine Princess X slayed all the dragons and scaled all the mountains their im

  • Title: I Am Princess X
  • Author: Cherie Priest Kali Ciesemier
  • ISBN: 9780545620857
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once upon a time, two best friends created a princess together Libby drew the pictures, May wrote the tales, and their heroine, Princess X, slayed all the dragons and scaled all the mountains their imaginations could conjure.Once upon a few years later, Libby was in the car with her mom, driving across the Ballard Bridge on a rainy night When the car went over the side,Once upon a time, two best friends created a princess together Libby drew the pictures, May wrote the tales, and their heroine, Princess X, slayed all the dragons and scaled all the mountains their imaginations could conjure.Once upon a few years later, Libby was in the car with her mom, driving across the Ballard Bridge on a rainy night When the car went over the side, Libby passed away, and Princess X died with her.Once upon a now May is sixteen and lonely, wandering the streets of Seattle, when she sees a sticker slapped in a corner window.Princess X When May looks around, she sees the Princess everywhere Stickers Patches Graffiti There s an entire underground culture, focused around a webcomic at IAmPrincessX The May explores the webcomic, the she sees disturbing similarities between Libby s story and Princess X online And that means that only one person could have started this phenomenon her best friend, Libby, who lives.

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      222 Cherie Priest Kali Ciesemier
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    One thought on “I Am Princess X”

    1. A great, page turner of a YA book with NO ROMANCE!! I LOVE IT! Just a heartfelt story of friendship. Can't wait to share this with my bookstore customers!

    2. This book was fun! Ultimately a quick, enjoyable read and even a little scary at times. I loved the inclusion of the graphic novel element and I loved that it mostly kept me guessing. I wished there had been at least one more twist because it felt like everything came together a bit too easily and that the main characters were extremely trusting of this random jackdaw guy, but like I said - still enjoyable.My only real complaint was HOW HARD this author was trying to prove they know Seattle - if [...]

    3. I had a severe case of "Uh oh Cait you didn't read the blurb did you" for this book. I'm embarrassed. I'M SORRY. I thought it'd be about two nerdy friends who were into internet comics and geekness and nerdom. Buuuuut's actually a murder mystery where a girl tries to find her "presumed dead" best friend who is leaving her messages through online comic strips. Because why would you text, fren. Why. This is way more dramatic and flashy. And like SURE that's not what I anticipated, but the reason I [...]

    4. Dear Princess X, My 2.5 rating may be not all your fault, I think it's just mewith excellent pretty looking book overall designWith a premise that deserves 5 StarsMay & Libby were best friends, created their own comic character Princess X, then Libby died in an accident3 years later, May finds out posters and a fuss over a webcomics about the same character Libby used to draw, The Princess XI'd have rate it higher,but just if it was half the pages countjust a novella.at'd be a very entertain [...]

    5. I read almost the entire book in one sitting. It's that intense. That good. The pacing is perfect and I adored the illustrations; it's partially a graphic novel. This is a girl power book for anyone and everyone. I loved that it was a YA book about friendship, too, without any romance stuff at all. There are guy characters and no attraction involved!The only negative (kinda?) is that I now want a full Princess X graphic novel.

    6. CAN I JUST.This book, y'all.Not your average princess or your average teen novel. And it passes the Bechdel test with FLYING colors.May and Libby are the best of friends, and they create Princess X together. May isn't any good at drawing, so she comes up with stories. Libby is great at drawing so she brings the stories to life, and they fill up notebooks and boxes with their creations. Then Libby is in a car accident and dies, but May finds it hard to accept that her friend is really and truly g [...]

    7. Honestly I do not know why I grabbed it but overall I am happy I did. It was a cute little story with some art that holds your interest. I was in a hurry today on the way to my husband's doctor appointment and forgot that I finished the paperback in my purse so went in the library and grabbed a book quickly and this was it. I did like it though!

    8. Okay huge disclaimer here: I read an advanced reader's copy of I Am Princess X and it did not have any of the illustrations in it (which was pointless, but what can you do?). So, I'm judging this book solely on May's storyline and not on Princess X's storyline since little snippets aren't enough to get a feel for that whole plot point.Disclaimer number 2: This book is NOTHING like Sarah Dessen's novelst even if you turn your head and squint. So, if that's the main reason you're picking up I Am P [...]

    9. Princess X is a about a teenage girl named May who had a best friend named Libby,when they were young they came up with a character that they called Princess X and they wrote comics about her. May always wrote the story's and Libby always drew the the pictures, but a couple years ago Libby and her mother tragically died in a car crash. After the incident May moved to another city with her mom since her parents were divorced, and she stopped writing Princess X fantasies. It was a sunny summer day [...]

    10. 1.5I received this ARC at ALA Midwinter 2015. The ARC doesn't have the artwork but because I forget to look at pictures when I read graphic novels anyway; the missing artwork had no impact on my opinion of the book.Overview:May and Libby have been best friends since the 5th grade and they started a comic named Princess X. When they were 14, Libby dies and the Princess X dies with her until three years later when Princess X posters begin appearing all over town. (Don't worry, that's not a spoiler [...]

    11. This was such a cute book.*Review to come*FULL REVIEWYou can also find this review on my blog: booksaremychildrenI Am Princess X centers around May and her quest to find her best friend, Libby, who died 3 years ago. While walking on the streets of Seattle May sees a sticker for Princess X, but that couldn't be there because Princess X died along with Libby when she died, or is Libby still alive? I Am Princess X is a fun and cute book to read, the illustrations are wonderful and eye-catching. The [...]

    12. Wonderfully different, creepy, mysterious, and vivid. Like I should have expected anything else from Cherie Priest! I didn't know much about the story, and so I was very surprised by the twists and turns that it took. Really enjoyed it, couldn't put it down!But I can't bring myself to give it five stars because . . . There's a part at the end, where everything is so tense, and then four people who should totally know better do the most confusingly daft thing I've ever heard of. I mean, it makes [...]

    13. I saw I Am Princess X mentioned on a book blog not too long ago and it caught my eye. Enough so that I nabbed it from the library. This is a YA (that often felt more like a MG) novel about May and her friend Libby. As children they created Princess X - Libby drew and May wrote. A few years after Libby's untimely death May starts to see Princess X stickers all around and begins to dig into the how's and why's. This was a fun blend of traditional story telling and a graphic novel/comic. When May d [...]

    14. If this works down to 6th grade, SO dibs for booktalking in middle schools.---d it did. Everyone said this was awesome, and everyone was right. From the first chapter, it grabbed me in a major way. I was charmed by the opening in the girl's elementary school days, (view spoiler)[ and the drop at the end of the first chapter left me genuinely stunned. It's been a long time since I've been that affected by a book, especially so right-off-the-bat. (hide spoiler)]And, it should be noted, it wasn't j [...]

    15. As young girls, May and Libby bonded over the creation of Princess X. May wrote the stories, Libby drew the comics. Both girls lived vicariously through the Princess' adventures until the day Libby died. Supposedly. For years, May dreams of her friend misses the days they spent creating a world for themselves. Until the day she discovers a sticker that looks remarkably like their Princess X. This leads her on a search throughout the city for more proof and she quickly realizes that there are jus [...]

    16. This book was so good! It may look like a comic book, but it's about a comic, not an actual comic book. This book had many surprises and always had an unexpected turn. I would recommend this book to ages 11-14. This book is definitely one of the better books I have read. 4.5/5!

    17. Once upon a time,May and Libby, friends by happenstance from the fifth grade onward, bonded over the story they had created. What started with Libby's drawing of a badass princess in red Chucks, and budding writer May's insistence that she needed no magic wand, only a sword, became volumes and volumes of the life of Princess X.Libby and May did not leave Princess X on the sidewalk. They took her home and, together, they built an imaginary empire.Once upon a few years later,The life of Princess X [...]

    18. 4.5That was amazing!I was on edge the entire time!The scariest part? The fact that this is not fantasy or anything. It's realistic fiction, which means things like this and worse happen and have happened in real life!May's best friend is Libby. They became friends in fifth grade when they began writing, drawing, and bonding over an original creation of theirs, Princess X. One day, when they were 13 years old, Libby died in a car accident. Libby's mother fell asleep and drove off a bridge with Li [...]

    19. Three years ago May's best friend Libby drowned after her mom's car fell off a bridge, holding her and her mom prisoners of the water. Their comic book and its characters died with her, but now, years later, May could swear she is getting messages, hidden deep in layers of an anonymous webcomics she discovers after finding multiple stickers papering the streets with the previous heroine of their friendship: Princess X. Now May is on a desperate quest to prove that her friend is alive, and the co [...]

    20. May and Libby were best friends, and they had this comic that was called Princess X. May wrote in the comic and Libby was the illustrator. One day May was told that Libby's mom accidentally drove their car off of the bridge and Libby and her mom died. A few years later May started seeing Princess X showing up everywhere, so she got on her computer and found a web comic all about Pricess X, but they were all stories May had never heard before. So who was putting them there? Nobody knew about Prin [...]

    21. Zu diesem Buch habe ich sehr spontan gegriffen, weil es auch vor kurzem auf Deutsch erschienen ist. Ich hatte keinerlei Erwartungen an die Story und wusste auch nicht recht, was mich erwartet. Das Buch beinhaltet nicht nur Text, sondern auch ausgesprochen genial gemachte Graphic Novel Elemente, da im Zentrum des Buchs ein Web-Comic mit den Namen "Princess X" steht. In diesem Comic sind Hinweise versteckt, die unsere Protagonistin May nutzt, um ihre tot geglaubte beste Freundin zu finden. Es gab [...]

    22. Thanks to Evan for the recommendation! Although I don't usually like mystery books, I could not put this one down. The story starts with two outcasts - Libby and May - who can't play at recess so they start drawing with chalk on the sidewalk at school. They become fast friends and together create this story of Princess X. A few years later, Libby dies in a car crash with her mom. May is devastated because she's lost her only friend and all of their Princess X stories. When May is a teenager, she [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book for it's uniqueness and compelling characters. Unfortunately the story just didn't seem realistic to me, and it wasn't quite fantasy either. Since I listened to it I didn't get to experience the illustrated parts, and the way these sections were portrayed were pretty rough. There was a lot of funky music, weird voices, and stretched out sequences I could have done without. Overall, I loved that it was a kick ass female lead book that a middle school audience would definitely [...]

    24. May and Libby created Princess X on the day they met in fifth grade. Libby drew Princess X while May created the stories. Together they made sure that Princess X became an indelible part of their childhood.That was before Libby and her mother died in a car crash.Now May is sixteen and looking at another long, lonely summer in Seattle with only her dad for company. That changes when she spots a Princess X sticker on the corner of a store window. Suddenly she starts seeing Princess X everywhere.Wh [...]

    25. This is definitely a new favorite! I loved all the characters and the adventure hunting. Full review to come soon!Updated June 12 2015**Thank you to for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review!** Though many of you may not know it, I'm the biggest comic book fan. I love reading comics and graphic novels about zombies, video gaming adventures, and superheroes. They're just super fun and interesting to read. That's why the moment that I heard about this book, I knew that I would [...]

    26. First I'd like to mention that I absolutely adore webcomics and a book that featured something sort of like that made me very excited. I loved the illustrations and the colour scheme so that's a plus, sort of wish there had been more. Just a short review for now. Rating: 2.5I liked I Am Princess X, although I felt like it was more of a MG book than a YA. There were many references to social media and online slang which I totally understood, but at the same time I felt like it was too much, forci [...]

    27. At a young age, best friends Libby and May created Princess X together. No ordinary princess, Princess X wore red chucks and wielded a sword. Together, May and Libby created a wide variety of adventures for her as well as adversaries, backstories and side characters. But the entire collection was given to charity when Libby was killed in a car wreck with her mother and her dad donated it.May was heartbroken by the loss of her friend and sent her parents on an obsessive quest to every charity sto [...]

    28. A fabulous YA novel about friendship not romance. This was a one-sitting, massive-grin-of-happiness-for-having-discovered-this-story read. Okay, where to start with the gushing. First off, you've got these two kids Libby and May exiled out of gym class who start making up stories together and so a best friendship begins. Except, Libby dies or so May thinks (kinda) until she starts seeing graffiti and stickers featuring the main character of all their stories - Princess X. Let the mystery begin. [...]

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