Venus Rising Akshaya Bertrand is a Professor of Art History at an elite college in New England The patina of the ivy league campus is the perfect canvas for the exotic beauty from India It is also an environment t

  • Title: Venus Rising
  • Author: Celia Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781500176556
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • Akshaya Bertrand is a Professor of Art History at an elite college in New England The patina of the ivy league campus is the perfect canvas for the exotic beauty from India It is also an environment that Akshaya can safely navigate A small world that she has minimized and made manageable Dr Jared Harrison, a journalist who has been based in the Middle East, has acceptAkshaya Bertrand is a Professor of Art History at an elite college in New England The patina of the ivy league campus is the perfect canvas for the exotic beauty from India It is also an environment that Akshaya can safely navigate A small world that she has minimized and made manageable Dr Jared Harrison, a journalist who has been based in the Middle East, has accepted a position as a guest lecturer at the college where Akshaya teaches Arriving just in time to attend a faculty mixer, he catches a glimpse of Akshaya Bertrand Immediately, he learns from those who have tried and failed, that the beautiful professor, compared to Lakshmi, Venus and Aphrodite, is an enigma, a seductive sculpture behind a wall of glass While searching for a way to slip past her armor and into her life, Jared confronts the images and tragedies imprinted on his psyche by those left behind in the war torn world of the Middle East Akshaya and Jared find themselves drawn to each other, hoping to find compassion, someone they can expose their inner demons to Funding from the college provides an opportunity to combine Akshaya s love of art with Jared s resources as a war correspondent Together, they travel to Afghanistan and India, where both finally face the past that has shaped them and the present that defines them Amongst beauty and poverty as well as war and friendship they find the answers to their individual truths.

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      462 Celia Kennedy
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    One thought on “Venus Rising”

    1. Aren’t we all the sum of our life experiences and how we handle their memories? What others see on the outside may not be what we feel on the inside. No truer thoughts could prevail when talking about Art History Professor, Akshaya Bertrand and Dr. Jared Harrison, journalist and guest lecturer at a prestigious college in New England. Step inside their world as Celia Kennedy guides us through her emotionally charged tale, Venus Rising, you’ll be glad you did.Jared has taken a break from his l [...]

    2. Venus Rising is a unique love story with two wounded souls at the heart of the story. The author explores the question of whether two people in love can come together with gaping sores and heal together or must they heal the wounds before making a whole commitment. The answer as with life--and love stories--is not a black and white answer.I liked the hero and heroine very much. Akshaya and Jared keep their secrets hidden behind their professional lives. The idea of outward beauty and physical sc [...]

    3. 1) Book cover/title - This is a very beautiful cover. I’ve had my eye on this book, and the cover is what made me interested in reading it. The picture and title are appropriate to the story. 5 feathers2) Characters - The characters are extremely well-developed. Akshaya and Jared are not one-dimensional paper cutouts. Celia does a fabulous job at keeping the dialogues fresh and fun and I I loved the flirty banter between them. Both characters are believable and I felt their pain and their joy. [...]

    4. What an amazingly written love story; not only about romantic partners, but love of family, friends, food and places to call home/visit. This story is splendid in culture, colors, tastes and feels. Celia Kennedy weaves a tapestry of the lives of two very hurt individuals. And, it is beautiful.It was fabulous reading this story to see what was uncovered. Often, the stories I love the most, are the hardest to review; because I want to be sure I write the review well enough that you will want to re [...]

    5. I wanted to like this book a lot more than I actually did. Ok, let me rephrase that. I liked the book, but I didn't love it and I really wanted to. I wanted to love it because it was definitely different. A Indian woman adopted by American and French parents bearing the scars of her traumatic, unknown childhood is afraid of intimacy? A journalist turned professor suffering from PTSD after spending way too much time in war zones? Plus the incredible imagery the author paints and the obvious count [...]

    6. As I have stated before in several reviews, I am not normally a reader of contemporary romance. This novel had been in my inventory for at least two months, and I kept passing it over for other books whose genre I favor. I finally picked it up somewhat reluctantly. Imagine my surprise when two hours later, tired and sleepy, I found myself unable to put it down! It was three o’clock in the morning when I finally gave up and went to bed.When Dr. Jared Harrison, successful journalist, writer, and [...]

    7. Reviewed on behalf of Readers' FavoriteVenus Rising by Celia Kennedy is a contemporary women’s fiction romance. Professor Akshaya Bertrand is an art historian at a prestigious university on the east coast. Dr. Jared Harrison is a journalist/novelist and war correspondent coming to teach in the Political Science Department for a year. Both struggle with memories of past lives. Akshaya has always shied away from relationships, worried childhood injuries, veiled by a beautiful face, will cause me [...]

    8. Venus Rising by Celia Kennedy is a very enjoyable read. Jared and Akshaya, the two main characters, are interesting and dynamic individuals who are both hiding traumatic backgrounds. Intelligent and successful, both Jared and Akshaya appear to have great lives, at least to outsiders looking in. But they both have to deal with the wounds their pasts have inflicted and trusting others is a challenge.Jared and Akshaya find themselves teaching at the same small college, and Jared is immediately attr [...]

    9. Jared Harrison among many other things is a successful author, a political historian and a philanthropist. He falls in love with the 34 year old art historian, Akshaya Bertrand who is beautiful and yet appears quite enigmatic. As they get to know one another they discover that beneath the intellectual, successful and good looking exteriors they both hide physical and mental scars. Can they have a future together and could a trip to India help find the missing pieces of the puzzle in Akshaya’s [...]

    10. Someone once said - We are, in the end either defined by our baggage or in defiance of it. Jared and Akshaya are two people who embody both. Struggling to cope with the harshest side of life, both Jared and Akshaya show great character as they wrestle with the inner demons behind perfect facades. Sometimes sharing in such tragedy can bring two people closer as Venus Rising tells the tale of these two souls, caught by ugliness of their past, but longing to not let that ugliness tarnish what they [...]

    11. What a tender, loving story. This is one of those books that just makes you feel good. First of all, kudos to the author for doing such a fantastic job with researching the Indian culture. I'm Indian so it was refreshing to read a story with some of the culture embedded into it. And can I say that I absolutely love the male lead? Jared is absolutely amazing. He knew exactly when to be sexy, witty, supportive, a good listener ah, Jared is just one of those guys you dream about. Don't get me wrong [...]

    12. A beautiful and moving love story that spans two continents, Jared and Akshaya are both struggling to deal with their own scars of the past as together they navigate their way towards their future. This story shows the challenges of letting go of deep seated fears, and the bumps and bruises along the path to find love and acceptance. The story is filled with vivid imagery. The author does an amazing job of describing the sights and sounds of cold, wintery Massachusetts and the lush tropical sigh [...]

    13. “Venus Rising” by Celia Kennedy was an intriguing and compelling love story that took me on a deep and complex journey which I had not expected. Much more than a simple romance this is a study of human nature and the difference between inner perception and image. An Indian Art lecturer and a journalist have a deep attraction for each other and shared interests but love or friendship even is not always so easy. Past hurt and other, quite complex feelings come into play and make this an exquis [...]

    14. Venus Rising is an incredibly well conceived, slow burning love story with depth and integrity. The main characters are well-rounded and fully developed, each with their demons they must face.In doing so the author takes you from a university in Boston to California to India and even a refugee camp in Afghanistan. This is one of those rare novels I found myself thinking about throughout my day, the characters popping up into my consciousness out of nowhere. That's because they feel real, almost [...]

    15. A Literary Romance with Complex LayersJared Harrison is a war correspondent. Everything he’s seen in the course of his career has built up in his psyche. He’s on the edge of the abyss, ready to explode into dark fragments of brittle glass. Akshaya Bertrand is an art history professor. Gorgeous and smart, she possesses her own psychical wounds. She protects herself with impenetrable shields, closing herself off from love and happiness. Celia Kennedy offers a story that goes beyond the usual r [...]

    16. I don't normally give 5 stars my first time reading an author, but when the story hits home so much that you are compelled to call family, how can you not? The character development was outstanding. Both protagonists were well thought out and presented in wonderful detail. I felt very attached to both by the time the story was concluded. The pacing was steady, not racing along, but fast enough that the story didn't drag. I loved the cultural references, and long to visit India and visit some of [...]

    17. This was the first book I've read by Ms. Kennedy, but it will not be the last. This book was a well-thought out, evenly paced drama. Great when you are in the mood for something thought provoking. Akshaya is literally scarred by her tragic past, and has avoided all romance, despite her stunning beauty. Jared is the handsome author/journalist who is emotionally scarred by years of living in war-torn lands. The growth of these two adults is nice to see. Additionally, the rich imagery and descripti [...]

    18. From the start, the characters grabbed my attention and kept me interested in learning their fates. Well-written, with great consideration given to details of the settings and characters' personalities and cultures. Loved the story, loved the ending, and would have loved to keep reading more. :) Great work, Celia!

    19. I loved this book since I first started reading it. I could not put it down because it was really good. I enjoyed the book, the dialogue between the characters the plot and characters with the scenes fit well within the book. I enjoyed it the book was really great to read. I loved it. I give it five stars and recommend anyone to read this really great book.

    20. Wow, what a great story. I loved the slow build and careful unveiling of the story line. I loved the characters and enjoyed the read from front to back.

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