Operation Ivy Bells Winning the Cold War is in the balance A super secret off the books spy organization a security clearance starting at Top Secret and going up from there an attack by giant squid during a thousand foo

  • Title: Operation Ivy Bells
  • Author: Robert G. Williscroft Gary McCluskey Ed Offley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winning the Cold War is in the balance A super secret, off the books spy organization a security clearance starting at Top Secret and going up from there an attack by giant squid during a thousand foot dive while breathing an exotic gas a cat s whisker escape from death during a three day decompression and that s just the first two chapters of Operation Ivy Bells, beWinning the Cold War is in the balance A super secret, off the books spy organization a security clearance starting at Top Secret and going up from there an attack by giant squid during a thousand foot dive while breathing an exotic gas a cat s whisker escape from death during a three day decompression and that s just the first two chapters of Operation Ivy Bells, before the action really gets underway In a fast paced, personal narrative, J.R Mac MacDowell details a breathtaking series of events during a super secret intelligence gathering operation at the height of the Cold War Riding the nuclear submarine Halibut, Mac and his saturation diving team surreptitiously enter the Soviet controlled Sea of Okhotsk on a proof of concept mission They install a tap on an underwater communications cable at 400 feet, and narrowly escape death when a storm snaps Halibut s anchor cables They retrieve missile parts from a Soviet missile test splash zone, getting caught in a sonar web set by the crafty skipper of an old Soviet diesel submarine Mac s divers temporarily disable the sub, and Halibut escapes to Guam, dogged by the sub Skipper Having proved the concept, they return in a Halibut outfitted with skids so she can sit on the bottom to attach a 12 thousand pound pod to the cable for future retrieval In the missile splash zone, they lock in deadly underwater combat with Soviet divers With the free world at stake, they capture one and kill the rest Halibut s submariners and saturation divers finally return home without ever publicly revealing their crucial contribution to winning the Cold War, receiving an unpublicized Presidential Unit Citation Blending personal experience and real world events in a fictional wrapping, Operation Ivy Bells offers a never before seen glimpse of these heroic men fearlessly facing death to gather the intel that tipped the scales to win the Cold War.

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    1. To quote NBC's epic WWII TV series,” VICTORY AT SEA" VOL# 21,Full Fathom Five: "The most complex, most compact, most deadly ship of war, ton for ton ever conceived by man is the submarine"! The US Navy submarine service was able to destroy Japan's ability to produce war material by sinking 1,392 ships, over 6 million tons of of its merchant marine, thus sinking the Empire of Japan! After WWII starting with the USS Nautilus SSN-571 and her historic January 17, 1955 message, "Underway On Nuclear [...]

    2. In a war, necessity forces men to take unusual tactics that one would never consider under normal circumstances. Operation Ivy Bells is about submarine warfare and espionage during the Cold War. While the world focused on the larger aspects of the Cold War such as nuclear armament, Korea, and Vietnam; the men of silent service were quietly waging their own war beneath the sea.Robert G. Williscroft was part of these efforts, much of it recently declassified. In Operation Ivy Bells, the submariner [...]

    3. Excellent! As a former commercial diver I found "Operation Ivy Bells" a great read. Williscroft describes in detail the operation of each dive. Including the communications back and forth between divers and those manning the Dive Console. Brings back memories. He does a great job of educating the reader as well in deep diving basics. So if you're a novice you'll learn what's going on and why. A great book, not only for the story, but also to learn about the "secret" missions our service members [...]

    4. This book is not something I would normally read. It was a book in one of my book clubs so I decided to try something different. The book was a little too technical for my tastes. The author was good about explaining what was going on but I had a hard time with keeping up on it as I was not familiar with military terms. I liked the story line and it was well written, however, maybe more laymen's terms and less military lingo and terms would make it easier for non-military people to understand mo [...]

    5. Ivy Bells is a book about covert submarine operations during the Cold War. Not only is it a gripping book, almost impossible to put down, but it's informative as well. It's cool to know that the exciting twists and turns that happened in the book also happened in real life. Anybody who is a fan of adventure or is interested in diving or submarines should read this book.

    6. Operation Ivy Bells is a compelling cold war narrative that will have aficionados on the seat of their reading chair. It is an insiders look at covert submarine operations most people have no idea they are even capable of. Mr. Williscroft creates believable dialogue and tells a compelling story in a straight forward, no hold barred way. This is a very good read.

    7. Although this book is classified as fiction, it is based so heavily on personal experience that it reads more like a memoir, or, perhaps, the literary version of a docudrama. For those who, as I do, love anything involving ships and sailing, (above or below the water) this is a gold mine of information and provides an insightful and fascinating view of life on a submarine, at its most calm and at its most frantic.There is a lot of technical information, but the author skillfully presents it so t [...]

    8. Robert Williscroft’s Operation Ivy Bells is the perfect book for readers who loved big trucks and shop class. Williscroft describes in loving detail the mechanics involved in splicing sound cables onto Soviet communication cables, crafting extra decking to hide stolen Soviet nuclear missile parts, repairing and preparing deep sea driving modules. Williscroft details everything from laying out the nuts and bolts to running the boom cranes.For me, who spent hours under the car with my dad, only [...]

    9. ABR's original Operation Ivy Bells audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.I will say right up front – I hated that this story had to end. Operation Ivy Bells is wonderful!Operation Ivy Bells is an exciting piece of fiction/non-fiction. Robert Williscroft led a saturation team that faced terrible odds at times and were also hell raisers – a certain Russian Submarine Commander could attest to that! In the first few chapters, Lt. Mac McDowall and his saturation team [...]

    10. Operation Ivy Bells is a wonderful read, replete with memorable characters and enough nautical detail to satisfy any die-hard Tom Clancy fan. Although places the novel in the genre techno-thriller, it may also be considered historical fiction since the events brought to life by Williscroft did actually happen. The placement of listening devices onto undersea military communication cables in the stormy waters off the eastern coast of the former Soviet Union, resulted in an intelligence boon for [...]

    11. Operation Ivy Bells is a fictional account of the actual historical event in which the U.S. Navy attempted to tap into the Soviet Union’s undersea communication cable during the Cold War. Narrated by Lieutenant J. R. McDowell (“Mac”), the novel recounts Mac’s adventures aboard the submarine USS Halibut as he completes the mission to place taps on the Soviet’s undersea communication lines. Such adventures include mechanical failures, mishaps caused by human error, attacks by sea creatur [...]

    12. "It was super secret. Nobody knew about it except for a very select few, including the President, SecDef, SecNav, one admiral, Craven, the very small contingent at Submarine Development Group One, part of the submarine crew, and the divers. Let me tell you, that's secret like nothing I had ever experienced." – Lieutenant J. R. "Mac" McDowell's comments as he learns about the program he signed up for in Operation Ivy BellsThis is not normally a genre I would read, but once I picked up this book [...]

    13. Loved the book! I think Operation Ivy Bells will appeal to a wide audience, and that readers who are fans of the "Tom Clancy" genre will find Operation Ivy Bells to be an especially fun foray into fresh territory; offering grist for some interesting "how much of that was real?" conversations. As a Navy veteran, I found the details that set context for the story to be familiar and authentic. The book covered an area of Naval operations I was not familiar with but had heard rumors of while I was o [...]

    14. Hoo yah, one heck of a read.The Cold War was not so cold, especially for spy submarines and black op saturation divers. Robert Williscroft takes us on a one of a kind adventure that until a few years ago would have been above top secret. The real life divers and submariners are unsung national heroes. This novel's hero is an uncannily clever Saturation Diving Officer who worked himself up through the enlisted ranks to become one of the smartest conning and diving officers on the USS Halibut, or [...]

    15. WOW, from attacks by Humboldt squid, to groupers, to knife fights with Soviet divers hundreds of feet below the surface, this novel will keep you on the edge of your chair late into the night. Some of the best kept secrets of the cold war provide the backdrop for the daring do of Lieutenant Mac McDowell and his team of saturation divers as they work to save the nuclear submarine Halibut and accomplish her vital missions.Written cleanly with a thrill a minute, it’s never clear if Mac, his dive [...]

    16. I love everything to do with the Cold War. This book was on my must read list as soon as I discovered it. It is billed as a novel, but I suspect there is far more fact than fiction involved. What is not to disbelieve about the US tasking a nuclear sub to sneak into Russian waters to do slightly naughty things? Operation Ivy Bells was most certainly a real operation, and if I was a gambling man I would bet that Robert Williscroft was indeed part of the crew. There is too much hard fact and too li [...]

    17. A book equal to the best of Clancy and even better because he lived itThis book is one of the best I hAve ever reThis is one of the best military books I have ever read. It's absolutely brilliant .It's almost impossible to put this book down. It is superbly written and it displays the call to duty of a true warrior. My sincere complements to a outstanding and a brilliant author.

    18. I read this as a fictional story about factual events. Remembering my time on diesels, when Halibut was a Regulus boat at Pearl harbor in the early 1960's and seeing boats returning from "North", Operation Ivy Bell was written as a believable account of operations during the Cold War era. It is a "can't put down" book that both submariners and civilians can enjoy reading.

    19. Excellent book about submarines and deep diving. I learned a lot which is always enjoyable and the storyline was engaging. It was very realistic until the very end, so much so that I thought it was a true story. Had an exciting and enjoyable conclusion.

    20. I struggled with this book; and I shouldn't have. I read Douglas Reeman novels as a kid; I have a considerable non-fiction library on warships, and war at sea. I spent hours devouring every square metre of HMCS Haida; my favourite places in the Bay Area include the USS Hornet and the maritime museum at the foot of Hyde Street – I read Becton's book when I was thirteen. So why did I struggle? “Ivy Bells” is a fictionalised version of an actual mission – written in the first person. As a f [...]

    21. Excelente Livremente baseada em fatos reais, o livro conta a história de uma missão submarina de espionagem na guerra fria. Recomendo!

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