Ophelia s Muse Ophelia s Muse depicts the passionate but doomed romance between the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood painter Dante Rossetti and his model muse and wife Lizzie Siddal I ll never want to draw anyone else

  • Title: Ophelia's Muse
  • Author: Rita Cameron
  • ISBN: 9781617738562
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ophelia s Muse depicts the passionate but doomed romance between the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood painter Dante Rossetti and his model, muse, and wife, Lizzie Siddal I ll never want to draw anyone else but you You are my muse Without you there is no art in me With her pale, luminous skin and cloud of copper colored hair, nineteen year old Lizzie Siddal looks nothing likeOphelia s Muse depicts the passionate but doomed romance between the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood painter Dante Rossetti and his model, muse, and wife, Lizzie Siddal I ll never want to draw anyone else but you You are my muse Without you there is no art in me With her pale, luminous skin and cloud of copper colored hair, nineteen year old Lizzie Siddal looks nothing like the rosy cheeked ideal of Victorian beauty Working in a London milliner s shop, Lizzie stitches elegant bonnets destined for wealthier young women, until a chance meeting brings her to the attention of painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti Enchanted both by her ethereal appearance and her artistic ambitions quite out of place for a shop girl Rossetti draws her into his glittering world of salons and bohemian soirees.Lizzie begins to sit for some of the most celebrated members of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood, posing for John Everett Millais as Shakespeare s Ophelia, for William Holman Hunt and especially for Rossetti, who immortalizes her in countless paintings as his namesake s beloved Beatrice The passionate visions Rossetti creates on canvas are echoed in their intense affair But while Lizzie strives to establish herself as a painter and poet in her own right, betrayal, illness, and addiction leave her struggling to save her marriage and her sense of self.Rita Cameron weaves historical figures and vivid details into a complex, unconventional love story, giving voice to one of the most influential yet overlooked figures of a fascinating era a woman who is both artist and inspiration, long gazed upon, but until now, never fully seen.

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    1. A hauntingly beautiful debutIn Ophelia’s Muse, the light of inspiration falls on the coppery-red crown of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Siddal and Victorian London’s unconventional world of art, beauty and romance. Although sometimes outside the lines of facts and record, this was a hauntingly beautiful novel that swept me back to a crucial time of the 19th century when restraints of culture were just beginning to loosen and discoveries in nature, advancements of industry, literature and art were a [...]

    2. Purists may have some issues with a few things in the book. Rossetti never exhibited in the Royal Academy, yet he does in Ophelia’s Muse and it’s a pretty big plot point. Also, he is only ever referred to as Dante when we know from contemporary sources that family and close friends consistently called him Gabriel. So if dramatic license in Pre-Raphaelite inspired fiction is a sore spot for you, this may be a hindrance to your enjoyment of the book.Pre-Raphaelite fiction always holds the poss [...]

    3. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood began as a reaction to the Royal Academy of Art and the academy's acceptance of what they thought of as staid art, such as that of Joshua Reynolds or Turner. Seeking the "truth" in painting, the small group sought lovely models who, to them represented purity. The were rosy-cheeked ladies with long flowing hair, and soft, lovely features that made them what the brotherhood coined as "stunners." Elizabeth "Lizzie" Siddal worked as a milliner at a hat shop. Her famil [...]

    4. Elizabeth Siddel was born in 1829 to a family barely eking out a living in genteel poverty; a family prosperous a few generations past but no longer. She is brought up to read and value books and art, but is forced to spend her days working at a milliner’s shop, making hats for fashionable ladies, and turning her wages over to her mother. But one day an opportunity arises; a young artist, Walter Deverell, comes into the shop with his mother, and is taken by Lizzie’s beauty and her red hair. [...]

    5. 4.5 starsbut I might up it to 5 starsI loved this book! Cameron's writing was so beautiful and descriptive. I ended up liking both of the main characters for who they were. Neither was perfect, but they were written so well that they were like real people, with both good traits and some (quite) bad traits. I was curious if Elizabeth Siddal was a real person and like a dork I googled her and then read her page. I recommend that you do NOT do that. I'll just tell you that everyone in the book was [...]

    6. Ophelia's Muse by Rita Cameron was an enriching five star book about the artist Gabriel Rossetti & his model Elizabeth Siddal.The fact that he postponed marrying her for so long was a reflection on the selfishness of his character. He was too involved in establishing his art & organization, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.I found it interesting to read a fictional account about the artist's works that have lasted since the mid-1800's.I would like to thank Kensington Books & NetGalley [...]

    7. While I do not often read biographies or other non-fiction, I am frequently intrigued by historical fiction. Knowing vague facts about Lizzie Siddal and the Pre-Raphelite Brotherhood, I had to give this a shot. It is definitely more fiction than historical, but still and all a good read. Do not go into it thinking that it will be of the highest factual accuracy, or you will just skim over it with disapproval. Take it for what it is: an interesting interpretation of some very fascinating people.I [...]

    8. Enchanting. Romantic. Lovely. Those words only begin to describe what a beautiful novel Ophelia’s Muse was. This told about Lizzie Siddal, a woman who posed for several renowned artists in the 1850s. Lizzie not only appeared as the woman in the book’s cover art, but also as the main figure in many more famous works. Although many authors have told the story of a naive woman becoming the muse and lover to an artist, this tale really stood out. Lizzie’s red hair caught the eye of a young pai [...]

    9. Ophelia's Muse is the beautifully written story of shopgirl Lizzie Siddal and her passionate love affair with artist Dante Rossetti. Lizzie comes from a well bred but impoverished family, forcing her to work as a shopgirl making and selling bonnets in a fashionable store in order to help make ends meet. Lizzie is a reserved but beautiful young woman, and she is noticed by an artist, who falls for her unusual good looks and asks her to pose for him. Lizzie is reluctant to do so at first, because [...]

    10. I have never been able to shake off the gruesome indian giver vibe I get when I hear the name Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Sending someone off to the hereafter with poetry as a tribute loses it's luster when they are later exhumed. All that aside, this story follows the life of Lizzie Siddal whose beauty was vastly different from what was 'en vogue' so to speak, during that period. She was Dante's muse, his lover and a woman whose choices were limited by poverty and prejudices. As happened to many ar [...]

    11. Thank you Netgalley for the ARC. A version of this review is on Netgalley.The heroine of Ophelia’s Muse is artists’ model Lizzie Siddal, a sort of 1850’s It Girl. Her pale complexion, red hair and lack of marriage prospects makes her a hit amongst the pre-Raphaelite painters of London and draws the attention of poet and artist Dante Rossetti. This is the guy you hope to God your daughter doesn’t bring home. He’s brilliant, flaky, self-absorbed – the boyfriend the sad sack chick in yo [...]

    12. Rita Cameron's prose demonstrates that she is a talented artist just like the characters in her beautifully written novel about the Pre-Raphaelite era. The author's language provides a visually sumptuous look into the world of Lizzie Siddal, the main character and muse of many artists in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. With each page, the reader is drawn further and further into Lizzie's dramatic and turbulent life. Although sad in many ways, the story is amazingly addictive and difficult to put [...]

    13. Thanks Kensington Books and netgalley for this arc.There are many books to read on the pre-raphite brotherhood, but not quite enough that tell the woman's side of view like this. thank the stars we have more rights now than back then. Beautiful and emotional book

    14. I usually don't like it when authors take liberties with history but this tale was so captivating that I can easily forgive Cameron for it. Here, she brings to life the love story between Dante Gabriel Rossetti, founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and his tragic model Lizzie Siddal. Lizzie came from a poor family who had known better days. When she was offered the opportunity to model for Deverell, another member of the Brotherhood, she quickly took it, hoping it would give her the chance [...]

    15. ***ARC for honest review***4.5 starsSPOILERSElizabeth 'Lizzie' Siddal is working in a milliner’s shop to help support her struggling family when she catches the eye one of the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB) artists. Convinced to sit for him as an artist’s model, Lizzie quickly becomes the darling of the PRB movement and especially that of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the charming and charismatic co-founder of the PRB. Throughout their tumultuous affair, Lizzie struggles with depression, drug ad [...]

    16. The book is about Lizzie Siddal, a muse and model for several members of the PRB or Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in England, in the middle of the nineteenth century. She starts out as a hat-maker’s assistant and shop girl, supporting her family who used to upper middle class but have since fallen on hard times. It is there that she is first discovered by a PRB member named William Deverell, who uses her as his model for Viola (dressed as a red-haired pageboy in his Twelfth Night painting). He fa [...]

    17. Ophelia's Muse is a gentle, but passionate love story between Lizzie Siddal and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Set in the mid 1800's it is based on the true story of the tangled and fraught relationship between the artist and his muse. Having met Lizzie in 1849 through Walter Deverell, Rossetti became almost obsessed with her and initially painted her almost exclusively, not wanting her to model for the other pre-Raphaelite artists. The story is full of coming together and pulling apart, Lizzie has giv [...]

    18. The tragic love affair of the Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his muse and model Lizzie Siddal has been surprisingly under-utilised in fiction. Most people know the basic storyline, however, thanks to numerous films and TV series such as ‘Desperate Romantics’. Lizzie was discovered in a milliner’s shop and became the ‘face’ of early Pre-Raphaelite art, modelling for quite a few of the brotherhood and becoming famous as Ophelia in John Everett Millais’s painting of th [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.For the past several months, I've been burned out on everything literature related. I suppose that's what happens when you write and release two books in less than a year and a half. I've forced myself to read, of course, because I feel it is important, but it's been more of a chore than a leisurely activity. Ophelia's Muse helped me remember why I love reading. For the first time in almost a year, I found myself [...]

    20. I enjoyed this well written romantic historical fiction about Pre Raphaelite Dante´Gabriel Rosetti and his model and wife, Lizzie Siddal. The book was extremely engaging and caused me to detour into the world of 19th century art and the Rock Star Painters of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood. Lizzie Siddal is a good girl from the lower middle class. Raised to do better for herself she is taken into a milliner's shop. There she is discovered and becomes a model first to artist Walter Deverell for h [...]

    21. I simply adored this book! It's always interesting to read about women who don't get talked about often. It definitely piqued my interest in Lizzie Siddal and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood! For a more complete review check out my blog, Rachael Reads.rachaelsbookshelf.wordpress.c

    22. I was curious to know more about the PreRaphaelites and this book fulfilled that need. Like many books about women during the 19th century, the plight of Siddall was so depressing I had trouble returning to the book. So it was extremely effective and presented the information in a tangible and truly experiential way.

    23. I won this book threw First Reads. I thought this book was beautifully written and I really enjoyed the book!!

    24. I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher, Kensington Books. I couldn't hardly believe my good luck, to have won an ARC! I have to say, for an advance uncorrected proof, this book had few errors. Although I wasn't looking for them, I did notice a few things, like "at" instead of "a" or "two" instead of "too" and a repeated "you". It was hardly the mess that many published ebooks are, and the errors were only an occasional annoyance. Consequently, I look forward to reading this b [...]

    25. I just finished reading the book. I do not think I can say anything about it now without saying too much.

    26. Ophelia’s Muse details the life of Elizabeth Siddal. She was the model for some of the Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood. Some of whom have immortalized her are William Deverell, John Millais, who used her for his famous painting, Ophelia, and her husband, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. She was also a painter in own right. One of her notable works is her self-portrait. In Ophelia’s Muse, we see that Elizabeth’s life was just as tragic as the subject whom she modeled, Ophelia. Lizzie comes from a London [...]

    27. Please check out all of my reviews at ultraviolentlit!Innocent shop girl Lizzie Siddall is destined for a life of making bonnets for wealthier girls until chance offers her a meeting with the celebrated painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Rossetti was the artist behind the creation of the “Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood” or PRB – a group of young men educated at the academy yet rebelling against its conventional teachings. Instead of emulating Raphael and his work on darkness and shadow, the PRB w [...]

    28. Pre-Raphaelite painting goes in and out of vogue but there are some of us who remain fascinated by this movement whether the art is loved or reviled.The marketplace for Victorian paintings was probably not radically different than that of today. There was an art establishment and if you wanted to prosper as an artist there was a path to follow. Rita Cameron chose to write about Dante Gabriel Rosetti, one of the Victorian "bad boys." He was one of the iconoclasts who was educated at the Royal Aca [...]

    29. Lizzie is nineteen and works in a millinery shop making bonnets. The head milliner was Mrs Tozer, she told Lizzie to go home as she would be working in front of the shop in the morning. Lizzie had no friends in the girls she worked with so she just left without goodbye. Dante Rosetti was sitting through a lecture at the Royal Academy Of Arts. he was completely bored with the lecture and not so sure he wanted to finish the academy just for a promise of a steady income from his art as there was ve [...]

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