The Chosen Queen A date that changed the course of history a date that changed her life foreverLove should be free that is what Edyth Alfgarsdottir has always believed As a young girl she witnessed Earl Harold st

  • Title: The Chosen Queen
  • Author: Joanna Courtney
  • ISBN: 9781447281900
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1066 A date that changed the course of history a date that changed her life foreverLove should be free that is what Edyth Alfgarsdottir has always believed As a young girl she witnessed Earl Harold standing barefoot in his handfast marriage to the beautiful Lady Svana and has yearned for her own love match ever since.Amongst England s royal court, marriages are not of1066 A date that changed the course of history a date that changed her life foreverLove should be free that is what Edyth Alfgarsdottir has always believed As a young girl she witnessed Earl Harold standing barefoot in his handfast marriage to the beautiful Lady Svana and has yearned for her own love match ever since.Amongst England s royal court, marriages are not often chosen for love and political matches are rife while King Edward is still without an heir When her family are exiled to the wild Welsh court, Edyth unexpectedly finds herself falling for the charismatic Griffin first King of all of Wales Becoming his Queen catapults Edyth onto the opposing side of a bitter feud between England and Wales She has to grow up fast but has the support and encouragement of her closest friend, Lady Svana.Years later, Edyth is in line to take the crown of England This time the lines of love and duty are far blurred As 1066 dawns, Edyth and Svana will be asked to make an even greater sacrifice, perhaps the greatest of all In the midst of war, can love and freedom survive

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    One thought on “The Chosen Queen”

    1. I remember reading about Edyth as a kid in Morgan Llewelyn’s Wing From Hastings. I was really young and so only remember vague impressions, like remembering that Harold was a big bully and her brothers were toads. It was a real treat to re-visit this era and these people specifically to get another look at them.For a debut novel, this author has done a fantastic job. She took a lot of time in her world building and research of details. The reader gets a real sense for the sights, sounds, and s [...]

    2. I’m not usually a fan of Historical Fiction. I read the odd one here and there – with The Chosen Queen by Joanna Courtney I had been following along the authors story from concept to publication and so of course I HAD to read it and see the end result for myself. What I found was a beautifully written multi layered tale with a tremendously authentic sense of place and time and some characters that I fell heartily in love with.Seriously the historical flavour in this novel is magnificent – [...]

    3. Really enjoyed this book. The author is a fan of writers such as Elizabeth Chadwick and Phillipa Gregory, and I think she can take her place among those authors for page-turning historical novels. The pace, the setting as well as the characters made this a book that was hard to put down.A fair amount of artistic licence is taken with the characters (real historical figures) but as far back as the Battle of Hastings, which was almost a 1,000 years ago, who kept a day to day journal? :P What the w [...]

    4. 4.5 Stars!!! Really enjoyed this book, now to hunt down the other 2 books in the trilogy thanks to Tracey at Carpe Librum for gifting this book in one of our meet up mystery swaps and for me being clever enough to pick it

    5. 0.5 stars!How can anyone even like this book? A girl barely 16, about to give birth to her second child and that too with a husband who's 44 years old? What in hell is this shit?DNF

    6. I received a copy through First Reads.Three and a half starsA fascinating story and one I wasn't familiar with. I was worried, as I always am with female-centric historical fiction, that this would be too "chick-lit" for my taste but only in the saggy middle section did this suffer from what I call "Philippa Gregory Syndrome". It's unavoidable really, when you're writing about a time when there was such a divide in the genders, and you have one main character, to get bogged down in the trapping [...]

    7. It's 1055 and fourteen year old Edyth is already quite mature for her age. She's curious about love and Harold and Svana are her great examples. She's impressed by their relationship and their faith that love will survive everything. They aren't officially married, but they have something much more special. Edyth wants to have a similar experience, she'd like to get married for love and not because of connections. There's a lot of political unrest in England and Edyth's father is exiled. He trav [...]

    8. The Chosen Queen of the title is Edyth and the year is 1055, a decade before the Norman invasion of England in 1066, and yes, William the Conqueror.Edyth is the granddaughter of Lady Godiva and dreams of marrying for love, but times were different 950 years ago and more often than not, women were married for political and monetary gain.Edyth's father is close to King Edward (now known as Edward the Confessor), but after an angry outburst the family is exiled to Wales and the novel really takes o [...]

    9. Set in the last years of Anglo-Saxon rule before the Norman conquest of 1066, this could have been an interesting look at a slightly less well-known historical era – but it’s tainted by re-writing history as a Mills & Boon romance, and offers no sense of time and place.Very much in the Philippa Gregory strain of writing, there’s a lot of flouncy descriptions of dresses, jewellery and heaving milk-white breasts – while everyone thinks, speaks and understands the world through modern i [...]

    10. I am a huge fan of writers like Elizabeth Chadwick so I find it difficult to find other authors who write historical fiction that I like. Whilst this book was enjoyable I felt it lacked depth and the plot was very one-dimensional. The characters seemed rather simplistic and it seemed a rather rose tinted perspective of the time. An ok read but I probably wouldn't make an effort to read more by this author.

    11. Great book with great characters and a whole side of the history that you don't get when it's just about the boys. Loved it.

    12. Another great read from this author. Book 1 of a trilogy and although I've not read them in order I don't think it matters (although the author may disagree).Can't wait to read the next one.Recommended to anyone who loves a good well written historical fiction.

    13. 4.5Posted in full reviewedthebook/2015 I can't claim to have much knowledge on the Battle of Hastings, the lead-up to the Battle of Hastings or any real history from that age (I wish I did know more) and so I can't vouch for the credibility of the events Joanna Courtney has chosen to work around in The Chosen Queen. What I can vouch for is the wonderful, mesmerising storytelling that had me hooked from page one, keeping me engrossed throughout the entire novel and still left desperate for more. [...]

    14. There's a lot of light historical fiction out there these days and so much of it seems to be about the Tudors. Don't get me wrong, fascinating time in history. But it's nice to come across a book that isn't about the Tudors. This one is about the run up to 1066, so really, we all know how this one is going to end. But I still found it a fun and engaging read. Yes, there's some artistic licence here, so it's one person's imaginings on what it would have been like. But for a bit of historical esca [...]

    15. Despite being British, I have only heard of The Battle of Hastings, however never knew the figures behind it all or the reasons. History education is not what it once was. So I read this book woefully unprepared for the ending. I may not have liked how it ended but alas I cannot change history. This is a masterpiece in my opinion, the fact that there is very little known about King Harold II, allows Joanna to build up the world in a way that is clearly hers but also true to history. I found myse [...]

    16. I love a good well written historical fiction story, and Joanna Courtney did a great job with this first novel in a series. We get to meet Edyth, only fourteen whose beauty catches the eye of a king. Her future once determined by her parents is about to change as they are forced out of their home and into distant Wales.It was a joy to pick up this book and read as it was a world where so much could change so quickly. Full of battles, Vikings and never being sure of who your enemies were must hav [...]

    17. Joanna Courtney knows how to pull on the heartstrings of her readers - this is a light yet deeply emotional read and the pages fly through the fingers. This is history romanticised and tidied up - normally a stumbling block for me but the author's enthusiasm and skill in telling a good story kept me reading late into the night. One point, though: don't read the family trees at the beginning, they give away an awful lot more than the date of the Battle of Hastings.

    18. Really wanted to like this book, but I didn't agree with the name changes, and it didn't feel like the 11th centuryAlso, I swear knights were mentioned surely this should be either huscarls or stallers??

    19. Brilliant book! I was hooked from the beginning and even though I knew what would happen, the end still made me cry!!! Wonderful book!

    20. A glorious, rich, epic story of love, friendship and sacrifice which will sweep you up and transport you to another time. I absolutely loved this and can't wait for the next book in the series.

    21. I was going to give this a 3.5-4 because the simpering love story between a 42 year old warrior man and a 14 year old virgin Lady wasing.Look, I know that was normal for the times, and I myself had a relationship with a man 18 years older than me at one point.But the way they were written as equals read false to me. Also, Svana basically telling Edyth to marry Harold was unbelievable. Maybe I'm not a good enough person, but to have no jealousy AT ALL? That's inhuman, almost. The fact that there [...]

    22. It's a great idea to illuminate this period of history from the perspective of the women involved. Overall, it is well written and mostly believable, and it's obvious that a lot of care has gone into the research. However, for me, there was a bit too much of the Mills & Boon about it. Too much 'taking in his powerful arms' and 'crushing his lips on hers' and the like. That's just a personal gripe.Unfortunately, there are also grammatical errors, and we find kings and queens 'sat' on their th [...]

    23. I couldn’t put it down. This story confused me a little at first (but I was likely distracted), then once I was into it I was off. Great characterisation, I really felt for the characters being pulled in many different directions. Despite some of the complaints about modernising names/romantic elements, I found they made the story more relatable and less confusing, as someone who wanted a good story with historical elements, rather than vice versa. Great work, will be getting my hands on the s [...]

    24. This story was very satisfying, and I truly enjoy when authors infuse their writing with everyday activities so you get a better idea of the times. The only issue I really had was that the last 25% of the book was weighed down by the Edyth/Svana guilt/love fest. I get that it's hard for both to be married to the same man, but they discussed it over and over and over again. Eventually I wanted them just to move on since apparently having more than one wife wasn't out of the question in that time [...]

    25. At first glance, this book looked like a find: a well-researched novel about Anglo-Saxons during the reign of Edward the Confessor. Just my kind of thing.Sadly, it wasn't. Within the first chapter, Earl Tostig asks our heroine to dance with him and they proceed as if htey were at a high school prom. Perhaps the history-breaking was an attempt to engage young readers, but the clueless social anachronisms were too much for me and I bailed before I was halfway through.

    26. Edyth was briefly wife to King Harold and even briefer was her time as Queen of England. Prior to that she'd been Queen of Wales for eight years. Courtney's Queens of the Conquest trilogy has looked at the lives of the queens of the main players up to the 1066 Norman invasion. Although this is the first in the trilogy, it's actually the last one I've read but I don't think it matters what order you read them in. I've loved these books and found myself incredibly engrossed whilst reading them.

    27. This book is beautifully written. I lost myself in every page and felt really connected to the characters. Courtney definitely did some extended research for this book and made every character come to life in fictional way of course. I like how love seemed so pure those times. Definitely recommend.

    28. I love historical fiction and I really liked this book. Yes it had all the big events in there but it was the little details that made the story. I thought the central characters were well crafted although the men were a little one dimensional. I’ll definitely read the other books in the series

    29. An excellent novel. I know the story of Harold Godwinson reasonably well, and reading about his end at Hastings always makes me a bit sad. This book is really about his second wife, Edyth, but one gets a good feel for the last Anglo Saxon King of England as well as his wives.

    30. 4.5*Beautifully written with strong female characters sprinkled with historical fact and all the political intrigue the lead up to 1066 had to offer.

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