Dreams A Young Adult Fantasy Novel book Arie s eighteenth birthday had come with many surprises including a little sister Amary whom she would do anything to protect Together they traveled to their new

  • Title: Dreams
  • Author: Dani Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Young Adult Fantasy Novel book 2 Arie s eighteenth birthday had come with many surprises, including a little sister, Amary, whom she would do anything to protect Together they traveled to their new home in a fantastical world full of enchantment Unfortunately, among the fairies, shapeshifters, and otherworldly creatures, darkness still lurked, and the natural balanceA Young Adult Fantasy Novel book 2 Arie s eighteenth birthday had come with many surprises, including a little sister, Amary, whom she would do anything to protect Together they traveled to their new home in a fantastical world full of enchantment Unfortunately, among the fairies, shapeshifters, and otherworldly creatures, darkness still lurked, and the natural balance of light and dark teetered on the brink of destruction In order to save the two worlds she loved so dearly, Arie needed to accept her destiny as the butterfly princess and lead her people into a battle against the shadows, knowing that not everyone would survive With loved ones by her side, she would discover her strength did not come from within, but from those who believed in her most.

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    1. Grab the best seat in the house, grab a snack, and shut off your phone! Being my first read by Dani Hart, all I have to say is WOW. If you plan on reading Dreams, make sure you read the first book in the series, Reality. These books go hand in hand, and you do not want to miss a moment of this series.We find Arie where we left her in the first book; learning who she really is, and trying to decide what to do with her new found life. I really enjoyed the fact that Dani Hart was sure to pick up ri [...]

    2. Dani Hart has a way of weaving this mystical world with words that pull you in to the point that you don't want to leave.In Dreams, Arie comes to know her father and finds that she has a sister too. Her life before the other realm was carefree and wonderful, until darkness came to try and destroy their life. Arie's father did the only thing he could think of to save hertaking her to the human realm to live until her it was time for her to take her place, hopefully saving what was left of her fat [...]

    3. Can I just say that I love Dani Hart's writing. She has a way of weaving words into vivid images! Dreams will fill your imagination. It will pull you on a roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless. I can't wait to see what else is in store for Arie Team River!

    4. If you thought that Ms. Hart had magic and imagination in Reality- then you haven’t seen anything. She has out done herself in Dreams. There was no way you would be expecting and seeing what was coming once she picked up her pen to paper in this story.Ms. Hart is able to take you places that only you where able to dream about. Her writing is truly genius and unique. Ms. Hart has a style all her own- one where she is able to make the unbelievable -believable. The characters, scenes, are so real [...]

    5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SERIES!! And I loved this second installment even more than the first. So this takes place right after Arie has ascended and she is now living in the majestic parallel world with Amary and her Father Tivon. Her mom is gone, her love Ashe is gone and both her friends River and Star have gone back to live normal lives in the mundane world as we all know it. Reeling from her loss and loneliness Arie is trying to understand and accept her destiny at the same time trying to be t [...]

    6. Dreams was sent to me by Dani Hart as a ARC to read for a honest review. I loved Reality and getting into this book was easy i needed to know what was going to happen to Arie. The first 5 chapters had me so emotional rollercoster because of the sad way she was dealing with her loss of the loved ones she has lost.Omge end of Chapter 13 was amazing the description of her wings. " To Fly was to be free. To fall was to be Real" I am so in love with this story.I to read and back track to keep up with [...]

    7. I had the privilege to read Reality so when I was invited to help promote Dreams, I couldn’t pass it up. I was so excited to find out what was going to happen in Arie’s world and find out more answers to the mysteries that surround her. I don’t want to give anything away but I will say that a lot more is revealed. Several new characters are introduced in this book as well that include a wide range of personalities that only add to the great characters in this series.Arie is still trying to [...]

    8. After reading the first book in this series, I was looking forward to what would happen next, and not only was I not disappointed but enjoyed it even more than the first one.Arie is more sure of herself in this book, not only because she know has a better understanding of who she is, but she embraces it. Still, she remains level headed and always tries to help others, putting herself in danger's way to do so. It was especially nice to watch her find the power to stand up and take control. I lear [...]

    9. Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that RockI give it 4 fangs.Dreams is the second book in the series The Arie Chronicles by Dani Hart. I would read Reality before reading this one. The stories continue into the next book. I would suggest this book for adults and young adults.This story is the continuation of Arie’s life. At the end of the first book, Arie’s life was supposed to be coming together. But at the beginning of this book, we learn that there are more problems and secrets [...]

    10. Just when I thought that there was no way she would ever be able to top Reality but she did!Yes, Dreams in the second book in the Arie Chronicles. To fully understand the story I would highly recommend that you read Reality before reading Dreams.Okay on the the review. I am going to make this very vague. Not because there is a shortage of plot lines, twists and magic to go on and on about but because just like Reality you should go into Dreams with no idea what you have in store for you.The stor [...]

    11. If I had to sum this up in one word WOW would come to mind first. I will admit that at first I was a little nervous because it seemed to be a little slow going but by the 15% mark I was loving it. It takes you to another world that you just get sucked into and never want to leave. It is the second book in the series. It continues the story of Arie's life. She went through a lot in the first book and does the same with this one. She also does a lot of growing up in this one. It is just a great st [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.Completely in a first person point of view from Ari the writing really carried an emotional charge to it. When she was confused, I was confused, when she was sad or hurting you could could feel it, when she’s reeling from some shocking news, you get shocked right along with her.Continuing on in tradition from the first book, nothing is what it seems and it’s even more so the case in Dreams as secrets are exposed and layer upon l [...]

    13. Dream is book 2 in The Arie Chronicles and begins with her new life in the alternate reality. We last remember Arie and Amary were brought to this reality because they were no longer safe and Arie need to evolve to save her true reality. She’s lost everything and is now expected to start over and learn to live without love, freedom, and her reality. But is this really true? Is all lost to her? Will the prophecy come true? This book didn’t let me down. I was really hoping things weren’t as [...]

    14. As a huge fan of Dani Hart, I have come to the realization that she can write any genre and amaze me every time. In Dreams, the second installment of The Arie Chronicles, Arie finds herself living with her previously thought dead father, Tivon. She makes an effort to create the perfect life for Amary who’s living with them, too. However, this perfect life she seeks is riddled with everything but the balance she needs.Dani Hart infuses a magical world that’s full of secrets, twists, and wonde [...]

    15. In this book from Dani Hart, we meet back up with Arie & Amary. They are living with their Father Trivon in the magical realm.Arie is still reeling from Ashe’s death & is missing her friends Starling & River, but she trying her best to come to terms with the responsibility her Ascension has bestowed on her.Through this book there are secrets revealed that shake Arie to the core, but we see her grow in her belief & confidence.This is a beautifully written story of Fairies & [...]

    16. I received this as an ARC in response for an honest review.I have to say I really enjoyed this book! The overall flow of the story and unfolding of events was perfect. Once I started reading I had to keep going so I could find out what would happen next. I'm usually pretty decent at knowing the direction things will happen when reading but this book did an awesome job at keeping me on my toes. The journey Arie takes through the book is a pretty crazy one and it definitely made for a wonderful re [...]

    17. The beautiful written follow up book to Reality.I love the world Dani Hart creates - it so visual you can picture it in your mindThe Story follows on from Ari's Ascension with her coming to terms with not only her powers but looking after her 'sister. Also the death of the those who fought against the darkness. Will Ari fore fill the prophecy and destroy the barrier between the realities only to restore them and if she does what will the cost be to her and her friendsWill be patiently be waiting [...]

    18. Full review can be found here.Dreams is an engaging sequel to Reality where the author continues the wonderful imagery of this new world and Arie's story. The author does amazing storytelling, her writing drifting you off into Arie's world that is described beautifully. You are immediately immersed in the world and thrown into chaos along with the beloved characters.The relationships are perfect; I love (more via website)

    19. Not only did Dani outdo herself on this book, but she blew my expectations out of the water! From her lyrical writing to her descriptions of the world that sucked me in from the first page, I was, willingly, held captive by this book until the end. My phone was on "Do not disturb", but I don't think I would have heard it anyway! I recommend this book to every single person I can think of. I love this series, and this book is my favorite of the two. :) Well done!!

    20. Dani Hart has a way of bringing a story to life and making you feel like you are right there beside the character and living out the story with them. Dreams is the 2nd book in The Arie Chronicles and trust me when I say that she will leave you wanting more. But to get the full experience you will need to read Reality and start into dreams. I will say for both books I needed to have a box of tissues handy. (Full Review To Come After Released.)

    21. Being forced into a fantasy world was not in Arie’s life plan, but she grew very fond of the world of enchantment. Her determination was to create a life for her sister. After losing her friends during the transition into her new life. She now understood why it was a sacrifice to ensure the safety of her sister

    22. Dani has done it again!! She has written Another amazing novel but really, was there any doubt? ;) Dreams is soooo amazing! Very original! Dani writes very distinctive! Very refreshing!! She is a pure writing genius!!

    23. This book is the second book of The Arie Chronicles Dreams. It was a fitting sequel to The Arie Chronicles Reality and is equally filled with cliffhanging run in in which good vs. evil. If your a mother of a teen that loves to read about different realms of reality.I highly recommend this book.

    24. An emotional roller coaster. Secrets are revealed, lives are changed and truths come out. I love this story. I highly recommend reading.

    25. I received ARC copy for a honest review. Arie is heartbroken in this story but would she heal and find her true love again. Can't wait for the next book more about Arie story.

    26. this book grabbed me and kept me enthralled! I was entranced by the characters. love Arie, Ashe and River. This book is a must read!!!

    27. I loved this book so much was so happy that Arie got the person she wanted. Amary is so stinking cute. I love how Arie calls Amary buggie! I hope the next book has more about Heath and his family.

    28. Free ARC for an honest review,This book was great. Still don't like the man she choose. I'll always be on team River! Ashe is nice and all but River is the one I will always see as hers. Now Heath is a catch also but still going with River here. The adventure they are set on is amazing. The different world if that would be the term is interesting. This story started great in book one and bloomed into a great butterfly, to use a term from the book. I can't wait to see what will be next in Arie's [...]

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