The Wish Augur Gabriel Juarez has only one wish for Christmas uttered moments before midnight on Christmas Eve a hug He wakes up the next morning to find his wish being haphazardly granted in the form of an insecur

  • Title: The Wish Augur
  • Author: Cecil Wilde
  • ISBN: 9781620044698
  • Page: 212
  • Format: ebook
  • Gabriel Juarez has only one wish for Christmas, uttered moments before midnight on Christmas Eve a hug He wakes up the next morning to find his wish being haphazardly granted in the form of an insecure elf called Felix, who works as a wish augur and couldn t bring himself to let Gabe s wish go unfulfilled.

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    One thought on “The Wish Augur”

    1. I'm dying. A knitting elf ???Review @ Scattered Thoughts And Rogue WordsA knitting elf? I’m a goner. How cute is it?The Wish Augur by Cecil Wilde is a short Christmas story.Gabe has no family, no friends (except Maria), a crappy job with crappy coworkers and a crappy apartment. Shortly, his life sucks. He writes comics in his free time, hoping it could become his true work. He’s lonely and sad, spending the Christmas Eve in bed crying and cursing his life.“I want… All I want for Christma [...]

    2. I pretty much wanted to hug both these guys to death this story was so cute.Gabriel hates his job, his boss, his life. Ever since his mother died he’s been pretty much on his own, alone. After having to deal with his smarmy asshole of a boss at the company Christmas party, Gabriel has only one wish when he makes his way home: a hug. Little does he know that his wish has been seen by Felix, a wish augur up at the North Pole, and that Felix just can’t let this wish go unfulfilled. By him.Like [...]

    3. 3.5 starsShort sweet review for a short sweet story:Yes, there is that insta-love situation because it doesn’t take long for Gabriel to fall in love and throw caution to the wind to be with Felix. But look, this is a Christmas story (a short one, only 13.5 k)! And there is already magic in the first place – we have an elf! Such an endearing, adorable, insecure little elf here. I just couldn’t be too finicky about it since it made me feel happy that Gabriel found somebody who loved him and [...]

    4. 3.5 starsGabriel Juarez lives a very mundane, unfulfilled life. He hates his job, his boss harasses and insults him on a daily basis and he only has one friend. Christmas is quickly approaching and the holiday just doesn't have the same luster or meaning now that his mother has passed away.After another stressful day at work, Gabe wishes he could just have a hug. When he wakes up Christmas morning, there's a man his bed holding him tightly. Gabe doesn't know what is going on, but an elf named Fe [...]

    5. I received a copy of this from the publisher through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I absolutely LOVED this. It reminded me so much of the angst-and-fluff Erestor/Glorfindel fanfictions that I used to live off, and every single word was a joy to read. I felt really sad for both Gabe and Felix, and as their friendship and blossoming relationship made them happier, I was happier.The explanations of Felix's world were fascinating, especially the way magic worked (or didn't). Everything [...]

    6. Felix is a Wish Augur, part elf and part fae, he grants the wishes of those in need around the Holidays. It’s Christmas Eve and a lonely young man wishes for the simplest thing, a hug. Far be it from Felix to deny such a simple request, so he grants the wish, and so much more.Gabriel Juarez lives a life unfulfilled. He hates his job and he’s single and alone at Christmas. He cries himself to sleep only to wake up Christmas morning wrapped in a warm embrace. Once Gabe gets over the shock of f [...]

    7. A great holiday read. Gabriel is just so sweet and so perfectly lonely. The quintessential holiday hero in need of a little love. And Felix is just the elf to give it to him. There is very little angst in this story, just a perfectly sweet little tale about finding love in unexpected places.

    8. Thank you to Less Than Three Press for sending me a copy of this short story to read in exchange for an honest review.Having never read Cecil Wilde before I started this with absolutely no idea of what to expect at all, bar the fact that it sounded like it would be a cosy little Christmas story; perfect for this time of year.What the blurb says:Gabriel Juarez has only one wish for Christmas, uttered moments before midnight on Christmas Eve: a hug. He wakes up the next morning to find his wish be [...]

    9. Cute Cinder-fella Christmas story.Gabriel's miserable. He works hard at a job he hates, for a boss who hates him. He has no time for friends or a life. The misery part is pretty heavy-handed, but it boils down to Gabriel spending Christmas alone and wishing for a hug as he's falling asleep on Christmas Eve.The happy ending was nearly as heavy handed as the misery, but it fit well with the holiday theme.Some Favorite Quotes:Gabe bites his lip and reminds himself firmly that fuck off and die, assh [...]

    10. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsThis was a really sweet story, from beginning to end, and I liked it a lot. Gabe’s heartbreaking misery just pours off the page in the beginning, and instantly, I wanted nothing more than for him to have a happily ever after. With Felix there making his life enjoyable, Gabe is happy for the first time in a very long time. I loved watching the two of them interact.There was a surprising amount of world building in this short story, and I appreciated that the aut [...]

    11. This was a cute holiday read and I enjoyed it very much.Gabriel is a human who's very unhappy and lonely. After the loss of his mother, Christmas is a pretty lonely affair since he's all alone in this world. His only Christmas wish is to receive a hug. His wish is granted by Felix, a wish augur who's job is to grant wished at Christmas time. Gabriel is an insecure human and Felix is an even more insecure elf but they're perfect for each other. Felix is very sweet and his joy for everything he ge [...]

    12. What a cute and sweet short story. Ms. Wilde was able to put a good amount of characterization into this short story but due to its length it lacked some of the depth of plot that other stories have. While I loved Gabriel and Felix I just wanted to delve deeper into their feelings for each other. I think the reader could have benefited from at least one chapter that was written from Felix’s point of view, just so we could feel more connected to both characters. I really felt Gabriel’s helple [...]

    13. Received from: Less Than Three PressReceived Via: NetGalley THE REVIEWWhy this book?I was in the mood for a cute Christmas storyWhat I thoughtThis story was beyond cute I had a stupid smile on my face throughout the whole thing. I loved the interactions between Felix and Gabe and how Felix made Gabes life enjoyable for once. I also loved seeing their friendship blossom into something more. I highly enjoyed this story and one things for sure this put me in the Christmas spirit.

    14. REVIEW: THE WISH AUGUR by Cecil WildeA special touch is required to thrum the heartstrings of a cynical Scrooge, and THE WISH AUGUR is exactly the story to do so. Please make it a Christmas gift to all your "Bah, Humbug!" friends. Magical in the truest sense of the word; share with the one you love.

    15. This was a sweet short holiday story. I like the mythology the author created and found myself wishing we could get a glimpse of life at the North Pole either with these characters or others in the same world.

    16. This was exactly the sort of happy-warm-adorable story I needed right now. It inspires plentiful smiles and giggles all the way through. Excellent read if you need a little virtual hug of your own.

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