Fractured Vows When love comes with a price What happens once a vengeful ex just won t let go Bo and Brooklyn s worlds are turned upside down as they find themselves facing insanity in the form of an angry woman who

  • Title: Fractured Vows
  • Author: Brenda Perlin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When love comes with a price What happens once a vengeful ex just won t let go Bo and Brooklyn s worlds are turned upside down as they find themselves facing insanity in the form of an angry woman who loses all reason when she tries to destroy them Will Ruth give up or will she succeed in ending the relationship between her former husband and his new love

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    One thought on “Fractured Vows”

    1. I eagerly awaited this book after having read the first two books in the series. I particularly enjoyed Fractured Vows because we see Bo's point of view. He comes to the fore and we understand him better, warts and all. He guides us through his experiences, as though chatting with a friend. He found love late in life, accompanied by trials and tribulations, spiteful, and judgemental people. I am sure that this story is quite prevalent in many people's lives. Sometimes thinking that doing the cor [...]

    2. FRACTURED VOWS is the long awaited end to the Brooklyn and Bo chronicles. I was desperate to finally crack open my copy and read the tale of events that led to Brooklyn and Bo meeting told from Bo's point of view. It was great to hear the other side of the tale, and to also see exactly what had happened before Brooklyn had appeared in the picture. I had high expectations for this book and I'm glad to say that I was not disappointed! Once again, Brenda Perlin invites you into her home to hear the [...]

    3. Fractured Vows is an apt name for a book about a disastrous marriage. Brenda Perlin sets an interesting tone and background for the book. The protagonist of the book Bo, had a functional but stern childhood, and his own devil’s to deal with from his past. After a series of bad relationships, he thinks he found the love of his life. But sadly, not only does that marriage also turn out badly but the ugly remains of it spill over into the lovely, trusting relationship that he finds with Brooklyn. [...]

    4. I am a huge fan of Brenda Perlin and her books, so after reading the first two books in this series my hopes were high when starting to read the finale part of Bo and Brooklyn's love story. I have to say that I absolutely loved this book! The author has a talent of bringing the story live and even if the subject may be delicate to some, Brenda Perlin has managed to handle it with care, even objectively at times when I wanted to scream to Ruth's face some nasty words. I loved the point of view. T [...]

    5. Eternal love didn't find him until he was older in life, September This review is from: Fractured Vows (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book Three) (Kindle Edition)What a compelling storyline. Bo Huffman had a hard time finding his way in life. Eternal love didn't find him until he was older in life. This didn't feel like a story to me but rather a sit down with Bo as he told me his life story. It was personal filled with up, downs, joys, frustrations and explained how choices and bad decisions can [...]

    6. Brenda Perlin has all ten fingers on the pulse of modern life as it is lived in Southern California. With enough money, the inane becomes the in$ane. Fractured Vows paints a perfect picture, an abstract rendering where pride purses frenetically like a ball of silly putty caroming madly and careening without guilt hither, to and fro. The bouncing ball, over wrought and over wound with pure peevishness hits all four sides of a gilded frame in a perpetual motion that only the almighty dollar can ge [...]

    7. Bo spends years looking for the one woman he can love for the rest of his life. At various points, he believes he's found the perfect woman, but when he meets Brooklyn, he discovers someone truly special. While Bo's ex will do anything to destroy his happiness, he's willing to do anything to hold on to the one woman who completes him.Fractured Vows is the a story of lost love and renewed hope. The beginning follows Bo's early life, from childhood to his first marriage. By taking an intimate look [...]

    8. Fulfillment in a pint-sized package! An Accidental Gift Brings True HappinessAlthough Fractured Vows is the third book in the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles, this book is my introduction to Bo and Brooklyn. I learn early in this novel that Bo and his wife Ruth were 'living like distant strangers and ready to pull the plug' on their 14 year old marriage despite having shared some really great times with each other. Their love of travel had brought them together and as one who loves to travel, I felt [...]

    9. “Fractured Vows” by Brenda Perlin is the third in her Bo and Brooklyn series and proves that Brenda has not only an amazing and unique writing style but is by no means a one trick pony. This instalment focuses on Bo, his early upbringing and a series of mistakes he made during his life. In particular a string of failed marriages that continue until he meets Brooklyn. Sadly at that point his most recent divorce, from Ruth, turns into a nightmare.Perlin takes us back to the 1950ies to show how [...]

    10. Fractured Vows by Brenda Perlin is the third book in the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles. It is written from Bo's point of view and fills in the blanks of the second book, Burnt Promises.Bo's perspective of the aftermath of his decision to be with Brooklyn is one of heart-felt emotion and monumental frustration. He is consumed with the antics of his soon to be ex-wife, Ruth. She has been wronged and she will not let Bo off easy for his infidelity.Bo is plagued by emails, texts and phone messages from [...]

    11. Fault LineBo spent nearly twenty years with Ruth. The fun and excitement of frequent trips to exotic locales disguised the truth of their marriage: it was fatally flawed. Bo looks to Brooklyn for love.The story goes beyond what happens when Bo decides to take his marriage off life support. It's also Bo's story, with threads stretching back to his childhood. Bo's relationship with his military father is a story within the story, offering a fresh perspective on a father-son relationship. The story [...]

    12. This story is told in the first person by Bo Huffman. Full of detail, this story chronicles Bo's life from his childhood and the influences of his parents, to adulthood and his relationships with women. It's an honest tale, Bo opening up and admitting his mistakes, dislikes and passions. As he embarks on divorce proceedings, his determination to be as fair as possible and yet not bankrupt himself so he can be with his love, Brooklyn bring out the full range of human emotions, while Ruth continue [...]

    13. This is the third book of the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles. I've followed Brooklyn and Bo from the beginning so I was anxious to read a story from Bo's perspective. This story really gives the readers an insight on what he went through. We find out about his childhood, his family, his love life, and his career. Finally, the story goes into Bo meeting Brooklyn and his not so pretty divorce. I enjoyed getting to know Bo better since this story allowed me to get inside his head. The author went into [...]

    14. I bought this book not knowing it was part of a series. I strongly recommend reading the other books in the series before reading this one, the third book in the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles. I like the author’s writing style and the way she wrote the characters. I was introduced to Bo and Brooklyn. I learn early in this novel that Bo and his wife Ruth were 'living like distant strangers and ready to pull the plug' on their fourteen year old marriage, despite having shared some really great time [...]

    15. Sometimes love costs everything. Bo Huffman is a man who discovers both the price and the worth of true love. Good example of the road to heaven running through hell as his safe, loveless existence is challenged when his eyes are opened to the true love of his life. All around are critics and naysayers, this is a given. I enjoyed this unconventional love story which challenges formulaic romance novels and traditional romanticism. Well written, thoughtful, and provocative - I think this is the be [...]

    16. Brenda Perlin's 'Fractured Vows' is a must read for drama lovers. Brenda's characters were written with a lot of depth, which allows for readers to soak in the complexities of the story completely. Each character has a deep-rooted background that helps those reading the actions of the characters to know their motivations. The legal aspects of the book were well-researched and the book felt realistic and not outside the bounds of what could feasibly happen. It was interesting to see the evolution [...]

    17. Never Too Late!The main character, Bo Huffman, recounts his relationships and marriages, as well as his rise and fall financially. As his story unfolds I felt as if Bo and I were chatting over cocktails. Bo recalls being a handful to his parents as a boy, and regrets decisions he made as a teenager. In particular his inaction which resulted in events that would affect his sister Maggie.Later in his turbulent life he finds Brooklyn, his perfect match. This relationship helps him realize, “I lea [...]

    18. By RobertThis review is from: Fractured Vows (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book Three) (Kindle Edition)The main characters Bo and Brooklyn are like all of us - flawed in many ways and searching desperately for what is often unreachable - true love. Through divorces, entanglements, and the ups and downs of financial turmoil Bo and Brooklyn never lose sight of their search. The novel is soul searching, desperate at times, and can give those that feel lost in life a reason to keep going although at [...]

    19. Fractured Vows: Very well written with unique character insights. The beginning is told in such a way as your own childhood memories will come flooding back. Like most good stories, not only can you relate, but you also see some of yourself in the characters. You see the same mistakes you’ve made. You can feel the anguish of the characters because you yourself have felt the anguish. You feel the heartbeat of a family disintegrating because it echoes your own feelings watching the mistakes of y [...]

    20. Finally - Bo's story! Fractured Vows reads like an autobiographybut given that the author is a female, this obviously isn't the case! It just goes to show how talented Ms Perlin is at immersing you into a character and story. The beginning builds slowly but by the last quarter of the book I was growling in frustrated anticipation along with the characters, because you really get to know Ms Perlin's characters like true friends (You'll understand when you read it). I can't wait to see where Ms Pe [...]

    21. Fractured Vows is the final installment of The Brooklyn and Bo chronicles from the male point of view. This book personalizes Bo as we learn about his childhood and the events leading up to his decision to finally divorce Ruth. The reader can empathize with Bo’s emotional state as he shares his perception of life as he lived it, and why he behaved as he did. A tell all story, written from the heart.

    22. It is easy to get so caught up in the daily hunt for survival that the place you come home to becomes only a place to rest and regroup for the next battle. Men are not the only ones who can get caught in that trap. Eventually one partner or the other finds they must have more. A warm bed partner is not all there is to life. Without commitment, intimacy and passion, a relationships is certainly fractured. This story paints a clear picture of the progression into oblivion. Well done.

    23. Brenda Perlin has done it again! Fractured Vows gets emotional because it really hits close to home or reality. Relationships turn ugly and even get worse as other relationships have to end. From low to high emotions, you will experience what Bo experienced. I guess this is real life in a book. Written in first person, this book is exceptional and I recommend it to any reader, really.

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