Devil in the Deadline When the Richmond police offer an exclusive in exchange for help with a case nothing not even a costume party stops crime reporter Nichelle Clarke from making Manolo tracks to the crime scene The hun

  • Title: Devil in the Deadline
  • Author: LynDee Walker
  • ISBN: 9781940976617
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the Richmond police offer an exclusive in exchange for help with a case, nothing not even a costume party stops crime reporter Nichelle Clarke from making Manolo tracks to the crime scene The hunt leads her to a televangelist s compound in the Virginia countryside where the Reverend may be interested in fat stacks of cash than he is saving wayward souls.With twoWhen the Richmond police offer an exclusive in exchange for help with a case, nothing not even a costume party stops crime reporter Nichelle Clarke from making Manolo tracks to the crime scene The hunt leads her to a televangelist s compound in the Virginia countryside where the Reverend may be interested in fat stacks of cash than he is saving wayward souls.With two sexy guys tangled up in Nichelle s story and in her heart work and love are on a crash course for disaster Pressure pours in from every corner, including a faceless new competitor that means the deadline is always five minutes ago As secrets threaten and the truth becomes her lifeline, Nichelle must unmask the killer and nail down the story before she s snared in the carefully constructed web.

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    1. This is how cozy mysteries should be written. I'm not talking about the language, or the story. I'm talking about the quality of the writing and the plot. Ms. Walker proves that cozy mysteries don't have to be unsophisticated or naive to work. The story, characters and mystery are all excellent and the series is amongst my favourites. All this in spite of a love triangle (which I think is - at least temporarily - sorted in this one).Full review: jennoklikes/post/112027

    2. “Walker's journalistic background fuels her snappy dialogue, thrill-of-the-chase plotting, and A-List fashion sense. Headlines in High Heels is a top-notch cozy mystery series readers will enjoy slipping into.” – Julia Spencer-Fleming, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of Through the Evil Days

    3. Dollycas’s ThoughtsNichelle Clarke is a crime reporter with excellent taste in fine footwear and she doesn’t let those high heels hold her back when she needs to climb to the latest crime scene. The scene she finds is just ghastly and almost beyond words. But her new competition, a blogger, has no problem putting all the gruesome details out there. The big question is where is she getting her information. Nichelle is supposed to have an exclusive agreement with the cops! for her help in the [...]

    4. A grisly murder scene has crime reporter Nichelle Clake cringing in her designer shoes as Devil in the Deadline - the fourth Headlines in High Heels mystery - begins. The murder investigation soon leads Nichelle to a shady religious compound in the country. She smells a rat right away (especially when her fabulous footwear is confiscated before a service) and her gut tells her that this church, and its leaders, have something to do with the still-unidentified young victim. She's so sure, in fact [...]

    5. This new Headlines in High Heels Mystery was probably one of my favorites. The story takes crime reporter Nichelle to the headquarters of a televangelist with shady practices. I laughed out loud when she was denied access to the church in her high heels and had to wear the guest flip flops instead. I love how the author gives the reader insight into investigative reporting, and I especially loved how Nichelle weighs her reporting against telling her readers that a mass murderer might be on the l [...]

    6. I loved this book. Once I picked it up, I read it straight through. Although it's the fourth in a series, it's the first one I've read. I loved the fact that I wasn't bogged down in back story from the previous books and only realized towards the end that the characters knew each other two well for there to have been just the one book. Excellent!I love Nichelle, a journalist with a flair for detecting. I loved how the story was woven to where I wasn't sure what the outcome would be until it was [...]

    7. Thanks Net Galley and Henery Press for providing me with this title!! Here's my honest review. I LOVE this series. Nichelle and her shoes crack me up. Her barbs with Shelby can't stop. They can't be friends. Ha!!Seriously Nichelle Clark is a journalist working for a newspaper who is trying to stay one step ahead of the TV news. The things that she does are sometimes just downright hilarious and she's usually know to get into some prickly predicaments. She's kind of like a Stephanie Plum, but a l [...]

    8. This was my favorite in the series! While our heroine, Nichelle, is brainy, beautiful and brave, as Richmond's well-shod crime reporter, she still finds time for romance with two very different characters. What's not to love?

    9. I absolutely love this series! Nichelle is someone to look up to and someone I'd love to be friends with. She loves her friends and family and adores her job as a reporter. She will do what it takes to get the job done, but she will not betray a confidence. She wants to right the wrongs she sees out there. She is called in to the scene of a murdered young woman. She is appalled by the scene, but knows she can help. There is more to the murder than meets the eye. Clues lead to a huge church compo [...]

    10. Devil in the Deadline reviewDevil in the Deadline is the fourth book in the Headlines in High Heels Mystery Series written by author LynDee Walker.

    11. I just finished reading the most amazing book, y'all! Let me tell you a little about it.Devil in the Deadline, a cozy mystery, is the fourth book in the Headlines in High Heels Mysteries by LynDee Walker. The previous books in the series (Front Page Fatality, #1, Buried Leads, #2, and Small Town Spin, #3) are also amazing reads (Five Kitties!!). My review of Small Town Spin is here. Devil in the Deadline is the best book in the series yet! [NOTE: This book can be read as a stand-alone, as far as [...]

    12. Nichelle Clarke is back and once again deep into an investigation. This time she’s covering the horrific death of a young homeless girl. If you haven’t read any books in the Headlines in High Heels series, don’t fret. It’s not necessary to enjoy LynDee Walker’s DEVIL IN THE DEADLINE, but I do suggest reading the backlist or at least the first in the series so you understand who’s who and what relationships they are.We continue to have good character development. I personally enjoyed [...]

    13. Nichelle is an ambitious journalist on a local newspaper. Her aim in life is to beat her TV rival to the scoops and she'll go to the limit to do so. But she is moral and although the story is the most important thing she still has a conscience and won't get the story by ignoring any negative consequences. Unfortunately for Nichelle when she is involved in the solution of a particularly brutal murder she finds that there's a wild card in the cybersphere, someone with a blog who has the uncanny kn [...]

    14. Title: Devil In the Deadline - Nichelle Clarke Headlines in Heels Mystery 4 Author: Lyn Dee Walker Published: 4-8-14Publisher: Henery PressPages: 282Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & SuspenseSub Genre: Cozy Mystery, Women Sleuth,ISBN: 9781940976617ASIN: B00ODQS5TUReviewer: DelAnneReviewed For: NetGalley. Nichelle is back with her usual sass and charm and always in her best designer shoes. She is offered an exclusive by the local law enforcement if she will help them with their investigation into t [...]

    15. Sigh. I am really enjoying this series but this one, book 4, definitely made me dial back my enthusiasm a bit. Nichelle is one the trail of a murderer who committed what seems to be a ritualistic killing of a homeless woman. Her contact at the police station is giving her exclusive information in return for some of the help she can provide but it’s not just her rival, Charlie, at the TV station that is challenging her for scoops. There is a blogger reporting on crime in Richmond that seems to [...]

    16. Nichelle Clarke is a reporter who is different in that she has built up relationships with the police and witnesses because she is honest and has integrity. So, when a mutilated body is found by the police, they call her to the crime scene in the hope that she can help in the investigation, the premise being that people who will not talk to the police will talk to her.So begins the investigation into the brutal murder. It isn't long before Nichelle discovers that this wasn't random, and is someh [...]

    17. In the last book, Small Town Spin, we started to delve into Nichelle's familial background. Much more is hinted at, guessed at and finally revealed. Plus there is some set up for coming books, left dangling at the end. Not really a cliff hanger more of a teaser of things to come.Let's not forget the love triangle, which I am not normally a big fan of, but has worked in this instance for me. We have the former high school boyfriend and ATF agent Kyle, and the super sexy mafia connected Joey. Ther [...]

    18. I absolutely adore the Headlines in High Heels Mystery series. If you haven't read anything in this series, you need to start right now! You can start with this one though, because they can be read stand alone. (You will want to read the rest of the series, though, because these books rock)There's a great deal of romance, suspense and humor in Nichelle's life and that's what keeps me coming back for more. Plus who can resist a story that has a televangelist. Cos you always know these guys are ju [...]

    19. The fourth book in the Headline in High Heels series, Devil in the Deadline has our smart and sassy crime journalist Nichelle Clarke embroiled in another murder mystery begging to be solved. With a murder scene that screams a ritual murder of a young homeless woman, Nicey is smack dabbed in trying to solve this almost unsolvable crime. Added to that is her complicated relationships with two very attractive and total opposite men who our heroine can't seem to choose between them. Never mind that [...]

    20. Nichelle Clarke has seen plenty of gruesome crime scenes as a reporter, but nothing has prepared her for what she sees in an abandoned building on this Saturday night. Her investigation will take her into two different worlds: the sad, desperate world of the homeless people in Richmond, to the cult of a controlling church group with a hidden agenda. Her personal life heats up as well, as Joey, Mr. Mysterious with the mob connections, and Kyle, Mr. ATF agent and her ex-boyfriend, are both eager t [...]

    21. LynDee does it again! Nichelle comes out with a bang, in her fourth mystery. The book starts off, when Richmond cops are clueless about the death and murder of a young girl, a possible serial killing. The case involves many suspects, including a group of homeless people, the girl’s missing family, and mysterious church members involved in criminal activities. Nichelle’s love life also amps up with Kyle and Joey going head to head for her heart. I enjoyed LynDee’s fourth book. It was filled [...]

    22. “Devil in the Deadline” is the fourth book in the Headlines in High Heels Mystery Series by LynDee Walker. The first book in the series, “Front Page Fatality” was nominated for the prestigious Agatha Awards for Best First Novel, for books written in 2013. I included the third book in the series, “Small Town Spin” in my list of Best Books for Book Clubs in 2014.As the story opens, Nichelle is offered an exclusive at a gruesome crime scene by the Richmond Police in exchange for help wi [...]

    23. 4 STARSThis is the fourth book of the series A Nichelle Clarke Headlines in Heels Mystery . It was a good mystery, violence but just hints about how bad the crime was. Nichelle is a newspaper reporter on the crime beat in Richmond, VA. her main completion is a T.V. reporter Charlie , and another reporter who wants her job. Now there is a Blogger who is scooping her with more details.Nichelle has two guys in her life. One is old boyfriend Kyle who is ATF officer. The other has ties to the mafia.N [...]

    24. I love how LynDee Walker writes her Headlines in Heels mysteries. She is the one to look to for a perfect cozy. This book takes a lot of twist and turns which every mystery reader just loves me included.Nichelle has quite a few gorgeous guys in her back pocket just waiting on the side lines for her to pick them. I can't make my mind up who she belongs with. This lady has a lot of guts and gusto when tackling a big story and she doesn't let wanna-bes like Girl Friday dissuade her from getting the [...]

    25. Great Book!This is a great Series; it is the fourth book in the A Nichelle Clarke Headlines in Heels Mystery series by LynDee Walker. It can be read as a standalone, but once you read one you will want to read the rest of the books in the series. Nichelle is a crime reporter and nothing will stop her from getting the lead on a story. So when the police offer her an exclusive in exchange for help with the case, she jumps at the chance. She is determined to find out the real story of why this girl [...]

    26. Devil in the Deadlines is a great cozy mystery from LynDee Walker. Devil in the Deadlines is the fourth book in the Headlines in High Heels Mystery series. While it is part of a series, it also can be read as a stand alone novel.Nichelle Clark is a crime reporter who is involved in a mysterious death of a young homeless woman right off the bat. She is obsessed with being the first to get stories. And with shoes is a high heels mystery. Expensive shoes that most of can only dream of. And are awfu [...]

    27. An exciting mystery with suspense and some sex. This the fourth in the series and the first book I have read. I will be reading more as time allows. The characters are develop and catch your attention. Nichelle Clark is a crime reporter for the Richmond's leading paper. She works with the price and is offer an exclusive view of ghastly crime scene. She feels for the victim a homeless woman and locates her close friends that are also homeless. The leads Nichelle toward aTV Church and minister sur [...]

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