Making a Comeback Jazz pianist Liz Randall is reeling from her wife s death and struggling to keep their band together An invitation to play at the prestigious Monterey Jazz Festival is an opportunity she can t turn do

  • Title: Making a Comeback
  • Author: Julie Blair
  • ISBN: 9781626393578
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jazz pianist Liz Randall is reeling from her wife s death and struggling to keep their band together An invitation to play at the prestigious Monterey Jazz Festival is an opportunity she can t turn down, and a challenge she might not be up to until she enlists the help of a mysterious neighbor who s surprisingly knowledgeable about jazz.When Jac Winters reluctantly agreesJazz pianist Liz Randall is reeling from her wife s death and struggling to keep their band together An invitation to play at the prestigious Monterey Jazz Festival is an opportunity she can t turn down, and a challenge she might not be up to until she enlists the help of a mysterious neighbor who s surprisingly knowledgeable about jazz.When Jac Winters reluctantly agrees to help, a past she wants to forget threatens to destroy the carefully ordered life she s built with her guide dog, Max, in the quiet town of Carmel by the Sea.With music and love swirling around them like ocean currents, will Liz and Jac play it safe or risk everything on making a comeback

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      256 Julie Blair
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    One thought on “Making a Comeback”

    1. This is not a review but a few words, about 'what happened.' A day or two ago I was at the 88% completed position and . . . just stopped reading. The specific reason eludes me now. But I was 'inches' away from finishing, so I took the five or so minutes to read the end. I either had disconnected myself too much from the book, or I'd have felt the same way if I had or hadn't taken a break there. First thing I noticed is that I literally did just walk away from the book - as in I had apparently be [...]

    2. I loved this book. (I loved it so much I stayed up until 3AM reading last night - which is a recent record.) The book is set in Carmel, which is about an hour south of where I live. Blair does a nice job of bringing the location to life, and I enjoyed the authentic feel of the Carmel locations. In addition to a romance with plenty of chemistry, there are interesting relationships with siblings and parents. Both main characters had significant emotional barriers to overcome and there is a noticea [...]

    3. Liz's wife is dead. In her grief, she feels like she is losing everything - not just her deceased partner and succor, but also the music which they made together. The band she leads is rudderless and album-less. The buzz that Liz needs to be successful is fading away. And her grief makes her careless - she whacks Jac Winters with a large painting accidentally when she's trying to put it in her car. Jac is blind and riddled with pain from a long-ago car accident. She really didn't need to be hit [...]

    4. Just an ok read! misleading title for this book cover because while reading i felt no chemistry between the leading characterse only thing going for them were their knowledge and history of music the sad part was them getting together after one went through sadness of losing her partnerwas much substance to this book or storyline,i even try to look at any character development but i came away with nothingending was ok

    5. Liz Randall is left in stasis after the death of her wife, Teri. Her jazz band, Up Beat has lost their drummer and Liz has lost her muse and her way.Jac Winters has been living as a recluse in a cottage in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Her past haunts her. She copes by taking daily walks along the beach with her guide dog Max and keeping a low profile.As the book blurb suggests, Liz and Jac meet and discover they share a love of jazz music. Can two women with a whole lot of personal baggage find a path tow [...]

    6. Honestly i was reluctant to read this book because i don't usually like tragedy in the beginning of a book but it captured me. The characters were so complex and their development so beautiful, the jazz theme gave the story a nice touch. I also liked the slow burn of the friendship building through the the book.

    7. No doubt the author writes well, smooth flowing and captivating at the start. But as I progressed to the later half of the book, I thought the push and pull thingy bit got a little tiresome. I liked the author's writing style though and will read other books by her. I would have given this book a 3.5 star rating if it's available.

    8. I was provided with a free copy of this book via NetGally in exchange for an honest review.Detailed score: 2.5If I was describing this book through music rather than words [something that occurs frequently during this novel] then it would be a long, wailing, drawn out single not of frustration broken up with a few excited trills in the middle and a few low wailing notes of tear inducing sadness.The first half of the book was a drawn out, overly long and irritating introduction to the main charac [...]

    9. I'm very fond of this book It was a very nice read, and it stays in a category "to come back to occasionally". There isn't a thing I was bothered by while reading it. Well done!

    10. 4.5 StarsLiz Randall is a jazz pianist, who is still lost in grief after losing her wife six months ago. She is struggling to keep the band together, and struggling to compose any new music. Jac Winters write the best jazz blog around, and when she is persuaded to help Liz select the songs to go onto a tribute album, she reluctantly agrees. She holds many secrets, while requiring Liz to reveal herself in her music. Can they find common ground, and will Liz still want to be around if Jac reveals [...]

    11. Oh my goodness, this book has music at its heart and foundation. There are two astoundingly gifted women each battling different pressures that come with mind-boggling intricacies. They cope as best they can while attempting to maintain a functional equilibrium that allows them to sustain a lifeline to the world of music, preserving and protecting talents and creative treasures hanging in the balance. This book unquestionably blew me away and I definitely recommend it. Exquisitely enveloping! Li [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. The story line was focused around grief and finding happiness again through love. I thought the story line was spread out really well keeping you wanting more, making it difficult to put this book down! I thought the author did a really good job in showing us the difficulty of moving on after you loose your life partner to illness. Is it ok to fall in love again? If yes, how soon can you fall in love after their death. Too often we judge people going through this horr [...]

    13. A bit of a slow start I'm glad I persevered as it turned into a lovely story of two lost souls.

    14. I understand why this book is winning awards. I couldn't put it down. Not only has Julie Blair created intriguing, like-able characters with unexpected levels of depth, but her descriptions of places and music are absolutely beautiful. As the story opens, both women are broken, certain that their lives, as they knew them, are over and they will never find love again. Their friendship blossoms over their shared love and knowledge of music. The gorgeous town of Carmel comes alive and feels virtual [...]

    15. This was a great read, and a pretty good listen on audible. I liked this story very much. The pacing was good and tight, and the conflict made sense. It had been shifting in my pile of "to read" because I saw it was about jazz music and feared the story would a primer on the genre. But the information was woven well into the story line so it didn't seem like a music lesson. It was easy to feel the pain of the musician gone blind, but I sometimes grew impatient with the other character who was sl [...]

    16. Had this as an audiobook. Enjoyed the story. The narration was a bit distracting and stiff. Almost robotic especially the character Joss' voice. And any of the male character voices.

    17. This is a very traditional romance – a charming and well done story of falling for the woman who seems unobtainable, but the personalities and circumstances set it apart. Both our main characters have major hurdles to overcome in their lives, irrespective of any romantic complications.Liz has recently lost her wife, her life partner and the inspiration for her musical creativity. She is struggling to get past the initial grief and loss, faced with mounting pressure to push forward with the jaz [...]

    18. This is an amazing WOW story.Two things I love the most; music and romance. And this combination, wow. This was much more than excellent. Throughout the whole story I could feel the music, their music. The fusion of the trumpet and the piano, the love game between these two instruments was almost palpable and audible. "listening to the beat that wasn't steady", this part of the story brought tears to my eyes. The story is set in beautiful surroundings. It was very well described. I could smell t [...]

    19. Great classic love story with a nice slow burn to bring the two complicated characters together. I loved all the music analogies and symbolic references. This was a well written book that took you on a beautiful journey. I definitely recommend it and know why it made the short list for the Goldie finalists.

    20. Does anyone really talk that much during sex? Comer for me? Seriously?And the rest - draaaaggggeeeeeeeddddd out, so much nonsense. From zero to I'll always be with you. I mean, really.

    21. Making a Comeback by Julie Blair: reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwid 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

    22. Good, entertaining book. Musician meets a lady while she's recovering from a loss, the two get together while navigating a musical comeback and mourning lost loved ones. My ONLY gripe is the piling on of plot aiding coincidences kind of damages the suspension of disbelief after a bit

    23. This was a thoughtful, emotional journey of a bookThere were plenty of characters that were interesting, real, easy to love and some to dislike.If you love music, and or if you are a musician, you might have a special affinity for it, but you don't need a music background to understand the level of love, loss, anxiety, fear and happiness across the characters. I loved the supporting characters like the sisters of the main characters, and I tumbled through like and distain for Liz's dad.The music [...]

    24. Rating: 4 out of 5* I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review. *A lovely, slow-build romance that rolled over me like the waves of the ocean, or like the music that Liz and Jac play together. Making a Comeback is a novel about coming back to life after bitter loss, and about using music to reconnect to the world around you.Liz and Jac would be the first to tell you that they're both damaged women. Liz lost her wife of fourteen years only a few months prio [...]

    25. I have had the honor of reading a book by a new author Julie Blair. It's called Making a Comeback. It's a wonderful story about 2 Jazz musicians that have suffered horrible loses in their life that both have to comeback from. It is highly sophisticated and a joy to read. A very nice change to regular lesfic. The characters are tormented by their losses and don't trust easily. It took them a long time to come together and sort out their feelings. It takes place in beautiful Carmel, C. which adds [...]

    26. You can't help but to feel for Liz who just recently lost her wife and is on the verge of losing her music as well.Jac is more of a mystery than Liz, and it was interesting to find out more about her and the different layers to her character.I enjoyed Liz and Jac's story as a couple, I believed they had chemistry together.Overall, I thought it was a good read but it didn't grab me and resonate with me as much as I would've liked.Review also posted here: wp/p4Pp9O-EJ

    27. Beautifully crafted, great character development stunning setting. I savored the slow development of the relationship between two women , both who suffered life-changing loss and the struggle to move into the present and embrace healing and love. The use of jazz as the medium for this movement was brilliant. I could see, taste and feel through the well-turned phrases and language of this book. A definite summer read!

    28. I really liked this book, the characters stayed with me long after I closed the book for the last time. The attention to detail: the qualities, foibles, idiosyncrasies of the characters makes them into real people that allows the readers to enter their lives. Then throw in the one common interest, in this case music and one can wind a story around the characters and the subject to make it all believable. This is the kind of story you want to leave your readers witha longing for more.

    29. Excellent love story for everyone who has loved and lost and excavated pain to find the courage to love again. Beautiful and nuanced writing woven through with a love of music so deep you experience it through every luscious sentence. Characters who are alive because of their pain and not in spite of it. Gripping. Beautiful. A must read for the summer.

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